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 Reduced quality of work because of
discontinuance of business, changed Industrial
process, seasonal fluctuations in relation to
volume of business and Industrial depression etc.
were some of the reasons for occurrence of labour
 The nature of work, low wages, poor working
conditions, less opportunities for advancement & so
on also create the problems of labour turnover.
 Bad relations of workers with the management also
cause labour turnover. When the management is not
satisfied with the performance of the employee, it
takes disciplinary actions against them.

 Some times workers involve the activities of
union. In many situations these union base
activities of the workers create conflict with
the management. Due to that reason labour
turnover occur.
 Labour turnover may be occur due to the
poor health of the employee, accidents,
death, superannuation etc. which are the
personal problems of employees.
 Some employees have always focus on
getting attractive job in any other Industry
due to their unsatisfied condition in the
current Industrial environment. These will
lead to the labour turnover in that particular
 The bad requirement applied by the
management may leads to the occurrence of
labour turnover.
 Analysis of the employee’s records &
identification of dissatisfied categories of
employees by the manager is necessary to
reduce labour turnover.
 Identification of the factors or sources
influencing turnover & exit interviews also
help the management to reduce the labour
 Separation of controllable factors from
uncontrollable will be logical to solve
reduction of labour dues.
 Provision of factory policies, procedures &
practices is necessary for reducing labour
 Having identified & analyzed the factors, the
unit should chalk out an action plan to
remove influencing factors. This will reduce
labour turnover.
 It causes instability in the working environment
of an organization.
 It causes instability in the working environment
of an organization.
 It can affect both the quality as well as the
quantity of production.
 As workers are deprived of the facilities, it
reduces their organizational solidarity & so they
move from one industry to another.
 The experienced workers replaced by the
unskilled workers.
 Natural labour turnover due to the death,
retirement etc. are unavoidable.