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I. Match the sentences to get Zero Type Conditionals
1. If you put a piece of iron on water,
2. If you heat water to 100 C,
3. If red and white are mixed,
4. If you go to another time zone,
5. If you put oil on water,
6. If you expose phosphorus to air,


) it floats. (doesn't sink)

) the time changes.
) it burns.
) it boils.
) it gets pink.
) it sinks. (doesn't float)

II. Choose the correct answer accordint to the rules of Conditional type 1
1. If the company _____ bankrupt, how _____ able to pay our bills and feed our families?
A. goes... will we be
B. will go... are we
2. If you .......... study hard, you the test.
A. don't study / may fail

B. didn't study / may fail

3. What _____ if you _____ get a job?

A. will you do / don't

B. do you do... won't

4. We .......... if the weather ........ good

A. will swim / is

B. would swim / is

5. You _____ asked to leave if you _____ follow the rules

A. are... don't
B. will be... don't
6. If ...... late this evening, don't wait for me.
A. I'll be

B. I'm

7. Anl ...... with you if you ....... him first

A. won't go / didn't ask

B. won't go / don't ask

8. You ________ better if you turn on the lamp

A. are able to see

B. will be able to see

9. If I ________ some eggs, how many ________?

A. will cook... do you eat
B. cook... will you eat
10. What .......... if everybody .......... your secret?
A. will happen / knows
B. does happen / knows
III. Choose the correct answer according to Conditional type 2
1. If Tim........ French so much, she .......... it at school.
A. didn't like / wouldn't study
B. wouldn't like / wouldn't study
2. If you ......... the Prime Minister, what ................ do?
A. are / will you do
B. were / would you do

3. If I knew the answer, I ....... tell you

A. would

B. will

4. If I........ to be 100, I ......... lots of things

A. live / will do

B. lived / would do

5. Cate would go jogging if she ............ do her homework.

A. doesn't have to
B. didn't have to
6. Life easier if I........more money
A. would be / had earned

B. would be / earned

7. If I ...... enough money, I would travel around Europe.

A. have
B. had
8. If I ..... you, I........ her.
A. were / wouldn't

B. am / wouldn't

9. What would you do if you ...... a million dollars?

A. had
B. will have
10. If they........... a room, they would fight all day long
A. share
B. shared
IV. Fill in the blanks with the correct CONDITIONAL (0, 1 or 2)
1. I am not an astronaut. If I________ (be) an astronaut, I__________ (take) the photos of
Turkey from space.
2. If you_________ (put) a stone in the water, it___________ (go) down.
3. If there_________ (be) no water on earth, we_____________ (not, exist).
4. If you_________ (be) a bird, where________you_________ (fly) to?
5. Anna___________ (pass) the test if she__________ (study) hard enough.
6. Sea water is salty. If the oceans_________ (have) fresh water, we___________ (have) a lot
of drinking water.
7. If a Y-chromosome___________ (combine) with an X-chromosome during fertilization, a
male baby_____________ (become).
8. I_________ (not, do) that if I_________ (be) you.
9. If he__________ (get) any worse I____________ (take) him to the doctor's.
10. If the snow__________ (get) any worse we_______________ (have to) stop walking.

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