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IBM SALES AND DISTRIBUTION Gain end-to-end operational control.

Solution Brief

Governance and compliance

solutions for financial services

When it comes to addressing compliance and creating an effective gov-

ernance strategy, financial institutions face many operational chal-
Highlights lenges. Increasing regulatory scrutiny. The need to report risk
exposure and its governing actions. Potential reputation damage and
● Business transparency and audits
fines. Lack of process standardization and automation. Flawed infor-
● Customer protection, fair trading and
mation workflow that prevents those accountable from taking actions.
related practices
● Information management and
improved operational processes
To succeed, financial institutions must go beyond the traditional
approach to compliance. Holistic analysis of compliance activities
● Solvency and financial soundness
uncovers wasteful duplication of activities and constrained resources.
● Improved risk assessment, monitoring Governance and compliance solutions from IBM can help provide:
and reporting processes
● Automated virtual audits and compli- ● Corporate governance and internal control reporting mecha-
ance reporting
nisms to enforce business transparency.
● Sales and market conduct compliance for customer protection,
fair trading and related practices.
● Regulatory compliance related to information management and
monitoring of operational processes.
● Prudential compliance with rules and regulations related to sol-
vency and financial soundness.
● Optimized application development and delivery to help inter-
nal and external auditors verify that compliance requirements
were accurately captured and implemented in key applications.

IBM has substantial experience in assisting clients through major regu-

latory investigations, remediation activities and change programs,
including those resulting from merger or acquisition. From near real-
time monitoring to infrastructure security, privacy and entity analytics,
we provide a full range of solutions and licensed or outsourcing
options to address complex governance and compliance projects.

Example offerings include:

Compliance information life cycle management

Enables you to retain the right records, in the right form, for the right
amount of time—and know where and how to retrieve them for risk
position and compliance reporting accuracy and consistency
IBM SALES AND DISTRIBUTION Gain end-to-end operational control.
Solution Brief

Inventory of Obligations
A proactive approach to compliance that takes into account an enterprise’s obli-
gation (and principles) towards customers, stakeholders and regulators to © Copyright IBM Corporation 2009
become compliant instead of responding to each future regulation separately
IBM Corporation
Route 100
Monitoring and Reporting: Somers, NY 10589

Provides a continuous automated virtual auditor-like function, which highlights Produced in the United States of
exceptions and deviations from the norms, with real-time compliance reports to
October 2009
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Basel II was designed to help banks and financial markets firms strengthen risk Corporation in the United States, other
management and capital allocation strategies to yield significant long-term ben- countries, or both. If these and other
efits. Our years of experience can help you reduce cost of compliance; quickly IBM trademarked terms are marked on
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Financial services firms are required to establish effective governance to opti- also be registered or common law
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To help you enable projects to deal with the governance and compliance obliga-
tions your business must operate under, as well as other areas of Risk
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Management in Financial Services, the IBM Banking Industry Framework
has been established to combine the power of IBM software with banking-
specific software extensions, solution accelerators and best practices, to help
you deploy governance and compliance solutions faster and at lower cost and
risk. The IBM framework can help you migrate to a more strategic and flexible
technology architecture that is aligned with the needs of your business, one
project at a time. Take advantage of a structured approach that combines best-
in-class industry assets, repeatable software patterns and IBM Business Partner
offerings to take a holistic approach to monitoring and managing financial risk,
financial crimes detection and prevention, operational and IT risk, and gover-
nance and compliance.

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To learn more about governance and compliance solutions for financial
services, please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or