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Harry and the Weasly’s were just about to eat dinner/

Ginny spotted Harry and turned a bit red “Oh hey Harry.” Harry waved “Hey
Gin, how are you?” “I’m fine.” She smiled and sat down. Ron leaned over and
whispered “She’s liked you more than ever now that you saved her.” Ron laughed. “Oh
great, haha” Harry replied, But his attention was turned to the food that was placed on the
table “Woa” Harry blurted out. “Thought you’d like it, it’s Ron’s favorite
Mrs.Weasly smiled “Mashed Potatoes, Steak, Broccoli with cheese, noodles, bread, and
pie.” Harry began to drool, he couldn’t help it, it looked so good. Mrs.Weasly had just
brought over the last tray with the rolls on it, and sat down. “Well, dig in.” Harry has
been waiting for that, and just then all the five Weasly children faught and yelled over the
table “COME ON, give me the potatoes!” Yelled Fred, “Wait your turn!” Ron replied.
Harry grabbed some Broccoli and cheese, some steak and noodles, and finally some
potatoes, he added salt and pepper and ate every last bite. “Awh man, I am so full.” Ron
said with a burp.

“What do we say?” Mrs.Weasly hounded on Ron, who rolled his eyes “Excuse
me.” She nodded “Harry would you like some pie?” she asked. “Hey mum, what about
us?” Fred said “Yeah, we’re your own kids.” George said laughing “Oh, you two, of
coarse you get some, I was only asking Harry first because he –is- the guest you know.
And besides, he should have some before you all stuff you faces and eat it all.”
They all laughed. “Yes, some pie would be nice” Harry said “thanks.”

Just then there was a flash followed by a huge BAM. Ginny jumped, and
everyone looked out the window. “What is with that rain?” Mrs.Weasly asked “I was
wondering the same thing, do you know anything at all?” Harry asked. “No, Harry I’m
afraid I don’t. Soon enough we will know” “Any way, what do you say we go to Diagon
Ally on the 25?” They all nodded “We should write Hermione then and see if she’d like
to meet us, Harry.” Mr. Weasly was looking at the mail while the Fred and George did
dishes (magically of coarse) and Ginny, Ron and, Harry helped Mrs. Weasly clear the

“Look here” said Mr.Weasly with a swift sip of his coffee “kids, your Hogwarts
letters have arrived, including you Harry.” Mr. Weasly placed then on the table and the
kids grabbed their letter and read what materials and books they needed for this year at
Hogwarts. “Wow, we need a bit this year, and the prices went up.” Said Ron, “Well,
yes. The prices do go up with the year, you need new books, more advanced books at
that.” Replied Mr. Weasly. “Don’t worry dear, we aren’t that poor.” Mrs. Weasly said
with a smile. Harry had nothing to worry about, he was practically rich when in the
wizarding world. “Well, would you look at the time kids it’s nearly 10:30. Maybe you
should all head up to bed, and don’t worry about the rain.” He said with a wink towards
Ginny. Harry and Ron walked up the stairs that spiraled, they hear they pouring rain hit
the windows and the roof, but no matter what Harry always felt at home in ‘The Burrow’
Ron gave a yawn and opened the door to his room. Both the boys got dressed and Harry
noticed a spare bed has been brought up, He plopped down in it, took off his glasses, and
placed then on the dresser next to Hedwigs cage.

“What do you think of the rain?” asked Ron. “I don’t know, Ron. I guess I don’t
think it’s anything.” Ron shrugged, your probably right Harry. Harry lied down,
followed by Ron “Night Harry, see you in the morning.” Ron said turning off the light,
“Night.” And he drifted off to sleep.


“He’s coming, you must all get out of here, and it’s not safe here anymore.” *
flash of light*
“who are you?” Harry asked. “I am, well I can not say, but to warn you I can.”
The woman in his dream has brown hair, wavy and green eyes, who resembled Harry.
“Please, tell me why isn’t it safe?” Harry asked “I can not tell you, it will change the
future’s path, but I can warn you. If I risk telling you the world can change so much, I
can not do that, and won’t I am sorry, please forgive me.” Harry nodded. “It’s ok, I
understand.” The lady smiled “I will be back if I feel it is necessary, do not worry.”
“Where are we? And why are we surrounded by light? Are you an angel?” Harry
asked, he had so many questions. She laughed, “I can not say just yet, you will know
soon enough when the time comes.” Harry thought she was pretty, but who is she. He
nodded again, “Right, ok.” “I must go now, please don’t tell any one, only ones that you
can trust.
Immediately Harry thought of Hermione and Ron. * flash of light (brighter) *
Harry shielded his eyes with his arm as he watched her go.
“Good bye Harry” and the lady vanished.


Harry bolted straight up, he was very cold, and it was only 5:30 am. He looked
over at Ron who was straight asleep, he calmed himself down ‘When should I tell Ron
and Hermione, def. Together, but when?’ He lay his head back on the pillow, closed his
and went back to sleep. ---a few hours later he awoke again, Ron was still asleep and it
was 12:30, Harry decided to wake up Ron, he was hungry and bored. Speaking of which
he looked outside and saw the rain still pouring down, he heard Mrs. Weasly in the
kitchen. ‘Ginny go wake the boys.’ Harry thought he heard her say. He pulled the covers
off Ron who groaned and shivered. “What is it Harry?” He said. “Time to get up Ron
it’s almost 12:30, we overslepts a bit.” Ron laughed “No we didn’t Harry, I usually sleep
till 12, but that’s nothing sometimes Fred and George sleep till 1 or 2:00.” Harry couldn’t
remember the last time he slept till two o’clock. “I never get to sleep that late, I should
try it out tomorrow.” Harry said with a laugh. “Yeah you really should, and I’ll try it
with you, because school is almost starting and it’s back to waking up at like 8 or so
again.” He grumbled. “Yeah, but I can’t wait to go back.” Harry replied, now he couldn’t
wait more than ever, he misses it so much, “Well Harry, looks like you’ve lucked out, we
go back in like less than a week, but I guess I am excited too, I sure know Fred and
George are.” They both got dressed and headed down stairs to find breakfast for them on
the table “There you two are, I was just about to have Ginny wake you, how was your
sleep?” Mrs. Weasly announced. “It was great.” Ron said yawning, Harry nodded
“What’s for breakfast?” he asked, “I’m starved.” Mrs. Weasly smiled, and pointed to the
plates on the table, “And there is more where that came from, in the oven. I’m off to take
a shower, wake your brothers after you eat please.” And Mrs. Weasly headed upstairs.

Ron and Harry ate up their breakfast, placed the plates in the sink, and headed for
the stairs, “We better go wake the bozo’s and then go write Hermione.” Ron said “haha
yep.” Harry replied. When they reached Fred and George’s door, there was a DANGER
sign on it, “What’s that for?” Harry asked pointing to the sign “Oh that?” Ron said
“remember Harry this is Fred and George, they invent the wacky candy and fireworks.”
Harry laughed “How could I forget?” He said.

KNOCK KNOCK, “GET UP YOU TWO!” Ron yelled through the door, Harry
heard the twins groaning “They must have stayed up half the night again working, mum
hates that.” KNOCK KNOCK “ARE YOU UP YET?” Ron yelled again. “YES, GO
AWAY!” Ron looked at Harry and Shrugged, and Harry who shrugged back said
“C’mon lets go write Hermione then.” And they headed up to Ron’s room.
When they got in Harry fed Hedwig some owl pellets while Ron got a piece of
parchment “Ok, Harry what to say?” Harry looked up, “Ron, what’d you mean? It’s just
Hermione we are only writing to ask her if she’d like to meet us at Diagon Ally.” Ron
blushed “Mm, Right then. Ok.” He sat at his desk and Harry watched over his shoulder.

Dear Hermione,

Hey, Ron and Harry here. We were wondering if you’d like to meet us at
Diagon Ally on the 25? Please reply A.S.A.P we hope you can make it.

---- Harry cut in, “Oh ask her if she knows anything about the rain.” He said with a shrug.
Ron looked up, “Hey good thinking.”

---letter continue

Oh and Hermione, do you know anything on this strange rain we’ve had
non stop? I mean the news man says flooding will occur, but it hasn’t, Oh well write us
with your reply, good bye

Your friends,
Harry and Ron.

“There,” said Ron “that should do it” he said tying up the letter
“Take Hedwig, Earol might get drowsy or lost.” Harry said
Ron nodded, “Good thinking, thanks Harry” Harry took Hedwig out of her cage “Don’t
get lost, and good luck… Bring this to Hermione, and come straight back.” Harry said to
Hedwig petting her, she nipped his finger, and Ron put the letter in a leather pouch, and
tied it to her leg, and she was off.

Harry looked out side, “It’s so dark out, and it’s only 1:00, what’s going on?” He
asked. “It’s probably just a tropic storm or hericane, don’t worry it’ll stop soon.” Ron
replied. But Harry wasn’t so sure, it’s just to strange, even if it does stop, it’s still weird.
Then he remembered his dream, could this mean something? Was the dream even real or
was it “just a dream” (Harry said under his breath) “What?” said Ron. Harry looked up,
a bit surprised, “What?” Harry asked “Well, you said ‘just a dream’ what about a
dream?” Ron asked again. ‘Oops, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t even know I said that’
Harry forced a smile “Oh nothing, I don’t know” Ron looked at him with a puzzled
expression “Just a song I heard somewhere, and I wanted to know if you have heard it.”
Harry lied, Ron pondered “No, Harry I don’t believe I have.” Harry nodded.

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