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Christ The Antidote Regarding Death


Part 69.
The End Of The Day Of The Sword!
As one has written. ''As we acknowledge the Christ, we are loosing more of the Christ into human
consciousness & sin, disease, & death are there! lessened. The da! of the sword is "assing. In the
recognition of the Christ of our being, the Christ is on earth now instead of mortal man, the Christ as
uni#ersal identit!.''
$t is certainl! wonderful that in this da! & age we are witnessing the %econd Coming of the Christ,
who is actuall! a""earing to us in human consciousness uni#ersall!, not as in the "ast &ust to s"ecial seers
or s"ecial s"iritual endowed ones or to the few, ut as our writer ao#e has said' ''In the recognition of the
Christ of our being'' this awareness is now more ram"ant than we realise in the earth's higher
consciousness now. (o, the Christ has come & is coming to earth as the Consciousness of all of mankind.
)ou & $ ha#e the "ri#ilege of aiding in hel"ing to ring in this recognition to all men* The e#entual aim
of the %"irit is peace & harmony ! the recognition & the intimac! with our "eace lo#er e#en Christ
who is our true identit! of a realit! that is eternal & will not "ass awa!. +or did not our forerunner, our
attern Son inform us that ''my words shall never pass away.'' ,e are in truth witnessing the actual
"assing of the end of the %word. $t is none other than "eace in a nations heart that will sto" war, which
in#ol#es the la!ing down of arms - the sword - the uni#ersal consciousness of the Christ "er#ading the
atmos"here oth s"iritual & literal must ring a gradual change in the hearts of all men. As we egin to
realise the Christ as the identit! of e#er! "erson this must ring a change in all that we are in contact with.
,e do not ha#e to elong to an! s"ecial grou", teacher or religion. $ am, !ou are, we are all the tem"le of
-od & it is this realisation that has us know that we are !oint heirs of all that .ur +ather is & that all the
hea#enl! riches in -od in our consciousness are ours com"letel!, this surel! must ring an amnest! & an
end to the wielding of our %words. /suall! in an! war there comes a head on collision, a clash of wills &
wea"ons & one side sudues the other' in this case the great strategist, the Christ in us is a "eace lo#er &
is among oursel#es - as it were - taking man! ! sur"rise, !es ! "eace, in the realisation of who we are is
ringing the #ictor! & the com"lete & total surrender of our wills which is without re#erse & this #ictor!
our 0ternal +ather has ordained is e#entuall! fore"er. $ think that this would ring great "raise from our
hearts to a -od that has e#er!thing "lanned & under control.
The "lan of course is to set the whole of creation free, free from the sword of di#ision, free from the
sword of accusation, free from the sword of guilt & lame, disharmon! & most of all the flesh or the
lower life.
''Whoever finds his [lower] life will lose it [the higher life], and whoever loses his [lower] life on
y a!!o"nt will find it [the higher life]. 1at 23459. Am".
''#et see$ first the $ingdom and its righteo"sness, and these all shall %e added to yo".& 1at 6455.
C67. +irst seek the 8ingdom which is within us in the 1ost 9ol! Place or the secret "lace of the 1ost
'''rom when!e !ome wars and fightings among yo"( !ome they not hen!e, even of yo"r l"sts that
war in yo"r mem%ers('' :ames ;42. 8:7.

''W)*T +E*DS to strife ,dis!ord and fe"ds- and how do !onfli!ts ,."arrels and fightings-
originate among yo"( Do they not arise from yo"r sens"al desires that are ever warring in yo"r %odily
mem%ers('' :as ;42. Am". These te<ts refer to each & e#er! one of us, none of us are e<cluded.
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
Setting /reation 'ree!
''+or whoe#er are being #e$ ! -od's s"irit, these are sons of Go$. 2= +or !ou did not get sla#er!'s s"irit
to fear again, ut !ou got the s"irit of son>shi", in which we are cr!ing, ?Aa, +ather*? 26 The s"irit
itself is testif!ing together with our s"irit that we are children of -od. 2@ )et if children, en&o!ers also of
an allotment, en&o!ers, indeed, of an allotment from -od, !et &oint en&o!ers of Christ's allotment, if so e
that we are suffering together, that we should e glorified together also.? 2A +or $ am reckoning that the
sufferings of the current era do not deser#e the glor! aout to e re#ealed for us. 29 +or the premonition
of the creation is a%aiting the un"ei#ing of the sons of Go$. B3 +or to "anity was the creation
su&ected, not "o#untari#y, ut ecause of 9im ,ho su&ects it, in e&pectation? B2 that the creation
itse#f' a#so, shall be free$ from the sla#er! of corru"tion into the g#orious free$om of the chi#$ren of
Go$.? BB +or we are aware that the entire creation is groaning and tra#ailing together until now. B5 )et
not onl! so, ut we ourse#"es a#so, who ha#e the first>fruit of the s"irit, we oursel#es also, are groaning in
oursel#es, a%aiting the son(ship' the $e#i"erance of our bo$y)? Rom A42;>B5. C67.
''0efore *%raham was 1 *m'' 6ong efore Araham - who was the father of the religion of Israel -
a""eared on the scene the transcendental consciousness was* The consciousness of the Christ is not
allotted to onl! one wa! of thinking or e#en to Cile lo#ing adherents alone, now "lease do not
misunderstand me, for $ lo#e the Cook, & man! who would deride it & ha#e a thing against it, that is
where the! are until an enlightenment. ,hat we are sa!ing is that not one grou" or wa! of thinking has
an! "riorit! on the eternal consciousness which is what we, e#er! man are "art of. This $ must also stress
that the following in no wa! contradicts the a## men message ut actuall! enhances the o#erall message of
''1 will draw all men "nto me'' this is after ''1 am lifted "p'' :n 2B45B. This com"leteness of this #ifting
up will e the wonderful "ri#ilege of the man>child grou" who are the forerunners of those who
o#ercome death & the! in turn will #ift up the Christ ! leading miraculousl!, ! su"ernatural e<am"le
& re>introduce this com"lete full consciousness that was ours e#en before Abraham to the whole of
mankind this time with a onus, which is that we will finall! e e<act re"licas of the Christ who a""eared
after the resurrection to Thomas & others who said in essence, touch me & see that $ do indeed ha#e a
changed od!. This man>child is ''!a"ght "p to 2od and )is throne'' Re# 2B4=. Can we catch the
im"act of these wonderful s"iritual words caught up to Go$ an$ His throne it oggles the mind & can
onl! e gras"ed part#y in s"irit for until its ha""ening, onl! those who are in this grou" will fu##y know
this wonderful e<"erience. This *caught up to Go$ & His throne* e<"erience must not e looked at so
much geogra"hicall!, this is a s"iritual statement, of course the s"iritual will affect the outer in the ruling
& reigning' Cut know this it will e#entuall! ha""en to a## men for the ook of Acts refers to the man!
sages that are "artl! mentioned in Acts 2@4 BA, ''for in Him we are living and moving and are, as some
poets of yours also have declared, ''For of that ra!e also are we'' C67, so we see the writer of the ook of
Acts ears witness to this also. The Am"lified would sa! ''%"t we are *+SO )is offspring.''

''For since by man came death, %y man came also the resurrection of the dead. 22 For as in dam all
die, so also in /hrist shall all be made alive. 2! "ut each in his own order# Christ the first-fruits$ then
they that are Christ's, at )is !oming. 2% &hen cometh the end, when he shall deliver up the 'ingdom to
(od, even the Father$ when he shall have abolished all rule and all authority and power. 2) For he must
reign, till he hath put all his enemies under his feet. 2* &he last enemy that shall %e a%olished is death.
2+ For, )e p"t all things in s"%3e!tion "nder his feet. "ut when he saith, ll things are put in
sub,ection, it is evident that )e is e-cepted who did sub,ect all things unto him. 2. nd when all things
have been sub,ected unto him, then shall the Son also himself be sub,ected to him that did sub,ect all
things unto him, that 2od may %e all in all.'' 2Co 2=4B2>BA. A%7.
The word *coming* is from the -k word Parousia, which means presence, %trongs D 59=B. This word
would throw a different light on what man! ha#e een taught on this truth as man! think in the hol! "lace
or "entecostal o"inion that the coming of Christ would e that 9e is coming in an actual odil! form.
The "resence of Christ who is eterna# Spirit who is at one with the +ather is coming IN 9is "eo"le, 9e is
coming to e ''glorified 14 )is saints'' ,e are not going to #iew a "h!sical "resence that is going s"lit
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
the sk! or come in #itera# c#ou$s+ The meaning of c#ou$s are actuall! the host of hea"en which is
mentioned in Dan @425 which is an analog! or t!"e, & 9e 2B42 ''we are surrounded by a great /+O5D
of witnesses'' we would also add ''They are !lo"ds witho"t water'' :ude 2B4, once again referring to
men. ,e must rememer that the Cile is full of analogies, if we are inclined to take it literall! then we
will easil! e lost in the ook which is full of hidden t!"es & shadows which ha#e to e searched out or
more im"ortantl! re#ealed to us ! the %"irit of Truth.
1 Will 6erfe!t That Whi!h /on!erns #o"!

I #o"e you, These are three of the most wonderful words an! of us can hear & if said from the heart can
do so much good in this world. The Euestion could e asked. Did -od create an! law or "ower at an!
time to destro! creationF (o* Cut it has at times entered into the mind of man. As "erfection or eternal
consciousness "rogresses we will find that the da! of not #i"ing ! the sword is in the o#erall
consciousness of man is now more increased than is realised*
$t is a #ital truth & it was not s"oken lightl! when we were informed that '')e that lives %y the sword
shall die %y the sword.'' This is a truth that holds a conundrum, the $ying that Christ would use for those
of us who would li#e ! the sword, is a sword of 9is own, it is not so much that Christ the %"irit would
wield a sword against us "ersonall!, ut if we are um"ing u" against the laws that the %"irit, the eternal
consciousness has set down then we come u" against a force - or /word - that is called the *-or$ of Go$*
which is far greater than what an! of us can resist & if we do so we can onl! in some wa! e#entuall! e
the losers. $t is far etter & easier for an! of us to e<"erience this d!ing in oedience rather than in
disoedience. Celie#e !ou me $ know what $ am talking aout. :ohn in the ook of Re#elation would
gi#e us this ad#ice.
''If anyone is for !aptivity, into captivity he is going. If anyone will %e $illing with the sword, he must
with the sword %e $illed. Here is the endurance and faith of the saints.0 Re# 25423. Concordant. (ow
this killing is actuall! the sla!ing of the se#f %i## which is in each of us. 8now this no matter what it takes
& no matter how long it takes .ur +ather intends to ha#e e#er! one of us com"letel! conformed to 9is
will. %ome are wonderfull! further ahead than others, if we could onl! realise it is a done deal & it is as
finished now as when when :esus said it was, for if the truth e known it was finished e#en ''%efore the
fo"ndation of the world.''
7illed 0y The Sword!
''1ou 'now that our 2ord 3esus Christ was 'ind enough to give "p all his ri!hes and %e!ome poor, so that
yo" !o"ld %e!ome ri!h.'' BCo A49. C07.
''For you are becoming progressively ac4uainted with and recogni5ing more strongly and clearly the
gra!e of our 2ord 3esus Christ 6His 'indness, His gracious generosity, His undeserved favour and
spiritual blessing7, 8in9 that though )e was [so very] ri!h, yet for yo"r sa$es He %e!ame 8so very9 poor,
in order that by )is poverty yo" might %e!ome enri!hed 6abundantly supplied7.'' B Co A49. Am".

Did not :esus sa! ''1 %ring a sword''. The ao#e unfortunatel! can ecome if we allow it a sword to
some. 9e ecame "oor so that %e ! 9is humilit! & "o#ert! would realise not onl! our "otential, ut
that we would actuall! ecome ENRICHED in the truth of the .no%#e$ge of our heritage in the eternal
s"irit or abun$ant#y supp#ie$ in the truth of who we actuall! are & that is *Christ*s*, sa#iours of
mankind this which will first e comp#ete#y realised ! the man>child. $n realising this wonderful
lierating truth of &ust what Christ accom"lished ! on the po"erty that 9e did, to make us RICH
we are to realise that it elongs to us e#en now* This does not mean that we ha#e to o#erste" the mark as
1oses did & strike ack at the #er! R.C8 from whom 9e was not onl! drawing his wonderful
sustaining s"iritual water ut actuall! deri#ed his -odl! identit! of which he was to the "eo"le e#en as in
lieu of -od, ut ecause he was dis"leased with not Euite getting his wa!, this in fact cost him his eing a
"art of the :oshua & Cale grou" who were a type of the man>child grou" & entering into the "romised
land which toda! re"resents our o#ercoming of death.
''8Inasmuch as we9 ref"te arg"ments and theories and reasoning's and every pro"d and lofty thing
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
that sets itself up against the [tr"e] $nowledge of 2od$ and we lead every thought and purpose away
!aptive into the o%edien!e of /hrist 6the :essiah, the nointed ;ne7,'' BCo 234=. Am".
Paul would also tell us, ''However, when they meas"re themselves and !ompare themselves with
themselves and compare themselves with one another, they are witho"t "nderstanding and behave
"nwisely'' BCor 2342B Am". ,hat we are ad#ising here is that we would do well to consider that if
Paul would indicate that this was ha""ening in his da!, then are we e<em"t from considering that it might
a""l! to oursel#es e#en toda!F

''For I am 5ealous for you with a godly eagerness and a divine ,ealousy, for I have %etrothed yo" to
one )"s%and, to present you as a !haste virgin to /hrist.'' BCo 224B. Am".
The word 9usand can e interchanged for the word ridegroom. Cridegroom is reall! another term
for the Christ s"irit. ,e see here another reference to the m!stic marriage etween s"irit & soul, etween
the ridegroom & the ride. 9ow can the two e wed the ride - soul < until the ridegroom - spirit - is
first allowed to come & to e gi#en free rein. Christ the eternal %on is the true e#erlasting ridegroom.
'')e that %elieves not the Son'' cannot ha#e the %on in him in 9is regenerating fullness. ,hen a man
elie#es he o"ens himself u" to the %on & the light of regeneration streams in. (ow as we ha#e
mentioned man! times efore as far as s"iritual fact & truth is concerned there is reall! no se"aration
etween the two - soul = spirit - it is ecause thus far we are tr!ing to #iew it through the "ei# which is
our flesh or our lowered consciousness, which is eing $iminishe$ as our true awareness is eing
increased. If %e $o not be#ie"e the Son ho% can %e house the Son. .ur +ather is seeking those who
tremb#e at 9is ,ord, - that is - as 9e would s"eak to us in %"irit within our inner consciousness to e 9is
com"lete haitation we would e oedient. +or confirmation we ha#e cited the elow.

''&hus saith 3ehovah, Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool# what manner of ho"se will
ye %"ild "nto me( and what pla!e shall be my rest> For all these things hath my hand made, and so all
these things came to be, saith 3ehovah# but to this man will 1 loo$, even to him that is poor and of a
contrite spirit, and that trem%leth at my word.'' $sa 6642>B. A%7. ,e are not forgetting that our title &
theme is The End Of Day Of The Sword!
*n E8tra!t 'rom The Dead Sea S!rolls!
**An$ thus sha## it come to pass in the generation of t%o times a thousan$ years' that these things
sha## come into fu#fi#ment**
**The ne% prophet of that far a%ay future time /))))) re"e#ations about my rea# teaching %i##
sha.e up the structure of the %ho#e Earth' because at this time the %or#$ %i## be inun$ate$ by my
teachings %hich ha"e been $istorte$ an$ fa#sifie$ by the scribes' an$ the earth %i## #i"e in a fa#se
cu#t %hich %i## bring it $eath) 0efore the t%o times a thousan$ years are past' the ne% prophet %i##
re"ea# my unfa#sifie$ teaching in sma## groups' as I teach in sma## groups my truste$ frien$s an$
$iscip#es' the %is$om an$ the .no%#e$ge of the 1a%s of The Creation) An$ it sha## not be gi"en to
.no% unti# that time %hether it sha## be that the prophet is of ma#e or fema#e)**
**An$ it %i## become true in t%o times a thousan$ years' %hen man has become a%are an$' that my rea#' unfa#sifie$ teaching %i## be re"ea#e$ ane%)**
To man! the ao#e of course s"eaks for itself ut for the sake of those who are new we gi#e the
following e<"lanation. The ne% prophet that is referred to here is the cor"orate od! of Christ that are in
this da! seeing that they are now the 1ost 9ol! Place, that is that the! are the real Tem"le that houses the
fullness of -od oth singularl! & collecti#el!. This grou" are seeing the fallac! of the distortion of the
unenlightened scries which are li#ing in a false cult & ha#e done des"ite to what truth the! ma! ha#e
had & what enlightenment may ha#e een there in the first "lace. **As I teach in sma## groups my
truste$ frien$s an$ $iscip#es)** This is the Christ 9imself s"eaking. ,here the mention of the "ro"het
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
eing *ma#e or fema#e* $ feel that the answer is found in what the A"ostle Paul would tell us when writing
to the elie#ers at -alatia.
''&here is 8now no distinction9 neither 3ew nor (ree', there is neither slave nor free, there is not male
and female$ for you are all one in /hrist 9es"s.'' -al 54BA. Am".

The e<tract finishes with **that my rea# unfa#sifie$ teachings %i## be re"ea#e$ ane%)** $ "ersonall!
would inter"ret this to mean that the truth that was understood *before Abraham %as I Am* will e
re#ealed anew which are referring to **The .no%#e$ge of the 1a%s of The Creation** along with the
understanding of the wonderful "lan that -od has for the man>child in the #er! soon e<"ectations for the
cor"orate od! of Christ.
The Evol"tion Of 1n!reasing :evelation!
Actuall! to m! wa! of thinking it is #er! sim"le in that we as mortal & s"iritual eings kee" on making
the same mistake o#er & o#er, in sa!ing this we would rememer the "ositi#e side which includes the old
adage **he %ho ne"er ma$e a mista.e ne"er ma$e anything)** ,hat $ am aout to share came to me
so clearl! this morning' most of us alread! know the "rinci"al ut the one fault is that most of us are so
sure that it ne#er "ertains to oursel#es.
%ince the light - from one aspect only - has egan glinting through since the time of :an 9uss, 25@5>
2;2= who incidentall! was the link etween :ohn ,!cliffe & 1artin 6uther' 9uss was urned at the stake
for his con#ictions, of which we are well aware is still a #er! common occurrence for light earers e#en
toda!. ,e then mo#e along to 1artin 6uther 2;A5>2=;6 & through to Dar! etc & down the line through
to the earl! 2933s Pentecostal mo#e then into the latter rain mo#ement until toda!.
+or generations men & women, Churches, grou"s of "eo"le ha#e een recei#ing re#elation from -od
& there is no dout that man! were ins"ired of the %"irit as no one man has a "riorit! on the truths of
s"iritual consciousness. ,h!F +or it is innate in e#er! man, unfortunatel! the ins"iration recei#ed is
usuall! magnified & thrown out of "ro"ortion until #irtuall! nothing else matters e<ce"t that the
re#elation gi#en ecomes o#erstressed & then < unaware to the proponent - ecomes war"ed, a message
of its own & then the author ecomes ogged down & entra""ed & cannot see an!thing else ut his own,
out of "ro"ortion message with its own one e!ed slant. (ow "lease do not think that an! of us are e<em"t
to this ha""ening & we are not ringing this with a iased attitude, $ can onl! share what $ am gi#en, we
are tr!ing to im"art the thought that was clearl! gi#en to me this morning to o"en the "rison doors & to
aid in ringing the **En$ Of The Day Of The S%or$)**
(ow the real "rolem is not so much with the first who recei#ed the ins"iration ut with the ne<t
generation, the! ecause of "erha"s "ersonal in#ol#ement are full! assured that the grou" or "erson ha#e
recei#ed from -od ecome #er! one>e!ed & "lace their faith more in the grou" or "erson than in the
Christ who is the ''*"thor and finisher of o"r faith'' 9e 2B4B, so the outcome e#en in our own ranks is
in one wa! #er! little different from what has een ha""ening for yon's the world o#er & as we ha#e
mentioned efore we are so sure that this could not ha""en to an! of us es"eciall! oursel#es. (ow if we
"ut an!thing to "a"er that would ha#e a negati#e or downgrading influence without a "ositi#e & u"lifting
influence what good is accom"lished to & for the od! of Christ. **So the E"o#ution of increasing
Re"e#ation** is showing to us things that we need to e made aware of what could "erha"s e in our midst
that we ma! cast them aside & forge ahead, for go ahead we will, for our 0ternal Consciousness has
"lanted 9is %on within in us that we will not fail ut succeed for when we are are told in :ohn 2B4 5B ''1
will draw all men to myself '' the word $ra% is actuall! akin to DRA-, according to %TR.(-% D -25A.
%o realising that we -od's $1A-0 in our lowered consciousness Rom 2245B, are actuall! eing
s"irituall! DRA--0D to 9imself, this once again gi#es us much confidence in a lo#ing -od who has our
"ersonal & cor"orate interest at heart.
The Sword With * Twist!
$n m! o"inion one of the most diaolical laws that has affected man's length of life is the thinking that
three score & ten or @3 !ears is the allotted life s"an that man has een gi#en. Cillions ha#e taken this
into their consciousness & this has affected generation, u"on generation. $ "ersonall! feel that it is a lie of
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
the worst kind. The fruit of this lie is still affecting man toda!. +irst of all let us look at where this theor!
was deri#ed. $n the 93
cha"ter of the Cook of Psalms we read.
''For we 8the Israelites in the wilderness9 are !ons"med %y #o"r anger, and by #o"r wrath are we
troubled, overwhelmed, and frightened away. . ;ur ini4uities, our se!ret heart and its sins 8which we
would so li'e to conceal even from ourselves9, 1ou have set in the 8revealing9 light of 1our countenance.
? For all o"r days 8out here in this wilderness, says :oses9 pass away in 1our wrath$ we spend our
years as a tale that is told 8for we adults 'now we are doomed to die soon, witho"t rea!hing /anaan9.
@A &he days of o"r years are threes!ore years and ten ,seventy years---or even, if by reason of strength,
fo"rs!ore years 6eighty years7$ yet is their pride 8in additional years9 only labor and sorrow, for it is
soon gone, and we fly away.'' Psa 934@>23. Am".
''For all our days are passed away in thy wrath# we spend our years as a tale that is told. @A &he days
of our years are threes!ore years and ten; and if %y reason of strength they %e fo"rs!ore years, yet is
their strength labour and sorrow$ for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.'' Psa 9349>23. 8:7.
Celow we are Euoting from the footnote at the ottom of the 93
cha"ter in the Am"lified Cile.
''This "salm is credited to 1oses, who is interceding with -od to remo#e the curse which made it
necessar! for e#er! $sraelite o#er twent! !ears of age Gwhen the! reelled against -od at 8adesh>arneaH
to die efore reaching the "romised land G(um. 2;4B6>5=H. 1oses sa!s most of them are d!ing at se#ent!
!ears of age. This numer has often een mistaken as a set s"an of life for all mankind. $t was not
intended to refer to an!one e<ce"t those $sraelites under the curse during that "articular fort! !ears.
%e#ent! !ears has ne#er een the a#erage s"an of life for humanit!. ,hen :aco, the father of the twel#e
tries, had reached 253 !ears G-en. ;@49H, he com"lained that he had not attained to the !ears of his
immediate ancestors. $n fact, 1oses himself li#ed to e 2B3 !ears old, Aaron 2B5, 1iriam se#eral !ears
older, and :oshua 223 !ears of age. (ote as well that in the 1illennium a "erson d!ing at 233 will still e
thought a child G$sa. 6=4B3H.''
+or those who were "erha"s not aware of the ao#e this will no dout hel" enlighten !ou so to take
awa! the curse of this fallac!. This is loosing more truth into our consciousness in hel"ing that
transgression, disease, & death are there! eing lessened.
/omes The )o"r /omes The an!
.ne of the most startling #erses of scri"ture that $ ha#e had o"ened to me of late is the second #erse of
Romans A.
''For the law of the /pirit of life, in Christ 3esus, hath made me free from the law of sin and death.''
Rom A4B. ,ester. Please notice the word HAS' Past tense.
$n the "ast a numer of #er! s"iritual men ha#e taken this #erse & seen some of the "ower of it &
gained a certain insight into its incredile meaning & ha#e accom"lished great signs wonders & healing>s.
.ne of these among others was the late :ohn - 6ake. ,hen he first went to Africa he found himself in
the middle of a terrile "lague & to get rid of the dead affected odies he hel"ed to ur! them, the doctors
who saw this said to him Gby handling the dead bodies you are signing your own death warrant,H :ohn
6ake informed them' *No, The moment any germ touches me it $ies.* $n short the doctors decided to
test him & were Euite amaIed, the! asked him his secret, his answer was this '''or the law of the Spirit
of life in /hrist 9es"s hath made me free from the law of sin and death.'' Rom A4B. 8:7. 9e also
stated' This #erse is acti#ated in m! life constantl! for $ elie#e it & stand on it. This is what was
re#ealed to him' ut if we take this #erse to its limit, which a grou" of highl! s"iritual "eo"le will soon
do, it is utterl! amaIing.
$ wish now to tr! to im"art to !ou dear reader what -od is sa!ing to me right now as regards this
#erse. ,e must consider that there is not one "romise that -od has gi#en us that has not alread! een
accom"lished. +or instance ''0y )is stripes yo" are healed'' ''0y his stripes yo" were healed'' ''#o"
are more than !on."erors'' ''are given to "s great < pre!io"s promises that %y these yo" might %e
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
parta$ers of )is divine nat"re'' The word might here does in no wa! mean ma!e, o#er a "eriod of
man! !ears the meaning has changed. -.D% ,.RD would sa! ''will share'' 0R7 ''!an share.'' All of
these "romises were gi#en to us ! the 6am' ,henF ''The +am% that was slain from the fo"ndation of
the world'' Re# 254A. The word world is from the -reek word 'osmos. ,e read in :ohn 2@4= ''restore
e to =. #o"r presen!e as 1 had with #o" %efore the world - 'osmos < e8isted .'' $n 0"h.24;a, we read,
''Even in )is love )e !hose "s in /hrist %efore the fo"ndation of the world.'' The word world here is
once again from the word 'osmos. (otice that it all ha""ened before the foundation of the -OR1D.

''For we which have %elieved do enter into rest, as he said, s I have sworn in my wrath, if they shall
enter into my rest# although the wor's were finished from the fo"ndation of the world. % For he spa'e
in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, nd (od did rest the seventh day from all his wor$s. )
nd in this place again, If they shall enter into my rest. * /eeing therefore it remaineth that some m"st
enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not in %e!a"se of "n%elief# + gain, he
limiteth a certain day, saying in Bavid, &o day, after so long a time$ as it is said, &o day if ye will hear his
voice, harden not your hearts. . For if 3esus 23oshua4 had given them rest, then would he not afterward
have spo'en of another day. ? &here remaineth therefore a rest to the people of (od. @A For he that is
entered into his rest, he also hath !eased from his own wor's, as 2od did from his. @@ 2et us labour
therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same e-ample of unbelief.'' 9e ;45>22. 8:7.
The works of -od were finishe$ from the foun$ation of the world. As -od has cease$ from all 9is
works which ha#e een comp#ete$ & prepare$ 9e is now waiting for all who would be#ie"e to &oin with
9im & cease from their o%n %or.s & enter into His rest which does not entail an! works on our ehalf
onl! the s"iritual #abour of entering 9is rest which also entails the faith of -od which is at our dis"osal
free gratis whene#er we trul! decide.

''&he mystery of which was hidden for ages and generations 8from angels and men9, %"t is now
revealed to His holy people 6the saints7, &o whom (od was pleased to ma'e 'nown how great for the
(entiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the Hope of
reali>ing the glory.'' Col 24B6>B@ Am". ,e notice that the Am" adds *rea#ising the g#ory)* 6et us now
look a little closer & see if we can gain the full im"act of this Rom A4B #erse,

''For the law of the /pirit of life, in Christ 3esus, hath made me free from the law of sin and death.''
$s this "ossile that 9e has a#rea$y made us free from the law of sin & death & we ha#e een walking
elow our statusF $n suggesting this $ re"eat that there is not one thing that we can think of that was not
accom"lished before the foundation of the kosmos, also the "romises of -od are !ea & amen, in other
words we %ere healed, we are "artakers of 9is Di#ine nature' we are eing encouraged ! our +ather
who would encourage us to realise that it is alread! gi#en to us past tense.
$n the mentioning of the ao#e this will cause a further Euickening of the truth of this law of the s"irit
of life in Christ :esus which is alread! within our s"irits, our Christ consciousness, which is waiting for
our faith to e acti"ate$ on that which is alread! a "art of us for in actual fact from -ods #iew we ha#e
a#rea$y een made free from this law of sin & death, if !ou do not elie#e me, $ suggest that !ou go to
the +ather the author of our might! "lan of eternal lo#e & liss & enEuire of 9im, this is done Euite easil!
! asking !our -od in !our eternal consciousness e#en in !our true identit! -ITHIN.
I '''or the law of the Spirit of life in /hrist 9es"s )*S made me ':EE from the law of sin and death.''
Rom A4B. Cile in Casic 0nglish.
''For the law of the /pirit of life in Christ 3esus has set me free from the law of sin and of death.'' Rom
A4B. Dar!.
Has set me free. There is no one that we can e com"letel! assured of that has accom"lished this
e<ce"t :esus ut we are encouraged that '')e that is 3oined to the +ord is one spirit.'' $t is m! contention
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
that we can egin to stand on this truth e#en now. $f we can recei#e it we can egin to ha#e these words
acti#e for oursel#es e#en now. Those who will e old enough to stand on this & will acti#ate this truth
through faith in their li#es could well e a "art of the com"an! that will ha#e een set free from the #a%
of sin & $eath & will e a "art of the o"ercoming group that will destro! the last enem! eing $eath)
''prove all things; hold fast that whi!h is good;'' 2Th =4B2. A%7.
A## things are "ossile in Christ :esus. ,e cannot go an! further than our #ision. ,e each & e#er!
one of us limit our "ossiilit! ! the de"th & height of our #ision. .ne thing that will hel" determine our
#ision is the #er! first commandment.
&)ear, O 1srael? The +O:D o"r 2od, the +O:D is one. #o" shall love the +O:D yo"r 2od with all
yo"r heart and with all yo"r so"l and with all yo"r might.'' Deut 64;>=. 0nglish %tandard 7ersion.
These words are also found in 1ark 2B4B9>53. The! are also found in 6k 234B@. Coth are Euoted !
:esus. The ao#e Deuteronom! te<t would indicate a set a"art "eo"le, a sanctified E5e. 66789 "eo"le
which -od willing we ho"e to share in de"th with !ou soon. As alread! indicated it is m! con#iction that
it will e the man>child that will e those who will realise the full im"act of Rom A4B #erse & so ! the
s"irit are ale to realise the fu## meaning of this*
What 1s O"r Tr"e Spirit"al Stat"s(

''For in )im the whole f"llness of Deity 6the (odhead7 continues to dwell in bodily form 8giving
complete e-pression of the divine nature9. @A *nd yo" are in )im, made full and having come to fullness
of life 8in Christ yo" too are filled with the 2odhead--Father, /on and Holy /pirit--and reach full
spiritual stature9. nd He is the Head of all rule and authority 8of every angelic principality and power9.''
Col B49>23. Am".
,ithin our s"irits is -od or the -odhead who created all things. ''We are !omplete in )im.'' ,hen a
a! is orn the first thing we do is to check all the #arious "arts of the od! to make sure that it is
com"lete, it ma! not !et e mature ut it has all that is reEuired to grow, learn & mature, it is com"lete.
+rom the moment that we were orn of the %"irit of -od, we are com"lete, we ma! ha#e a lot to learn in
our maturing, the hands will grow larger & stronger as with e#er! "art of our od!, ut we ha#e alwa!s
een com"lete right from the #er! get go. ,ithin our s"irit right from the eginning is the one who
created all things ''1 and my 'ather are O4E'' or one %"irit, this a""lies to us also, ''in )im the whole
f"llness of Deity !ontin"es to dwell.....yo" too are filled with the 2odhead.'' ,ould this e our true
s"iritual statusF $ would most assuredl! sa! so** .ur faith needs to e acti#ated so we trul! egin to
walk in these things.
''Ce still, and know that $ am -od4 I %i## be e&a#te$ among the heathen, I %i## be e&a#te$ in the
earth)** Psa ;6423. 8:7.
(otice first of all that the word am is in italics which means that it is not in the original, it has een
added to em"hasise the inter"retation that the unilluminated translators of that era wished to "ut on the
#erse. 6et us ask oursel#es how is -od going to e e&a#te$ among the heathen or how will 9e gain
e<altation in the earthF ,ould it startle !ou that the "lan of -od which is to e"ery man is that 9e is not
onl! among the heathen ut 9e "lans to e e<alted IN the heathen. 9e is alread! there, ut through
illumination & re#elation 9e "lans to e enlarged & e<alted in them further. Then to go a little further 9e
also "lans to e e<alted in man who is from the earth earth! & to e e<alted in their earth. IN their earth
or in their earthl! odies, this is not to mean that the earthl! mortal od! is to e e<alted. -od 9imself
will e e<alted %ithin man. 6et us now consider #er! carefull! the first se#en words of this #erse
omitting the word am. ''0e still and $now that 1 2od,'' +or the sake of clarit! "lease allow me the
liert! of e<"laining it this wa! *0e sti## an$ .no% the the I is Go$)* ,ho is the I: The I A; of course
9e is our one & onl! true identit!. And for em"hasis we again orrow from Am"lified #ersion of Col
B49>23, ''*nd yo" are in )im...... yo" too are filled with the 2odhead.'' 8now this, !ou ha#e %ithin
you the s"irit that created the world. $ wish to lea#e !ou with one last te<t on this wonderful su&ect.
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
''$ said therefore unto !ou, that !e shall die in !our sins4 for e&cept <E be#ie"e that I am he, !e shall
die in !our sins.'' :ohn A4B;. American %tandard. ,here it mentions in your sins this could e
e<changed for in your mista.en i$entity)

''&herefore I said to you that you shall die in your sins, for if yo" do not believe that 1 *, you shall
die in your sins.'' :ohn A4B;. 18:7.
Please notice that this time it is the word 90 that is in italics & has een inserted. The sim"licit! of
the #erse is sa!ing if <O= do not elie#e that !our identit! is the I A;' !ou shall like most elie#ers die
in !our mistaken identit! or in other words e<"erience "h!sical death. Those who trul! elie#e that the!
are &oined to & "art of the $A1 will not see "h!sical death, these $ elie#e will fulfil Re# 2B4=, the irth of
the man>child. 9ow wonderful that we are told that we are 3OINT HEIRS with Christ. $ would remind
us that Euite often when :esus referred to 9imself 9e would ring us into the same categor! for instance.
:esus said ''1 am the light of the world'' 9e also said '' #o" are the light of the world'' 1t =42;. ,hen
9e referred to 9imself as eing one with the +ather 9e also said that %e %ere one %ith Him, who is of
course one with the +ather. ,e reiterate that we are !oint heirs with 9imself. As Christ is the onl!
%o#ereign 8ing of kings & 6ord of lords.2Tim 642=. Re# 29426. ,e are also a""ointed 'ings = priests
unto our (od Re# 246 & =423. -e sha## reign on the earth. %o if we dare to elie#e that we are in our
true identit! I A; we will not ha#e to die in our mista'en identity ut will in fact e changed from the
mortal to the immortal whilst not e#er lea#ing this earth. After those who are "art of this grou" *the man(
chi#$* ha#e shared their message with the world then will come to "ass the following.

''I will e-plain a mystery to you. Cot every one of us will die, but we will all be changed. )2 It will
happen suddenly, ."i!$er than the %lin$ of an eye. t the sound of the last tr"mpet the dead will be
raised. De will all be changed, so that we will never die again. )! ;ur dead and decaying bodies will be
changed into bodies that won't die or decay. )% The %odies we now have are wea$ and !an die. "ut they
will %e !hanged into %odies that are eternal. &hen the /criptures will come true, &Death has lost the
%attle! )) Dhere is its victory> Dhere is its sting>0 2Co 2=4=2>==. C07. ,hat wonderful "lans our
might! -od in Christ :esus has "lanned for us in the future, !es the best shall certainl! be #ast)
:aising O"r Thin$ing!
$f we think that -od has ke"t the %orst until the last we are in our thinking not e#en !et in the outer court.
1an! elie#ers focus on the terrile things that men are "ro"hes!ing & whether the! e true or not,
ne#ertheless $ am kee"ing m! mind on the wonderful things that -od has in store for us **The 0est -i##
0e 1ast** if we kee" our mind on the negati#e it will show in our attitude & demeanour. $ re"eat -od has
ke"t the #er! best unti# #ast' the earth shall e filled with 9is -lor!. 9ear the following*

''0"t as tr"ly as 1 live, *++ the earth shall %e filled with the glory of the +O:D.'' (um 2;4B2. 8:7.

''&hey shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain# for the earth shall %e '5++ of the
$nowledge of the +O:D, as the waters !over the sea.'' $sa 2249. 8:7. ,e can kee" our mind under the
sole of our oot if we want to ut as for me & mine $ am focusing on the est & not on the worst, the truth
is that -od has ke"t the #er! best until the #ast.
*vailing O"rselves Of *ll )is 0enefits!
$ ask the Euestion is healing in the atonementF $f so $ "resent another Euestion. Are we ecause of our
third da! "osition e<em"t from the full enefit of what was accom"lished on the cross all of which is
found in the atonementF
''"less the 2;EB, ; my soul, and forget not *++ his %enefits, who forgives all your ini4uity, who
heals all yo"r diseases,'' Psa 2354B>5. 0nglish %tandard 7ersion. Please notice the words, - *++ of our
diseases - which includes all sicknesses. $n m! o"inion the fact must e settled once & for all that healing
is in the atonement & is to & for e#er! one of us (.,. $f we are not elie#ing ''for in )im all things
Christ The Antidote Regarding Death
are possi%le'' how in -ods name are we going to ha#e 9is est if we do not aim for it.
''S"rely he has %orne o"r griefs and !arried o"r sorrows$ yet we esteemed him stric'en, smitten by
(od, and afflicted. "ut he was wounded for our transgressions$ he was crushed for our ini4uities$ upon
him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we *:E healed.'' $sa =54;>=. 0%7.

''S"rely he has borne o"r griefs, and carried o"r sorrows$ yet we did esteem him stric'en, smitten of
(od, and afflicted. "ut he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our ini4uities$ the
chastisement of our peace was upon him$ and with his stripes we *:E healed.'' $sa =54;>=. American
%tandard 7ersion. $ #er! much like the word S=RE1<) This is a great encouragement to us all*

''nd the inhabitant shall not say, 1 am si!$# the people that dwell therein shall %e forgiven their
ini."ity.'' $sa 554B;. American %tandard. 9ere we see that iniEuit! & sickness are once again united &
as we well know are in the atonement for our %ho#e sa#"ation which includes oth our transgressions &
our healing. Please notice the confession, ''shall not say 1 am si!$.'' $ feel that it would e a""ro"riate to
add here, ''What 2od has 3oined together let no man p"t as"nder.''
$t is one thing to e misinformed & lo#e that misinformation, strengthen oursel#es in that lie & li#e
elow our true status if it affects onl! oursel#es, ut it is entirel! another thing that if this "osition affects
man! others in that ! eing caught u" in this influence the! ne#er e#en tr! to acti#ate their faith to claim
''all of )is %enefits'' which we are told that we are not to forget. $f ''healing is the !hildren's %read''
1t 2=4B6, $ certainl! know that the sons of -od would not e eliminated. This wonderful truth is ne#er
going to disa""ear ! "utting our hands o#er our ears.
+aith can onl! e acti#ated if we .no% the truth & the truth is gi#en to set us free. +ree from whatF
$niEuit! & diseases or sicknesses* This is the result of Cal#ar! which is found in the atonement,

$t would e good for us all to realise that the result of the atonement is dee" within our spirit man & is
"art of our true inner identit!, !es the full result of the atonement is "art of us & needs to e elie#ed &
released ! faith from within oursel#es.
''&hat it might be fulfilled which was spo'en by Fsaias the prophet, saying, Himself too' our infirmities,
and %are o"r si!$nesses.'' 1at A42@. 8:7.
The great $rish statesman 0dmund Curke once wrote. **The on#y thing necessary for the triumph of
e"i# is for goo$ men to $o nothing)**
The End Of The Day Of The Sword!
Ra#ph >no%#es' 3une) ?@86)
$f we ha#e een "rone to human error in this article it is not "ur"osel!, & $ trust that a little kindness would allow for an! fault
& that we will consider & imie the etter or s"iritual "art of that which is "resented & intended. R,8.