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From initially being just a cost-cutting concept, IT outsourcing has gradually and steadily moved ahead to

establish itself as a must-have successful business model by rendering not only cost-effective but also
sophisticated and highly efficient quality services and solutions.
The major concern in outsourcing is that of risk identification, and risk mitigation thereof. Softeb!s versatile
and fle"ible engagement models not only provide its clients liberty to choose the appropriate engagement
model, as per requirement, but also help in assessing risks and mitigating them.
Softeb offers forard-looking IT outsourcing engagement models to our clients that go over and beyond
tactical outsourcing. These models offer the opportunity to accelerate outsourcing higher along the
collaborative value chain.
In the initial discussions ith the prospective client, Softeb makes it a point to understand and evaluate the
project requirements, project comple"ities, as ell as the volatility of the client!s business needs. #ased on
the project comple"ities and business volatility, e recommend an appropriate engagement model for the
relationship to start. The rationale behind this is to assess technology risks, business risks and manpoer
risks and mitigate the same by an appropriate deployment of Softeb!s resources.
Softeb has evolved engagement models to suit an intermediated business model, ith a clear value
proposition for an onsite business partner and an offshore team. The objective of any engagement model
ould be to provide a virtual team to the system integrator hile adjusting the level of commitment, level of
control, investment required $both time and money% and the cost savings generated through offshore
economics to optimum levels for the situation at hand.
#roadly there are three engagement models that move from a lo involvement, lo control mode to a very
high involvement, very high control mode. These are&
Get a predictable budget for your project.
Get Low perceived risk
Fixed Price Model suits best for clients who wants fixed price for fixed scoped project.
The typical Features of this odel are!
Fi"ed 'rice
Fi"ed Scope
Familiar requirement $e!ve done projects like this before% or clear requirement $typically detailed
analysis ( application design already completed%
)ill involve 'roject *anagement, +ser Interface ,esign, ,evolvement, -uality Testing, )ill ./T
involve 'roject 0nalysis
Softeb keeps the I' $Intellectual property% of the product, but share full rights to use the softare.
1oever, if the application is fully designed hen it reaches us, then e give the I' rights to the
Typically asked for by clients ith less project requirement clarity and offered by us only hen e have high
clarity on the requirement
"dvantages to the #lient!
2o perceived risk $but actually high risk, since he ill have to live ith our design%
#udget predictability
$isadvantages to the #lient!
2o fle"ibility
1ighest price
.o onership of I'
%ou can hire a tea of!
'rogrammers, ,evelopers and 3oders
0S'..4T programmers
'1' programmers
5#..4T programmers
36, 377, 8ava, *yS-2 programmers and developers
Softare testers
)ebsite designers and Flash developers - 1T*2, ,1T*2, 3SS, Flash, Fireorks, 'hotoshop
Technical Support and Softare90pplication *aintenance professionals.
&ould you like to get your work done with ore than '() cost savings*
&ould you like to extend your tea without worrying about any overheads*
&ould you like to get copetitive advantage by having speciali+ed professionals
working on your project*
If your anser is than you should take outsourcing advantage of Full Time 4quivalent $FT4% employee
)e can provide you ith a team of full time equivalent employees for your specific requirements on setting
up an offshore development center. :ou can choose to hire a single professional and then scale up to a full-
fledged development center.
"dvantages to client!
2east cost option
,edicated team
#udget predictability
I' onership
1igh fle"ibility
1igh control
3an start ith any level of e"pertise on the application
$isadvantages to client!
.eed for client involvement is highest
#udget depends on ho ell the team is managed
%ou can hire a tea of!
'rogrammers, ,evelopers and 3oders
0S'..4T programmers
'1' programmers
5#..4T programmers
36, 377, 8ava, *yS-2 programmers and developers
Softare testers
)ebsite designers and Flash developers - 1T*2, ,1T*2, 3SS, Flash, Fireorks, 'hotoshop
Technical Support and Softare90pplication *aintenance professionals.
Get coplete control over developent cycle.
Get the best price for evolving re,uireents.
The typical Features of this odel are!
Single Standard rate ; <=9hr ; irrespective of resource used
Follos typical S,23 timelines $>? ->@A -- 0nalysis, >? - >@A -- '*, >? - >@A -- +I, B?A --
3oding, >?A - >@A -- Testing%
Ideal for Small jobs9Tasks based approach
3lient involvement is more
3lient keeps I'
2ess e"pensive than fi"ed
"dvantages to the #lient!
*ore control over implementation
Cood hen evolving requirements
1igh fle"ibility
0nalysis is involved
2ess e"pensive than fi"ed
I' onership
$isadvantages to the #lient!
Time involvement on 3lients behalf
2ack of pro-active involvement 5s. FT4
/nly Std. S,23 projects
#udget control in client!s hands
%ou can hire a tea of!
'rogrammers, ,evelopers and 3oders
0S'..4T programmers
'1' programmers
5#..4T programmers
36, 377, 8ava, *yS-2 programmers and developers
Softare testers
)ebsite designers and Flash developers - 1T*2, ,1T*2, 3SS, Flash, Fireorks, 'hotoshop
Technical Support and Softare90pplication *aintenance professionals.
Independent software vendors
e-Zest itself being a ISV during initial days of its corporate life understands challenges for ISVs
Some of challenges ISVs face including:
Demanding customers (Constant changes in requirements)
Shrining product life cycle
!educed time to maret
"igher fle#ibility
Sharp focus on customer support
Intense competition
$eed for independent testing
%ccess to &roduct-sa''y and domain-sa''y product design and de'elopment talent
(ultiple 'ersions for different Customer segments to be maintained at any point in time
(anaging product licensing and securing soft)are to a'oid unauthori*ed usage
+hese challenges se'erely affect ISVs ability to compete, sustain and )in maret share- +o address
these challenges e-Zest le'erages its 'ast e#perience in soft)are product life cycle management .
offers follo)ing ser'ices to ISVs:
Product Consulting
/utsourced &roduct De'elopment (/&D) Ser'ices
/ffshore &roduct 0nhancement, (aintenance and Support Ser'ices
&roduct (igration and &orting Ser'ices
Independent Soft)are &roduct +esting ser'ices
&roduct &erformance 0ngineering Ser'ices
Dedicated /ffshore De'elopment Centers (/DCs) for product de'elopment )ith 1uild-
/perate-+ransfer (1/+) option
Solution %rchitecture consulting
0nabling Soft)are as a Ser'ice (SaaS) - %S& (odel
e-Zest also offers Value %dded Soft)are &roduct Ser'ices to its ISVs clients including:
Design and de'elopment of Soft)are &roduct 2ebsite (Demo Do)nload, /nline &roduct
&urchase, &roduct Support)
Content 2riting for &roduct (anuals
Content 2riting for product "elp
&roduct 3icensing Consulting and &rogramming
%nti-&iracy Consulting and &rogramming
Soft)are Demo, Share)are, Shrin2rap (anagement
&rofessional Soft)are &roduct Setup design and programming
e-Zest value proposition for ISVs
&roduct-sa''y and domain-sa''y de'elopment talent
% si*eable pool of high end architectural, design and testing sills and fle#ible and dynamic
de'elopment en'ironments
In'estments in product de'elopment centric tools
Creati'e commercial contracts )hich mitigate the riss for the ISV looing to e#plore the
offshore opportunity- Such contracts includes terms of intellectual property protection, and
fle#ible pricing mechanisms
!apid team mobili*ation
Cost Sa'ings due to offshore operations
Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) service
Information is 4no)ledge- +oday5s economy is 4no)ledge economy- 4no)ledge processing is a
continuous process of creation and dissemination of information by bringing together the
information industry leaders to create no)ledge and see meaning in information and its conte#t-
+his Information dri'en 4no)ledge outsourcing in no)n as 4no)ledge &rocessing /utsourcing or
4&/- It includes a range of sophisticated research and analytics ser'ices designed to support
businesses,financial ser'ices firms, maret research and consulting firms, and other information-
intensi'e industries-
2ith our strong bacground in I+ consulting,soft)are de'elopment using t)o-tier deli'ery model,
)e can add significant 'alue to your 4&/ needs, by deri'ing synergies bet)een all of our practices-
+his can lead to 6+he total being greater than the sum of the parts7- 2e can le'erage our e#tensi'e
e#perience and e#pertise in business and technology consulting,I+ ser'ices )ith business process
management (1&()-/ur 4no)ledge Ser'ices include information ser'ices, research ser'ices, and
comple#, high end analytics- e-Zest 4&/ ser'ice offerings include follo)ing ma8or ser'ices:
1usiness !esearch
(areting !esearch
1usiness and +echnical %nalysis
Data %nalytics
&harma and "ealthcare !esearch
9inancial Ser'ices !esearch
"uman !esources !esearch
3egal !esearch
Intellectual &roperty (I&) !esearch
e-Zest taes a comprehensi'e approach to information security, including 1S::;; certification, and
quality, including IS/ ;<<=:><<< certification-
2e employ (1%s from top business schools, Charted 9inancial %nalysts (C9%), Chartered
%ccountants, 0ngineering graduates and 3a)yers )ith e#pertise in respecti'e fields from best
educational institutions in india for 4&/ needs of our clients-
%t e-Zest, )e are strongly committed to de'eloping unsurpassed analytical solutions to difficult
business problems- 1y helping you crystalli*e understanding of the comple# options a'ailable to
you, e-Zest solutions translate complicated data into clear management decisions-
Offshore software development
Soft)are de'elopment is a highly technical 8ob- +o de'elop soft)are in-house requires time, silled
manpo)er, and e#pensi'e programs and equipment- /ffshore de'elopment is a cost effecti'e
alternati'e to de'eloping soft)are in-house- /ffshore soft)are de'elopment and /ffshore
&rogramming at e-Zest safeguards the client5s intellectual property, proprietary soft)are and ne)
de'elopment specifications )ith 'ery high le'els of security- Clients retain full o)nership of all
intellectual property rights and soft)are source code at the completion of the pro8ect-
Offshore software development at e-Zest also pro'ides you )ith immediate short-term access to
a broad range of speciali*ed technical sills and equipment- /ffshore de'elopment allo)s your ?%?
team to focus on your core competencies- +his means you get to maret faster )hile maintaining
your technological ad'antage-
Offshore software development is synonymous )ith fle#ibility- 2hen facing a large pro8ect but
of short duration, you can use /ffshore soft)are programming to limit the number of ne)
employees and administrati'e support personnel you must tae on- e-Zest allo)s you to double the
number of programmers you ha'e access to and better yet, )e are 8ust a phone call a)ay-
9or start-up companies, the benefits of Offshore software development can be monumental for
the simple fact that it allo)s you to go farther on your 'enture capital dollars- +he costs of /ffshore
soft)are programming are much lo)er than hiring )estern programmers to fulfill your design-
/ffshore soft)are de'elopment offers another ma8or ad'antage: independence- (ost soft)are
'endors or in'estors cannot conduct independent analyses of their o)n or their competitors5
products- e-Zest not only performs de'elopment )or but also can obtain the competition5s
soft)are for e'aluation purposes for clients- +his ability allo)s us to as the questions you )ant
ans)ered and not disclose client identity-
/ffshore soft)are de'elopment has an e#tra benefit for other soft)are de'eloping companies, )ho
by sub contracting out some of their most routine tass to our company )ould be able to
concentrate their )orforce on the different tass, )hich need their specific e#pertise- 2e )ould
insure that perhaps unpleasant and perhaps more routine tass still get done, sa'ing their time for
something of higher priority and importance-
+o sum it up: /ffshore soft)are de'elopment at e-Zest allo)s you to cut production costs )ithout
the need to compromise on either speed or quality- @our operation becomes adaptable to
increasingly comple# and rapidly changing business en'ironment- %s yourself, can you afford not
to go offshore )hen the competition is-
Software product testing
% &roduct to be successful in a maret place, functionalities that it pro'ides is of prime importance-
%part from these product functionalities, performance, security, scalability and reliability are the
other ey parameters that determine the product5s ability to deli'er a true solution to maret needs
and ensure the enriched user e#perience- %s soft)are products are getting comple# so are their
testing techniques and ethnologies- +his increases quality demands that too )ithin tight release
cycle constraints-
+here are many approaches to soft)are testing, but effecti'e testing of comple# products is
essentially a process of in'estigation, not merely a matter of creating and follo)ing routine
Some of the ey soft)are product testing ser'ices )e pro'ide are:
Validation +esting
o 1lac bo# +esting
o Configuration !e'ie)
o Asability, %ccessibility +esting . %nalysis
o %lpha and 1eta +esting
System testing
o !eco'ery +esting
o Security +esting (!obustness, !eliability +esting)
o Stress B 3oad +esting
o &erformance +esting
o Compatibility +esting
Interoperability +esting
Clobali*ation, 3ocali*ation testing
9unctional +esting
o Anit +esting
o Smoe +esting(Sanity +esting)
o Integration +esting (+op-do)n Integration +esting, 1ottom-up Integration +esting)
o !egression +esting
o Content +esting . Verification
Customer relationship management (C!)
Customers are the core of any business, and so is managing the relationship )ith customers- e-
ZestDs domain e#pertise in Customer !elationship (anagement ranges from business leads
management or customer interfacing planning to end-to-end relationship management E from
mareting to deli'ery of ser'ice or product-
e-ZestDs C!( consulting brings our e#perience in aligning your C!( process )ith stated business
ob8ecti'es, le'eraging the po)er of technology to mae it more effecti'e- +his in'ol'es defining or
optimi*ing C!( )orflo) and applying right trends and technologies into o'erall solution-
/ur consulting helps you ans)er follo)ing some of the issues and ey questions E
=- 2hat are or should be your C!( ob8ecti'esF
S2/+ %nalysis
!/I /b8ecti'es
>- "o) do )e align C!( ob8ecti'es )ith o'erall business ob8ecti'esF
C!( interfaces )ith other areas
4ey &rocess %reas in C!(
0#tent of 1usiness %nalytics and 1usiness Intelligence Capabilities
G- %re there any gaps in our C!( processF
2orflo) (odeling
Cap %nalysis
Constraint %nalysis
!emodeling C!( Strategy
H- Do )e need end-to-end C!( or should )e focus on specific ob8ecti'es firstF
Verification and Validation
+rade-off e'aluation
I- 2hat are the C!( industry trends )e need align oursel'es )ithF
3icensed Soft)are 's Subscription-based Soft)are-as-a-Ser'ice
!eporting 's %nalytics 's Intelligence
J- 2hat are the ey technical attributes of our C!(F
9le#ibility for customi*ation
2eb >-<
Ser'ice /riented %rchitecture
1est suited tenancy model
:- Should )e buy an off-the-shelf C!( product or de'elop our o)n applicationF
Vendor %nalysis
!/I re'isited
"olistic approach of e-Zest consultants helps you in defining and architecting the right solution that
your business needs for managing and sustaining the gro)th-
"nterprise resource planning ("P)
e-Zest defines 0!& as an enterprise re-engineering solution that uses ne) business computing
paradigms to integrate I+ processes across company di'isions and departments- Some of the ey
0!& solution modules can be listed as follo)s-
=- Sales (anagement
>- Staff (anagement
G- Stoc and In'entory (anagement
H- Supply-chain management
I- &roduction planning
J- &ro8ect (anagement
:- Customer !elationship (anagement (C!()
K- 9inancial %ccounting and 1ooeeping
;- Data analysis and )orflo) management
=<- 1usiness Intelligence and !eporting ((IS)
==- Document and 2orflo) (anagement
Currently 0!& maret is e#periencing a transformation from 'ertical product-centric architectures
into hori*ontal customer-centric architectures- Cenerally, traditional product centric approach is
tightly inter-coupled and ends up being infle#ible and insular- /n the other-hand the hori*ontal
approach is more loosely coupled and adapti'e- It is built for an era of speciali*ation- 2e
recommend this enterprise S/% approach to 0!& application de'elopment-
9ollo)ing trends are reshaping 0!& de'elopment and deli'ery approaches to great e#tent:
%daptability to the Internet: $eed for internet enabling 0!& solutions )hich pro'ide
anytime, any)here access is a gro)ing trend
Impro'ement on integration and fle#ibility: Integrating t)o applications from the same
'endor is generally a challenge, but integrating applications from a 'ariety of 'endors is
further difficult, )hich is ma8or requirement for current 0!& solutions- e-Zest uses its
e#pertise in L(3, 2eb Ser'ices and other integration standards for de'elopment and
integration of current 0!& solutions )ith other applications in organi*ations-
0mbracing e-business: Increasing demand for integration of e-business ser'ices such as
C!(, 1usiness Intelligence- e-&rocurement and supply chain management solutions )ithin
0!& platform
!eaching out to ne) users: $eed for using 0!& data by multi-enterprise users, mobile users
e-Zest e#cels at enterprise I+ solutions- 9rom your soft)are platform, optimi*ed for the 0!&
en'ironment, to your support and ser'ices infrastructure, )e support you e'ery step of the )ay in
your re-engineering 8ourney- e-Zest focuses on the 'ision for the application and not simply the
current technology-
+his 'ision determines the appropriate architecture, customi*ation features, installation procedures,
and le'el of comple#ity- e-Zest )ors )ith soft)are 'endors to ensure that you ha'e the correct
suite of integration applications integral to a successful 0!& solution- +hese applications are used to
identify and plan the enterprise-)ide resources you need to best ser'e your customers- e-Zest has
partnered )ith these e#perts to sillfully ally applications )ith our strong team, technology, ser'ice,
and support to pro'ide the best, ne#t generation I+ solutions-
#usiness intelligence (#I)
1usiness intelligence (1I) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing,
analy*ing, and pro'iding access to data to help enterprise users mae better business decisions-
In e'ery industry, businesses are stri'ing to trac, understand, and manage their information more
effecti'ely so that they can e'aluate performance, plan their future and achie'e competiti'e
+he ey dri'ers for accurate and timely information include the need to:
=- &lace data in the hands of larger numbers and types of users
>- (ae decisions more frequently and more accurately in shorter time scales
G- customi*e data on a mass scale requiring data )arehouses to pro'ide different information
to different people from different data sources
H- (anage the impact of ne) legislation and compliance regulations
/ur 1usiness Intelligence (1I) soft)are de'elopment ser'ices offerings can be di'ided into follo)ing
9ront-end De'elopment
Data 2arehousing and (ining
1usiness Intelligence !eporting Ser'ices
$ront "nd %evelopment
e-Zest 1usiness Intelligence competency team members are ha'ing e#pertise in custom Moff the
shelfD solutions such as &roClarity %nalytics,%rcplan dynaSight )hich can be used in front-end
de'elopment- +here are cases )here these ready-made solution fails to meet clients specific
requirements- In such scenarios, e-Zest le'erages its capabilities in customi*ed (bespoe) )eb front
end reporting solutions- 2e can pro'ide solutions based on multiple technology platforms such as:
-$0+ platform including V1, CN and %S&
Oa'a (O>00)
/pen source )ith &"& and (ySP3
+hese )eb-focused technologies enable the de'elopment of customi*ed reporting and analysis front
ends and are particularly useful for organi*ations )ith 'ery large 'olumes of data they )ish to )or
)ith or 'ery comple# reporting and analysis requirements-
%ata &arehousing and !ining
Data (ining refers to e#ploring data, disco'ering patterns, and applying these patterns to business
operations )ith an easy-to-use, e#tensible, accessible, and fle#ible platform-
Data 2arehousing le'erages enhancements in partitioning, manageability and query optimi*ations
in recent database solutions such as SP3 Ser'er ><<I and /racle Database =<g to streamline
operations and increase performance-
e-Zest pro'ides data mining and )arehousing ser'ices from business intelligence perspecti'e on
SP3 Ser'er ><<I, /racle =<g and &ostgreSP3 database platforms-
#usiness Intelligence eporting Services
2e pro'ide soft)are de'elopment ser'ices )ith enterprise reporting capabilities using follo)ing
1usiness Intelligence Ser'ices using 1usiness /b8ects Solutions
SP3 Ser'er ><<I !eporting Ser'ices
Cognos and (icroStrategy !eporting Ser'ices
%t e-Zest, )e ha'e helped our clients in deli'ering business intelligence solutions )ith measurable
'alue )hich are inline )ith long-term business goals for our customers-
"nterprise application integration ("'I)
(ost of the businesses ha'e adopted the soft)are solutions in their early-days for competiti'e
ad'antages- +hese legacy soft)are solutions, either the pacaged product or specifically de'eloped
to meet specific organi*ation needs in past, )ors )ell e'en today indi'idually, but they create
information islands-
In most cases, each system produces redundant information, )hich successi'ely creates
inconsistent data across enterprise- +his results in multiple data entry points, data duplication, and
data isolation problems- Such organi*ations are in need of the 0nterprise %pplication Integration
(0%I) ser'ices to integrate these systems-
2e in some cases, use point to point or middle)are based integration for pro'iding 0%I ser'ices to
our clients- &oint to point integration is used )hen number of system to be integrated are t)o to
three- 9or integrating more systems using point to point integration becomes cumbersome and
non'iable- (iddle)are based integration is better choice for large number of systems- (iddle)are
pro'ides generic interfaces )ith )hich all integrated applications pass messages to each other- 0ach
interface defines a business process pro'ided by an application-
e-ZestDs 0%I ser'ice offerings include follo)ing ma8or integration ser'ices:
Platform Integration
e-Zest pro'ides platform integration using constituents of )eb ser'ices, ser'ices oriented
architectures (S/%5s) (essaging, /b8ect !equest 1roer (/!1), !emote &rocedure Call (!&C) and
&ublish and Subscribe based communication integration-
%ata Integration
/ur e#pertise in enterprise technology platforms such as -$0+ and Oa'a 00 pro'ides us )ith the
platforms and tools to e#tract transform and manipulate data for our clients- In the conte#t of L(3,
this also in'ol'es the greater tas of metadata management-
Component Integration
/ur integration includes integration at the le'el of the business logic, transaction management and
application ser'ices using component architecture of S/%&BL(3 frame)or or 0O1BStruts
'pplication Integration
/ur application integration ser'ices include building )eb ser'ices adapters or )riting bespoe
adapters on appropriate (iddle)are- %dapter-based integration forms the bacbone for this le'el-
!ules and content routing . e'ent-based transactions and transformations are primary enablers in
such integration
Process Integration
In'ol'es the process and )orflo) modeling approach to integration using business process
management (1&() based approach-
Client engagement models
e-Zest follo)s a high-touch strategy in managing the ser'ice deli'ery- % strong, pro'en client-
'endor engagement model is the foundation for a successful offshore e#perience- Since each client
has different requirements and e#pectations, it is important to plan in detail from 'ery early on and
clearly define roles and responsibilities-
e-Zest offers multiple engagement models to meet di'erse needs of global clients- @ou can choose
from any one of the generally accepted models belo) or a combination of them for different phases
of your pro8ect- 2e can )or )ith you to customi*e a model to address your specific need- %n
appropriate engagement strategy is based on a clear understanding of customerDs business dri'ers-
/ur modelDs core focus is on the customerDs innate needs lie:
"igh Puality
9ast Deli'ery
3o) Cost
Increased pro8ect profitability
9le#ible resource %llocation and management )ith no up front in'estment
&redictable support
"andling future needs of the customer
%ny of these pricing models can be applied to our suite of ser'ices in custom )ays for con'enience
and best 'alue for money-
0ffort based pricing or +ime . (aterial
(ilestone based billing
Dedicated De'elopment 9acility or !etainer
1uild-/perate-+ransfer (1/+) (odel
&ro8ect based pricing or 9i#ed bid-
Strategic &artner (odel
/ffshore De'elopment Center(/DC)
(ime and material
+his engagement model is particularly useful in conte#ts )here the pro8ects are prone to
specification and design changes midstream- +his model gi'es customer greater fle#ibility in terms
of de'eloping the pro8ect specification on an ongoing basis and modifying the specifications based
on the changing maret needs-
In this effort based pricing model, the pro8ect cost is a function of the pro8ect e#ecution time and
the corresponding resources deployed-
$i)ed *id or $i)ed cost
+his option )ors for clients )ho are concerned about progress in remote pro8ects, milestones-
based payment schedules reinforce progress monitoring- It helps 8ustify payment based on
achie'able milestone and 'isible progress reduces riss-
%edicated development facilit+ or etainership
% Dedicated facility is an e#tension of the customer5s o)n engineeringBde'elopment center- +hrough
such dedicated facilities, )e offer the best sill sets, resources, and fle#ibility and time-to-maret
ad'antages to the customers, taing all necessary efforts to protect the Intellectual &roperty !ights
(I&!) of the customers- %ll rights to the I&! de'eloped in the De'elopment 9acility 'ests )ith the
customer- +he Dedicated 9acility also pro'ides a cost effecti'e solution to customers requiring
continuous offshore support- 9or such dedicated relationships, )e also implement customer specific
qualityBprocess frame)ors and teams are trained for the specific needs of a Client- +he resources
are paid on a retainer basis-
#uild-Operate-(ransfer (#O() model
e-Zest5s 1uild-/perate-+ransfer model enables customers to rapidly start offshore operations and
later transfer the offshore de'elopment center as their o)n subsidiaryBcapti'e center-
e-Zest pro'ides the follo)ing 'alue proposition during each phase of the process:
1uild: Setup the facility and infrastructure, staff the de'elopment center, and establish no)ledge
/perate: (anage the offshore organi*ation: &rogram (anagement, De'elopment, P%, maintenance,
enhancements, and product support-
+ransfer: !egister a ne) offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets, and hando'er
+he dedicated facility le'erages e-Zest technical infrastructure, processes and e#ecution capabilities-
+he dedicated facility is staffed either by e#isting e-Zest resources or by client5s resources or by
resources hired specifically for engagement or a mi# of them all- e-Zest has a )ell-defined
mechanism for the smooth transition of the facility ie its o)n capti'e center to the client-
Clients see the follo)ing benefits by )oring )ith this model:
9aster +ime to (aret
3o)er 0stablishment Costs
!is !eduction
&rocess 0#pertise
/ption of o)ning the facility