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Did you know? No two people have the same fingerprints. Every person's fingerprint is unique. A person
has the same thumbprint in his/her life. Even though a person's hands grow his/her thumbprints stay the
same. Even identi!al twins have different thumbprints. "f you in#ure the tip of your thumb your skin will
grow ba!k in the same pattern and eventually your original thumbprint will return.
Patterns of Fingerprint
$ingerprint is the one part of a human being that is absolutely unique to ea!h and every person. %he patterns
of fingerprint are a way to find the absolute truth of a person's identity and is an interesting phenomenon to
study. $ingerprints have been used as a form of identifi!ation sin!e the an!ient times. %here are some basi!
patterns that most fingerprints !an fall under. Ea!h person will have a &horl Ar!h or 'oop on ea!h
%he fingerprints !an be divided into four generali(ed patterns) %he Ar!h 'oop &horl and *i+ed $igure.
%he 'oops !an be !ategori(ed into ,ight 'oop 'eft 'oop and Double 'oop. %he Ar!hes !an be !ategori(ed
into -lain Ar!h and %ented Ar!h. And the &horls !an be !ategori(ed into .piral &horl and %arget /or the
0ulls1eye2 &horl et!.
$ingerprints are basi!ally hori(ontal lines running a!ross our fingertips that are 3twisted.3 $or e+ample the
Ar!h pattern has a very little 3twist3 the 'oop has more 3twist3 then the &horl is a !omplete 3twist3
resulting in a whorl. A!!ording to the statisti!s 'oops !onstitute about 45 per!ent of the total fingerprints
patterns6 &horls make up about 78 per!ent and -lain and %ented Ar!hes together a!!ount for the other 5
The General Psychological Characteristics of Fingerprints Patterns
ARCES! .elf1!ontained repressive sensitive and idealisti!. 9uestioning his/her own a!tions be!oming
more introspe!tive with age through his/her an+iety to avoid error.
"##PS! %hese were the most frequently found patterns and indi!ated a gra!eful adaptable outlook on life.
*ental and emotional elasti!ity versatile and emotionally responsive.
$#R"S) :reativity independen!e determination and originality unaffe!ted by !onvention or opposition.
%he &horl is a point of intensifi!ation and is the mark of the individualist. "t usually means a leader or a non1
!onformist who holds strong personal views and often denotes su!!ess parti!ularly when seen on the inde+
and/or ring finger.
%he .piral and %arget &horls /or -ea!o!k's Eye2 both !arry the same usual meanings but the .piral will be
less intense. %he -ea!o!k's Eye whi!h is a whorl en!losed in a loop adds lu!k prote!tion and penetrating
%I&ED FIG'RE) Diffi!ult !hoi!es and inner !onfli!t. -ra!ti!al and material minded. :riti!al resentful
and la!king elasti!ity. 'ike to travel and e+plore mysteries.

Fingerprints Rea(ing
%he an!ient :hinese had devised a way to read personality and destiny traits by studying the lo!ation of
Circles ($horls an( %i)e( Fig*res) and $a+es (Arches an( "oops) on five fingers) %humb inde+
middle ring and little fingers and from that !ame up with thirty1two !hara!ter types. %he Circle is 3Yang3
whi!h is the male positive a!tive motion dry and hot represented by the .un. %he $a+e is 3Yin3 whi!h is
the female negative passive still moist and !old represented by the *oon.
"n the old days the fingers of prospe!tive daughters1in1law were !arefully s!rutini(ed by prominent families
to ensure they did not unwittingly wel!ome women who had fingers that showed alternate !ir!les and waves
/su!h as circle, wave, circle, wave, circle or wave, circle, wave, circle, wave2 on their fingers. "t was
!ommonly believed that su!h women would bring trouble into the family being parti!ularly diffi!ult to
!ontrol and usually very aggressive.
A!!ording to the :hinese !ulture the right hand represents 3Yin3 and the left hand represents 3Yang.3 .o
men should e+amine their left hands while women should look at their right hands. .ome :hinese reverse
this order after the age of about thirty.

CIRC"E (Yang)! $horl- %i)e( Fig*re
$A.E (Yin)! Arch- "oop
No/1! =ou are very !onfident have a strong !hara!ter and a hot temper. =our strong personality !an
intimidate those around you. =ou want everything perfe!t but reality is not always so. =our lu!k !hanges
dramati!ally in life from one period to the ne+t. =our undoing will be your hot temper so you need to learn
to be patient and !alm. :ontrol your temper don't overrea!t to upsets or !onfli!ts. :ultivate inner pea!e.

No/ 0! =ou are honest but stubborn with a hot temper. =ou seek independen!e and freedom by doing things
you en#oy. As long as you work hard and improve your attitudes you will be!ome su!!essful. Even though
you tend to be in a hurry there will be those who will help you along. Avoid rash moves and re!kless
behavior. :ultivate toleran!e.

No/ 1! =ou like to e+plore different interests pla!es and a!tivities. 0e!ause you are kind and have an
innate polite attitude you will easily get help from older persons and friends. >pportunities are yours for the
taking and you will en#oy great su!!ess if you look in the right pla!e. =ou will be a winner but you need to
stay on the right tra!k. 0ring more serenity into your personal life.

No/ 2) =ou are admired for your !reativity and thoughtfulness. =ou are !ompassionate and generous. =ou
like to gain new wisdom through a variety of e+perien!es. =our friends and your #ob make you feel good
about yourself. =our !reativity diligen!e and popularity help you rise to prominen!e and your lu!k turns
fabulous in later years. =ou will be rewarded for your good deeds.

No/ 12) =ou are enthusiasti! and outgoing. =ou like to broaden your intelle!tual hori(ons. =ou have
enormous !harisma that !an be helpful in !areers and personal life. :hoose a !areer that en!ourages
!reativity and you will en#oy it. =ou may not be good at doing business but you are good as a tea!her or
even as a spiritual master. =ou !an en#oy su!!ess in the a!ademi! world.

No/ 13) =ou are a honest brave and hardworking person. =ou always feel se!ure and !onfident in
yourself. =ou dare to do things others wish they had the !ourage to do. A lot of people trust you when you
are young. ?owever unless you work at preserving your reputation you !ould make enemies on your rise up
and find that life be!omes harder as you get older. Devote sometime to spiritual needs.
No/ 4) =ou are a high1minded person able to see and grab opportunities. =ou !learly define your goals and
make sure that the right people know of your desires and abilities. =our self1!onfiden!e and diligen!e move
you !lose to your personal goals. =ou will find fulfillment and your lu!k gets better as you grow older.
No/ 5! =ou are a born survivor able to endure tough times and emerge as a winner. &hen sudden !hange
affe!ts your life you make the most of your new situation. .tay fo!used on what is truly important do what
you are best and you will su!!eed. &hen you rea!h middle age you will rise to a prominent position and
your lu!k really !hanges for the better. Nurture your spiritual side.
No/ 6! =ou are a simple but logi!al person. "f you !an fo!us on the fundamentals of life and adopt a step1by1
step approa!h in your !limb up the su!!ess ladder and not be greedy you will benefit from wealth lu!k and
be honored by people. :ontrol your spending and avoid !reating negative image that prevents growth.
No/ 17) =ou are blessed with a fast and formidable intelle!t. =ou work very qui!kly and with great
effe!tiveness. ?owever your !hara!ter is very aggressive and people tend to be intimidated by you. =ou
want !ontrol maybe through some subtle maneuver. "f you !an !orre!t this trait you !an rise to great heights.
:ontrol your temper and bring more serenity into your personl life.
No/ 1,) =ou are a honest person with a good !hara!ter. =our #udgement is usually good but your moods
sometimes !ause problems. =ou are open in groups and want to share feelings. =ou tend to be very helpful
towards !olleagues and friends so you are a popular person. 0e!ause you !an think in1depth and have
sensitivity towards others you will en#oy su!!ess in the !reative fields.
No/ 15) =ou are a noble and reputable person but sometimes you overrea!t to upsets or !onfli!ts. =ou have
little urge to get ri!h or pursue material wealth. =ou like to broaden your intelle!tual hori(ons whi!h are
needed to !omplete your pro#e!ts meaningfully and su!!essfully. %hrough spiritual and intelle!tual growth
you !an improve your personal life and inspire those around you.
No/ ,7) =ou always feel strongly to stand up for yourself and make a #udgement qui!kly. %his is a shallow
attitude and !ould easily get you onto the wrong path. "f you !an !orre!t this tenden!y of yours you will have
great su!!ess. %he potential is in you so try to be !alm in your approa!h. =ou have to stay fo!used on your
goals while dealing with !hanges or !hallenges. :ultivate toleran!e.
No/ ,2! =ou are a very so!iable person with self1!onfiden!e. =our vitality and energy make you an attra!tive
friend. =our tenden!y to overspend !auses problems. &hen you rea!h middle and older age you may need
to rely on people to support you. .o you need to prepare yourself to avoid having a hard time during your
older years. Avoid big appetites and e+!essive spending.
No/ ,4) =ou are a kind and generous person.=ou !an improve your life and su!!eed in the #ob that rewards
you for using your intelle!t and !reativity. And you will get re!ognition and be!ome famous. Even though
your life appears unstable during your earlier years of working life and you need to work hard in your thirties
when you rea!h maturity your life gets better and better.
No/ 2,) =ou like to e+plore different interests and learn new knowledge whi!h helps you in!rease your self1
!onfiden!e. =ou !an improve your position in life by be!oming a better !ommuni!ator. &hen a sudden
!hange affe!ts your life you are able to make the most of your new situation. Do what you are best and you
will su!!eed. =ou will en#oy a harmonious life in later years.

No/ 3! =ou are generous and have a pea!eful !hara!ter. =ou are well1liked and have an inherent love of
beauty and harmony. .o you are definitely someone who is popular and !an be!ome su!!essful and
re!ogni(ed. &at!h your relationship and prote!t yourself from people who want to use you. Do not allow
#ealous people to distra!t you from your goals.

No/ 11) =ou like to broaden your mind through traveling or friendship with wise people. =ou are bright and
en#oy learning as mu!h as you !an. %his is how you will get influential help that brings you to the peak of
your business and !areer life. Don't be selfish be open to sharing and !aring. :ultivate !ompassion and
No/ 11 ) =our whole life is full of ups and downs su!!esses and failures. Ad#ustments are needed to
a!!ommodate pressures and frustrations. &hen you are su!!essful you share your resour!es with those
around you. &hen you are fa!ed with life's !hallenge you view it as a spiritual lesson. =ou are an
inspiration to others and you will en#oy a fulfilling life as you grow into maturity.
No/ 10) =ou have an a!tive mind and en#oy many interests. =ou are willing to try something new and work
hard. 0ut you tend to start something and then lose interest. Don't s!atter your energy too widely. .tay
fo!used and be patient if you want to su!!eed. 0anish all self1doubt believe in your abilities. =ou will find
fulfillment if you !ultivate your natural talents.
No/ 16) =ou are admired for your !reativity and hardwork. ?owever you have a tenden!y to be proud and
snobbish although deep inside you are a kind1hearted person. =our personality and attitudes are important.
%o in!rease your !han!es for su!!ess refine your approa!h and the image you pro#e!t. "mprove your so!ial
skills you will be a su!!essful and respe!table person.
No/ ,1) =ou are not an easy person to !ontrol or to !onvin!e as you are something of a rebel. =our strong
personality !an intimidate your asso!iates. =our errati! tenden!ies bring an unstable quality to affairs. "f you
!an stay fo!used on what's truly important and what you want from life you will be su!!essful. :ontrol your
temper. -ra!ti!e meditation or yoga.
No/ ,1 ) =ou are !ourageous and work hard to meet obligations and to do what is right. =ou like to learn new
skills and find new interests. At a young age you are already thinking of your future. 0e realisti! about what
you e+pe!t from others. Avoid rash moves and re!kless behavior. :ultivate inner pea!e. =ou will en#oy a
smooth and harmonious life in your old age.
No/ ,0) =ou are !onfident and feel able to make everything better in!luding yourself. =ou have leadership
ability that !an be helpful in !areers and personal life. :ommuni!ation is your key to su!!ess. =ou need to
work harder during the early days of your !areer. &hen you rea!h middle and older age you will get
re!ognition and wealth lu!k. .o your life goes better the older you get.
No/ ,6) "f you !an !hoose a prestigious working !areer you will be very su!!essful. ?owever you should
avoid the tenden!y to get big1headed and you must never take !areer for granted. =ou have leadership ability
whi!h !an lead to su!!ess. Always look for long1term benefits and tend to task with pre!ision and be
responsible. :ultivate your spirit through meditation or =oga.
No/ ,3) $riends admire your wit and generosity. =ou are a kind and popular person and there will be good
people in your life as you will attra!t these kinds of people towards you. =ou !an be as a!tive so!ially or
professionally as you want if you take the lead. &ork hard and you will easily reap your #ust rewards. =ou
will definitely be!ome su!!essful.
No/ 14) =ou are bright and appealing. =ou are a take1!harge person who has high vision. =ou will not be
stopped by trivial obsta!les. :hoose one goal and work hard until you have a!hieved it. 0elieve in your
abilities. .tay more grounded and take a!tion to implement your plans you !an a!!omplish great things.
:ultivate toleran!e and perseveran!e.
No/ ,,) =ou are well1!onne!ted and have good resour!es. ?ardwork good !ommuni!ation and helpful
!onne!tions bring su!!ess. Avoid taking risks and stay fo!used on what's truly important. Do your best to
help those who are less fortunate. %he @niverse will !ompensate you for your good deeds. 'u!ky star will
shine brightly around you during the later years of your life.
No/ ,5) =ou are more resilient than you may think. ?ave faith in yourself and your ability. And !hoose
friends and #obs that make you feel good about yourself. 0e prepared to work really hard during your
younger and middle age periods then you will be!ome a su!!essful person with ri!h rewards and mu!h
re!ognition in older years. As you get older devote sometime to spiritual needs.
No/ 27) =ou are uniquely gifted. =ou get ahead by putting your best traits and talents to work for you.
Even though you are a !apable person and !an be su!!essful in your own business your tenden!y towards
impatien!e !ould get you into a lot of diffi!ulty. Aet to know yourself better through meditation or yoga. =ou
will en#oy good fortune and prosperity in your later years.
No/ 21) =ou are very intelligent and always organi(e your way through diffi!ulties. =our wit and !harm !an
help you to su!!eed. &hen diffi!ulties arise you master them and emerge as a winner. -eople admire your
dignity. =ou will have a smooth life and benefit from wealth lu!k. "f you !an work hard you will definitely
be!ome a great and su!!essful person with a lot of s!holasti! honors.

No/ ,! =ou are a !ompassionate and straightforward honest person who goes with the flow. =ou are also
very talented in design and !reative work. ?owever you tend to be shy and un!omfortable in so!ial
situations. =ou want to be a !aring provider in quiet ways for those who depend on you. An in!rease in self1
!onfiden!e allows you to raise your goals. =ou will have good fortune and abundant resour!es in your later