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Introduction :-

In this assignment I am going to take Pizza Hut as my

organization to investigate the Communication Strategy as
Pizza Hut is the one of the
Leading restaurant chain in the

In 1958, the world's largest

pizza franchise was born. Today
the Pizza hut company is part of
the Pepsi Empire, but back then
two brothers's borrowed $600
from their mother and started
to forge the history of Pizza hut. The first Pizza Hut is located
in Kansas at the Wichita State
University Campus. It was
opened in 1958 by Frank and
Pizza Hut has subsequently Dan Carney, 2 brothers who
branched out and developed studied at the university.
franchises all over the world. In
fact it is diversity that has made the history of pizza hut so
successful. Their menus and recipes are not the same, different
locations use different suppliers and different toppings,
according to the demand of their clients. The building block of
the history of pizza hut has been this diversity, not often
present in such a large concern.


Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international

franchise. Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands. Pizza hut
entered in India in 1996, and opened its first restaurant in
Bangalore. Since then the Pizza Hut growth rate of over 40%
per annum. Pizza hut now has 95 outlets across 24 cities in
India, and employed nearly 4,000 people by end of 2004. YUM!
Has invested about $25 million in India.YUM! Brands Inc is the
owner of the pizza hut chain worldwide. A fortune 300
company, YUM! Brands own Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut,
Taco Bell, A & W and Long John Silver’s restaurants worldwide.
YUM! Generated more then US $25.9 billion in worldwide sales
in the year 2003, and has more than 33000 restaurants in over
100 countries.

Sector 35 Pizza Hut open on 31 December 2000.Pizza Hut has

two owners Mr Anil kumar and Mr Devinder Singh. Both of then
work very hard to make good image in the eye of the
customers but in 2004 it has its new owner Mr Randeep singh.
India's favourite pizza brand, Pizza Hut serving the tastiest
pizzas across India. Sector 35 Pizza Hut is the best Pizza Hut in
the Chandigarh. Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab as well as
Haryana and union territory of India. This branch of Pizza Hut is
well for its delivery as they are always on time they mentioned.
The staffs are also quiet good while serving a customer. The
location of this Pizza Hut is very beautiful. It’s also very
spacious and the sitting arrangement is also quiet good and
always full of customers which itself shows that how famous is
Pizza Hut of sector 35. The reason behind that they are always
full of customers is that the colleges and school and many
MNC’s are located near it. The timings are also very suitable to
everyone. They always offer some discounts and prizes on their
pizzas this is also the reason behind their success. When the
Pizza Hut is started it has only one floor Hut and they do only
takeaways and home deliveries as the popularity raise then
they think of improving the crowed by make them sit in the hut
and enjoy the moments joy while sitting with family .They also
started the Buffy system in which different types of pizza, pasta
and Ice creams are in Buffy by which every one can choose
own type of meal as per the taste but when more people start
coming to Pizza Hut they make a new floor. The Pizza Hut
always try their best to satisfy there customer. They always
look after the customers. First they do not have kid section but
when the see that lot of kids come to Pizza Hut. They make kid
section in the Pizza Hut.


Their are many objectives the sector 35 Pizza Hut kept in its
mind. Now days the company has very well image in the
customer eye. They work day and night hard because only for
customer can says “I will be back”.

In one word their objective is: P.E.A.R.L:-

PASSION: for excellence in doing everything.
EXECUTE with positive energy and urgency.
ACCOUNTABLE: for growth in customer satisfaction and
RECOGNIZE the achievement of others and have fun doing
LISTEN and more importantly, respond to the voice of the

The objectives of the Pizza Hut are as following:--

• Serve nutritious meal to the customers.
• Satisfy customer from all corners.
• Open new branches in Chandigarh and local areas.
• Neat and clean environment.
• Number one in its competitors.
• Increase its sale till the end of the year.
• Start day and night service shortly.
• Discount, coupons, and low rates of products they can.
• Increase the radius of home delivery.

Size of the organisation:-

The staffs are the main part of an organisation. A staff that can
take his/her organisation to the peak 0f the world or to the
bottom .The Pizza Hut has around 20 staff member
permanently who works in different shifts. It also has 5
students who work part time in the Pizza Hut. In the Pizza Hut
their are many ranks given to the staff by seeing their
education background ,work and etc for example there is one
general manger , vice manger , housekeeping manger
,supervisor and etc. All the Pizza Hut staff is well educated.
High school qualification at least required to take job in the
Pizza Hut. Every staff member of Pizza Hut knows three
languages –English, Punjabi, and Hindi.

Sector 35 Pizza Hut has its only two branches which are in the
cities of state Punjab in Patiala and Mohali. Both the branches
have different staff but same manager of sector 35.All the rules
and regulation are given from sector 35 Pizza Hut. Both the
branches vice managers has to report every weak to the
manager of the Pizza Hut.

As we know that due recession not a
single company can do its business in a good manner. Every
company in the world has effected by the recession in different
ways. The sector 35 Pizza Hut has done a good profit in the
recession also. Due to a good management Pizza Hut not suffer
to much form recession. Total income including other income
the Pizza hut has Rupee 80 lacks in the end of the fiscal year.
Interest and other financial charges are Rupee 10 lacks approx.
The Pizza Hut has pay
around 16 lacks as tax to
government and get 5%
rebate due to recession.
After all different charges,
rebates, salary, interest and
etc the net profit the Pizza
Hut has Rupee 30 lacks.









The sector 35 Pizza Hut provides very much service to its

• Discount coupons: - Discount coupons are distribute to
the customer by newspaper or when the come to visit the
Pizza Hut.

• Free meal: - It provides free to its customer on day of

their birthday, wedding anniversary and etc.

• Hot spot service: There is the main rule in the Pizza hut
that they have to deliver the and customer can get to
know it with the help of the beep, which we can see in the
upper side of the Pizza box when it goes to cool the beep
would also go to dark.

• Membership: - People who are the regular customer of

the Pizza hut. The Pizza hut provides them free
membership, in which they get discount and special table
for eating.

• Gifts: - On the special occasion and to the lucky winner,

which are find by the draws of the game are given gifts
and cash prizes from the Pizza hut.

• They also serve vegetarian pizzas, a salad and pasta.

• Home delivery:-Pizza hut gives home delivery free within 5


Target market: - Target audience is basically anyone and

everyone who loves to eat Pizza. Pizza has long been targeted
to families Pizza Hut targets everyone in the market. As we
know that there is too much competition in pizza field
.Everyday competitors make a new stop wall against the
running company. The Pizza Hut has cheap pizzas from its
competitors. The pizza starts from Rupee 50 to 500 in the Pizza

The Pizza hut will most target the age group between15 to 25.
Because children like to eat the spicy food and there is no
doubt that they will go to Pizza hut where they can get their
favourite and spicy food according to their choice. The colleges
guys also like to have variety of foods and Pizza hut is a place
where everyone can get food according to his or her choice

A group of fairly homogeneous customers to whom an

organization wishes to appeal, and thus designs a
particular marketing mix for these groups.

MARKETING MIX: - There are "four Ps" of marketing:

product, price, place, and promotion. Collectively these are
called the marketing mix. They are the variables that
marketing managers can control in order to best satisfy
customers in the target market. The firm attempts to generate
a positive response in the target market by blending these five
marketing mix variables in an optimal manner

Pizza hut product: - value-priced, fast-serviced meal

Pizza hut price: - Value-pricing, special offers

Place: - Strategic location of most Pizza hut fast-food outlet is

found in populated and easily accessible areas

Promotion: - Pizza hut has engaged in many short-term

incentives for consumer promotion through limited value
menus, promotional games to promote old/new items on the
Communication objectives:-

The company has different communication channels which are

used for customer and for the staff. The communication
objectives of Pizza Hut are as following:-

Communication activities: - Company has started many

communication channels. To fulfil different needs of the
company such as employees cooperation their families and etc.

Marketing strategy: Company use different marketing

strategy which make a good reputation in the customer eye.
Company attract all the customer of their competitors and
work hard to make stable their sale.

Co-operation strategy: To help the members and the

workers the company use cooperation strategy. By which they
get a good sale and work environment.
Goal achieves strategy: - The Company explain its goal to
the workers and members for to work hard and cover it in a
limited time period.

Recreational activities: The Pizza Hut keeps in view the

interest of the society and the national. The Pizza Hut search
always for any mistake can not do by them which is no it in
favour of rules and regulation.

These activities are promoted through :- TV, News papers

,Employees conference, Rewards ,Employs programs, Printed
communication, Oral communication, Press, Website, Posters
and hoardings, Booklets, radio and etc.

Analysis of the communication activities:-

Television: - The Pizza Hut give adds on the local TV

channels and also give on the nearest cable channels. By
these the Pizza hut has increase its sale very much.

Newspaper:-Ads are given in the local newspaper to

encourage people to come the Pizza Hut and also given
discount coupons in the newspaper .Due to this lot of people
Website: - The website of Pizza Hut show the different
schemes which are offer by the Pizza Hut .New products,
crust, base and etc are mention in the website by which
customer can also take his or book online. Online Pizza
through website helps very much to increase sale.

Booklets: - 2 or 3 page booklets are made in which very thing

is given which is inside the Pizza Hut. Customer can have a
quick view for any order. By booklets the customer can order
very much and variety of things.

Posters and holdings:-On the bus stands ,railway stations,

air ports , in cities and etc the posters and holding are hang on
which the address of Pizza Hut and schemes are write for the
customer .Reading these many byres are use to visit.

Radio: - In between the various songs programs the jockey

and different music adds are promote to listen to the customer
about the Pizza Hut and tell them about the different parties
timetable. By these people use to come to attend the parties.

How the communication objectives of Pizza Hut supports

its objectives:

Above we already write the objectives of the company and the

communication activities which Pizza Hut. Now what these
communication objectives support its objectives:-

Customer satisfaction: The main and important objective of

the Pizza Hut is to give customer full satisfaction when they
come visit. Taste, variety and different things are given to the
customer. The Pizza gives always full satisfaction to its
customer when the come to visit.

The competitors:-As we know that this is the time of cut

throat competition. The Pizza Hut also has many its competitors
in the market such as Dominos and mc Donald’s. But see this
Pizza Hut try its best to go forward and help and attract the
customer. Servers them in best way.

Increase sale: Company is opening new stores and branches

to fill the needs of the customer in every way. As we now that
company main aim is to increase the sale so it tries its best to
complete its goals and meet the target market.

SWOT Analysis:

• Part of the largest restaurant chain in the world
• Over 20,000 franchises around the world
• Innovative range of pizzas under one roof
• Famous television advertising
• Food attracts people of various ranges from young to old.
• Good financial situation and again profit.
• 100% owned by yum!
• Number 1 in its competitors.

• Loyal customers are feeling that the satisfaction of the pizzas
is declining.
• The Pizza Hut has complex computer systems and internal
conflicts from franchisees.
• There is a lack of organic pizza which makes its image limited
in the target market

• Rising competition inside the Pizza Hut stores.
• Rising cheese costs and other stuff.
• Threat from Dominos pizza, also from Mc Donald’s who have
tried to introduce a new meal which called mc pizza

• New Pizzas with different sizes and flavours.
• Starting new branches shortly.
• Prices are low due to the more resources.
Effective communication: - For having a good effective
communication company needs to see or work more in
different ways:-

Identify the target audience: - As we know that the

company has target its market but to make sure the target
market the have to indentify the target market.
• Who is their customer?
• What are the attitude of them and their feedback to the
• Did the customer is happy with their product and
• What they want to see in their company?

Determine the communication objectives: - What type of

feedback did the company wants from the customer has to
decide by the company.

• Cognitive:-Raise awareness about their product between

• Affective:-Change their mind to the product.
• Behavioural:-action of the customer about the product of
the company.

Hierarchy model:-

A.I.D.A= Attention, Interest, Decision and Action.

Attention:-The attention of the customer must to be taken

before any message is top be send. For example: - Before
lunching a product the company wants to make holdings and
banners by which it is clear or aware to the customer about the

Interest:- As from the name we can think that in this step the
company produce interest between the customer about the
product in different ways such as making slogans:-THE BEST

Decision:-Do not compel the customer to buy the product

.Have their choice to buy or not the product. Company can say

Action:-Check whether the customer buys the product or not

.Is he/she like the product?

Hierarchy of Effects:-

Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction,

• Awareness:-Make aware the customer or audience about
the company with the help media of both type and etc.

• Knowledge: - A full knowledge is given to the customer

about the product and the service provide by the company
in the market.

• Liking:-Discounts, services, schemes, quality and etc are

given to the customer by which they like the company

• Preference: - Always compare and contrast your product

with the competitors and make best so customer can buy
your product.

• Conviction:-Find, make, and build conviction for your


• Purchase: - Low rates, coupons, discounts and etc

should be given to buy your product.

The communication channels that company use:-

The company use both type of communication channels

personal and non personal to communicate with their target

Personal channels:-

• Advocate channels:-The team of D.M.A tries to find out the

new customer for the company and help then by giving
their question answers.

• Promotion by Customer :-When the customer come and

enjoy the services of the company and satisfy from all
the corners they go and say others to go to the Pizza hut
which is also called word of mouth.

Opinion leaders:-The opinion leaders are the leaders who are

very much favourite in the world people influence very easily
from them. Such as singers, poets, religious mans and etc.
Pizza Hut also has model shevata as there opinion leader.
Non personal channels:

Non verbal communication channels: Company uses various

non verbal Medias to communicate with the customers. Such as
T.V, Internet and etc.

Non electronic media: wallpapers, holdings, banners and news

papers etc

Promotional Budget:-

Budget is the main thing by which a company runs. This is very

difficult to make idea how much money is to spend on a
product .Because if more the company may suffer and less so
the customer did know about the product. To be safe in the
market and beats the competitors

The sample of the company budget:-

Total budget to spend:-Rupee 10 lacks

Promotional activities for advertising:-

TV: - 5 lack

Newspaper:-2 lack

Banners and holdings:-1 lack

D.M.C:- 50 thousand

Trade shows: - 1 lack

Radio:- 50 thousands

Promotional mix:-

Personal selling’s:-D.M.A teams do face to face meetings and

conferences to listen all the customer complaints and their

Advertising: - For adverting their product the company use

different type of Medias such as newspaper, ads and etc.
Direct Marketing: - 000 free numbers are given to the
customers, calling to the customers, through internet the
market of the product is done.

Public relations:-Making a good public relation with the public

the company do various donations, charities, religious
programs and etc.

Sales promotion:- The company gives various discounts ,

schemes, coupons on the special occasions .To attract the
people more towards them .Buy one get one is also started by
the Pizza Hut on the festival of holi. And more things are
coming on this “Christmas”.

Results of the company promotional:-

Is these promotional activate work or not? The main is that

now. Due to the promotional activate the company has gain
any profit its sale is increased or not. The information or the
report shows the following changes:-

Awareness:-Due to the promotional activities the company got

a huge success to aware very much customers. They have
increase their sale from 25% to 35%.More people such as
tourists, from rural areas, and etc are start coming to the Pizza

Number 1 in competitors:-Dominos, Hot Pizza and etc

competitors of the Pizza Hut sale is very much decrease as
compare to Pizza Hut .Pizza Hut become one and only in its

Profit:-The Pizza Hut sector 35 got a net profit of Rupee 30

lacks this year. As compare to the last year the Pizza Hut got 10
lack more. Which is only to the promotional activities done by
the Pizza Hut.

Suggestions for the improvement in communication


Designing the message:-

The message is made by using pictures, graphics and videos.
The message should be in simple and positive language to
which the customer can listen and understand easily and also
make interest in people heart to buy the product.

Advertising in TV: Company should use cheap source of

media for adverting. For example spending huge money on TV
adds these can be done through other ways. It will help the
company to save the money in its budget.

Mail survey: The message should be send through the mail to

the people because by mail A very less money is apply and also
send to a wide area .

DMA: The DMA team should also be given full training about
the product. So that they can listen the customer’s enquiry
easily and more correctly.

Cover all word: As we know that the company can not cover
all the things which it say to their lover customers or not fulfil
the promise which done with customers.

Marketing communication schedule Pizza Hut:-

Events Dates Time

Venue/media purpose Monthly Meetings One time in
month suits to every one sector 35 Chandigarh various pro

Monthly accounts in the last of month suits to accounted

sector 35 Chandigarh archive tar

Ads Every day All day


Tax 31 March mid night

income tax office social activite