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Side Quest Edit

Before the player can fight Chaos, a side quest must be completed to obtain the appointed
keys. The player must go to Nabreus Deadlands to trigger the scene with the nu
mou Ma'Kleou, and then collect three fragments.
First Medallion Edit
Dull Fragment on the floor.
To get the first medal the player must collect three medallion shards: Blackened Fragment, Dull
Fragment, and Grimy Fragment.
To get the Blackened Fragment the Wraith, White Mousse, and Orthros hunts must be cleared,
and the player will receive the Blackened Fragment as reward for the Orthros hunt. The Dull
Fragment is hidden in the Garamsythe Waterway. After obtaining the Sluice Gate Key (reward
from White Mousse hunt mission), the player can work the Sluice Gate Switches in the
The player must first turn all the switches off (that means lights off) and follow the steps below:
On No.11 Area Panel (that means light up the panel)
On No.4 Area Panel
Off No.11 Area Panel
On No.3 Area Panel
Off No.4 Area Panel
After the last gate is closed a click is heard and south in the same semi-circle area, on the
ground, there is a glittering object, the Dull Fragment.
Curious woman.
To get the Grimy Fragment the player must return to RabanastreLowtown and go to Old
Dalan's place and speak to the nu mou known as Roh'Kenmou. In order for Roh'Kenmou to
appear at Dalan's place the player must have first spoken to Ma'Kleou in the Nabreus
Deadlands. Filo is around the South East area of Lowtown and mentions the kids are also
looking for the medallion. In Rabanastre's central section, Southern Plaza, there is a "Curious
Woman" looking at the fountain.
After talking to the "Curious Woman" the player should walk to the Muthru Bazaar and speak to
the merchants about the necklace to get the information, then head to the Magick Shop and
speak to the "Sotted Imperial", the soldier sitting in the left corner, and choose the first option
twice. Back in Lowtown the player should talk to Filo again, choose "Let's Go" with Filo for
some events to get the last fragment, the Grimy Fragment.
Back in Old Dalan's place the player should to give all the fragments to Roh'Kenmou and he
will disappear.
Second Medal Edit
In Archades the player can find Roh'Kenmu within the Magick Shop, looking for a medallion. In
theOld Archades the player can find the Proper Gent sitting on a side wall in the eastern side of
the Alley of Muted Sighs. He is Otto and he will give the Moonsilver Medallion, which the player
must pass on to Roh'Kenmu at the Magick Shop.
Final Medal Edit
After giving the first two medallions to the nu mou, the player must travel to the Muted Scarp in
the Nabreus Deadlands and talk to Ma'Kleou, then head northeast and search for a hidden
path. One can find it by going south from the Gate Crystal, following the upper wall west, and
searching the northwest area of The Slumbermead for the path. This is also the place
where Roblon is fought.
At the end of the path there is a monument with the nu mou, and the player gets the Medallion
of Bravery, Medallion of Love, and the Lustreless Medallion.
Finding Chaos Edit
After obtaining the medallions, the player must head to the Cloister of Distant Song in the
Necrohol of Nabudis, and use the Medallion of Bravery to open the Door of Horrors, and defeat
the Humbaba Mistant. Next, the player must head to the Hall of the Ivory Covenant and use the
Medallion of Love to open the Door of Loathing and bring down the Fury. The player must
defeat Humbaba Mistant and Fury to change the Lusterless Medallion to the Medallion of
Might, which opens the Door of Despair to fight Chaos in the central section.
Battle Edit
Since there is no Save Crystal before the fight, it is better make sure all party members are in
top-notch condition. Windbreakers are helpful in reducing damage, and the player can switch
equipment when Chaos readies his special attack. On the battlefield, all attack commands will
be sealed.
Chaos can be inflicted with Sap and Slow. Chaos tends to use Fearga, which reduces the
entire party's MP. It is useful to place gambits to useSmelling Salts or Remedy to deal
with Confuse from Aeroja. In addition, Chaos inflicts Silence often, so it is good to be stocked
up on Echo Herbs.
The player can either go the physical route with Souleater, Telekinesis, and Gil Toss, or put
up Reflect and bounce non-elemental spells at Chaos. Also, Knots of Rust can be used to
damage Chaos. Knots of Rust can be bought at the Clan Store in the Muthru Bazaar in
The Knots of Rust are useful against the elementals that are fought along with Chaos as well.
Chaos's attacks can sometimes inflict Disable, so it would be a good idea to equip Black Belts.
Using the Nihopalaoa/Remedy trick to inflict Sap and Slow on him also helps.

Ultima can be fought after receiving the Treaty Blade. The player must return to Waystone VIII,
which is the waystone that allows access to Great Crystal from Giruvegan. From the waystone,
there are three paths: one goes up, one goes down and another one is sealed by Gate
Scorpio. The player must follow the path going up and unseal Gate Scorpio on the following
platform, then go back to Waystone VIII and head through Gate Scorpio to Waystone IX, which
can be used to teleport to Waystone X.
From Waystone X the player reaches Waystone XX. On this platform there are two paths
sealed by Gate Sagittarius (Gates I and II), plus other three paths; one going down, two
leading up, and the last path is the one the player came in on. From the path they arrived from,
the player should head directly across the platform toward the only other path heading down.
Eventually they will come to a switch for Gate Sagittarius.
After unsealing the gate there will be a time limit of 71.00 seconds and the player must hurry
back to Waystone XX. The player can either go back the way they came, or head up to the
next platform, and then take the only path leading down, which will lead back to Waystone XX.
(Taking this path is thespawn condition for the Crystal Knight, who will appear next to the
Sagittarius gates if the player has started the Phon Coast Hunt Club sidequest.) After reaching
Waystone XX the player must open Sagittarius Gate II.
Going down from Sagittarius Gate II leads to Waystone XII, which teleports to Waystone XIV.
On this platform there are two paths, one leading up and the other leading down. The player
must head up to the Gate Leo switch, then return to the previous platform, as again there will
be a time limit, this time of 215.00 seconds. From the platform the player should take the path
going down and then take the only possible path on the next platform. On the third platform
there are two paths, one leading to Gate Leo II and the other to an Excalibur treasure, which
unfortunately isn't accessible yet.
After passing through Leo II there are two more paths and Gate Gemini. The player can take
either path, both leading to Waystone XV that teleports to Waystone XVI.
On Waystone XVI the player must follow the middle path to the switch for Gate Libra (this place
will be revisited). The player must push the switch and return to platform XVI. There will be a
time limit of 71.00 seconds. Facing Waystone XVI, the player should take the right path upward
and on the next platform unseal Gate Libra I. The player should continue to head up from the
newly opened gate to reach a platform with three paths; the player should head left and take
the only path leading up.
After pushing the switch for Gate Capricorn the player should return to platform XVI (with a
time limit of 180.00 seconds). On platform XVI they should take the only path heading down to
Gate Capricorn I and the switch for Gate Virgo. After touching the switch the player should
quickly return to platform XVI (with a time limit of 108.00 seconds), and on platform XVI follow
the middle path, which leads back to the Libra switch; from there the player should follow the
path down to two Gates, Capricorn II and Virgo II on the next platform, unseal Gate Virgo II and
cross it.
In the next section, from where the player entered, they should take the right path leading up to
Waystone XVII that teleports to Waystone XVIII. The path will lead to a Save Crystal. From the
Save Crystal there are three paths: the one heading down leads the Aquarius Switch, and the
opposite leads to Waystone XIX, which will warp back to Waystone XX. Ultima is sealed down
the path in the middle.
Battle Edit
Battle against Ultima.
The party will receive damage every time they attack her. Ultima uses Redemption and a
normal attack that has a chance to inflictSap. Her special attack is Holyja. Ultima is weak
against dark andblindness. If afflicted with Blind Ultima will cast Blindna on herself.
At the start Ultima will cast Holyja after twelve attacks, which includes standard attacks and
Redemption. Like all other Espers, Ultima's special move has a chance of inflicting a negative
status on the party; Holyja inflicts Reverse, upon which Ultima will cast Renew on the
Reversed characters leaving them at 1 HP.
After her HP has been drained to 80%, Ultima will cast Holyja, regardless of the number of
times she attacked.
When Ultima's HP drops down to around 70%, a magick field will fall, causing the following
debilitations in this order: HP decrease, MP decrease, Attack Command seal, Magick
Command Seal,Technick Command Seal, Item Command Seal, Increase/Lag weapon
attacks' Charge Time. The Magick seal will continue to cycle until Ultima is defeated. When
Ultima's HP drops to 70%, she uses Holyja after seven attacks instead of twelve. She also
casts Reflectga on the party from time to time and cast Curaja on the reflected party members,
bouncing the spells back to herself.
Like other Espers', Ultima's stats will increase as her HP depletes. When Ultima's HP drops to
30%, she uses Holyja after only three attacks, and Holyja becomes much more powerful at this
Strategy Edit
Before fighting Ultima, it is recommended for the main party members to be at least level 55 or
above; level 30 or above for back-up characters. Aside from that, it is helpful to have
three White Masks, or a Sage's Ring, to absorb Ultima's Holyja attack. The player should
stock Ethers and curative items before the fight. Bubble Belts, Rings of Renewal, and Opal
Rings are useful for additional advantages.
All holy-elemental weapons, such as Excalibur or Holy Lance, should be removed. As Ultima is
weak against dark, the Darkga spell and Dark Shotfor a gun exploit this weakness, as well
as ninja swords.
One can unequip White Masks or Sage's Ring to lure Ultima to use Redemption, then
immediately switch back to White Masks or Sage's Ring to absorb her attacks. Should the
party be inflicted with Reverse from Ultima's special attack, one should immediately
castDispelga/Dispel/Esunaga/Esuna, or Ultima will cast Renew on the Reversed characters.
It is recommended to equip Ring Of Renewal (Auto Regen) during the magic seal, and simply
cure with X-Potions, if there is a healthy stock.
Ultima's special attack, Holyja.
When Ultima begins casting Reflectga on the party a character must equip the Opal Ring if
he/she wants to cast curative magic under Reflect. Although, this may be an opportunity time
to cast Darkga, resulting in the maximum of twelve hits on Ultima (this is if the player has
a guest and all three controllable party members cast the spell).
When Ultima begins casting Reflectga on the party, if the timing is right, after dispelling the
party from Reflect, Ultima might cast Curaja on the characters, healing 3000 and above HP. If
the player does not dispel Reflect in time, Ultima's Curaja will bounce healing herself.
When Ultima's stats increase when she is in low health, the party will benefit
from Haste, Bubble, Protect, andShell, as her attacks are fast and powerful. Also, her Holyja
drastically increases in power.
A good tactic to defeat Ultima is to equip everyone with Yagyu Darkblades and have two
members in HP Critical to boost attack (if the characters have obtained the Adrenaline
Augment for 70 LP) and berserk them. The remaining member should be the decoy, and focus
on healing everyone. The party should equip Sage's Rings/White Masks when Ultima casts
Holyja, and have the tanks cast Infuse to get back to HP Critical, when Berserk wears off.
When Ultima stops the party from using physical attacks, the player should switch the tanks for
mages, and continuously use Darkga.
A cheap way to win this battle is to exploit Ultima's weakness to Blind. The player can stock
99 Eye Drops, equip a character with a Nihopalaoaand keep throwing Eye Drops on Ultima to
inflict Blind. Ultima will immediately cast Blindna, effectively trapping it in a loop while the other
two characters can attack it. However, Ultima may still cast Holyja.

How to Find Edit
To gain access to the optional area of the Henne Mines, the player must first meet certain
requirements, acquire ten Espers, then talk to Geomancer Yugelu in Jahara before he opens
the door that leads deeper into the mines where Zodiark can be found at the very end. The
path to Zodiark is littered with strong foes, but the player can use the Immobilize Glitch to avoid
As the Immobilize Glitch requires the party leader to be a decent distance away from the other
party character, the trek will still be difficult. Fleeing is not suggested, as certain enemies can
transport to the space in front of a character, and if there are many enemies teleporting, the
player's path may be blocked by enemies. Without a correctly trained party, the trek to Zodiark
can be harder than the Esper itself.
Battle Edit
Once the party enters the battlefield, they cannot escape until they defeat Zodiark. It is
recommended for the party to be trained at or above level 70.
Bubble Belts, strong weaponry (non-elemental and quick acting weapons are strongly
recommended) and equipment that absorbs Dark-elemental damage will be useful. Shields are
useless in the battle as Zodiark's attacks ignore evasion. The only shields one might want to
equip are the Shell Shield for the Auto-Shell, and Demon's Shield for absorbing Dark.
Before entering the map where Zodiark resides, the party should cast Protect, Shell,
and Haste.Regen, Bravery, and Faith are also useful. It is possible to use Berserk, although for
this battle, it may be better to use sober characters. It helps to equip Black Masks.
The player should enter the battle with only one character because right at the beginning
Zodiark casts Darkja, and there is no reason for the entire party to be exposed to it. After
Darkja the player can bring in the other two characters.
The Esper starts the battle with Reflect, Protect, Shell, and Haste. The party should dispel
them right away, and be ready to use Dispel/Dispelga throughout the battle. Zodiark's Darkja
ability is powerful; even with Demon Shields and other equipment that absorb Dark-elemental
damage, the party may still be found dead or afflicted with Blind. Darkja has a chance
to instantly KO a target, and can inflict Blind on a character even if he or she is KO'd.
Absorbing Dark-elemental damage will not spare a character from an automatic KO, and there
is no equipment available that can protect against it. Zodiark's special attack, Banish Ray, will
usually inflict 9,999 damage, instantly killing a target without the Bubble status or a Bubble
Belt. Zodiark has no stable elemental weakness; once the player figures out his vulnerability
(he is initially weak againstHoly), he will use Shift and change it. Thus, it may be too risky to
use spells against him, though non-elemental spells like Bio and Scourge can be considered.
The player should plan to react and recover from Darkja: When the main party falls, the player
should bring in the reserve party and quickly heal them with Arise or Phoenix
Downs (preferably have the character equipped with Pheasant Netsuke to mimic Arise). The
reserved party can fight for a bit, but they probably will not be as strong as the main party. At
times the main party may need to be switched in to heal the reserved party. This technique is
important when it comes closer to the end of the battle when Darkja isn't the only worry. It's
good to keep the party spread out so area attacks likeScathe won't affect everyone.
The first part of the battle is simple. One strategy is to cast Berserk and Bravery on the
strongest physical attacker. If Holy-elemental weapons are in the player's possession,
equipping them is suggested for it is Zodiark's weakness for the time being. A powerful
attacker can hit 9,999 HP of damage with Haste, Berserk, and the Tournesol/Zodiac Spear.
The Holy Rod and Excalibur are other good options. The fight becomes more difficult when
Zodiark has about half of his HP left. When this happens, he puts up a Magick Shield. The
party should just keep attacking him and try to keep him dispelled, however, when the shield is
up, it is impossible to dispel him. The party should switch to non-elemental weapon attacks
should he put up any Magick Shield.
When Zodiark's HP is close to one quarter, he uses a skill called Shift, which will change his
elemental weakness, and the player should change their weapons to non-elemental ones. This
is when the player should start to use Quickenings. The battle could end immediately with a
large Quickening chain. If that doesn't finish him off, Zodiark will begin to use a Paling and
Magick Shield, which makes the battle more difficult. Casting Scourge or Scathe repeatedly is
suggested. One has to be careful for Zodiark casting Reflect and the Magick Shield. When he
has both on, the player should just heal and wait for the shield to drop.
When Zodiark's HP is HP Critical, his attacks grow stronger and faster. Darkja is used more
often than before. The most dangerous part is when his HP is almost gone. Zodiark's Battle
Cry will make his attack stronger. Once Zodiark puts up the physical paling, physical attacks
will be useless from then on, as Zodiark will only erect it again as soon as it falls. The player
can take away the party's weapons and equip Demon Shields to absorb Dark damage, as
magick can be cast just as well without a weapon, although staves can boost Magic Power.
The player must beat Zodiark by casting preferably non-elemental magick. Scathe is the most
powerful one, but takes a while to cast, so one might opt to using Scourge instead. The Opal
Ringaccessory allows the user to by-pass Zodiark's Reflect status. It is useful to have one
character constantly dispelling him, however, to slow him down when Zodiark uses up a turn to
re-cast his buffs.
Rewards Edit
Defeating Zodiark unlocks its sprite on the Sky Pirate's Den and earns the player the title of
Zodiac Knight. The player will also gain the ability to control Zodiark as a summoned Esper.

Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XII)
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Final Fantasy XII Ultimate Mark
Trial Mode

#260 #261 #262

50,112,254 999
Strength Magic
61 67
Defense Mag Def
36 40

Vitality Speed
99 20
Attack Evade%
107 0
0 255
CP Gil
20,510 0

Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Halves Halves Halves Halves
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Halves Halves Weak Absorb
Elite Marks
Location Ridorana Cataract/Colosseum
Holy Stone
on Steal
Holy Magicite
Rare Steal Holy Crystal [Byblos' Bone]*
on Drop
Rare Drop None
Very Rare
ph Drop
Jar Drop
Attacks Regular Attack, may KO and combos up to 12 times, Rake
Regen, Haste, Reflect, Reflectga,Protect, Shell, Bravery, Faith, Death Strike, Growing Threat,Cyclone, Stone Breath, White
Safety, Null Knockback, Null VIT, Null Weather Effects, Piercing Magic, Null EVA, Adrenaline, Last Stand, Attack Plus, Resist
Damage (HP<50), Attack CT = 0 (depending on the situation)
Death, Petrify, Stop, Doom,Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Reverse,Slow, Disable, Immobilize,Silence, Blind, Poison, Oil, Sap,Lure, Ber
serk, Warp, Fractional Damage, Sight Unseeing,Syphon, Numerology, Charm,Achilles, Wither, Addle
Has Protect, Shell, and Hastestatuses.
Libra is ineffective; regains HP if left alone for a while.
*Has replaced Holy Crystal in the NTSC-U/C Version.

Yiazmat is the Ultimate Elite Mark in Final Fantasy XII. He is not only the ultimate mark, but
also the ultimate boss. Defeating Yiazmat will take at least sixty minutes at high levels and
player skill, but the fight usually takes hours.
Yiazmat has well over 50 million hit points. This astronomically high number is the main reason
he takes so long to kill, since regular attacks break the damage limit only in the
game's International Zodiac Job System version.
The player can accept the hunt for Yiazmat after vanquishing the Hell Wyrm and all Rank
VII Marksexcept Shadowseer.
Clan Primer Edit
Hunt 45: Farewell to a Legend Edit
Mark Bill.
Petitioner: Montblanc
Petitioner's Location: Rabanastre/The Clan Hall
A petition has been submitted for the hunting of Yiazmat (Rank 8). The petitioner is
Montblanc in the clan hall in Rabanastre.
Montblanc tells you that he formed Clan Centurio to raise warriors strong enough to
defeat the most terrible of all creatures that walk this land: Yiazmat. The realization of
the Clan's very purpose has fallen to you. Hunt accepted.
Yiazmat defeated after a battle to end all battles! Report to Montblanc in the clan hall.
Hunt reported. Montblanc praises you as the greatest hunter Ivalice has ever known.
The petitioner for the bill is none other than Montblanc. He explains that this dragon was the
one responsible for killing his mentor, who taught him and his brothers and sister everything
they know. After finding Ivalice's best hunter in the player party, he tells the party to go out and
exterminate the legendary dragon.
Bestiary Entry Edit
Genus: Ultimate Mark
Classification: Wyrm
One Deity among Dragons, One great Wyrm to rule all Wyrms of the World, by the
Creator Himself created. Legend says it is an Anima, Guardian to a Sacred Blade.
Though most sacred among its Kind, its great Power drove it to Madness, and in the
End, it became a Threat to its own Creator. His Master was killed by Yiazmat, robbing
Montblanc of all Joy in Life, and he would have Revenge.
Battle Edit
Yiazmat is found at the Colosseum at the Ridorana Cataract where the arena is covered
in traps. It is possible to defeat it at around level 50 or even lower with the right strategy, but
levels 70 and above are preferable. His total health is made up of fifty individual bars consisting
of one million HP each. Yiazmat's battle tactics will change as his HP is depleted, but most of
his attacks either involve attacking the whole team at once or using Instant Death attacks
should the party get out of his reach. Yiazmat can wipe out the party's best character with a
couple of hits, regardless of the kind of equipment they are wearing, as all of his physical
attacks have a 5% chance of inflicting Instant Death.
When his HP drops below 50% all attacks against Yiazmat are capped at 6,999 damage, so
the battle becomes about using combo weapons rather than damage dealers. If the party
wanders too far from his reach, Yiazmat will start casting buffs on himself, starting with Protect,
then Bravery, Faith andRegen. It's possible to leave the area to use the Save Crystal and to
buy more items and return and continue the battle, but the player must make their exit fast; if
Yiazmat has time to cast Regen before the party has left the area, it will keep on gaining HP
even while the party is away. If the player walks too far away from Yiazmat while still in his
area, Yiazmat will regain health like other enemies.
When Yiazmat's HP is about at 9 - 10 bars left, he will use Growing Threat to boost his
damage output even further. When he has about 4 - 5 bars of health left, he will start
using Reflectga, but it is a once per stage cast. If the player is not careful, a Renew spell could
be reflected off the party, fully healing Yiazmat.
Yiazmat is susceptible to the Expose Technick, which allows even weak characters to deal
maximum damage. Yiazmat combos more often as his life goes down.
In the Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System version, Yiazmat is susceptible to all
stat-lowering attacks (Expose, Wither, Shear, and Addle), which allows player to defeat the
beast even with a low level party.
The battle will easily take over an hour, with completion in two hours being considered fast for
the average player. The player can leave the area at any time during the battle. When the
player returns Yiazmat's HP will be the same as when they left (assuming it was unable to cast
Regen). There is a round indicator in the upper right part of the screen, showing how often the
party fled from the battle. It has no bearing on the reward the player receives for winning the
Yiazmat uses physical attacks with each having 5% chance of inflicting Instant Death. The
lower Yiazmat is on HP, the more combos he will get, up to 12-hit-combos. Rake is the wyrms'
special move that Yiazmat also uses. It deals 1.5x normal damage has a 5% chance of
inflicting Instant Death. It can deal combos up to 12 consecutive hits.
Cyclone is Yiazmat's special move and hits all characters. It is Wind-elemental and has a
chance of inflicting the party with Sap. Yiazmat uses Cyclone once every 40 actions. The
damage can be halved if equipped with Windbreaker armor.
Death Strike casts Instant Death on a party member. It has a 50% chance of missing if the
character is under Shell. Yiazmat starts to use Death Strike at 60% HP. Yiazmat uses it always
when its target is out of the range of its physical attack, and less commonly to a target that is
Stone Breath deals damage and has 30% chance to inflict the characters in-range
with Petrify. White Breath deals ice damage and has 30% chance to inflict the characters in-
range with Stop.
Yiazmat's attacks ignore vitality. Yiazmat will stop using his breath attacks during the battle's
last stage.
Other moves Yiazmat has includes, Growing Threat, that ups Yiazmat's level to 140 and
boosts his stats and is used when Yiazmat has only 20% HP left; and Reflectga, which
Yiazmat uses only once when he has only 10% of his HP remaining.
When the party is out of its reach Yiazmat will start casting protective buffs on itself. They
should be dispelled whenever the party reenters the battlefield.
Strategy Edit
Yiazmat absorbs Holy and is weak against Dark, making ninja swords good weapons, as they
also have high chance of comboing. The Yagyu Darkblade is of extreme usefulness here,
although it can be tedious to obtain three. If the ninja sword user wears the Black
Robes (which boostsDark damage) and the Genji Gloves, they will get an additional 50%
damage bonus against Yiazmat (weakness to Dark), dealing 300% damage, and with the Genji
Gloves the player will combo more often. Since damage is capped, weapons with high combo
rate often make better weapons than ones with sheer attack power.
Yiazmat has Null Evade making shields pointless. The only shield one might want to use is
the Shell Shield for the mage (they can then equip no weapon, but it might not matter if they
only cast magick). It's a good idea to purchase six Bubble Belts and wear them at all times,
even for the back-up party. The party can buy Windbreakers from Rabanastre to switch to
when Yiazmat is readying Cyclone to take half-damage, but by the end of the battle Cyclone is
cast so fast there may be no time to do the switch anymore.
Battle Speed should be kept at the fastest, as Yiazmat's attacks have no charge time - using
slow battle speed only slows down the player's party.
Yiazmat is too big to fit down the narrow stairwells. Even a low-level party can defeat him by
using ranged weapons and standing far enough down the stairs forcing Yiazmat to only use
Death Strike. With Shell it has a chance of missing. However, as this tactic is boring, the player
might opt to using one character as the mage, and placing him/her at the stairs with a Shell
Shield granting them Auto-Shell, keeping them away from harm's way (Cyclone will still hit).
The mage can then heal and buff the other party members who hack away on Yiazmat's
massive HP.
Alternatively, the bottom-of-the-stairs character can wield a ranged weapon, such
as Fomalhaut with Dark Shot, and chip away at Yiazmat's HP while he concentrates his
attacks on the characters closer to him. This tactic might be useful near the end of the battle
when Yiazmat is stronger and faster.
The player can set one character as the tank and have the other two characters
cast Decoy, Berserk and Reverse on him/her. This won't help against the Instant Death
chance, but the chance is still only 5%, allowing the character to endure most attacks. Yiazmat
will mainly concentrate on the decoyed character with his Rake and physical attacks, while the
berserked character keeps on attacking Yiazmat.
The player characters can have more than 9999 HP, despite the number being capped at 9999
on the screen. As Yiazmat's attacks are capped at 9999 damage, it is possible for the party to
survive the Cyclone even after taking the full 9999 HP damage. The player can wear
equipment, such as Light Armor hats (such as Renewing Morion that also has Auto Regen,
or Dueling Mask) that increase the party's HP over the capped 9999 figure displayed on-
The player can use the Technick Infuse to set a character's HP critically low. In low health the
character can perform long hit combos, especially when equipped with the Genji Gloves and a
ninja sword or a katana. The augment Adrenaline doubles attack power while in critical health.
As Yiazmat is weak against Dark, ninja swords are a good option.
Yiazmat Defeated in 50 Minutes Edit
Final Fantasy XII Battle Ultimania guide has a strategy that claims Yiazmat can be defeated in
50 minutes. It includes having two damage dealers (the guide suggests
using Basch and Balthier due to having low MP and Magick) who are always in critical health to
continually deal double damage with long combos.
The two should always be under Berserk and use a high-combo weapon while also being
equipped with the Brave Suit. The third character should be the leader who casts Reverse and
Decoy on him/herself and controls the fight with Yiazmat. If the leader dies, the player should
switch a new leader from a reserve party member. All characters should be level 99 and have
all licenses purchased.
The leader should have the statuses Reverse, Lure, Regen, Bubble, Protect, Libra and Haste,
be equipped with the Staff of the Magi, Crown of Laurels (Vaan and Fran) or Dueling
Mask (Ashe and Penelo), Lordly Robes and a Power Armlet or Ribbon to grant immunity to
The leader's gambits should be as follows:
1. Foe: HP < 100000 Dark Matter
2. Ally: Any Chronos Tear
3. Ally: Status = Reflect Dispel
4. Self: Reverse
5. Ally: Any Arise
6. Self: Decoy
7. Self: Bubble
8. Self: MP < 50% Hi-Ether
9. Ally: MP < 10% Berserk
10. Ally: MP < 10% Haste
11. Ally: Any Gold Needle
12. Foe: Any Dispel
The damage dealers should always have the statuses HP Critical, Berserk, Float and Haste
(Basch) and be equipped with Masamune,Celebrant's Mitre (gives Magick and Speed), Brave
Suit (increased damage) and Genji Gloves for Basch and Hermes Sandals for Balthier.
Their gambits should be as follows:
1. Ally: Any Chronos Tear
2. Self: HP < 10% Berserk
3. Foe: Character HP < 10% Attack
4. Self: HP < 10% Bacchus's Wine
5. Self: Infuse (Changes MP to HP and is used to put the damage dealers into critical
HP after two casts)
The items a player needs are:
1x Dark Matter (charged to full with Knot of Rust to deal 60k damage)
Masamune/Yagyu Darkblade (though Yagyu Darkblade does more damage initially,
Masamune has a higher combo chance and will do more damage in the long run)
Staff of the Magi (for each leader)
Shell Shield
Bubble Belts
Plenty of Hi Ether
Plenty of Remedy
Plenty of Gold Needle
Plenty of Chronos Tear
Plenty of Bacchus's Wine
The battle config should be in active mode with the fastest battle speed and cursor set to
It's recommended to start the battle by using two leaders; the 'trap walker' leader, whose only
purpose is to get rid of the traps in the arena, and the 'main leader' who will initially heal the
'trap walker' when necessary, use the Expose Technick on Yiazmat five times successfully to
cut its Defense by half, and try to hold Yiazmat for the remainder of the battle. Once the traps
are gone, the player should switch out the 'trap walker' and bring in both damage-dealers.
When the damage dealers begin to use Infuse the player must manually attack with both
damage dealers in-between their Infuses, or they will kill themselves with the second. The
player must be wary of this any time a damage dealer is revived, otherwise everything else the
damage dealers do is automatic.
The player will use the leader character(s) to control the fight by running around Yiazmat --
chase Yiazmat's tail from its side, so that Yiazmat is following the leader at all times, and yet
not actually hitting him/her -- using to enter flee mode in-between casts to help with
keeping distance. While running from Yiazmat the player must keep in mind the distance
between the leader and damage dealers, as when Yiazmat readies Cyclone, the leader must
be as far away from them as possible or it will kill them. When Yiazmat readies Death Strike,
the player should equip a Shell Shield on the leader and then switch back to Staff of Magi
afterward, to help mitigate the chances of instant KO.
Whenever a leader does get knocked out, the player must open the menu and switch out
Balthier (or whoever is weaker of the two damage dealers) for a second leader. The priority in
reviving/rebuffing is Arise Reverse Lure Bubble (if not using Bubble Belt already). Only
after the buffs are ready should the player switch back in the damage dealer. After Yiazmat
uses Growing Threat the team leaders should consider using Bubble Belts, as it is critical at
this point that any leaders who get KO'd are revived with double HP. It is even recommended
to hold a fresh character specifically for Yiazmat's last HP bar.
Report and Reward Edit
Six Moogle Siblingsgather to celebrate the victory.
30,000 gil
The Godslayer's Badge
The Godslayer's Badge, along with the Omega Badge (earned by defeating Omega Mark XII)
and Lu Shang's Badge (earned from the fishing minigame), is needed to acquire the Wyrmhero
Blade, the game's strongest weapon.
Defeating Yiazmat unlocks his sprite in the Sky Pirate's Den, earning the player the title of
Hunter Extraordinaire.

Gallery Edit


Yiazmat can't follow the party down the stairs.

The party can use Reverse to take no damage from Yiazmat's attacks.

Yiazmat readies Death Strike.

Last bar of health.

Bestiary entry.

Concept art.
Etymology Edit
Yiazmat's name alludes to director Yasumi Matsuno's nickname (Yazumi Matsuno). The
additional "i" in Yiazmat's name is not present in the Japanese version, likely being a
localization decision to associate it closer to "Tiamat".
The title of the hunt is "Farewell to a Legend", a reference to how Matsuno left the company
before the game was completed, and the story Montblanc tells refers to how the development
team felt about him, albeit with a different end.
Another guess is that Yiazmat is the game's depiction of Matsuno with the moogles being the
development team, and their master being Square Enix. Matsuno prolonging the game killed
Square Enix "financially" and the development team felt Matsuno had to be slain as retribution
for his actions. The hunt title bids "farewell" to a legendary monster -- Yiazmat -- both being an
homage and an insult to the director.
Trivia Edit
One of the random names for chocobo competitors in the races in Serendipity in Final
Fantasy XIII-2 is "Grand Yiazmat".
The garif's bestiary entry tells about the Dragon's Game, where a God created a Dragon
more powerful than any before it. The Dragon thought it was greater than the God, and
so the God tricked the Dragon by making it perform feats of strength that end up
trapping it inside a magic ring that restricted its power. This may be the story behind
Yiazmat's origins.
In Hard Mode of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Aeronite is called Chaos
Aeronite and can have nearly 58,000,000 HP, surpassing Yiazmat, but since it's not a
challenge (Chaos Aeronite can be beaten under 20 minutes with regular stats) Yiazmat's
battle is still the most challenging in terms of time.

Finding Hell Wyrm Edit
In order to gain access to Hell Wyrm's lair, the player must have already defeated
the Vyraal Hunt #21: Get My Stuff Back in the Balfonheim/Cerobi Steppe area. Once
the Hunt has been completed, the player will receive the Key Item Dragon Scale. Upon
collecting the hunt reward, the player must return to Cerobi Steppe and search Windmill #10
(located in the Northsward) to trigger a scene with the Wyrm Philosopher who will trade the
Dragon Scale for the Age Worn Key, which will open the Hall of the Wroth God in the Sochen
Cave Palace.
Hall of the Wroth God can only be accessed upon solving the puzzle of the Ascetic Door in
Destiny's March. The player must enter the circled junction area from the east, and open only
the "Doors of Hours" going clockwise. Once the player has walked around in a circle the game
will tell the player that a door has been opened in the distance. The door is at the dead-end at
the west that leads to Hell Wyrm.
Battle Edit
Level 50 or higher is a good level for fighting Hell Wyrm. The battle can be abandoned at any
time, and the Hell Wyrm's HP stays at the point where the player left it, but if left for too long it
will regain health. Hell Wyrm can cast several high-level spells and can use Stone Breath,
which can deal around 1,500 damage to all characters in range and has a chance of
inflicting Petrify. Hell Wyrm uses Judgment each time it loses 10% of its HP, which
deals Holy damage and has a chance of inflicting Stop. Hell Wyrm uses Invert, which inverts a
character's HP and MP.
When Hell Wyrm has 30% of its HP left, it will only use Rake on the player. Depending on the
player's level, the attack can deal up to 3000 damage. When Hell Wyrm has only 20% of HP
left, he will use Stone Breath. Again, it will only use this attack, however, it is much easier
because unlike Rake, it takes more time for the Hell Wyrm to charge the attack. Additionally,
throughout the entire fight Hell Wyrm's normal physical attack will have a 5% chance to incur
instant death. This is only a minor inconvenience because it can only affect one character at a
time and already has a very low percentage to begin with.
Equipping the Party Edit
One character should be equipped with Mystic Armor and a greatsword, if a staff is not
needed. This character will be on the healing job, and should have the gambit Ally: HP <60% -
> Curaga as well as Ally: Status = KO -> Arise. Another character will be the party's "tank", and
should be equipped with Heavy Armor and a basic attack gambit. The tank may also have
some minor supportive gambits such as Self -> Bravery and Ally: Status = Petrification -
> Stona/Gold Needle.
The last character should be primarily a "buffer". Equipped with Light or Heavy Armor, this
character should have a basic attacking gambit as well as various buffer gambits such as Ally:
Any -> Protectga, Ally: Any -> Hastega, Ally: *party healer* -> Faith, Ally: *party tank* -> Decoy,
and Ally: *party tank* -> Bravery. All characters should be equipped with a gambit to get rid of
Stop, such as Ally: -> Chronos Tear. Shell can be useful once Hell Wyrm starts to use Invert.
At that point Hell Wyrm will use various "-ga" level magicks to deal area damage and kill
Invert's targets. Healing with items is often quicker than magick; X-Potions can work well if one
has a large stock (it is recommended that all characters have every Potion Lore license at this
point in the game).
The player must remember to deactivate the Bravery/Faith and Hastega/Protectga gambits
when Hell Wyrm starts casting Invert a lot; the characters need to focus on quick healing and
quick attacking. Starting the battle with 99 Ethers helps (again, each character should have
every Ether Lore), to be used once a character finishes one MP bar. If a character's MP drops
low, he/she may benefit from using Charge. The party's healer can also siphon MP from the
party's tank with theSyphon spell.
Using Expose to lower Hell Wyrm's Defense can be an effective tactic. Bubble Belts are highly
It is recommended that each character have at least the top half of the License Board entirely
filled in. To make the task easier, the player should make it a priority to buy a Golden Amulet
for each character as soon as one has enough gil. Then, once a given character gains the
license to use Golden Amulets, one should keep him/her equipped with one until he/she
completes the License Board. An advisable tactic is to buy six and keep them equipped even
for the reserve characters.

Minimizing the Damage from Hell Wyrm's Spells Edit
The player should consider buying at least one of any armor that protects/immunizes against,
or even absorbs, damage from an element. Hell Wyrm will use high-level "-ga" magicks
throughout the battle, so reducing the negative impact of such spells can save some MP or an
X-Potion. For example, Demon Shields and Black Masks absorb Dark-elemental damage,
Adamant Vests and Adamant Hats halve damage from Fire (weak against Ice, though, not
suitable for default armor), and Rubber Suits nullify Thunder-elemental damage.
The key to making good use of this tactic is keeping a close watch on Hell Wyrm's actions
during the battle. For example, when Hell Wyrm is about to use Waterga, the player can
immediately equip the party with Viking Coats to nullify the damage. The switch should take
effect as long as the damage from the attack has not been displayed yet.
The same is true for status effects such as Blind or Sap. If Hell Wyrm is preparing to use Stone
Breath, the player can immediately equip the party with Fuzzy Miters to immunize them against
Petrify. Before entering the battle's final phase where Hell Wyrm uses Invert and -ga level
magick, Hell Wyrm will, for a short period of time, be in a phase where it will use only Stone
Elemental Weaknesses Edit
Hell Wyrm is weak against Holy-elemental damage and absorbs the Dark element. Equipping
the "tank" with a Holy Lance can shorten the battle significantly. Excalibur, which may be found
in the upper levels of the Great Crystal, is Holy elemental and has +128 Attack. While it may
seem like a good idea to hit Hell Wyrm with the Holy spell, this may not be wise. The reason for
this is that no one else may do anything other than attack while Holy or another high-level spell
is being used. For example, Hell Wyrm might Rake the "tank" to death because the healer
could not heal the "tank" while Holy was being used.
Hell Wyrm is weak against Oil. The easiest way to inflict Hell Wyrm with Oil is to equip a party
member with Nihopalaoa and use a Handkerchief on it.
MP replenishing Edit
If the healer is low on MP, it may be a good idea to have him/her use Syphon on the "tank".
The "tank" should focus mainly on attacking, so he/she probably will not use much MP during
the battle whilst recovering MP any time he/she deals or takes damage due to the Martyr and
Inquisitor licenses.
Recovering from Invert Edit
In the later stages of the fight, when Hell Wyrm begins using Invert more frequently, one should
keep an eye on the characters' HP gauges. Hell Wyrm will mostly use his spells to damage, so
typically, all active party members (within range) will be "targeted" - their names will be listed in
red on the gauges. When Invert is used, only one character will be targeted, and the player will
be able to tell who that character is before its effects set in. If the character has MP left, one
can interrupt any action that they're taking, and cast Curaga, Curaja, or Renew.
By the time the character has finished charging the cast, Invert will have just finished switching
HP and MP, so the character will be refreshed almost instantaneously, minimizing the effect. In
the meantime, the other two characters can keep the pressure on until the third is ready to
rejoin the fight. For the most part, Invert should be considered a benefit as it should fully
replenish the targeted character's MP and present relatively no harm if the player's team is
quick on the heals.
Nifty Trick: Reverse Edit
If the player rather not spend the time throwing around heal and anti-status spells/items, one
can simply cast Reverse on the party members. By doing so, any harm or healing done to
them will have the opposite effect. By using this spell (combined with Turtleshell Choker if the
party have an excess of money), one can temporarily nullify the Wyrm's ability to damage the
party. If one party member is set to cast Reverse on the others when the status runs out, the
player can practically breeze through the fight. However, Reverse runs out very quickly and
quickly drains the caster's MP unless equipped with the Turtleshell Choker.
Rewards Edit
After defeating Hell Wyrm, the player can meet up with Montblanc in the Clan Centurio Hall
and be rewarded with 50,000 Gil.
Defeating Hell Wyrm also unlocks his sprite in the Sky Pirate's Den, granting the player the title
Radiant Savior.

If you enter at Way Stone VIII, there will be three possible "exits" off the platform. Gate
Scorpio is one of those and will be "behind" you as you arrive. It is the only closed gate
that you will see when you enter for the first time.

If you position your character in front of gate Scorpio and pointing toward the Way Stone,
there will be an "exit" to the left and an "exit" to the right. If you take the exit to the left,
you will move up to a platform where the Scorpio Gate Stone will be found. If it is your
first trip, when you query the Gate Stone it will indicate something like "I only will respond
to the Chosen One" and deny use of the Scorpio Gate Stone.
To fix the denial, go back to the Way Stone VIII platform and take the opposite "exit"
which will lead down to Way Stone VII. After reaching Way Stone VII, progress through the
maze involving consideration of several platforms and a progression of Way Stones,
namely Way Stones VI, V, IV, III, II and I.

Once you get to Way Stone I, continue on to "meet the boss". Defeat the "boss" and
automatic events will occur that will bestow the "Chosen One" status on Princess Ashe
required to activate the Scorpio Gate Stone.
Once that has been done, return to the Way Stone VIII platform, move to the Scorpio Gate
Stone and use it to open Scorpio Gate.
Fishing is a minigame in Final Fantasy XII played in the South Bank Village of the Dalmasca
Estersand. The item Lu Shang's Badge can only be obtained by doing the fishing sidequest, an
item needed for the Wyrmhero Blade.
Unlocking Edit
Fishing Enthusiast has the Muramata fishing rod.
To begin the fishing sidequest, the player must have completed the Cactuar Family
sidequest and the portion of the game's storyline at the Draklor Laboratory. After speaking with
Ruksel at the South Bank village, the player must travel to the Port at Balfonheim and speak to
the Fishing Enthusiast outside of the Aerodrome.
The player must talk to him twice and ask about the fishing rod, then run to the Aerodrome's
entrance and back to the same spot without leaving the area. The Muramata fishing rod will be
near the wall where she was sitting. The player can then return to Ruksel at the Dalmasca
Estersand to begin the minigame.
Gameplay Edit
When the minigame begins, a line of four to eight button commands will appear on the screen,
moving in a random direction horizontally or vertically. The goal is to input the commands
shown correctly before the line reaches the edge of the screen. Doing so successfully will
cause Ruksel to make a catch.
There will be a total of six commands during each game. Each time a command is entered
successfully, either a fish or an empty bottle is rewarded. Furthermore, by achieving a perfect
score of all six commands, a bonus command will appear, and correctly entering it will award
the player with a bonus item. (See the tables below.)
Fishing Areas Edit
The minigame begins with only one area available, but by completing certain conditions, an
additional four river sections can be unlocked. Each area has an increasing level of difficulty
and a different variety of perfect fishing rewards. Every fishing spot will produce the occasional
"Empty Bottle" instead of a fish.
Name How to unlock Fish types
Perfect fishing
Downstream Available from the start. Common fish
100 gil - 34%
Hi-Potion - 33%
Water Stone - 33%
Achieve five Perfect Fishing
scores at Downstream.
Common Fish,
Delicious Fish
Fish Scale - 34%
100 Gil - 33%
Water Magicite -
Achieve five Perfect Fishing
scores at Midstream.
Common Fish,
Delicious Fish
Fish Scale - 30%
Turtle Shell -
Frogspawn - 30%
Cactoid Compact -
The Cactoid Compact can only be caught once, and only after
acquiring the Matamune (see below). After catching the
Cactoid Compact, the extra 10% is added to the Turtle Shell.
Hidden Shoals
Acquire the Matamune and
receive the Cactoid Compact
from Upstream.
Delicious Fish,
Hi-Potion - 45%
Adamantite -
Commendation -
The Cactoid Commendation can only be caught once, and
only after acquiring the Matamune (see below). After catching
the Cactoid Commendation, the extra 10% is added to the
Den of the
River Lord
Receive the Cactoid
Commendation at the Hidden
Succulent, King
Of Nebra
Adamantite - 50%
Scarletite - 50%
Until the player captures King of Nebra nine times, the same
command for the King Of Nebra will be the only one to appear.
After capturing it nine times, the player will earn Lu Shang's

Matamune Sidequest Edit
A different fishing rod is required to gain access to the last two fishing spots. Acquiring it is
almost another sidequest in itself. The player must first vanquish Gilgamesh.
When fishing, the occasional Empty Bottle caught will turn out to be one of five colored bottles.
Each will contain a cryptic message leading to a specific spot in the game. After visiting every
spot, the bottles will then form one last message, leading to the location of the Matamune.
Name Clue Location Message Item
Truth lies just beyond falsehood.
Overturned boat in the Echoes of the Past section of
the Nabreus Deadlands.
River...unde...o X-Potion
Skip on stones to far bank's shore, by
skipping stones return once more.
The hut at the Piebald Path in theSalikawood. Forest...rgro...w
Red Bottle
Foothills rise in mountains' shadow.
The Mosphoran Highwaste, in the Babbling Vale.
Inspect the shrine in the northwest corner.
Fire...undb...h. Holy Mote
Dragons stir among the eaters of the wind. 1
2 - - 5 - 7 - 9 -
The Cerobi Steppe. Windmills 1, 2, 5, 7, and 9 must
be turned on while all other must be turned off.
Ash...ridge...e. Hi-Ether
Easy as a, b, c, so count yourself lucky. 19-
The Garamsythe Waterway. The player must look for
and follow the rats on the ground in the Central
Waterway Control to find the sparkling spot.
Darkness...eton.e. Elixir

After finding each location and deciphering the clues, the player will be led to Barheim
Passage. The Matamune is found in a section of the Zeviah Span, but by looking at the map,
it's clear that it can only be reached via the West Annex. Gilgamesh appears and presents the
player with the fishing rod.
Trivia Edit
The Lu Shang's badge is a reference to the Lu Shang fishing rod from Final Fantasy XI,
which is the second-best rod in the game and infamously difficult to get.
The Wyrmhero Blade is a powerful greatsword in Final Fantasy XII. Unlike most weapons, the
Wyrmhero Blade has no license and is considered a key item rather than a piece of equipment,
like the Sword of Kings and Treaty Blade, and therefore anyone can equip it.
It has an Attack power of 130, third only to Tournesol and Zodiac Spear, and has a high combo
rate of 80%. Additionally, the user is bestowed with constant Faith and Bravery, and also +50
to Evasion, which is the highest of any weapon in the game. It is also, by far, the game's
slowest weapon having the longest Charge Time at 8.15s.
Wyrmhero Blade is known as the "Dragon Crest" in the bazaar price list, and costs 65,535 gil.
The value is a reference to the maximum total experience points attainable in the
original Dragon Quest games. Obtaining 65,535 experience points was seen as a popular, if
highly optional, challenge. (See also Wikipedia's entry on the number for its occurrence in
other games).
Wyrmhero Blade is one of the swords wielded by Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh refers to the sword as
the "Blade of Legend". This weapon emits sound effects from Dragon Quest when it either hits
an enemy or misses them. Wyrmhero Blade is the one that is left behind after Gilgamesh is
defeated, and if the player inspects it they get the following message: Appears to be just an
ordinary sword of legend. When the player leaves the room Gilgamesh rushes back to retrieve
the sword.
Despite being one of the most powerful weapons in the game, it is rendered almost useless by
its excessive charge time and if the player can meet the requirements to acquire the sword
(some of which require the player to beat all superbosses), it could be argued that the sword
no longer has practical use besides making the final dungeon even easier. As such, the sword
is mostly just a trophy item.

Requirements Edit
The Wyrmhero Blade can be acquired via trading rare loot from three sidequests:
Loot Acquire
Lu Shang's Badge
Awarded for completing the Den Of The River Lord section of the fishing minigame at Dalmasca Estersand/South Bank
Awarded for completing the hunt "Farewell to a Legend" (Yiazmat, Bill #45, Rank VIII Elite).
Omega Badge 100% loot drop from Omega Mark XII (missable should players leave the area without collecting the loot icon).

Omega Mk. XII is an optional superboss in Final Fantasy XII. It is considered one of the
toughest bosses in the game. It is a gigantic mimic found in the deepest reaches of the Great
In Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System, Omega Weapon is also fought on
the Trial Mode stage 99.
Clan Primer Edit
Genus: Unclassified
Classification: Ancient Warmech
An ancient weapon of war, traveling the rifts between dimensions. Its body is set with
machineries and weaponry of a far higher order than anything made today. Though it is
a construct, it was built with the ability to grow, and so it has evolved like a living
It generates the energy it needs to live by filtering and condensing Mist from the air.
Location Edit
Omega is located in the Great Crystal at Giruvegan and is only available to fight once the hunt
forYiazmat has been accepted. The player party can enter Omega's chamber in the Crystal
beforehand, but it will be in a dormant state and unresponsive, resembling a giant treasure
chest like the Mimics in other dungeons.
Battle Edit
Omega is a tough opponent and will continuously use a laser beam that kills a character in two
hits, even at level 99.
Omega will always attack the nearest target and is one of the few enemies in the game that
cannot detect players who are vanished.
Strategy Edit
Using Balance on low HP works for added damage. The party should
have Arise, Renew and Curaja.
A viable option at any level is to get three decoy characters under Stop and Reverse, a primary
mage, a vanished character, and the character who controls Zodiark. Omega is one of the few
enemies in the game that cannot detect players who are vanished, so a vanished character
should never be targeted as long as they don't target Omega either.
First the player must get the Zodiark character under Reverse, and approach Omega on the
platform, then summon Zodiark, who will use Final Eclipse. After that, the player can dump one
of the decoys on the platform (leaving the Zodiark character KO'd) and put in the vanished
character, who will try to sneak away and revive the Zodiark character, also putting him under
Then, the player should remove all characters from play and go to the stopped decoy who
keeps Omega busy and put in the character who controls Zodiark and do Final Eclipse again. If
Stop runs out, the player can dump in another decoy, revive the fallen one and put him under
Stop and Reverse again. The idea is to repeat this action, using Final Eclipse 20-30 times or
so, until Omega falls. The key is keeping the decoy on the platform with Omega, so it stays
busy and doesn't restore itself.
Another simpler tactic is to, with Bubble Belts equipped, use the following gambits in this order:
(1) Self = Reverse; (2) Any Ally = Arise; and (3) Attack nearest target. Once in a while, the
party should cast Hastega after a party member has cast Reverse on him/herself. Omega
always attacks the nearest target, so the player can keep one mage/long range type character
out of its range to revive fallen allies.
Rewards Edit
Following defeat, Omega will drop the Omega Badge loot. Selling the Omega Badge,
Godslayer's Badge and Lu Shang's Badge will unlock the ultimate weapon in the Bazaar,
the Wyrmhero Blade.
The Final Fantasy XII Scenario Ultimania reveals that the Mythril Sword, an item not obtainable
through shops, loots, or treasures, can be obtained from defeating Omega; the player should
raise the chain level to its highest just before attacking Omega.
Unlike other optional bosses, Clan Centurio doesn't give a reward for defeating Omega.
Ancient Warmech Edit
According to the Clan Primer entry, Omega Mk. XII is a construct of machine and weaponry
that was created to battle a great Wyrm, possibly the Hell Wyrm or Yiazmat. This could also be
a reference toShinryu, dragon associated with Omega in Final Fantasy V.
Omega was given the ability to grow and evolve. It was left in the Great Crystal and allowed to
grow on its own, using the Mist as an energy source. The story from the Urutan-Yensa bestiary
entryseems to tell of the creation of Omega Mark XII, and implies that the creator lost track of it
after its tracking devices were destroyed in a battle of some sort.
Version Differences Edit
In the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XII, Omega has a little more than 10 million HP,
making him second only to Yiazmat. For the North American and PAL versions, its HP was
reduced to a mere 1 million, less than the Hell Wyrm and even a couple of the higher Marks.
The North American and PAL versions also added the Berserk status effect onto Omega's
attack. Whatever the reasons for these changes, Omega is still one of the toughest battles,
being the only enemy at Level 99 with the highest strength, defense and magic power.
Gallery Edit

Dormant Omega Mark XII.

Bestiary entry.
Etymology Edit
"Omega" is a reference to Omega Mark's heritage of the Omega Weapon superboss from
earlier Final Fantasy installments. "Mark" in his name probably does not bear influence of the
hunt marks of the many hunt clans in Ivalice; it is more likely it is "Mark XII", describing it as the
12th model of Omega Weapon, after a series of modifications to the original.
This naming convention was first used in Final Fantasy V Advance, with the superboss Omega
Mk.II. The "XII" part of the boss's name is anallusion to the number twelve, the game's number
in the Final Fantasy series.
Trivia Edit
Upon defeat, Omega Mark's head falls off upon the Warmech's malfunction. Its
decapitated remains, as seen in a short sequence, resemble the traditional Omega
Weapon's design even more.
Much like Gilgamesh, Omega Mark XII is said to be traveling the rifts between
dimensions. This could hint that this is the same Omegaencountered in Final Fantasy V,
who was trapped in the same Interdimensional Rift as Gilgamesh.
Omega Mark XII was perhaps designed to defeat Yiazmat, as it only "activates" when
the hunt for the great wyrm is accepted.
The story the player can obtain by completing the Urutan-Yensa bestiary makes a
reference to Omega, since the author of these pages states at the end that he hopes his
Mark XII finds a place "rich in Mist", which is one of the characteristics of the Great
Crystal inside Giruvegan.
Zodiac Spear
Edit Talk15
15,317PAGES ON

The Zodiac Spear (, Saikyou no Hoko?, lit. "Strongest Halberd") is a
recurring spear in theFinal Fantasy series being usually depicted as the strongest one in
games in which it appears.
Appearances Edit
Final Fantasy XII Edit
The Zodiac Spear is the most powerful weapon available in Final Fantasy XII. Its license is
found in the bottom right of the License Board, just above Masamune. While being the
strongest weapon available, it can be found fairly early in the game - provided
certain chests are not opened. It costs 235 License points, and has an Attack power of 150.
Like all spears, Zodiac Spear grants the user +8 to evasion and has 4% chance of
performing hit combos. Spears are among the faster weapons in Final Fantasy XII with
2.14s charge and 1.2s action time, second only to daggers and ninja swords.
Requirements Edit
As stated above, the Zodiac Spear can only be acquired if the player did not open certain
chests earlier in the game, which are the following:
Town Chest Location
Rabanastre Treasure chest in Lowtown, outside of Old Dalan's place.
Royal Palace of
When sneaking into the palace (before getting the Goddess Magicite), there are several chests in the Cellar. The player must not
open the chest in the southeast corner that contains an Elixir.
Nalbina Dungeons
One of the treasure chests in Nalbina Dungeons' Confiscatory, where Vaan, Balthier, and Fran regain their lost weapons and
equipment, is forbidden. The forbidden one is the southernmost chest that always contains gil.
Phon Coast
At Phon Coast's Vaddu Strand there is a beach with 16 chests placed in a grid. The fourth chest that must not be opened is among
these, so it is best to leave them all alone.
The forbidden treasure chest on Phon Coast.
Should none of the chests be opened, the Zodiac Spear will appear in the Necrohol of
Nabudis, reachable viaSalikawood's Corridor Of Ages, which means the King Bomb must be
killed. The Zodiac Spear will reside in the Cloister Of The Highborn, in a group of 16 chests.
When none of the characters are equipped with Diamond Armlets Zodiac Spear will be in the
second chest from the left in the front row.
The other chests all contain a Knot of Rust, or a Dark Matter with a Diamond Armlet equipped.
The 16 chests in Necrohol of Nabudis actually correspond to the 16 chests on the Phon Coast,
except that Zodiac Spear can only be obtained in the Necrohol; if the player only claims the
Zodiac Spear, they can later observe that one chest on the Phon Coast chest formation has
Necrohol of Nabudis can be reached fairly early on in the game, after the player has obtained
the Dawn Shard. The enemies around the place are on much higher level than the player
party, however, and obtaining the Zodiac Spear so early can be rather counter-productive, as it
will make rest of the game very easy.
A second Zodiac Spear can be obtained in an alternative site, the Henne Mines' Phase 2 Dig.
Even if the mentioned forbidden chests named in the above chart are opened, the spear is still
obtainable here. However, to unlock the site, at least 10 Espers must be acquired, and
theMindflayer Hunt completed. The player must speak to Geomancer Yugelu in Jahara to
unlock this site, reachable via the Ore Separation.
The chest is hidden in a secluded area. The odds are heavily stacked against the player:
chances for the chest to spawn is 10%, the chance the chest contains an item is 10%, and the
item being the Zodiac Spear another 10% - meaning there is only a 1 in 1000 (0.1%) chance
the spear will appear. In contrast to the original chest, the lead character must wear the
Diamond Armlet in order to receive the spear.
There is a method exploiting the game console's predictable random number generator that
guarantees a Zodiac Spear from the chest in the Henne Mines if certain conditions are met.
In the International Zodiac Job System version, the player no longer needs to beware of
opening forbidden chests, as the whole concept was removed. In other words, there is no
longer a Zodiac Spear to be found at Necrohol of Nabudis.