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Ultimate Exercise Substitution List w/photos (print this out) Sent Monday, October 21, 2013

This something I've owed you for a long time. After all, not
all exercises were created for everyone, right?

This is a NEW and improved Exercise Substitution List.
You'll want to print this out and refer to it often. I don't
want any excuses ;)
Look, not everyone should be doing Jump Squats or Spiderman
Pushups. If your form is sloppy, you won't get the maximum
benefit and worse, you could hurt yourself.

"Tis better to do Total Body Extensions than hideous
J ump Squats" - said some Greek God... no, not really.

Oh! And you'll also get some bodyweight alternatives for
DB moves...

... so now you REALLY have no excuses.
Let's do this by muscle group... sound good?
Chest Exercises (Bodyweight Alternatives)

DB Chest Press ==> Any variety of pushups that you can
do with that rep range. For example, if a program calls for
10 DB Chest Presses, you could do Decline Close-Grip
Eccentric Pushups to make those 10 pushups harder
DB Squeeze Press ==> Close-Grip Pushups
Dips/3/4th Rep Dips ==> Close-Grip Pushups or 3/4th
Rep Pushups
Renegade Pushups ==> Regular Pushups
Easier Alternatives
Spiderman/Spiderman Climb Pushups ==> Offset
Pushups or Elevated Pushups
Decline Pushups ==> Regular Pushups
Explosive Pushups ==> Regular Pushups (or use less reps)
Pushups ==> Kneeling or Incline Pushups
NOTE - Don't be afraid to do an easier pushup so you can use great
form. However, if a certain pushup is too easy, you can always go
to the next level. That's the beauty of using a variety of pushups.

Back Exercises

Chin-ups ==> DB Rows, DB Chest-Supported Row or
1-Arm Row (Bodyweight Alternative- Inverted Row or
Strap Row with underhand grip)
Pull-ups ==> Overhand Grip DB Row or 1-Arm Row
(Bodyweight Alternative - Overhand Inverted Row or
Strap Row)
Renegade Row ==> Bodyweight Renegade Row (keep
the arms tight to the sides and contract your lats HARD)
Other bodyweight alternatives...

When performing leg exercises, you can do them prisoner style,
which means you'll keep your hands behind your head, pulling
your elbows back and squeezing the shoulder blades together.

Zero-Equipment Bodyweight Row (don'
t knock it until you try
it). Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart. Extend
your arms out in front of you at shoulder height with palms
facing down. Now bring back your arms by bending the
elbows and squeezing your shoulder blades as hard as you can.
Repeat for 12-15 reps. I had campers that were sore in their
back the next day when doing these.

Leg Exercises (Equipment Swaps)
BB Squat ==> DB Squat, Goblet Squat
Deadlift ==> DB Squat or you can superset the DB
Row with the Stability Ball Leg Curl
BB Lunge (all varieties) ==> DB Lunge (all varieties),
Goblet Lunge (great sub for bootcamps that don't have
a lot of DBs)
Leg Exercises (Bodyweight Alternatives)

Squat (BB or DB) ==> Bodyweight Squat, Prisoner Squat
BB/DB Lunge (all varieties) ==> Bodyweight Lunge
(all varieties)
**NOTE - you can make the bodyweight lunge harder by
doing 1-1/2 reps. So you perform a lunge, come halfway up,
then back down and then finally all the way up... that's ONE rep.

KB/DB Swings/1-Arm Swings ==> Total Body Extensions
Javelin Lunge ==> TD Lunge
Never tried the J avelin Lunge? Dude... Check this out:

Goblet Step-ups ==> Bodyweight Step-ups
Goblet Sumo Squat ==> Bodyweight Sumo Squat
King Press (Bulgarian Squat with Shoulder Press) ==>
TD Bulgarian Split Squat

Squat Substitutions (Easer bodyweight moves) ==> Hip
Extensions, 1-Leg Hip Extensions, Wall Squat (with a ball
behind your back), Bodyweight Step-ups

DB/BB Jump Squats or BW Jump Squats ==> Total
Body Extension or Bodyweight Squat
Lateral Jumps ==> Skater Hops

More Bodyweight Alternatives:

DB Romanian Deadlift ==> Stability Ball Leg Curl,
Bodyweight Romanian Deadlift, 1-Leg Bodyweight
RDL or Prisoner Good-Morning
DB/BB Bulgarian Split Squat ==> Bodyweight Bulgarian
Split Squat
**Note you can make the bodyweight version harder by doing
1-1/2 reps here as well. Go all the way down, halfway back up,
all the way down and finally all the way up " that
s ONE rep

Goblet Squat ==> Bodyweight Squat
DB Squat, Curl and Press ==> Y-Squat

**Note - another way to make bodyweight squats harder is to
use eccentric training. take 4-5 seconds to lower yourself and
1 second to come up. Boom.

Lunge Jumps ==> Split Shuffle or Alternating Lunges

Jump Squats ==> Low Box Jumps or Total Body Extensions

Bulgarian Jump Squats ==> Unless you're really coordinated,
stick with Bulgarian Squats or Split Squats
Bulgarian Split Squat ==> Split Squat
Long Jump (aka Broad Jump) ==> Low Box Jumps or
Total Body Extensions
Ab Exercises (Bodyweight Alternatives)

Ab Wheel/Stability Ball Rollout ==> Inchworm
DB/Medicine Ball Chops ==> Bodyweight Chops
Cable Core Press ==> Stability Ball Plank or Plank
Medicine Ball Slams ==> Bodyweight Chops

Spiderman Climb ==> You can make these easier by
bringing your foot only halfway towards your hand
Squat Thrust ==> You can make this easier by doing
Stability Ball Jackknives
Stability Ball Stir-the-Pot ==> If you don'
t have access
to a SB, you can do X-Body Mountain Climbers
Arm Exercises
DB Tricep Extensions ==> Close-Grip Pushups
Conditioning Exercise Substitutions
Bench Vault ==> Lateral Hops or Skater Hops

New to the Bench Vault? Check this out:

Death Crawl ==> Bodyweight Death Crawl (replace the
DB Row with an Extended Arm Pushup)

Whew... that should do it.
Have fun and keep working hard - Mondays are now a "No
Excuse" zone... cool?

Mike Whitfield, CTT