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Margaret Moran, Roberto E. Canino,
National President International Ambassador
Photos Brief May 2014 (May Second Edition)
Lydia Medrano, FL State Director(middle) with Norma Cress, FL Education Assoc. (FEA),,and Dr. Rosa Castro Feinberg, LULAC
International, and State Education Director; Next, Javier Molinares, Publisher/Editor Al Dia Today, and LULAC Ambassador Canino.

Left, Dr. Rosa Castro Feinberg, led and gave an excellent delivery of the Education Round Table: LULAC Consent Decree,
emphasizing on the difference between its enforcement on Public Schools who are guided by the LULAC Consent Decree and
Private Schools, which are not, as well as other disparities including ESOL evaluations, monitoring, teacher training, funding and
testing. The highly informative seminar, was the initiation of a very successful convention. Middle, Javier Molinares, President of
the Brevard County, new FL LULAC Council, is also the publisher and editor of the bi-lingual newspaper Al Dia Today., Right,
Ambassador Canino addressing the assembly.

Dr. Castro Feinberg (Education Round Table); Jose Manuel Godinez Samperio and Pamela Gomez (Immigration Seminar)
and Miguel A. Rivera, Jr., District Director, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, U.S. Dept. of Labor. Jose Manuel
Godinez Samperio, is the Mexican undocumented young lawyer from Tampa, FL whom, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that he
cannot practice law in the State of Florida, because hes not a citizen. However, it did call on the Legislature to correct what it called
an injustice. He spoke about his situation, status and ongoing efforts with the legislature to correct the injustice . Page 1of 5

Norma Reno, led the Women in Politics panel, where 3
political candidates in Brevard County were the panelists.
Each spoke about their motivation for wanting to serve in
an elected public office, including one campaigning to be a
judge, and another one to be a State Representative. The
panel covered the issue of the need of elected
representatives being able to better relate to the
Hispanic/Latino community, which is dramatically
increasing in Brevard county. The candidates expressed
that their position would be impartial in representing all of
their constituents; but that they could offer a better understanding of the racially and ethnically diversified communities.

Fr Left, Chane Eplin, Bureau Chief, Student Achievement of Education, FL Dept. of Education; Norma Reno, Edna
Canino, Roberto Canino, Betty Moore, City Council, Melbourne; Brian Binggeli, Ed.D., Superintendent Brevard Public
Schools. Right Photo, Supt. Binggeli with Power Point presentation on College Readiness.

Keynote Speaker, Victor M. Torres, Jr. FL State Rep. D- 48 ; GuillermoWilliamCapote, Mayor, Palm Bay, FL, and ,
Harry Santiago Jr. , Councilman, City of Palm Bay, FL., were speakers during Saturdays Gala Awards Dinner.

Mayor Capote; Ambassador Canino; Rep. Torres, Santa Wright; Dr. Castro Feinberg; David Sinclair; Wilfred Benitez and wife.
Luncheon guests were entertained by Mexican Folklore, Mariposas Monarcas

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Blanca Garcia, ESOL Parent Liaison, Brevard Public Schools, Judith Magloire, M.Ed., ESOL Resource Teacher; Miguel Rivera, Jr.,
Roberto Canino, and Juan A. Seda, ESOL Dept. Polk County Public Schools, , and Christopher Cano, Moderator, Immigration.
More Photos of Awards Gala Event

Jose Godinez. Samperio; Rep. Torres & daughter Amy Mercado; Norma Cress and FEA friends; and Ramon Martinez & Faviola.

Edna and Roberto Canino, Mari Corugedo and Rosa Castro Feinberg; and Aniria Wilson, son Pierce and daughter Nina.

Ed Quinones, Nelly Rodriguez, Delma Rodriguez; Convention assistants, Friend; Marcia Cedano, Secretary, and Norma Reno.
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Mari Corugedo, Pres., Council of the Year (Hispanic Educators); Delma Rodriguez, LULAC Woman of the Year;
Ed Quinones, FL Immigration Committee Chair Award , and Outstanding Community International Service Award and Medal.

Dr. Lydia Medrano, Florida State Director, received a LULAC International Ambassadors Service Award and Medal for her
exemplary leadership and personal commitment of services towards the expansion and enhancement of Hispanic and other minority
Communities in the areas of education, immigration, health, housing and civil rights. Ambassador Roberto Canino received
LULAC FL Lifetime Achievement Award for his distinguished service and improvement of international relations

Great entertainment was provided by JENNY LOVE, hers songs and her dance music, which got everyone to dance the rhythms.
Lots of fun after a full days work. Page 4 of 5
GENERAL ASSEMBLY LULAC Florida Business and Election of 2014-15 Officers.

Jose A. Fernandez, Immediate Past LULAC Florida State Director, conducted the meeting and served as
Elections Judge. The following officers were elected by unanimity: State Director -Lydia Medrano;
Deputy State Director Roberto Flores; State Treasurer Ramon Martinez; Deputy State Director for
Women Norma Reno; Deputy State Director For Elderly David Sinclair; Deputy State Director for
Youth Mari Carugedo; Deputy State Director, Young Adults Pamela Gomez. Ed Quinonez, was
appointed as LULAC FL Civil Rights Commissioner. Other appointments will
be announced by Dr. Medrano. For update information, go to

Aida Fernandez, Commissioner, LULAC National Womens Commission, reported on the activities of
the National LULAC Womens Conference, which recently held its very successful convention March 28
thru March 30, 2014, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The assembly voted for the 2015 LULAC Florida Convention to be held in Highland County, FL.

Congratulations to each of our Elected Officers for your dedication and commitment to serve as
volunteers to accomplish LULACs mission and goals!

Resolutions Passed
1. LULAC Florida support Protection of Our Veterans by mandating better medical care services and more accountability of all VA
Centers throughout the Nation;
2. LULAC Florida Support Several Anti-Human Trafficking Pending Bills Fighting for Our Children.
International Megans Law to Prevent Demand for Child Sex Trafficking, (H.R. 4573);
Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, (H.R. 3530);
Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act,( H.R. 3610);
Preventing Sex Trafficking and Improving Opportunities for Youth in Foster Care Act,( H.R. 4058), and ,
Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation (SAVE) Act of 2014,( H.R. 4225).
3. LULAC Florida Support Marijuana limited for Medical Purposes;
4. LULAC Florida Support the candidacy of Maggie Rivera for National President, with an Addendum which provides that
Florida Delegates to the LULAC National NY Convention are to freely vote for the candidates of their choice.
5. LULAC Florida In Support of voting only for those legislators who support issues of importance to LULACs mission and
goals, and/or vote against those who do not.


It is an exhilarating experience to attend LULAC National Conventions. Be part of the decision making for LULAC National.
For more detailed information go to The photo on the left is the Florida National Convention ribbon cutting
event held in Orlando, FL, 2012.

Roberto E. Canino,

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