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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: Professional profile audit.

Name _________Matt Symons________________________

1. Are you planning a career in the film industry?

a. YES. In what capacity?
____________Underwater filming__________________
b. NO. Because.
c. NOT SURE. Why?

2. Are you registered as self-employed? NO
a. If so, from which date? ___________________________

b. What name do you trade under? ___________________

c. Are you a sole trader/partnership/limited


4. Are you thinking of becoming self-employed? YES / NO

5. Have you ever received any business advice? YES / NO

6. Do you have a business plan? YES / NO

7. Have you ever done any paid freelance work? YES / NO

8. Have you applied for any employment in the film industry sector? YES / NO
Done a 2 day work experience for the BBC

9. Do you have a website or other online professional presence? If so please
give location.


10. Do you have a current C.V.? YES / NO

11. Do you have current showreel? YES / NO

12. Have you ever written an artists statement? YES / NO

13. Have you produced any marketing/advertising tools? (Business cards,

leaflets, e-flyers etc? YES / NO

14. Are you a member of any professional institute or organisation? YES / NO

15. Do you subscribe to any film or media publications? YES / NO

16. Are you a member of any film / media / arts networks, online or offline? YES /

17. Have you ever been to a film festival? YES / NO

18. Have you ever submitted any of your films into a local or national film

festival? YES / NO

19. Do you use social media platforms to distribute your films? YES/ NO

If so which one/s? ___________VIMEO____________________________

20. Do you consider BS8909 as part of your film making practice? YES / NO

21. Are you familiar with music and film copyright laws? YES / NO

22. Are you familiar with online distribution laws? YES / NO

23. Are you confident with the responsibilities of production paperwork and

associated legal responsibilities? YES / NO

24. Have you done any work experience? YES / NO

If so where and when?
Summer 2013 I done 2 day work experience with the BBC on a BBC4 production
in Cornwall.