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US History II Sources and annotation

The Cuban Missile Crisis

1. Bender, Bryan. A pilots sacrifice helped defuse Cuban Missile
Crisis. Shot down over Cuba, U-2 pilot Rudolf Anderson recalled as hero. The
Boston Bob. October 27, 2012. Date accede May 15,
Pilot, Rudolf Anderson an unforgotten hero who was killed whiles a mission in the
Cuban Missile Crisis. He was the 35-year-old. Anderson, who snapped some of the
most definitive spy photos over Cuba before he was killed 50 years ago Saturday
when a Soviet commander ordered a battery to fire on his plane high over Banes in
eastern Cuba. Anderson was the only military casualty of the crisis.

2. Cuba," Cold War, episode 10, CNN Presents, originally broadcast 29. Published
in December 2008. Date accede 15 May, 2014
This was a short video documentary about the cold war. It explains the
purpose of the war and why it started.

3. Cuban Missile Crisis. War and Military Records. Slideshow of primary
imagines of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Date accede 15 May, 2014.
I was looking for primary pictures and find these pictures on this website and make
a collage gallery.

4. JFK Announces the Cuban Blockade. Encyclopedia Britannica, Archive
Photos. 22 October, 1962. Published Harvard Kennedy School. Date
acceded 14 May, 2014.

President John F. Kennedy announcing the U.S. naval blockade of Cuba on
October 22, 1962.

5. Letter from President Kennedy to Nikita Khrushchev. Years. October 22,
1962.Date accedes May 15, 2015. Newark Public Library.
I am found it and converted this letter in a Word Document 2007.

6.""MAD," Cold War Quote. Episode 12. Published by the CNN originally
broadcast 13 December 1998. Dated accede 10 May, 2014 War/episodes/12
"I t was a perfectly beautiful night, as fall nights are in Washington. I walked out
of the president's Oval Office, and as I walked out, I thought I might never live
to see another Saturday night.
This quote by the Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, recalling the Cuban
Missile Crisis where it obviously show that he was scared of the actions that Cuba
could take at that moment and send the missiles to Washington D.C and killed his

7. Map of the World during the Cuban Missile Crisis. By the John Kennedy
Museum. Date accede May 2015.

8. President Kennedys Decisions Doodle. Item from Collection JFK. Harvard
Kennedy School. National Archives. Published by ARC John F. Kennedy
Personal Papers. 1963. Date Accede 9 May, 2014.

9. Reconnaissance Objectives. Encyclopedia Britannica, Archive Photos.
October 5, 1962. Published Harvard Kennedy School. Date acceded 15
May, 2014.

10. Swift, John. The Cuban Missile Crisis History Today. Published in History
Review 2007. May 7, 2014

For thirteen days in October 1962 the world waitedapparently almost brought a
nuclear war to this world. This is the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis that started
during the Cold War. Basically in the page the article that I view was about how
the Soviet Union and the U.S.A made a peaceful resolution to the Cuban Missile

11. Telephone recording of the Cuban Missile Blockade. Audio. Harvard
Kennedy School. Date acceded 12 May, 2014.
Sound recording of a telephone conversation possibly held on October 23, 1962,
between President John F. Kennedy and Deputy Secretary of Defense Roswell L.
Gilpatric. They discuss setting rules of engagement for a naval blockade of Cuba,
in case American naval forces need to engage Soviet ships. They also discuss

arranging a meeting with Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York and the
Civil Defense Committee. The recording begins in mid-conversation. After the
conversation, there is a brief fragment of indistinct speech followed by another
brief exchange between President Kennedy and Gilpatric.

12. The Cuban Missile Crisis. History learning site. May 8, 2014

After analyzing and connecting all information and data together we can be
clarified that at first, Fidel Castro dint want to have a deal with the Soviet Union.
The USA invasion at the Big of Pay at Cuba in the Habana let Fidel Castro to take
action back and ask for help to defend itself. He dint have any other choice to ask
the United States best friend help The Soviet Union for help.

13. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Episode of the cold war. 2006. Published by
YouTube. 9 May, 2014.
The Cuba Missile Crisis - US plane discovered the Cuban Missile base in Cuba.
The Soviet Union challenge the US military power and President John F. Kennedy
hinted USA could not allow a Soviet Missile base in Cuba, this will make two
superpower to a big confrontation.