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CELTA Assignment 4 Lessons from the Classroom.

This assignment should show evidence that you can use your observations of others to
reflect on implications for your own development as a teacher.

Choose 3 aspects of teaching/teaching techniques (e.g. error correction, teaching a
skills lesson, relevant teacher talk, forming a rapport, classroom management, etc).
At least one aspect should be something which you have received as an action point
in your own teaching practice sessions.

For each aspect/technique, compare and contrast the way you have seen this carried
out in your observation of experienced teachers, your observation of peers and in your
own teaching practice, with reference to prominent methodology writers (Harmer,
Scrivener, etc).

Draw implications from your findings by indicating what you have learned from your
reading, observations and teaching practice feedback and on how you plan to continue
work on this aspect/technique during your first two years in the teaching profession.

Word count: 800-1000 words, excluding bibliography. No teachers or peers
should be mentioned by name.

This assignment is to be submitted once you have fully completed your 6 hours of
observation and 6 hours of teaching practice and in any event by Friday, 20

Specific criteria

This assignment is testing your ability to:

Objectively discuss your strengths, weaknesses and development as the course
has progressed.

Demonstrate insight and learning from a combination of your own teaching
practice experiences, and of aspects you have observed in both experienced
teachers and peers.

Demonstrate the ability to discuss and link the above points to your reading on
the subjects.

Demonstrate the ability to use the above to put forward an action plan to
ensure further development in your first two years of teaching.