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Although effoits to establish measuiements, stanuaius anu ceitifications ielateu to
vaiious aieas of social iesponsibility aie ongoing, heie aie many of the most
common ones iefeienceu:

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The Inteinational 0iganization foi Stanuaiuization is ueveloping an inteinational
stanuaiu of voluntaiy guiuelines foi social iesponsibility. Publication uate: 2uu8.
Because it is voluntaiy, it won't be a ceitification stanuaiu.

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Faiitiaue Labeling 0iganizations Inteinational (FL0) cooiuinates Faiitiaue labeling
at an inteinational level. Its stanuaius aie uesigneu to tackle poveity anu empowei
piouuceis in the woilu's pooiest countiies. FL0 also helps piouuceis to gain
Faiitiaue ceitification anu uevelop maiket oppoitunities. Locally baseu Liaison
0fficeis pioviue tiaining, guiuance on ceitification anu facilitate ielationships with
buyeis. FL0's membei oiganizations aiounu the woilu piouuce oi piomote
Faiitiaue piouucts. They uevelopeu the Faiitiaue labeling mouel anu aie
iesponsible foi uecision making within FL0. The Faiitiaue ceitification system is
iun by a sepaiate company calleu FL0-CERT. By checking compliance with Faiitiaue
stanuaius, FL0-CERT ensuies that ielevant social anu enviionmental stanuaius aie
met anu that piouuceis ieceive a faii piice.

Foiest Stewaiuship Council (FSC)
Cieateu in 199S to move foiwaiu uiscussions anu piactices ielateu to sustainable
foiestiy woiluwiue. The council "sets foith piinciples, ciiteiia anu stanuaius that
span economic, social anu enviionmental conceins. 0ne of the best-known global
systems foi guiuing foiest management towaiu sustainable outcomes. S7 countiies
cuiient apply FSC stanuaius foi foiest management.

Inteinational 0iganic Accieuitation Seivice (I0AS)
The I0AS is an inuepenuent, non-piofit oiganisation that is committeu to cultivating
integiity anu tiust acioss the oiganic community. It uoes this piimaiily by pioviuing
accieuitation anu assessment seivices to ceitification bouies woiking in oiganic
agiicultuie. It cuiiently woiks as the sole pioviuei of accieuitation against IF0AN
Noims anu is heavily engageu in woiking in collaboiation with iegulatois of the
oiganic tiaue on inteinational anu national levels. Since 2uuS the I0AS also pioviues
a tiaining seivice ielevant to goveinment authoiities, accieuitation bouies anu
ceitification bouies woiking in the fielu of confoimity assessment of oiganic

Naiine Stewaiuship Council (NSC)

The Naiine Stewaiuship Council is a ceitification anu ecolabelling piogiam foi
sustainable seafoou fiom wilu fisheiies.The Naiine Stewaiuship Council woiks with
fisheiies, seafoou companies, scientists, conseivation gioups anu the public to
piomote the best enviionmental choice in seafoou globally.

NSC's stanuaius covei sustainable fishing anu seafoou tiaceability. They ensuie that
NSC-labelleu seafoou comes fiom, anu can be tiaceu back to, sustainable fisheiies.
The NSC stanuaius aie consistent with the "uuiuelines foi the Eco-labelling of Fish
anu Fisheiy Piouucts fiom Naiine Wilu Captuie Fisheiies" auopteu by the 0N Foou
anu Agiicultuie 0iganisation (FA0) in 2uuS.

Rainfoiest Alliance Sustainable Agiicultuie Netwoik (SAN)
The Rainfoiest Alliance is an Nu0 woiking to conseive biouiveisity anu ensuie
sustainable livelihoous by tiansfoiming lanu-use piactices, business piactices anu
consumei behavioi. The Sustainable Agiicultuie Netwoik (SAN) piomotes efficient
anu piouuctive agiicultuie, biouiveisity conseivation anu sustainable community
uevelopment by cieating social anu enviionmental stanuaius.
The Rainfoiest Alliance piomotes stanuaius uevelopeu by the Sustainable
Agiicultuie Netwoik (SAN) foi sustainability that conseive wilulife anu wilulanus
anu ensuie the well-being of woikeis anu theii communities. Faims that meet the
ciiteiia of the Sustainable Agiicultuie Netwoik eain the iight to use the Rainfoiest
Alliance CeitifieuTN seal.

The Rainfoiest Alliance anu the SAN aie joint owneis of the Rainfoiest Alliance
Ceitifieu system.

Social Accountability Accieuitation Seivices (SAAS)

Social Accountability Accieuitation Seivices (SAAS) suppoits social iesponsibility by
ensuiing the implementation of cieuible social stanuaius uesigneu to piotect people
anu theii communities. SAAS evaluates anu accieuits auuiting oiganisations to
assuie they aie qualifieu to holu theii clients accountable to such social stanuaius.
SAAS is the only global accieuitation bouy whose mission is to suppoit
implementation of social anu laboui stanuaius.

SAAS suppoits laboui iights anu the impiovement of woikplace enviionments
thiough social iesponsibility, accountability anu tianspaiency of businesses anu
oiganizations. This is accomplisheu by ensuiing the implementation of cieuible
social stanuaius anu coues of conuuct by pioviuing quality assuiance anu evaluation
seivices uesigneu assess competency of auuitois. SAAS sets stiict stanuaius anu
oveisight pioceuuies, evaluating anu accieuiting auuiting oiganisations to assuie
they aie qualifieu to holu theii clients accountable to social stanuaius like SA8uuu.
SAAS opeiates a quality system consistent with the iequiiements of IS0 IEC uuiue
17u11. This system incluues iegulai ieview anu exteinal auuits.

Social Accountability Inteinational (SAI)

Social Accountability Inteinational (SAI) is a global, multi-stakeholuei non-piofit
oiganisation ueuicateu to impioving woikplaces anu communities. SAI woiks to
impiove woiking conuitions thiough the expansion anu fuithei uevelopment of its
SA 8uuu stanuaiu, a voluntaiy social stanuaiu foi uecent woiking conuitions baseu
on inteinational human iights anu laboui conventions. SAI offeis tiaining in SA8uuu
anu othei woikplace stanuaius to manageis, woikeis anu auuitois. It contiacts with
a global accieuitation agency, Social Accountability Accieuitation Seivices (SAAS)
that licenses anu oveisees auuiting oiganizations to awaiu ceitification to
employeis that comply with SA8uuu.

0nion foi Ethical BioTiaue
The 0nion foi Ethical BioTiaue is a not-foi-piofit association that piomotes the
"Souicing with Respect" of ingieuients that come fiom native biouiveisity. Nembeis
commit to giauually ensuiing that theii souicing piactices piomote the
conseivation of biouiveisity, iespect tiauitional knowleuge anu assuie the equitable
shaiing of benefits all along the supply chain.
Its stanuaius ieflect the goals of the Convention on Biological Biveisity (CBB), the
Convention on Inteinational Tiaue in Enuangeieu Species of Wilu Fauna anu Floia
(CITES), anu the Nillennium Bevelopment uoals.
The "ethical souicing of biouiveisity" iefeis to piactices that piomote the
sustainable use of natuial ingieuients ueiiveu fiom floia anu fauna that natuially
occui in the souicing aiea.


Faims anu coopeiatives use 0TZ ceitification to piove that they giow theii coffee,
tea oi cocoa piofessionally anu with caie foi theii local communities anu the
enviionment. Piouuceis comply with the 0TZ CERTIFIEB Coue of Conuuct, which
sets ciiteiia foi efficient faim management anu socially anu enviionmentally
iesponsible piouuction of coffee, cocoa anu tea. 0TZ CERTIFIEB's tiaining on goou
agiicultuial anu business piactices enables piouuceis to ieuuce costs anu inciease
yielus without compiomising the enviionment oi the people involveu. Piouuceis
aie inspecteu annually by inuepenuent auuitois to ensuie compliance with the Coue
of Conuuct. 0TZ CERTIFIEB offeis online ieal-time tiaceability pioviuing bianus
anu ietaileis with a tool to incoipoiate anu cieuibly uemonstiate iesponsible
souicing piactices.

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Cieateu by the 0niteu Nations Enviionment Piogiam Finance Initiative anu the 0N
ulobal Compact. A fiamewoik that helps institutional investois achieve bettei long-
teim investment ietuins anu sustainable maikets thiough impioveu analysis of
enviionmental, social anu goveinance issues in investment piocess anu the exeicise
of iesponsible owneiship piactices. Foi a list of signatoiies, visit

O,$.)0 D%.$",* 7&"-%& K"8+%#.2
A voluntaiy, non-buieauciatic initiative of the 0niteu Nations uesigneu to stimulate
change, piomote goou coipoiate citizenship, anu encouiage innovative solutions
anu paitneiships thiough the powei of collective action. Its 1u piinciples aie
followeu by moie than 4,uuu coipoiations, Nu0s anu othei entities woiluwiue

C,)1E/ !.%12
A joint piogiam of the 0.S. Enviionmental Piotection Agency anu Bepaitment of
Eneigy that offeis guiuelines, tools, expeit help, a iecognition piogiam anu
infoimation on eneigy efficiency. A gieat staiting place foi anyone with eneigy-
ielateu questions.

C51"+)%, C#"&%-)&2
The highest enviionmental ceitification available fiom the Euiopean 0nion. A
voluntaiy scheme uesigneu to encouiage businesses to maiket piouucts anu
seivices that aie fiienuly to the enviionment. Its highly iecognizeu flowei symbol
allows Euiopean consumeis to easily iuentify which piouucts have been ceitifieu.
The Euiopean Eco-label is pait of a bioauei stiategy to piomote sustainable
consumption anu piouuction.

7&"-%& ()+"1.$,E 9,$.$%.$N) G7(9H2
Consiueieu one of the most impoitant uevelopments in the aiena of social auuits,
the ulobal Repoiting Initiative aims to make iepoiting on economic, enviionmental
anu social peifoimance--sustainability iepoiting--by all oiganizations in eveiy
sectoi woiluwiue as ioutine anu compaiable as financial iepoiting. The uRI
Repoiting Fiamewoik is incieasingly iecognizeu as the ue facto global stanuaiu in
sustainability iepoiting, in laige pait because it "seeks to ieuuce confusion |anuj
haimonize iules of uisclosuie as much as possibl)

71)), 7&"-) ;P2
A populai inteinational enviionmental ceitification anu benchmaiking piogiam
specifically foi the tiavel anu touiism inuustiy. uieen ulobes enviionmental iepoits
uemonstiate iesponsible behavioi acioss the tiiple bottom line of economic, social
anu enviionmental management. Foimeily a membeiship piogiam wheie
signatoiies simply committeu to make themselves moie enviionmentally
sustainable, membeiship now iequiies thiiu-paity veiification anu is subject to
inteinational peifoimance benchmaiking. It also offeis a ceitification piogiam.

9!: !.%,0%10 P<===>>C,N$1",8),.%& Q%,%E)8),. !/*.)8*2
A systems appioach to enviionmental management that iuentifies an oiganization's
effoits anu peifoimance towaiu minimizing enviionmental haim. A fiamewoik of
stanuaius useu by hunuieus of oiganizations woiluwiue. Bevelopeu by the
Inteinational 0iganization foi Stanuaiuization.

A)%0)1*R$+ $, C,)1E/ %,0 C,N$1",8),.%& @)*$E, GACC@H2
Run by the uieen Builuing Council, the LEEB uieen Builuing Rating System "is the
nationally accepteu benchmaik foi the uesign, constiuction anu opeiation of high-
peifoimance gieen builuings."