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Script of The CanterVille Ghost By Oscar Wilde

- Sanchit Tuli
Mr. Hiram B. Otis (The American Minister)
Mrs. Otis (Wife Of Mr. Otis)
Virginia Otis (Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis)
Washington (Eldest son Of Mr. and Mrs. Otis)
Twins (Children Of Mr. and Mrs. Otis)
Duke Of Cheshire (Virginias Lover)
Lord CanterVille (Former Owner of CanterVille Chase)
Mrs. Umney (House Keeper of CanterVille Chase)
Rev. Augustus Dampier (Rector of Parish and Kings Fellow)
The Ghost of Sir Simon de CanterVille
Scene 1
(Lord CanterVille and Mr. Otis are involved in a long discussion and have some forms and
paper in front of them)
Lord CanterVille: I must tell you, Sir, I think you rather foolish. We havent wanted to
live here since my grand-aunt Dowager Duchess of Bolton felt two
Skeleton hands placed on her shoulders.

Mr. Otis: My Lord, I will take the house and everything in it including the
Ghost and furniture.

Lord CanterVille: If you dont mind a ghost in your house, its quite all right with me.
But please remember that I warned you.

Mr. Otis: I understand Sir. However, there is no such thing as a ghost, and I
guess that the laws of Nature are not going to be suspended for the
British aristocracy.And, if there is such a thing as a ghost, I will be
forced to charge him rent .
Scene 2
(The Otis family is in the castle having dinner)

Mr. Otis: Theres a red stain on the floor.

(Mrs. Otis rings a bell and the maid enters the room)

Mrs. Otis: See, someone dropped something on the floor.
Mrs.Umney: Madam its a blood stain. Ill clean it up but it wont disappear
at least not forever.

(As Mrs. Otis enquired about blood stain, Mrs.Umney started telling the whole story about

Mrs.Umney: Madam, it was the blood of Lady Eleanore de CanterVille who was
murdered on that very spot by her husband,Sir Simon de CanterVille
in 1575 . After nine years, he too disappeared but his guilty spirit
haunted the Chase .

Washington: What Rubbish!! We have PINKERTONS STAIN REMOVER.
It will definitely blot out stain.

(As Washington started removing stain. the thunder and lightening was there by which Mrs.
Umney got faint.)

Scene 3

(The storm raged terribly all the night, And the bloodstain was again there. This made the
family felt presence of ghost. But, they ignored and got busy throughout the day. At night , Sir
Simmons ghost appeared with long chains bundled over his body and making strange

Mr. Otis: My Dear Sir ,I really insist you to oil those chain ointments from this
leaving this bottle here only .
Good Night !!
Ghost: (In angry tone) What do you think who you are ? . This is my chase and I will not
spare you . And I dont want any oil . (Throwing away oil bottle)

(Ghost went upstairs)

Ghost: Ah!! , The door of kids room is open. I will scare them thoroughly.
Hah!!, I will not leave them .

(trying to getting into the room through half opened door)

Twins: (whispering) let him come , With a count of three ,We will bang pillows upon
him . Sssh , He is coming , He is coming . Now, One two

(The Twins banged ghosts head very hardly )

Ghost: Morons!! Morons!! what kind of kids they are ??.
Uff !! ohh!! my head is paining a lot .

(The Ghost left and silence prevailed all around. )

For a period of time , Ghost keeps trying to scare kids. So, that they will leave
his chase . But , the kids werent afraid of Ghost and infact , kids scared him and
played pranks over him . In the game between Ghost and kids , The winner were
always kids . At last, Ghost stopped playing tricks over family and accepted his
defeat . Though , Ghost wasnt doing any thing , Even then, He have to suffer
from kids pranks .
Ghost was sad and lonely . He neither have a friend nor companion who can
share his feelings of remorse .

Scene 4

(The Ghost was now in his room)

Ghost: Oh, I feel so tired and weak! I will not get out of this place for
a few days.Those kids are a nightmare! I feel sad and so

(Virginia opens the door of ghosts room)

Virginia: Oh, Mr. Ghost I feel so sorry for you. Please forgive my family.

Ghost: Those kids are so disrespectful!

Virginia: By the way , who are you ?? Why do you haunt this castle?

Ghost: I am Sir Simon de Canterville. Because I did something terrible to
my wife. But , that was my past . I dont want to be ghost . I want
freedom . Freedom from this stressed up mortal life .
And I think you could provide me that freedom .