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Tobiano Communications Inc.

Fibre-to-the-Home Network

Homeowner’s Information Guide

145 Holloway Drive

Tobiano, BC
V1S 0B3

Phone: 250 434-5858
Fax: 250 434-5859
Technical Support: 250 434-7220

Welcome to Tobiano &

Welcome to Tobiano Communications Inc!

Now that you have chosen to make your home within this very special community,
Tobiano Communications Inc. can keep you connected to the rest of the world with
the most advanced communications experience yet developed – Tobiano’s Fibre-to-the-
Home (FTTH) Network. The Network makes it possible to deliver communications
services, at the speed of light, to each and every home at Tobiano.

High-Definition Digital Television, High Speed Internet and Digital Telephone are all
offered through Tobiano’s Fibre-to-the-Home Network. The most advanced
communications technologies yet developed, are all available at Tobiano today! Equally
important, Tobiano’s communications capabilities and services can grow with future
technologies as they are developed, unconstrained by bandwidth capacity issues that
pose limitations on conventional telecommunications services.

Let us show you how Tobiano’s Fibre-to-the-Home Network can keep you connected
today … and tomorrow!

Tobiano Communications Inc.

Questions about the Network

What is the Fibre-to-the Home (FTTH) Network?

Tobiano Communication Inc’s Fibre-to the-Home Network delivers telecommunication signals

through bundled glass fibre strands rather than conventional copper and coaxial cable. These
fibre optic cables are located in underground conduits distributed throughout Tobiano’s roads,
avoiding unsightly overhead wiring in our resort community. The Tobiano FTTH Network
extends fibre technology along the “last mile”, the final leg of connectivity from the
communications service provider to each individual Tobiano home.

Why was the network built?

With the advent of internet and digital television, consumers are now using telecommunications
services that require data transfer at rates and volumes significantly higher than conventional
distribution systems were designed to accommodate. Further, rural areas are often the last to
experience extension of new telecommunications services.

Tobiano’s high capacity FTTH Network is capable of delivering enough bandwidth for the
technologies of today and tomorrow. Future technologies such as videophones and 3D
television will require more data transfer capabilities. Today, Tobiano Communications Inc. can
deliver telephone, digital television and high-speed internet to your Tobiano home, at a
performance standard currently unavailable in most urban centres.

Who are the telephone, internet and digital television service providers?

Tobiano Communications Inc. has agreements with Mascon Cable Systems and Titan
Communications Inc. to provide Tobiano residents with HD television programming and digital
telephone service across TCI’s Fibre-to-the-Home Network. Tobiano Communications Inc. has
also entered into agreements with several communications companies to connect Tobiano’s
FTTH Network to major fibre-optic trunkmains throughout British Columbia and the world. As
digital technologies advance, additional services and service providers will inevitably be offered
through Tobiano’s FTTH Network.

Telecommunication Services

Digital Telephone, Internet, and Digital Television services are currently offered through
TCI’s FTTH Network.

Tobiano homeowners can enjoy a complete triple play service package starting at
$149.80 per month, including the following services:

Network Access: ($59.95 per month)

The “backbone” across which the following digital signals are transmitted:

 Telephone Services: (starting at $26.95 per month)

 Internet Services: (26.95 per month)

 Digital Television Services: (starting at $35.95 per month)

Details of these services and options are provided on the following pages.

Telephone Services

Provided by Titan Communications Inc.

(for Tobiano Communications Inc.)

All of our Packages Include:

➡ Local Phone Number

➡ Voicemail
➡ Unlimited Local Calling
➡ Caller ID
➡ Call Blocking
➡ Call Waiting
➡ Online Portal

Calling Plans

Basic Plan - $28.95

- $26.95 (Bundled with Television and Internet)

➡ 500 Minutes of Long Distance in Canada/US

Enhanced Plan - $39.95

- $37.95 (Bundled with Television and Internet)

➡ Virtually Unlimited Long Distance in Canada/US (capped at 2000 minutes)

Additional Services

Titan Communications Sales: 1.877.61.TITAN (84286)

Titan Communications Support: 1.877.843.3212

Please call our sales department for any of the following services:

➡ Virtual Numbers
➡ Fax Line
➡ Conference Bridge
➡ Mobile Dial Around

Internet Services

Provided by Tobiano Communications Inc.

The network is capable of carrying information at gigabit speeds and is expandable to meet the
increasing needs of homeowners in the future.

A 5 Mbps bi-directional Internet connection is not usually available in a residential service, and
where available, typically costs hundreds of dollars per month. The Tobiano Fibre-to-the-Home
network makes this possible at a fraction of these costs!

Residential Plan - $29.95/mo

- $26.95/mo (Bundled with Television and Telephone)

Plan includes the following:

o 5 Mbps burstable download speed

o 5 Mbps burstable upload speed
o An Always-On internet connection
o 5 personal email addresses
o 60 Gb monthly data transfer; additional data transfer at $1.50 per Gb, per month.

Television Services

Provided by Mascon Cable Systems

(for Tobiano Communications Inc.)
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Residential Plan - Basic Digital Package - $35.95/mo

Additional programming can be selected from the packages below. Please call Mascon at
1-866-832-6020, or visit for programming or service needs.

Choose from Digital Tuners and Remotes

A digital tuner is required for each TV. Existing tuners may be compatible and may be re-

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Remote and cables DCT6412 HD with
With the DCT1800 Dual Tuner PVR
Digital/Analog cable set- DCT6416 HD with
top, you're able to Includes a Universal Dual Tuner PVR
receive today's widest Remote and
range of cable television Component cables Includes a Universal
offerings - at an DCT6412 HDTV Remote and Component
decoder provides cables
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crystal clear picture DCT6416 HDTV decoder
and sound quality (all provides crystal clear
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or Integrated 120 GB hard quality
$9.95/month rental drive Integrated 160 GB hard
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HD formats Outputs 1080i & 720P
Watch a live program HD formats
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Single Tuner PVR
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Includes a Universal
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Remote and Component
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Dolby Digital audio for Includes a Universal
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HD formats DCT3416 HDTV
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Integrated 160 GB hard Control
Dolby Digital audio for
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FREE with the purchase additional remotes
or rental of any digital

*Refurbished equipment is warranted as long as you are a

customer of Mascon Cable Systems

Initial Home Installation & Network Access

The Tobiano Fibre-to-the-Home Network has been distributed

throughout the resort and the fibre optic cabling is ready to be
connected to your home. Connection to the Network will give you
access to all the telecommunication services offered across the

STEP 1: Determine when you will be ready to have the services


STEP 2: Call 250-434-7220 for TCI Support to schedule


Initial Home Installation & Activation Fee -$389.00 plus

(due before
Tobiano Communications Inc. will:
• Supply the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS – 3 hour
The UPS unit becomes the property of the homeowner.
• Supply the Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
Note: The ONT unit remains the property of TCI.
• Extend the fibre connection to the home and activate the ONT.

ONT unit - attached outside your home UPS unit –
installed inside your home

In addition to the specific equipment and installation described

above, most homes at Tobiano will require a router to enable internet
and phone services throughout the home.

Router Recommendations (required for internet and phone


Belkin Wireless N 4-Port Switch - $49.00 (may not extend throughout the
Linksys Wireless-NGigabit Router WRT310N - $159.00
(recommended by TCI technicians for best long term
communication service) 


                             145 Holloway Drive
Tobiano, BC
V1S 0B3
Phone: 250 434 5858
Fax: 250 434 5859


Customer Information

Customer Name: Customer Ph No: Mobile No:

Customer Email: Other No: Business Ph No:

Tobiano Service Address (Street, City, Province, PC):

Billing Address - if different than above (Street, City, Province, PC)

Telecommunication services requested over the Fibre-to-the-Home Network (please circle):

Internet Yes / No
Telephone Yes / No
Television Yes / No
Date: Customer Signature:

VOIP Phone Service is inoperable during power outages. 911 EMERGENCY SERVICES 
AT TOBIANO. During a power outage cell phone use may be an alternative communication 
method for Tobiano residents.

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