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The New Manufacturing Machines from Ganesh Machinery at IMTS 2014

A celebrated leader in the machining industry since their inception in 1985,

Ganesh Machinery is excited to showcase their range of brand new products at
this years International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 (IMTS)
Booth #S-8045.
The Ganesh name is revered and trusted because of the quality and durability
of all their equipment, as well as their unwavering commitment to customer
service. As one of the most anticipated exhibitors at the show, Ganesh
Machinery is expected to unveil their new CNC Big Bore Oil Country Lathes, as
well as the Vertical Machining Center (High Speed VMC) and the CNC Turning
Milling Center (or CNC Multitasking Machines).
Vertical Machining Center (High Speed VMC)
The Vertical Machining Center (High Speed VMC) thatll be displayed is no less
impressive. Its features include:
40.5 X 23.6 X 25.6 Travel
1,417 Inch Per Minute Rapids
Mitsubishi M720 CNC Control
10 Thru-Tool Coolant Pull Studs
12,000 RPM Direct Drive Spindle
Rugged Cross-Roller Linear Ways
300 PSI Thru-Spindle Coolant
Big Plus Spindle
Fully Enclosed
30-Tool Arm Type ATC
1.7 Second Tool Change
Belt Type Chip Conveyor
Spindle Chiller Standard
Oil Skimmer Standard
4th & 5th Axis Wiring
Most impressive perhaps is the 64 bit RISC CPU processor, 20GB Hard Drive,
which allows for ample space in terms of design programming.
CNC Turning Milling Center (or CNC Multitasking Machines)
Computerized CNC Milling and Turning machines have been estimated to cut
down labor to ten minutes for every hour of production, whereas machines
that dont utilize this type of technology require constant attention and human
interaction. They are also able to handle multiple operations in single settings,
so there is no need to stop them to reposition work pieces or change tools.
This, of course, dramatically lessens the possibility of human error.
A general misconception is that combination CNC Milling and Turning
machines are not as efficient in performing both functions as their stand-alone
counterparts, because their specifications cannot possibly be matched by CNC
Multitasking Machines. This CYCLONE-32CS 7 Axis CNC Swiss Machine - Twin
Spindle, Simultaneous Machining of Main and Sub Spindle turn mill center
from Ganesh Machinery, however, clearly disproves this by providing the

Complete Turning, Milling, Front & Back on one machine

18" Full "Y" Axis

High Performance C Axis

11 Live tools (4 Radial, 3 axial, 4 Sub Spindle)

27 Total Tools (18 Main and 7 Sub Spindle)

1 3/8" Bar Capacity

Full Parts Catcher with Conveyor

Chip Auger Standard

Rugged 7,800lbs Machine Weight

Double-Anchored Ball Screws

Multitasking "B" axis CNC Turn/Mill Center with Double "Y" AxisCYCLONE-
52BY2 "B" Axis CNC Turn/Mill Center - Highly Versatile, with Full "B" Axis,
Double "Y" Axis.

12 Tools with Full "B" Axis Capability

Full "C" Axis on Main and Sub Spindle

ER-20 Holders

36 Total Tools

18 Live Tools (12 Main -- 6 Sub)

Parts Catcher with Conveyor

6,000lbs Integral Spindles

51mm (2") Bar Capacity

Rugged 13,345lbs Machine Weight

The New CNC Big Bore Oil Country Lathes
CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) technology has revolutionized the
performance, safety, and productivity of lathes by removing the need for
direct human intervention. Ganeshs new heavy-duty CNC Big Bore Oil Country
Lathes run on the commands of an advanced software-generated program,
ensuring highly precise, almost error-free metalworking procedures. New
advancements in CNC technology help the lathe detect where errors have
occurred within the machine, thus reducing any wastage.
The new CNC Big Bore Oil Country Lathes to be displayed at the 2014 IMTS
feature the following specs:
The Front and Rear Chuck Mounts are built with fine grain high-density
Meehanite processed cast iron. This Meehanite cast iron dampens
vibrations for an enhanced surface finish, giving it the tool life capacity
necessary to handle heavy-duty turning.
To minimize stick/slip and improve accuracy, the saddle and cross slide
are Turcite-B anti-friction coated.
GT-3060 CNC Big Bore Oil Country Lathe 30" Swing, 60" Centers is
available with Fanuc Oi-TD CNC Control and CNC Fanuc Axis and Spindle
These four machines alone should make the trip to this years IMTS
worthwhile. It will be held in McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois from the 8

to the 13
of September 2014 Booth # S-8045. The show will also feature
thousands of other visitors from various countries and over a thousand
exhibitors from around the world. Visitors will be able to attend conferences,
gather news concerning the latest advancements in products and services,
and gain insight into the future of manufacturing technology. IMTS offers an
excellent opportunity to network, showcase innovative new machines, and
learn how to overcome common challenges in the manufacturing industry.
For more information about the manufacturing machines provided by Ganesh
Machinery, please visit
Ganesh Machinery provides CNC machines to a variety of machine shops,
manufacturers, schools, and distributors throughout the United States.
Established in 1985, the family-owned company has sold and serviced
machines for more than 12,000 customers.
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