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Ramayana story begins with a man named Rama , the crown prince King Dasarata Kosala with its capital
in Ayodya . has three brothers named Barata , Lakshmana and Satrukna . Rama was born of the first wife
named Dasarata Kausala , Barata from his second wife named Kaikeyi , and Lakshmana and Satrukna
from third wife named Sumitra . They live in harmony .

As a teenager , Rama and Lakshmana to Wismamitra studied to become resilient youth . Rama then join
the competition in the nation's capital Matila Wideha . Thanks to the success drawing the bow heirloom
belonging King Janaka , he was rewarded with his eldest daughter named Sita , Lakshmana while
married to Urmila , the sister of Sprott .

After Dasarata old , Rama planned to replace him as king , failed after Kaikeyi reminded promise
Dasarata that are entitled to the throne is Barata and Rama had thrown for 15 (fifteen ) years . On the
basis of promises that Rama gracefully wander into the woods Dandaka , although hindered his own
mother and Barata . His departure was followed by Sita and Lakshmana.

But the sad departure of Rama made Dasarata and eventually died . To fill the void throne , royal
officials agreed to lift Barata as king . But he refused , because it assumes that the throne belongs to
Rama , his brother . For that Barata accompanied parajurit and punggawanya , pick Rama in the forest .
We met his brother , Barata said tearfully about the death of his mother 's will Dasarata and deplored ,
for it was he and the punggawanya requested that Rama returned to Ayodya and ascend the throne .
But Rama refused and continue to implement the decree does not blame his father and stepmother ,
Kaikeyi , as well as persuade Barata be willing to ascend the throne . After receiving the shoes of Rama ,
Barata back to the kingdom and promised to run the government as a representative of her brother .

Many trials faced by Rama and Lakshmana , in his wanderings in the forest . They must confront the
unsettling giant forest communities Kandaka it . Annoying enemy is Surpanaka , raksesi who wants to be
her husband Rama and Lakshmana . As a result , the nose and ears cleared up Surpanaka off by
Lakshmana. With pain and shame , Surpanaka complained to his brother , the king Ravana of Lanka giant
, while persuading that Ravana captured Sita from the hands of Rama . With the help of Marica who
transform themselves into a golden deer , Ravana abducted Sita managed and taken to Lanka .

Jatayu bird who tries to obstruct , Ravana was killed by weapons . Prior to his last breath , Jatayu still
managed to preach the fate of Sita to Rama and Lakshmana are mencarinya.Dalam looking for Sita,
Rama and Laksamana ape named magnifying met Sugriva and Hanuman . Their binding friendship in joy
and sorrow . With the help of Rama , Sugriva to the throne back in Kiskenda after defeating Vali unjust .
Thereafter , Hanuman was ordered to help Rama find Sita . With the monkey army led Anggada , son
Vali , they went in search of Sita .

Above instructions Sempati , brother Jatayu , they headed to the south coast . To reach of Lanka ,
Hanuman jumped on top of the mountain Mahendra . Arriving in the capital of Lanka , Sita and
Hanuman successfully met the news that Rama would soon release him . Upon his return from of Lanka ,
Hanuman reports to Rama . Invasion strategy had to be devised . On the advice Wibisana , brother of
Ravana who defected to Rama's army , made bridges heading of Lanka . After the bridge finished ,
evacuated troops stormed apes of Lanka . Finally , Ravana and his army destroyed . Wibisana then
crowned the king of Lanka , succeeded his older brother who died in the war .

After successfully freeing Sita , Rama and Sinta go and Lakshman and the entire army ( including the
monkey army ) to Ayodya . Arriving in the capital of the Kosala country , they were greeted with great
fanfare by Barata , Satrukna , mothers Suri , the leaders and the soldiers , as well as all the people of
Kosala . By their very eyes, Rama was crowned as king .