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S/o Mr. N.Madhusudana Rao,
1-4-227/8A, Manavmandir II cross st.,
Poultry Forum Street,
Bhavanipuram, 9966096407
Vijayawada 520 012

Career objective

To have challenging and rewarding career where I can use my technical and
analytical skills.


Course Institute University Percentage Year

M.Sc. P. R. College
Biochemistry (accredited with 70.0% 2005-2007
(Botany, Andhra Loyola
Nagarjuna 80.3% 2002-2005
Zoology, College
Diploma in
Andhra Loyola
Medical Lab Autonomous 75.0% 2002-2003
Andhra Loyola Board of
Intermediate 75.3% 2000-2002
College Intermediate
Board of
S. T. B. E. M.
SSC Secondary 65.0% 1999-2000
High School

Training undergone

Title : Training on techniques in stem cell technology & molecular biology.

Location: University of Madras, Guindy campus
Duration: June to July 2006

Computer Skills & Knowledge

Familiar with computer fundamentals, packages like Ms Office, Windows’95.

Exposure to Methodology/Techniques/Instruments
1. INSTRUMENTATION: Agarose gel Electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Western
Blotting, RT- PCR, Gradient-PCR, Paper Chromatography, UV-VIS
2. TECHNIQUES: Isolation of genomic DNA, Isolation & Quantification of
RNA, Immunohistochemistry, Isolation & Estimation of Protein, Basic
Microbiological & Fermentation Techniques, Plant Tissue Culture Techniques
Seminars & Technical paper presentations

 Presented on Effect of Pesticides on Aquaculture in “Loyola vision 2000

plus”, a science exhibition in 2000.
 Presented on Electricity through bio sources in “Golden jubilee science and
arts exhibition” in 2004.
 Presented a paper on Cirrhosis, a chronic liver disease in “Emerging trends in
life sciences 2006” a UGC sponsored National Level Seminar in 2006.
 Participated in International Level Seminar “Life through chemistry” in 2006.

Educational Projects:


Title : Differential expression of CD34 and NOTCH in the normal and
cancerous tissues of gastric epithelium and its implication in carcinogenesis.
Location : University of Madras, Guindy campus.
Duration : June to August 2007
Guide : Dr.H.Devaraj Professor of Biochemistry & Director, Guindy
Campus, University of Madras.
Description : Ectopic expression of CD 34 observed in gastric cancer not in normal
gastric cells by RT-PCR indicates the presence of CD 34 expressing undifferentiated
HSCs in the cancerous mass. NOTCH suppresses differentiation of HSCs and
promotes retention of cancer stem cell properties, so its reexpression during the
gastric neoplastic transformation favors cancerous growth. From our experiment, it
has been observed that the retention of dedifferentiated characteristic of CD34
expressing HSC cell precursors created by notch expression could promote tumor
progression under proliferative environment created by chronic inflammation and
their mediators.


Title : In vitro fruiting of Datura inoxia using Ovary Culture
Location : Andhra Loyola College, Acharya Nagarjuna University.
Duration : November 2004 to March 2005.
Guide :, HOD of Biotechnology, Andhra Loyola College
Description : Evaluating the effect of plant growth hormones and effect of different
media on in vitro fruiting from ovaries. Experiments were conducted with MS
medium, Gamborg, B5 medium with different growth hormones like BAP, kinetin,
GA, NAA at different concentrations. Results obtained concluded that BAP is suitable
hormone to obtain in vitro fruiting on full strength MS medium.

Extra Curricular Activities

Active participant in college activities,
1. Participated in skit competition in “Sphoorti literary and cultural
competitions” in 2005.
2. Participated actively in NSS programmes and camps during 2002-2005.

Personal Details

1. Fathers name : N. Madhusudana Rao

2. Date of Birth : 07/09/1984
3. Marital status : Single
4. Languages Known : English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.