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Jalan Nangka (TB.Simatupang), No.2,
RT/RW : 012/004, Tanjung Barat, Jagakarsa,
Jakarta Selatan.12530
Phone: 021-78846601,facsimile : 021-7815519
Mobile : 0811.855.071 PIN bb: 75565B04
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA EPCM. is a solid industry services
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA EPCM. Specializes in the construction and design of Oil and Gas, and Chemical Industry in
Indonesia archipelago. As an engineering, procurement and construction management company.
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA EPCM is dedicated to providing excellence in new technologies, pilot plants, carbon capture
and water/waste treatment projects. Moreover,
Technical Services:
Energy & Cost Optimization
Arch Flash Studies
Electrical System Protection
Design, Procurement & Commissioning
Materials Specifications & Selection
Regulatory Compliance Support
Safety Code Audits
Field Engineering
Core Competencies:
Feed Studies
Optimization/Rationalization Studies
DBM Development
P&ID/Single Line Development
Equipment Sizing/Selection
Equipment/Cable Layout & Design
HAZOP/PHA Facilitation
Operating/Maintenance Procedures
Commissioning & Start-Up
Field Inspection & Construction Management
Operations Training
Field Verification Services
Mechanical Engineering
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA has knowledgeable staff with over 15 years of experience, serving in the Oil and Gas Industry.
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA EPCM utilizes Caesar II and Codeware COMPRESS for mechanical engineering design and
ensures that all production and operation of mechanical systems exceed client needs.
Mechanical Experience:
Equipment Specifications and Evaluations
Mechanical Drawing Development
Mechanical Equipment selection & Optimization
Mechanical Specifications and Evaluations
Construction Management & Commissioning
Pipeline Experience:
All aspects of Piping Design
Pipeline Drawing Development
Crossings/Boring Analysis
Material Evaluations
Stress Analysis
Pressure Piping Design
Electrical Engineering
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA EPCM Provides services in the study and application of electricity, electronics,
electromagnetism, instruments and controls including the determination of area classifications and compliance to electrical
code requirements.
Facility Design, SAGD Oil and Gas
Power Generation
Facility Power Distribution
Transmission & Distribution Design
Energy Management Initiatives
Safety Management Systems
Wind Power Generation

Process Engineering
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA EPCM provides process engineering that focuses on the design, operation, control and
optimization of chemical and biological processes through the aid of systematic computer-based methods. Triumph EPCM provides
full in-house conceptual studies, front-end engineering design (FEED) and detailed engineering design services for Oil and Gas
production and processing plants.
Detailed Process Design including P&ID Development, Equipment & Instrument Sizing
Facility and Pipeline Simulations
Feasibility and FEED Studies, Cost Estimates
Process Selection & Optimization Studies
Relief & Overpressure Protection Studies
Shutdown (ESD) & Control Philosophy
Facility Commissioning & Start-Up Support
Facility Turnaround, Maintenance Support
Troubleshooting Process Operations
Facility As-Built Drawings
Civil/Structural Engineering
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA EPCM Provides engineering services that deal with the design, construction and maintenance in
compliance to codes and owner specifications of the physical and naturally built environment.
PT. PAGELARAN PANCAKARYA EPCM utilizes engineering technologies such as RISA 3D and has engineered experience with
bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.
Development of field facility and plant site foundation
Foundations for skids, compressors, tanks, buildings, aerial coolers, drilling pads
Grading, drainage, roadwork, paving
Site Grading Design
Geotechnical Evaluations
Design of retrofit solutions
Foundation Design of pile, pad and concrete foundations
Structural Steel Design for buildings, skids, pipe racks, platforms