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Buy/Sell Arrows Trading Software

March 2011
Please be aware of the loss, risk, ersonal or otherwise conse!uences of
the use and alication of this book"s content# The author and the
ublisher are not resonsible for any actions that you undertake and will
not be held accountable for any loss or in$uries#
%#S# &o'ern(ent )e!uired *isclai(er + ,o((odity -utures Trading
,o((ission -utures and .tions trading has large otential rewards, but
also large otential risks# /ou (ust be aware of the risks and be willing to
accet the( in order to in'est in the futures and otions (arkets# *on0t
trade with (oney you can0t afford to lose# This is neither a solicitation nor
an offer to Buy/Sell futures or otions# 1o reresentation is being (ade
that any account will or is likely to achie'e rofits or losses si(ilar to
those discussed on this web site# The ast erfor(ance of any trading
software or (ethodology is not necessarily indicati'e of future results#
,-T, )%23 4#41 + 5/P.T53T6,A2 .) S6M%2AT3* P3)-.)MA1,3
)3S%2TS 5A73 ,3)TA61 26M6TAT6.1S# %12683 A1 A,T%A2
P3)-.)MA1,3 )3,.)*, S6M%2AT3* )3S%2TS *. 1.T
)3P)3S31T A,T%A2 T)A*61&# A2S., S61,3 T53 T)A*3S 5A73
1.T B331 393,%T3*, T53 )3S%2TS MA/ 5A73 %1*3)+.)+.73)
,.MP31SAT3* -.) T53 6MPA,T, 6- A1/, .- ,3)TA61 MA)83T
-A,T.)S, S%,5 AS 2A,8 .- 26:%6*6T/# S6M%2AT3* T)A*61&
P).&)AMS 61 &313)A2 A)3 A2S. S%B;3,T T. T53 -A,T T5AT
T53/ A)3 *3S6&13* <6T5 T53 B313-6T .- 561*S6&5T# 1.
)3P)3S31TAT6.1 6S B361& MA*3 T5AT A1/ A,,.%1T <622 .)
6S 26832/ T. A,56373 P).-6T .) 2.SS3S S6M62A) T. T5.S3
1o reresentation is being (ade that any account will or is likely to
achie'e rofits or losses si(ilar to those shown# 6n fact, there are
fre!uently shar differences between hyothetical erfor(ance results
and the actual results subse!uently achie'ed by any articular trading
rogra(# 5yothetical trading does not in'ol'e financial risk, and no
hyothetical trading record can co(letely account for the i(act of
financial risk in actual trading#
All infor(ation on this website or any e+book urchased fro( this website
is for educational uroses only and is not intended to ro'ide financial
ad'ice# Any state(ents about rofits or inco(e, e=ressed or i(lied, do
not reresent a guarantee# /our actual trading (ay result in losses as no
trading software is guaranteed# /ou accet full resonsibilities for your
actions, trades, rofit or loss, and agree to hold www#(agicbuysell#co(
and any authori>ed distributors of this infor(ation har(less in any and all
ways# The use of this software constitutes accetance of (y user
This book is the coyright of www#(agicbuysell#co( and cannot be re+
written, re+ublished, ST.)3* .) 26183* AT A1/ -623 S5A)61&
S6T3S or -.)%MS or used for any other books without roer
referencing without er(ission# The use of the books is li(ited to your
ersonal use# Sreading out the coies without aying for the( is illegal
and rotected by international coyright law#
+ 6t is illegal to buy ? and use@ this roduct fro( other websites other than
+ 6t is illegal to buy and resell a coy of this roduct on other websites like ebay, fore= shos etc#
The only website where you can buy the ABuy Sell MagicB is
,oyright C 2011 www#(agicbuysell#co(
<elco(e and thank you for urchasing the ABuy Sell MagicB syste(#
ABuy Sell MagicB is a co(lete trading tool designed ri(arily to trade the
-.)39 (arkets successfully and consistently#
The ABuy Sell MagicB uses a 'ery secial algorith( based on custo(
ad'anced ?no reaint@ 'ersions of D -ore= indicators E a custo( rice
action filter#
/ou will get an A)).< signal on your chart .12/ if all the indicators
and filters are in agree(entF The signals ?arrows@ are ne'er )3PA61T3*F
Make sure to read all the reco((endations and esecially A5ow to use the
software ?and when@ + D rulesB#
<e ad'ise that you read and (ake sure you understand the entire
syste( before utting it into ractice# 3=eri(ent and gain e=erience in
de(o accounts before trading with your own (oney# 6f you find that you
need further hel or ha'e any !uestions, do not hesitate to contact our
technical deart(ent#
<e wish you great trading success,
8arl *itt(ann
Quick start:
%n>i buys!!"#a$ic%&i'
/ou should see the software filesG
6MP.)TA1TG 6f you don0t ha'e MetaTrader H installed, lease download
it fro( this linkG
-ollow the instructions and oen a de(o or real account# <e reco((end
trading the indicators on a de(o account before roceeding to real
Ste 1G ,oy the indicator files e=4 into your /e=erts/indicators/
folder# This folder is in the folder of the MetaTrader trading latfor(#
6f you are using the 6nterbank -9 Trader broker, the folder will be at
,GJProgra( -ilesJ6nterbank -9 Trader 4Je=ertsJindicatorsJ
6f you are using the Alari MetaTrader broker, the folder will be at
,GJProgra( -ilesJMetaTrader + AlariJe=ertsJindicators
6f you are using the -9** broker, the folder will be at
,GJProgra( -ilesJ-9** K MetaTrader 4Je=ertsJindicatorsJ
6f you can0t find your /e=erts/indicators/ folder, lease contact our
technical suort#
Ste 2 ,oy the buys!!"#a$ic%t'! into your /e=erts/te(lates/
folder #
++++++ Template step-by-step ignore this section if you familiar with this and go
to STEP 3 ?
) - /ou should coy and aste the indicators fro( inside the file to My ,o(uterL2ocal
*isc/,G *ri'eLProgra( -ilesLMT4L3=ertsL6ndicators, +then+ ste 2@# ,oy and aste the chart
te(lates fro( inside the file to My ,o(uterL2ocal *isc/,G *ri'eLProgra(
-ilesLMT4LTe(lates# ?/ou can delete the te(lates already in that file as these will not be
re!uired -%
After the abo'e stes 1@ and 2@ you will ha'e to close and re+oen the charting for the
changes to be recognised %
. To load a chart, click the icon shown below in the Standard tool bar that should aear at
the to of the charting :
/ou can then alter the ti(e fra(e of the chart by clicking on the Clock icon in the Charts
Toolbar as shown below :
. To load a te(late onto a chart, si(ly right click on the chart and a dro down (enu
aears, choose Te(late and the te(late you re!uire fro( the subse!uent dro down
(enu, as shown below G
. After you ha'e loaded u all your charts with the rele'ant te(lates and ti(e eriod, in
the order you want to 'iew the(, to ensure that they oen like this each ti(e you oen the
charting you can create and sa'e a Profile by clicking on File in the to left hand side
hori>ontal (enu and choosing Profiles and Sae !s, shown below G
<hen you click on Sae !s, it will bring u the following dialogue bo= /
Si(ly then na(e your Profile and click "# .
1ow each ti(e you oen your charting it will be as you left it, and the Profile loaded will
show in the botto( fi=ed tool bar, as follows :
6ndicators :
All indicators re!uired for( art of each ,hart te(late, howe'er if needed /
/ou can load an indicator fro( the $aigator icon in the Standard tool bar, by firstly
clicking on the $aigator icon then double clicking on the indicator you wish to load
fro( the $aigator list that is shown %
Pointing to any of the icons with your (ouse will bring u a s(all bo= telling you what it is %
/ou can alter an indicator"s roerties/settings or delete it by right clicking on any art of
a chart and choosing 6ndicators 2ist in the dro down (enu, then double clicking on the
indicator to bring u it"s roerties/settings bo= or single clicking/highlighting it and
clicking delete to re(o'e it fro( that chart %
There is a 'ideo showing to you how to install indicators and te(lates to your MetaTrader 4 latfor(
------E$% of Template help
Ste D .en your (etatrader 4
Ste 4 Pull a chart for any air, for e=a(le 3%)/%S*
Ste Q 1ow click te(late icon / load te(late
and double click on buys!!"#a$ic Te(late# *.13F
Sa#'! trads and si$na!s:
/ou should get so(ething like this after you load a te(lateG
)ed arrow+ S322 signal
&reen arrow + B%/ signal
&rey lines are the indicators lines + drawn and used by the software#
/ou don"t need to watch the(R
Sa#'! A!rt
EMAIL a!rt stu':
3(ail alert is already acti'ated in the Secret Profit 6ndicator 61P%TS# All you
ha'e to do is setu your (ail ser'ersR
Too!s 01 O'tions 01 E#ai!
6f you need (ore info on how to setu an e(ail alert, go to youtube#co( and
search for B(t4 e(ail setuB there are lenty of free 'ideo sa(les#
Entrin$ Trads
The Buy Sell Magic C generates trades when it aints arrows#
2ong trades occur when the ABuy Sell MagicB C shows a &)331
arrow E ou alert
Short trades occur when the ABuy Sell MagicB C shows a )3*
arrow E ou alert

I#'ortant: a 'o'u' a!rt is your con2ir#d si$na! to ntr a trad
Make sure to read the D rules below before entering any tradesF
I#'ortant: 6 tried to seed u the software as (uch as 6 can, but in this case
there is always a ossibility of getting a false entry signal# 6f you refer safer
trading + you can change the SignalPeriod ? by default set to 12 + indicator02 @
for e=a(le to A20B and get a 1 bar delayed ?confir(edF@ entry signal B%T less ?
which is the (ost i(ortant@ -A2S3 entry signals on a sideway trends#
-alse signal e=a(leG B%/ then S322 in 1+2+D bars only#
?in (ost cases caused by a news releases K une=ected rice (o'es@
Sto' Loss
As you can see fro( the screenshots below K all the buy and sell signals
are highly accurate K that (eans you can kee your sto loss 'ery tight#
A sto loss le'el will be auto(atically calculated and dislayed in your ou
alert window# 6t is a re'ious bar ?high or low 'alue@ E your ersonal e=tra 'alue
nu(ber in the indicator 61P%TS K by default 200 + for Q digits broker it is e!ual
to 20 is#
)e(arksG the reset e=tra nu(ber will be added to the re'ious bar high or low
and dislayed in your ou alert ? 100 N 10 is for Q digits brokers, 10N10 for
4 digits brokers@ K change it if you like a tight sto loss for e=a(le Q is NQ0
for Q digit brokers or NQ for 4 digit brokers@
E*itin$ Trads -tak 'ro2it3
1# 3=it trades when the software issues the oosite trading signal# This
ensures that you trade with (a=i(u( rofits and right before the (arket
2# Set your own rofit target, for e=a(le D0 is er trade and e=it all trades
as soon as you reach your rofit target K do not wait until the software gi'es
you an oosite signal# This is the safest way of trading and reduces your risk
Ho4 to us t5 so2t4ar -and 45n3 " 6 ru!s
*ear (e(berF 6f you want the software to be rofitable for you K you ha'e to
follow all the trading rules# 6f you don"t follow e'en one of the rules below K 6
can not guarantee to you a good winning ratio# 6 agree and understand that it is
not easy to be a discilined trader and always follow the rules K but we ha'e to
do it# .therwise you will not be able to (ake a consistent rofit with any
buy/sell software or indicatorG
Ru! 7)
Try to use the indicator .12/ during the 2ondon or %S sessions ?starting 1+2
hours before the oening is fine@ 6t is risky to use the signals ?not only this one
but all others as wellF@ on a weak/slow (arket K outside reco((ended 2ondon
or %S sessions#
Any buy/sell software (ay not work roerly in a weak (arket, this has been
ro'en (any ti(esR
So(eti(es /ou are lucky and the (arket is strong and trending outside the
%#8# and %#S (arket, but so(eti(es (arket can be 'ery ranging outside
reco((ended trading hours esecially on a s(all ti(efra(e like MQ ?sa(le
.nce again 6 reco((end to use the signals only on %#8# and %#S# sessions#
)anging (arket outside reco((ended trading hours sa(leG
Make sure to watch a news calendar and stay
away fro( trading before and after news releases# O0S of false signals are
generated because of une=ected rice (o'es on a news release#
%se the software buy or sell signals only on
a clear strong trendG
+ 6dentify a current trend# ?)e(e(berM The trend is your friendM@
+ 6gnore all signals against a current trendF
Trend is u K but you get a AsellB signal ? ignore itF@
<ait for a AbuyB signal to enter#
*o not trade on a side ? sideways trend@ K ignore all signals#
This rule is e=tre(ely i(ortant K M%ST follow rule# 6f you don"t follow this rule
K you will failR
&BP/;P/, 3%)/%S*, %S*/;P/, &BP/%S* and all other (a$or airs#
?&BP/;P/ K is great air to start with@
1+(in ?riskyF@, Q+(in, 1Q+(in, D0+(in, 1+hour, 4+hour, 1+day
Mony Mana$#nt
Money (anage(ent is a 'ery i(ortant concet that has an enor(ous
effect on drawdowns and (argin calls# The cardinal rule of (oney
(anage(ent is the followingG
You s5ou!d on!y risk )"68 o2 your account on any sin$! trad% /ou
(ay ha'e heard this rule a hundred ti(es before, but it is a(a>ing to see
how (any good traders fail to co(rehend this concet K and don0t
understand why they are wied out again and again, desite great entries
and ti(ing of trades#
T5A18 /.%F
Karl Dittmann March 2011