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Public Hearing/Fiscal Budget

April 21, 2014
The Village ! Fleisch"anns Bard ! Trustees held a Public Hearing n #nda$, April
21, 2014 at the %&ene #e"rial 'ibrar$ at 5(00 p)") n the 2014-15 *e+ised/Tentati+e
Budget) Present ,ere( #a$r Tdd Pascarella, -eput$ #a$r Ben.a"in Fentn, Harriet
') /rss"an and 0athleen *stad #iles) Village Trustee -a+id 1ates-Absent) Village
Attrne$ 2are$ 3agner ,as als present)
#a$r Pascarella pened the Public Hearing n the 2014-15 Budget !r the Village !
Fleisch"anns) Bac& in 4anuar$ 2014, #a$r Pascarella thught abut ,riting a budget
!r the Village5s ne, !iscal $ear) As ,as the case last $ear, ,e ,ill need t be as creati+e
and pen "inded as pssible t &eep Fleisch"anns n a strng !inancial !undatin in
these di!!icult ecn"ic ti"es) #an$ steps ha+e been ta&en +er the past !e, $ears t
cut csts ,here+er pssible such as shpping arund and s,itching insurance carriers and
cutting "$ ,n salar$) 6+en as ,e cntinue "a&ing prgress in rebuilding !r" the
de+astatin that Hurricane 7rene le!t us, the !inancial strain is real) The situatin is !ar
!r" gl" and d"8 h,e+er, there are e+er "re signs ! hpe and prsperit$ that
culd be c"ing bac& t Fleisch"anns in a big ,a$) The Bellea$re *esrt 9 %&i 2enter
e:pansin pr.ects are !inall$ ging t lcal planning bards) 3e are clser than e+er t
literall$ seeing hundreds ! "illins ! dllars being in+ested in the turis", recreatin
industr$ ,ithin a "ile ! the Village) *ight n, ,e need t sta$ !rugal, but als plan at
the sa"e ti"e !r the pssibilit$ ! rapid !uture gr,th s that ,e can "a:i"i;e the
bene!it t the Village ! ,hat culd happen here)
#a$r Pascarella ad+ised he ,as pen t an$ ideas that peple ha+e regarding ur ne:t
budget and !uture ecn"ic planning) As ,e are dra!ting this budget, 7 ,ill cnsider an$
+iable ptin ut there) Please !eel !ree t send the" alng t the Village and sta$ tuned
as this i"prtant prcess un!lds)
#a$r Pascarella "entined that he did nt recei+e an$ suggestins and it has been ne
! the tughest budgets t put tgether since he has been in+l+ed in the last !i+e <5=
$ears) The lng and shrt ! it is that a!ter Hurricane 7rene, the huses that ,ashed a,a$
and the "tels that ,ere ,ashed under bridges, ,ere ta&en !r" us 9 the ,a$ that ,e are
!eeling that n, is the ta:es that the$ paid are b+iusl$ n lnger being paid t the
Village) Fr the past t, $ears, ,e ha+e &ept the ta: rate the sa"e, cut the spending as
"uch as pssible, and hpe that ,e culd get enugh in thrugh late delin>uent ta:es t
&eep the budget in balance) A!ter a !inancial audit b$ the %tate 2"ptrller5s ?!!ice last
$ear, the$ ca"e t a cuple ! cnclusins that ,ere prett$ b+ius t us as ,ell) ?ne
,as that ,e ,ere lagging in ur ta: le+$ because ! the !act ! lst prperties, but als
because ,e had !r se+eral $ears been recei+ing a surge ! bac& ta:es that ,e are n
lnger getting either because peple are all caught up r their buildings are de"lished r
,hate+er it is) The secnd thing is that ur ,ater depart"ent ,as cnsistentl$ bringing in
less re+enue than pre+iusl$ 9 als ha+ing a lt t d ,ith !lding and the prperties
that are n lnger pa$ing ,ater)
#a$r Pascarella ad+ised he addressed all ! the ab+e issues head n) #a$r Pascarella
ad+ised that clsing the pl ,uld sa+e the Village appr:i"atel$ @14,000)00 a $ear) 7t
,as discussed ,ith the Village Bard and ,rte int the budget) Als addressed ,as the
re"+ing ! the delin>uent ta: receipts since the %tate 2"ptrller5s ?!!ice ad+ised that
the Village shuld nt be anticipating "re than the +alue ! the present ta:es) #a$r
Pascarella ad+ised that the Bard als l&ed at h, t restructure the ,ater depart"ent)
The Village sp&e ,ith -ela,are ?peratins, ,h runs ur se,er depart"ent t see i!
,e culd c"bine the se,er plant and the drin&ing ,ater peratins under ne r!) This
,as discussed ,ith the Village Bard 9 ,ritten int the budget as ,ell, ,hich results in
reducing the sta!! ! t, Village e"pl$ees t ne Village e"pl$ee as a cst sa+ing
"eans t bene!it the ,ater !und ins!ar as nt ha+ing t raise the ,ater rates and being
able t c"e in n budget !r the ne:t se+eral $ears)
#a$r Pascarella then ad+ised that the budget rate has gne !r" A)B1 per thusand t
C)BC per thusand) The ta: rate !r the Village has nt increased since 200B)
#a$r Pascarella pened the hearing t the public)
Closing Public Hearing/Budget 2014-15
#tin "ade b$ Tdd Pascarella t clse the Public Hearing n the 2014-15 re+ised
tentati+e budget) #tin secnded b$ 0athleen *stad #iles) Tdd Pascarella-A$e)
0athleen *stad #iles-A$e) Ben.a"in Fentn-A$e) Harriet ') /rss"an-A$e) -a+id
1ates-Absent) #tin s carried)
Special Meeting
#a$r Tdd Pascarella pened the %pecial #eeting at A(50 p)")
Budget Adoption/2014-15
#tin "ade b$ Tdd Pascarella t adpt the 2014-15 *e+ised/Tentati+e Budget as
presented) #tin secnded b$ 0athleen *stad #iles) Tdd Pascarella-A$e) 0athleen
*stad #iles-A$e) Ben.a"in Fentn-A$e) Harriet ') /rss"an-Da$) -a+id 1ates-
Absent) #tin s carried)
Tennis Court/Bids
#tin "ade b$ Tdd Pascarella t put the Tennis 2urt *eplace"ent as ,ritten in the
F6#A ,r&sheet ut t bid in the 2ats&ill #t) De,s n April E0, 20148 bids "ust be
recei+ed n later than 12(00 nn n #nda$, #a$ 12, 2014 and pened i""ediatel$)
#tin secnded b$ 0athleen *stad #iles) Tdd Pascarella-A$e) 0athleen *stad
#iles-A$e) Harriet ') /rss"an-A$e) -a+id 1ates-Absent) #tin s carried)
#tin "ade b$ Harriet ') /rss"an t ad.urn) #tin secnded b$ 0athleen *stad
#iles) Harriet ') /rss"an-A$e) 0athleen *stad #iles-A$e) Tdd Pascarella-A$e)
Ben.a"in Fentn-A$e) -a+id 1ates-Absent) #tin s carried)

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