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What is the Dicey Doctrine? Historically it's a doctrine that arose in Queen Victoria's reign
in England. - It was authority's solution on how to screw the people of the rights gained in the
Magna Carta. [you ask how! "arlia#ent con$ured up that the Magna Carta was a Constitutional
contract %ased on how the &ing had to treat ''oyal su%$ects' and work with an elected %ody called
"arlia#ent that go(erned as su%ordinate to the &ing [%efore )*+,! - then. under the /upre#acy
of "arlia#ent. they go(erned o(er the nation's econo#ic affairs thru legislation and regulations
0y design. fro# the onset of the industrial age. the House of 'ords owned and ad#inistered this
corporate cash cow. 123 this created this pro%le#. where the #a$ority of co##on people were now
%eing a%used %y the sa#e 'ords that owned the corporations. 4hey handled these 'oyal su%$ects as
if a co##odity that was a lia%ility to getting greater profits. 123 this 3octrine. created %y 1.V. 3icey.
upheld in law a ways and #eans as to how handle those who were considered to %e 'disloyal
su%$ects' to this new corporate state. [aka- the EC525M6! 123 at that ti#e. they $ustified this 3icey
3octrine as the legal solution to a pro%le# of how to deal with those Irish traitors who were totally
(ilified for de#anding to separate fro# England. 4he function of introducing I7I/H H5ME 78'E
was to first i#pose #artial law then codify this a%use with case law. which was called 9uasi-legal. [/ec )* CC!
It really needs to %e noted that all of 3icey:s conclusions were %ased on 'ord 0racton's #andate of
),*; which ga(e the &ing the right to %e a%o(e the law. 123 this doctrine was then used to esta%lish
/tar Cha#%ers. and this e(ol(ed into a federal /tar Court infrastructure 123 %y &ing Henry <
a%use of power to rule like despots lead to the /upre#acy of "arlia#ent in )*+, - In law. the doctrine
was ne(er actually struck down. it %eca#e known as 5rders in Council =E>ecuti(e 5rders and its
power was upheld [and e9ually so li#ited! %y what's called the "u%lic 4rust. [what's the pu%lic trust!
1uthority accepts that e(ery ti#e they 'shock the pu%lic trust'. the people re(olt.
?hat 'ord 1. V. 3icey created was a contract court structure that was for all intents and
purposes had the power of the /tar Cha#%ers. 084 under contract with the 'ord's and
operated at ar#'s length fro# "arlia#ent and the Queen. in order to suppress those disloyal
su%$ects of the Queen. and this policy was actually totally unconstitutional under English
case law. and [to this day! they still call it an uncodified 123 at face (alue. this court syste#
appears to ha(e %een created with this truly draconian regi#e called I7I/H H5ME 78'E
- 4hey then proceeded to codify this #odel with case law@ 4hese #artial law regulations
$ustified the forcing of scarcity. on e(eryone. 4he 3icey 3octrine is the foundation in case law of how authority
#ade their your own citiAens into ene#y co#%atants. 4his started %y oppressing those Irish %ecause they were
disloyal su%$ects. and it was applied onto the rest of England in order to oppress 8nion rights [for e>a#ple!
In Canada. the atrocities of our 2ati(e 7esidential /chools were #odelled on %asically the
sa#e pre#ises as 3icey's Irish 7esidential /chool syste# at that ti#e.
4his case law of creating a contract court to e>ecute 5fficial "olicy of the go(ernor in power.
%eca#e the foundation of what Hitler did to handle his undesira%les 123 frankly the Harper
7egi#e is repeating the sa#e tactic. %y gi(ing the BE3E71' C5874 $urisdiction to rule o(er
'those classes of persons' under s-** of the C3/1. [aka - Harper's undesira%les!
4his 3icey 3octrine was applied across England as '9uasi-legal'. in order to uphold contracts that
the go(ern#ent entered into with 0anksters who [for e>a#ple! then %ankrupted England with
??) de%ts. which instituted those 9uasi-legal Mariti#e courts -[/ )* CC 5%edience to defacto law!
4his uncodified case law was used in)CD) in order to i#pose this 9uasi-legal court syste# onto
Canada under the Colonial 1ct 123 then in )CDD. when the I7/ %ankrupted the 8/1. which con(erted the
citiAens into ene#y co#%atants. and this was fully codified as a 2orth 1#erican "5'ICE /414E with 21B41 )CCD
1fter. ,* years of entrenching this "5'IC6 under the Charter has resulted in a situation where all
"u%lic 5fficial are e>pected in law to %e in direct (iolation of their oaths in order to do their $o%
- So their soution !as to "a#e a oaths "eanin$ess in the %&&' (OLICE ACT
AND it's a "ade )ossi*e *+ '!e the )eo)e' a,,e)tin$ that this is the !a+ it a!a+s !as
-e'.e *e,o"e auto"atons of "iser+ and it's a ,aused *+ frauduent )u*i, de*t [Eefferson!