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I used to hear a lot of girls say, Ooh, Im so in LOVE with God!

It always bothered mebut I ouldnt really !ut my finger on it" #or some reason I $ust had a
%ery hard time belie%ing that girls would say that the exact same way I heard other girls tal&
about their new boyfriend"
I lo%ed God" 'ut, it didnt ma&e me reat li&e that" I didnt ha%e that tone to my %oie that
made it sound li&e I had some romanti relationshi!"
I thin& that romanti lo%e stuff sells the lo%e of God short of what it really is" (ost !eo!le who
fall in lo%e e%entually fall out of lo%e" )hey fall in lo%e with ertain as!ets of that !erson,
and then they fall out of lo%e when they find as!ets they dont li&e or ant deal with"
)his &ind of lo%e is still about finding a reason to love someone, rather than the &ind *esus
+ure, it ma&es sense, God is so !erfet, whats not to lo%e about -im. 'ut to thin& thats the
same unonditional and raw lo%e that -e demonstrates toward us and that *esus
demonstrated, is a serious understatement"
/hy is this im!ortant. 'eause the way we love people reflects how we believe God
loves us" +o if we belie%e God has a hard time lo%ing us beause we mess u!, then well
also ha%e a hard time demonstrating unonditional lo%e towards !eo!le when they mess u!"
Gods &ind of lo%e is muh different"
-e I+ lo%e" 01 *ohn 2345
Its who -e is" 6nd -es unhanging"
)hats why e%en while we were still sinners, 7hrist died for us 08om 9345" -e lo%ed us e%en
when we didnt lo%e -im" -e laid down -is life for !eo!le who ruified -im and said,
#ather, forgi%e them" -e treated them better than they deserved" -e was able to forgi%e
the worst offense"
It was the father who ga%e the lost son the best robe, a ring, and sandals on his feet, e%en
when he deser%ed !unishment"
It was the forgi%ing :ing who leared all the debts of the ser%ant"
It was *esus who forga%e and healed the !aralyti ; he didnt deser%e it!
It doesnt ma&e sense in our ulture today"
-ow an we lo%e someone so unlo%able. -ow an we lo%e someone who doesnt deser%e
it. -ow an we lo%e our enemies li&e *esus said. -ow an we forgi%e someone that has
hurt usintentionally.
It feels im!ossible beause we dont understand what &ind of lo%e this is" /e%e been raised
with this arnal lo%e that hanges based on whether someone deser%es it or not" /orse yet,
we seretly belie%e that God sees us the same way"
/e belie%e that God is far away if we sin, God hides from us if we do something bad to
!unish us" /e belie%e that God ant bless us if we ha%e sin in our life, were taught that
God withholds it to teah us a lesson"
)his is not Gods heart" -e isnt affeted by our failures" -e doesnt treat us any different
based on our !erformane" -es doesnt ha%e riteria we need to follow or a list of
re<uirements we need to fulfill" -e treats us according to His love towards us, not
according to our love for Him ; our beha%ior doesnt sway -im"
'eause -e I+ lo%e"
-e will ne%er treat us otherwise, beause we annot hange who -e is" )hats why grae is
alled unmerited fa%or" Its fa%or towards us that we ne%er deser%ed"
That means your actions cant earn it, or disqualify you from it.
)hats why in the light of sin, God gi%es grae 08om 93=>5" -e onstantly &ee!s no reord of
wrong 01 7or 1?395, -e o%ers a multitude of sins 01 @eter 2345, -e remembers sin no more
0-eb 431= A 1>31B5, and -e doesnt ount sins against !eo!le 0= 7or 931C5"
-e wants reoniliation 0= 7or 931C5" )he father wanted to ha%e restored relationshi! with
his son 0Lu&e 193=1D=?5"
/hy was he able to sim!ly disregard offenses.
'eause He is lo%e" 6nd lo%e gi%es grae"
)hats why grae and truth ame through *esus 7hrist 0*ohn 131B5"
)hats why it says, for God so loved the world that -e GAVE -is +on 0*ohn ?31E5"
For God so loved, He gave grace to an undeserving world ; it ame in the form of -is
6nd thats why God ne%er sto!s gi%ing grae toward us ; e%en in our sin 08om 93=>5" He so
loves that He extends grace to people who dont deserve it" In fat, -e lo%es those who
dont deser%e lo%e"
'eause -e I+ lo%e"
6nd when we understand -is grae toward us, it shouldnt ma&e us want to ta&e ad%antage
of grae, but instead it should hange how we see 08om =325, and as a result, &ee! us from
wanting to abuse it 08om E31D195"
eing !i"e #our $ad
/hen you realiFe how -e lo%es, that beomes the reason why GOH lo%e 01 *ohn 231C5"
#oull stop finding reasons to love people because you reali%e God didnt find a
reason with you"
#oull stop trying to love people who dont deserve it because you reali%e God
didnttry to love you"
Goull sto! lo%ing !eo!le beause they deser%e lo%e, and youll start lo%ing beause its
thelove of God that has ta"en root in you" Goull lo%e !eo!le beause you%e beome !art
of the Vine" Goull bear the fruit of the lo%e of God beause you abide in His love 0*ohn
Lo%ing !eo!le is no longer a s!iritual hore that God ommanded you to do, or
something your !astor drilled you on how you need to Ilo%e your neighbor, or you need to
forgi%e this !erson" Jow, you lo%e !eo!le beause you are love"
Gou no longer need to try to bear the fruit of lo%e" Gou $ust understand that the love God has
expressed toward you is too good to keep to yourself, so you want to freely gi%e to e%eryone
what you%e freely reei%ed"
Goull understand that you%e been made one spirit with -im 01 7or E31B5, and -is nature
has beome GOH8 nature" Goull understand that Gods "ind of love has become a part
of your identity"
&hats the 'oint(
)he whole !oint of the 7hristian life is to demonstrate lo%e to the world the same way God
has demonstrated lo%e toward us"
Its laying yourself 0your life5 down to serve, to benefit, to build, to add value to someone
elses life)freely" 0*ohn 1931?, 1 *ohn ?31E5
Its showing !eo!le that they are worth our time, they are worth our attention, and they
areworth our care.
)hey an see in your eyes that its real, raw lo%e, and not some hy!ed u! fluffy lo%e with
ommon lihKs" Its a lo%e that gi%es regardless of what is deserved or expected"
Its a lo%e that expects nothing in return" Its a lo%e that does not hange based on the
res!onse of others, that isnt offended by first im!ressions, re!utations, or ausations"
)hats why I%e ne%er li&ed the term fullDtime ministry" /e all are fullDtime reD!resenters of
Gods audaious, unhanging, furious lo%e"
Gour lo%e for !eo!le is !aralleled by your understanding of Gods lo%e toward you"
)he ministry is to lo%e as -e lo%ed"
)hat is the distinguishing mar& of the belie%er"
y this all will know that you are !y disciples, if you have love for one another" #$ohn %&'&().
Lo%e has no agenda other than to freely eL!ress itself to the !erson in
front of them"
!ove is in it for what it can give, not what it can get"
Lo%e isnt loo&ing for a than& you, it isnt loo&ing for reognition or a!!reiation 0though, it
wont turn it down5"
Lo%e is a noDstrings attahed, no onditions, no hidden athes, I want to hel! you and
ser%e you way of thin&ing"
Lo%e doesnt feel re<uired to gi%e, lo%e is compelled to gi%e, its not ahave to, its a get to.
Lo%e gets to eL!ress grae" Gets to eL!ress &indness to those who dont deser%e it" Gets to
be !atient Its su!!osed to be a !ri%ilege, not a hore"
)he Good +amaritan is the !erfet !arable"
*esus was a !erfet model"
*esus !erfetly re!resented the #ather"
*esus sent us to reD!resent -imself"
*e are to be examples of what love looks like and how love treats people "
/e are to be eLam!les of what it means to be 7hristDli&e, and how -e would treat !eo!le"
6ll these failed marriages. )hey are missing lo%e"
'ro&en relationshi!s. )hey are missing lo%e"
)he re!utation of the hurh today. Its missing lo%e"
)he hurt, the offense, the unforgi%eness, the hate, the en%y, the $ealousy, the anger, the
bitterness, the inseurity, the bro&enness, and all the grudges !eo!le hold against eah
other are a result of not understanding love and therefore, not understanding how to love.
)hey $ustify it all by saying loo& at what they did, or loo& at what ha!!ened to me,
beausethey do not understand how God has loved them"
God lo%es beause thats who -e is! -e forgi%es, &ee!s no reord of wrong, trusts, and
o%ers a multitude of sins beause thats who -e is!
GOH ought to lo%e beause thats who you%e beome! Gou%e been grafted into the Vine
0*ohn 195, you are a !arta&er of the Mi%ine Jature 0= @eter 13?D25!
#riends, this is the great all" )his is why @aul !rayed that we would be rooted and
grounded in LOVE 0E!h ?31B5"
/hen we understand Gods !erfet lo%e toward us, well no longer ha%e any fear and well
boldly a!!roah -im 01 *ohn 2314, -eb 231E5"
/hen we learn to model that same !erfet lo%e to the world, the world will no longer ha%e
any fear in oming to us, hungry to &now and eL!eriene the lo%e we%e been gi%en"
Lets grow and mature in the lo%e that *esus demonstrated to sinners and taLDolletors" Jot
this fluffy, romanti lo%e that is errati, un!reditable, and unstable" &ere doing everyone
a great disservice by *dumbing down+ Gods love to some clich, and a *nice feeling-+
)his lo%e is bold, this lo%e is a ro&, this lo%e results in om!assion,
this lo%e brings ation 01 *ohn ?3145" Its what om!elled *esus to heal the bro&en, free the
o!!ressed, hel! those in need, strengthen the wea&, enourage the disheartened, and its
what should om!el us to do the same for those around us"
)his lo%e has been !oured out in our hearts by the -oly +!irit who was gi%en to us 08om
'y this lo%e all will &now you are my disi!les 0*ohn 1?3?95
/hat lo%e is this.
Gods &ind of lo%e"