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Using Coca Cola to Explain Ansoffs Matrix

Ansoffs Matrix is a useful tool for examining a companys product

range. The four main options are:
1. Market penetration
2. Product development
. Market development
!. "iversification
#nformation a$out some of the products produced $y %oca %ola is given $elo&. 'ead
this information and complete the tasks over the page:
1. Diet Coke
(ince $eing introduced in 1)*2 as a result of a gro&ing trend
to&ards dieting and healthier living+ "iet %oke has $een a highly
successful product for the %oca %ola company+ selling millions of
units per year. Throughout this time+ %oca %ola has constantly
adapted aspects of the marketing mix for "iet %oke in order to
continually match customer trends and fashions.
2. Coca Cola Vanilla
,aving had a successful launch in America+ %oca %ola decided to
launch its ne& -anilla flavoured version in .reat /ritain. Prior to
doing so+ %oca %ola carried out taste tests and developed the
graphical 0look of the "iet %oke $rand. 1hen they did this+ they
took great care to incorporate aspects of the %oca %ola $rand+ $ut
still differentiating it so consumers &ould see it as an alternative
to %oke.
3. Fanta Icy e!on
The development of a ne& flavour sparkling drink $y %oca %ola &as as a direct
result of listening to consumers &ho called the companys %areline telephone
service. The $usiness conducted taste tests prior to the 2221 launch.
". Coca Cola #$are #i%e 1.&l 'ottle
"esk research sho&ed %oca %ola that a gro&ing num$er of households
contained 132 people+ &hich led them to $elieve that a smaller version of the
2 litre family si4ed $ottle &ould sell &ell to these groups. #n launching this
Ansoffs Matrix
IB Business & Management
product 5simply sell existing $rands such as %oca %ola+ "iet %oke etc6+ %oke did
need to alter the product itself+ merely different aspects of the marketing mix.
&. (innie t$e )oo$ *oo +,ice
'esearch informed %oca %ola of the opportunity to target parents of
children aged 237 years &ith a 8uice drink that &as packaged in a fun
and colourful manner. They chose the characters from 1innie the Pooh
for their universal appeal to children and made the product appeal to
$oth children and their parents.
-. )o.era/e
%oca %ola developed the energy drink 0Po&erade in response to
gro&th in the sports drink market. Much research &as carried out into
potential competitors &ithin this segment prior to the drinks
development and launch.
1. 9n the matrix provided+ &rite in the products sho&n a$ove:
2- !arks3
2. :or each product+ &rite a short paragraph explaining &hy you have located
&here you on the matrix.
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Ansoffs Matrix
IB Business & Management
Market Penetration Product Development
Market Development Diversification
. ;xplain $o. and .$y $usinesses such as %oca %ola use Ansoffs Matrix.
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Ansoffs Matrix
IB Business & Management