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Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School

College Prep Academy

251 North First Street Jacksonville AR 72076 Tel 501-985-1200 Fax 501-985-1201
Challenge + Arts Infusion = Transformative Opportunities

To whom this may concern:

Mrs. Burgess served as a math and science teacher grades 6-7 for Jacksonville Lighthouse
Charter School during the 2012-13 school year. In this capacity she excelled in creating
engaging lessons utilizing the scientific method through rigorous lab investigations. She
developed her capacity to effectively communicate with parents and family members of our
scholars in order to further activate their influence on positive learning outcomes for individual
scholars. Mrs. Burgess worked in a fast paced and high expectations environment, which
required continuous learning and results. Under her efforts with the other science teacher our
students in grades 7-9 materialized real gains in science, with several students realizing a gain
of more than 3 points on their science section on the EXPLORE.

As the College Preparatory Academy grows and adds more grades we are looking for teachers
with 7-12 certifications in science and math. As a result, it is with eagerness and excitement
that I recommend Mrs. Burgess for a teacher position that better fits her certification and
abilities. I have confidence that Mrs. Burgess will continue to meet the needs of her students
and continue to learn and achieve at high levels.

Please reach out if you have any additional questions.


Chris Carter
Principal, College Preparatory Academy
Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School
March 15,2012
To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing in regard to your applicant Ms. Samantha Burgess. I recently had the opportunity to work
with Ms. Burgess. She was an extended substitute teacher for the Westside High School in J onesboro.
Her teaching assignment was eighth grade English. I am the Westside High inclusion teacher and I
spent one class daily with Ms. Burgess.
Ifound Ms. Burgess to be very professional. She was always early to work, never missed aday, and
was willing to stay late as needed to complete her job. Ms. Burgess always had assignments ready
each day. They were enlightened lessons and she was very familiar withtechnology and used itdaily
Another area concerning Ms. Burgess that impressed me was her-fairness. She asked to see a Westside
Handbook to ensure she was following school rules and polices. Each child was treated fairly.
Students knew what was expected of them and her classroom behavior control was awesome. She was
able to control large groups of students. Her classrooms were quiet, orderly, and very conducise to
learning. I always felt relaxed and that we had accomplished much upon leaving her classroom.
Ms. Burgess is talented in many areas. She would often ask my advice and always wanted my input to
improve in anyway she could. Ms. Burgess got along well with other staff members. She daily ate in
the teacher's lounge and got along well with all staff members. She was a good fit and often said how
well she enjoyed thejob at hand and would like to work at Westside. If I can be of any assistance to
you in making adecision about Ms. Burgess, please contact me. Irecommend her highly and would be
proud for her to teach my child.
Thank you,
Marsha Lewellyn
Westside High
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March 10, 2010

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to support Ms. Samantha Wrights application for a teaching
position within your school district. I got to know Samantha in the spring
semester of 2010. As university supervisor during her internship in Walnut Ridge
Middle School, I had various opportunities to observe and evaluate Samanthas
classroom teaching in alignment with strict and rigorous professional standards
for middle school science.
Samantha is a fine teacher. I was impressed with her outstanding performance
and passion for teaching and educating her students. Samantha always
presented herself as a professional in front of her class and observers, assuming
responsibility for student learning, and demonstrating initiative and enthusiasm
for teaching and the profession. Samantha also impressed me with her solid
knowledge of the subject matter she was teaching.
I strongly recommend her for a position in your school district. Please dont
hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or want to know more
about Ms. Samantha Wright.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Minghui GAO
Assistant Professor of Education
Department of Teacher Education
Arkansas State University
Phone: 870-680-8096 (Work)
781-244-9052 (Cell)
Arkansas State University Research Station, P.O. Box 820 State University AR, AR 72467, Phone: (870)
972-1017, Fax: (870) 972-3827 eMail:

Research Stations:
Arkansas State University, Arkansas Tech University, Henderson State University, Parkin Archeological State Park, Southern Arkansas University,
Toltec Mounds State Park, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, University of Arkansas-Monticello, University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Blytheville Research Station

The Arkansas Archeological Survey is a unit of the University of Arkansas System. The University of Arkansas is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

January 30, 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter is written to recommend Samantha Burgess for employment as a middle school teacher. I have known
Samantha since 1997 when she was a student at Westside. She assisted me with excavations at a site in Greene
County, Arkansas. She was advanced for her age (I believe she ma have been 13 at the time): talented, attentive,
bright, and capable. Because of these qualities, and her interest in archeology, I personally took her with me to the
Arkansas Archeological Society Training Program in 1998 and, later, to one of Annual meetings of the Arkansas
Archeological Society. I have always thought that Samantha will be very successful at whatever career she pursues.

Ive been fortunate to observe Samantha develop and grow into a truly wonderful and intelligent person. She has a
great deal of experience with computer applications. Her fine skills at web site production were evident when she
made a web site for my research during the time she was working on her degree at Arkansas State University.
Samantha tackles the most difficult problems with enthusiasm and energy. Her experiences both in academia and in
the real world, have prepared her to be an exceptional teacher and I highly recommend her for any teaching position.

There are very few students for whom I would give this strong a recommendation. Samantha is probably among the
brightest and most sincere students I have come across in my lifetime. If you hire her I think you will find a most
dedicated, caring and thoughtful young woman who will serve as an excellent role model for children.


Dr. Julie Morrow
Station Archeologist
Arkansas Archeological Survey
Jonesboro Station-ASU Museum Room 167/168