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- Instant Facelift Options Acupressure Exercises Offer

the Ultimate Facelift Alternative

Learn a simple facial toning program that you can do at home to revitalize the
. facial muscles and actually tone your whole face
, , ! No need for needles surgery or pain
An acupressure facial consisting of facial exercises provides a daily routine
. that you can do in just a few minutes each day
Facial exercise wors !etter than electrical toning and has !een practiced in
. "hina regularly for thousands of years
It can even help eliminate the desire for cosmetic surgery when practiced
. regularly
If you want to transform your loos without cosmetic surgery then create your
own facial exercise program incorporating these acupressure facelift exercises
. into your sin regiment routine #his daily facial worout is certainly a very
- low cost natural facelift option that tones and revitalizes the facial muscles
. without the expense and pain of surgery
$ith practice the following four exercises can even change the apparent shape
. of your face after several months of daily facial acupressure Understand that
- . facial exercises are not %uic fix solutions &ut they do provide a natural
. and positive approach to the appearance of younger sin In time you will
. really see a positive difference in your sin tone Everyone has the potential
, . to stay young looing or loo younger than their actual physical age
' Acupressure Facial Exercises
. (ou can com!ine these facial exercises with your natural sin care program
)ince the sin responds particularly well with acupressure you will see
, , . results in your complexion tone and stress lines (our facial muscles will
, relax and the overall vitality in your sin will improve reducing signs of
. , aging #his facial routine is nourishing to the sin and underlying structures
. including strengthening the muscles
. #he exercises use the !alls of the fingertips and also the palms of the hands
, In the first two and last facial exercise you will apply pressure to ey
. , ... acupressure points on the face Use firm !ut gentle pressure slightly
, -- . uncomforta!le not painful actually to a point where it feels good
(ou may also find that some places you touch are going to !e tender and
. , sensitive If you notice tender spots then most liely you are hitting the
. . exact points After time these places will !ecome less sensitive *ust as a
muscles in your nec and shoulder are sore at first when you !egin massaging
, . them !ut after a little while the muscles relax and release #he same occurs
. , with your facial muscles An acupressure facial is powerful and su!tle at the
. same time
( In "hina it is !elieved that a wrinle is actually caused !y stagnant "hi the
). word for life force energy #his first facial exercise is designed to
. naturally eliminate crows feet and tone the entire eye area
Facial Exercise for #oning Around the Eyes
- . Using your middle fingers wor !i laterally around each eye simultaneously
, (ou may want to use some natural moisturizer or organic massage oil and
. remem!er use slight pressure as you circle around each eye area
. First place your middle fingers at the !eginning of your eye!rows (ou are
going to follow the top of your eye!row to the end of your eye!row and
continue under your eye !y pressing your fingers on the top of your
. . chee!ones #hen continue to the inside corners of your eyes +o this facial
, exercise in a circular motion around the eyes thirty times and the complete
. set once daily
,ery few !eauty professionals understand the crucial importance of how facial
. muscles interact to create our facial appearance For example if you sleep on
, your stomach and smash your face into the pillow over time you are going show
. signs of wrinling wherever your face is continually stressed or s%uished It
is said that those who sleep on their !acs often have younger looing faces
. with less wrinling $ith acupuncture you are not necessarily woring each of
, , the muscles independently !ut you are stimulating the "hi which in turn
. !enefits and tones the muscles
, - As you age repetitive patterns cause some muscles to !ecome over exercised or
. , , pull on the face #his can cause jowls turey nec !aggy eyes and also
. . premature wrinles )o it is vital to stimulate the right facial muscles
"hinese regenerating face exercises can help the muscles remem!er your vital
. facial signature
Facial Exercise for -evitalizing the Eyes
For this facial exercise we are going to stimulate the acupressure point at
/ / the side of your face a!out . ' to . / inch !eyond the outside corner of each
. eye #he second points to stimulate are directly under your pupil on the top
. edge of your chee!one #his face exercise can soften fine lines and wrinles
. - around the eyes 0ress each of the points !i laterally for around three
, , . seconds then release for a moment and then repeat again for thirty counts It
. is !est to practice this pressure point exercise three times a day
&ig $ashing Face Exercise
, $e credit this techni%ue to (en $ei "hoog an acupuncturist in Northern
. , , "alifornia #his facial acupressure techni%ue will tone stimulate your face
. and clear your complexion while also preventing wrinles
. First mae sure you wash and dry your hands so they are clean #hen charge
. your palms !y placing them together and !risly ru! them !ac and forth An
- optimal num!er of times to charge your palms is thirty six !ac and forth
. . movements (ou will feel warmth in your palms as "hi energy forms
Now place !oth of your energized hands on your face with your little fingers
. . along side your nose 1ove your hands in a circular motion !y moving upward As
you move your hands upward your finger tips will cross your forehead and then
. , move downward and your thum!s actually pass over your ears Again !egin at
, , , chin and move along side the nose over the eyes to forehead along hairline
, . over ear and then !ac to the chin again +o this sweeping motion lightly
- . across your face thirty six times
As you incorporate this techni%ue into your daily sin care procedure the "hi
energy will harmonize in your face protecting your sin from the effects of
. - aging Any form of natural anti aging sin care when com!ined with these
"hinese acupressure techni%ues for the face will really get a !oost in its
. effectiveness
Full 0ressure 0oint Facial Exercise
(ou may also want to consider twice a wee adding a full pressure point
. acupressure facial to your routine (ou can easily follow this map of
. acupressure points at the left noting the points on the face #his is an
. , optimal exercise for creating a natural facelift alternative Again use the
- . !alls of the fingertips and apply !i lateral pressure #here are only two
, points on the forehead and one at the crease of the sin that are single
. points
, Everyone has a uni%ue facial signature of muscle development formed !y the
. way that the features are animated and interact to produce facial expressions
(our facial signature plays a large part in how your face loos and the way it
. ages 1aintaining and developing your facial signature is the secret to
, , staying sensual sexy and young looing !ut there are many factors in life
- , that erode the stay young potential in your facial signature and these can
tae their toll !y dulling your natural attractiveness and maing you loo
. older
Acupressure is 1ore than *ust a Natural Facelift
. $e all now that cosmetic surgery costs is expensive and also has some riss
#he use of Electro stimulation devices do not invite "hi into the face nor do
they address the muscle2s needs to actually revitalize and !ring !ac your
. youthful facial signature #he !enefits of these acupressure facelift
. techni%ues eep your facial sin from growing a little older each day (ou
will gradually see a difference as your sin !ecomes smoother and more
. radiant If you are interested in reversing facial aging practice this routine
, . for a month and notice the difference (ou will !e pleasantly surprised and
most liely will incorporate these exercises into your daily sin care
. routine