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Central Bank of the People's

Democratic Republic of Algeria

Project overview
Bank of Algeria (BA) put into operation the ARTS (Algeria Real
Time Settlement system) in 2006 within the framework of the
countrys nancial infrastructure modernization project.
CMA company designed the systems, adjusted it according to
the national regulating authorities and legislation requirements,
delivered, installed and setup the software and hardware
The vendor was chosen as a result of the tender carried out
by the Bank of Algeria under the aegis of the World Bank.
The system was launched into live operations on February 8,
The Project task was to develop and implement an automated
system of online collection and processing of big payments.
Access to the system is executed via the dedicated network
providing high speed secure information exchange between
the system participants, Bank of Algeria and its departments.
ARTS also support the opportunity of shared access areas
usage in case of unforeseen connection breaks with one or
several participants.
Systems concept
The ARTS architecture is oriented to minimizing of legal,
operational and nancial risks and security risks. The ARTS
employs a component oriented approach on the basis of which
a full-function real time gross settlement system (RTGS) was
created with advanced possibilities of risk management, control
and monitoring and integration with other systems.
Real Time
Gross Settlement System
ARTS general structure
External currency
payments system
Internet S.W.I.F.T Extranet
Bank of Algeria
general ledger system
CPI central
clearing system
ARTS participant node
Bank of Algeria
branch node
central node System
Bank of Algeria employees workstations
The Central Bank of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is the superior issuing agency executing the state policy in the
sphere of credits, money turnover and currency operations regulating the work of the banking system in whole and operating as
reserve bank.
The main function of the Bank is protection and stabilization of the national currency, maintaining the nancial system of the country,
providing efcient and uninterruptable functioning of the payment system.
The ARTS owns Accounts State Monitor that provides control,
monitoring and management of nancial ows from one place
not only in the ARTS but also in internal and external nancial
systems such as program applications for general nancial
accounting, clearing system, external currency payment
system etc.
The adjustable schedule module is intended for system
switching from one state to another, automatically or manually.
Publication/subscription module is used for notication
messages and other information sending to the ARTS users.
Payments entry by the staff of the Bank of Algeria and its
branches situated in the province is done via the secure
dedicated network, at that the automated workplaces work on
the basis of the thin client technology. The ARTS became
the central node of the national payment system. 47 regional
clearing systems were linked to the ARTS system on the rst
stage. After launching of the new central clearing system CPI
regional departments of the Bank of Algeria migrated to the
new system without stopping or modifying the ARTS.
A full-scale interaction of all the systems in on-line mode
as well as connection to the ARTS of the new system were
provided by means of implementation of PIE technology which
is the backbone of the RTGS system and successfully applied
in the majority of other CMAs program products.
The participants of the settlement system are provided with a
set of automated workplaces that support a convenient human-
computer interface for preparation of payment documents and
processing of incoming information.
The program interface allows to link internal systems of
participants accounting on the base of processing without
human agency and thus considerably reduces errors that
inevitably appear when the information is processed manually.
ARTS supports the principal of double entry and information
verication in order to eliminate unpremeditated errors and
unauthorized system access.
Standards compliance
ARTS adheres to international standards and regulations in the
payment area of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
and the World Bank. All the systems messages are compatible
with the S.W.I.F.T. format.
Communication with payments participants is executed via the
dedicated network. The S.W.I.F.T. can also be used. There is
a full-function information crypto protection infrastructure. The
architecture allows to migrate to the SWIFTNet.