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A. This section includes all labor, tools, materials, equipment, and services required for and
reasonably incidental to the execution of all electrical work shown on the drawings and/or
specified herein. All work required by this section shall be subjected to the Terms and
Conditions of the Contract and the General and Special Conditions of the Contract and the
General and Special Conditions specified for the project.

B. The subdivision of the specifications into sections is for the purpose of simplification alone and is
not intended to designate the extent of work of any subcontractor or trade. The responsibility for
the segregation of the work of the various trades shall rest with the General Contractor. Each
Contractor shall be responsible for a thorough understanding of the General Conditions, General
Instructions and the extent to which the same affects his work.


A. The latest effective publications of the following codes, standards, etc., as applicable, shall form
a part of the specification, as if written herein, and shall form the basis for minimum
requirements. The maximum requirements shall not relieve the Contractor from providing a high
grade of materials and workmanship where specified herein. Where local codes and regulations
have requirements in excess of those shown on the drawings or specified, the local
requirements shall be provided by the Contractor at no additional cost to the Owner. After
completion of work, the Electrical Contractor shall furnish to the Owner a certificate of final
inspection. The Electrical Contractor shall bear the cost of all necessary inspection fees.
1. The Local Electrical Code
2. The National Electrical Code
3. The Local Building Code
4. The Life Safety Code
5. Rules and regulations of the Potomac Electric Power Co.
6. Rules and regulations of Verizon Telephone Co.
7. Rules and regulations of Comcast Co.
8. The Americans With Disabilities Act.

B. All work shall comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. If any work
does not meet these requirements it shall be brought to the Architect's attention prior to ordering
or fabrication.


A. References to equipment and materials of specified manufacturer in the plans and specifications
are made solely for the convenience of the bidding Contractors in order to explicitly describe the
nature of the equipment and quality of materials desired. It is not intended that this be construed

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as a proprietary specification.

B. Equipment of other manufacturers will be considered provided that the equipment or material
offered are of equivalent quality, construction and meet or exceed the performance requirements
as set forth for the equipment or materials specified.

C. Shop drawings submitted for each item offered as a substitute shall be clearly marked and
contain all information necessary for evaluation and comparison with the equipment specified.

D. The Contractor offering substitute equipment shall be responsible for all changes necessitated
by the use of the substitute equipment, if accepted. This responsibility shall include, but not be
limited to, weight, space requirements, electrical services, branch circuit and overcurrent
protection and compatibility for the general design criteria of the project work.

E. All equipment, appurtenances, and materials, furnished by the Contractor shall be compatible so
that all components, when installed as a unit in the system, will function harmoniously and

1.04 SCOPE:

A. The Contractor shall provide all labor and materials required for complete installation of all
electrical work as specified and shown on the drawings. All work shall be subject to the
Engineer's review and acceptance.

B. Work Included - The work included under this section of the specifications, in general, shall
consist of the following list of items. This list shall not be considered as a complete list of all the
work to be included. Items not listed herein, which are otherwise specified or shown on the
drawings, shall be included as required for complete electrical installation.
1. Permits and certificates.
2. Switchboards and distribution equipment.
3. Switches, modular metering equipment and loadcenters, devices and all other electrical
materials, equipment and apparatus.
4. Lighting fixtures and lamps as called for on the contract drawings.
5. Fire alarm, security, access control, door entry and other systems specified.
6. Emergency generator and automatic transfer switches.
7. Work specified under other sections of the specifications which is to be included under this

C. Other Specification Sections - The Contractor shall examine other sections of the specifications
in order to determine the extent of other work required to be completed under this section.
Failure to do so will not relieve the Contractor of responsibility to perform all work for a complete
and satisfactory installation.
1. All conduit and wiring shown on the Electrical Drawings or specified in this section to be
provided for electrical apparatus being furnished by other sections will be included under
this section of the specifications.
2. All conduit and wiring not shown on the Electrical Drawings nor specified in this section for
electrical apparatus being furnished by other sections will be included under the Section
"Furnishing and Apparatus" unless otherwise specified therein.
3. All conduit and wiring not shown on the Electrical Drawings nor specified in this section for

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washers, dryers, unit heaters, etc. being furnished by other sections will be included. Refer
to “House” panel schedules for additional information.
4. All conduit and wiring not shown on the Electrical Drawings or specified in this section but
required to provide power wiring to mechanical equipment such as small motors, to
plumbing items such as small circulating pumps, etc. shall be provided complete to provide
a fully operational system. Contractor shall fully coordinate all such requirements with other
trades prior to commencement of work.
5. When required, the Contractor shall handle and install all electrical apparatus being
furnished under other sections of the specifications by others.


A. All materials and equipment shall be delivered in manufacturer's original packages with seals
unbroken, and with manufacturer's name and contents legibly marked thereon. Store materials
off the ground, under cover, and protected from the weather and construction.


A. As work progresses, Electrical Contractor shall record on one set of Contract Electrical Drawings
all changes from the installation originally indicated.



A. Electrical equipment and apparatus furnished for the project shall be new and shall be listed by
the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Defective materials or materials damaged during their
installation, inspection, or tests shall be replaced or repaired subject to the Engineer's review.

B. Drawings - The drawings indicate the general extent and arrangement of the installation
requirements only; the installation shall conform to all applicable code requirements and field
conditions. Changes required to meet above shall be made at no additional cost to the Owner.
Work indicated or specified, but having details obviously omitted or not shown, shall be provided
complete in order to perform the function intended.

C. Installation - In general, all raceway and wiring systems, conduits, etc., shall be installed
concealed unless otherwise indicated or specified. All work shall be performed in a workmanlike
manner subject to the Engineer's review.

D. Interference - The Contractor shall coordinate the electrical installation with the installation of the
work of other trades involved in the project. In the event of interference requiring work to be
relocated, work shall be performed subject to the Engineer's review and at no additional cost to
the Owner. It shall be the Contractor's responsibility to coordinate the work prior to installation in
order to avoid possible interferences. In the event of disagreement between different trades,
such matters shall be referred to the Engineer for interpretation of design intent, and his decision
shall be final and binding on all parties.

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E. Samples - When requested by the Engineer or specified herein, samples of any item of electrical
materials shall be submitted for examination and review. All costs involved shall be at the
expense of the Contractor. Approved samples may be installed in the project or returned to the
supplier at the Contractor's option. Samples which do not conform to the design intent will be
returned to the Contractor.

F. Defacement or Damage to Equipment - All necessary precautions shall be taken to prevent

damage to the work of others. In the event damage is caused, the Contractor shall be
responsible for the repair or replacement of the damaged parts to the satisfaction of the
Engineer. Manufacturer's nameplates, equipment rating plates, and other approved
identification material will be permitted to be installed on equipment.

G. Roughing-In - All necessary dimensions and information covering the electrical work required for
the installation of equipment furnished under other sections of the specifications shall be
obtained from the trade furnishing the equipment. Failure to obtain this information will not
relieve the Contractor of the responsibility for the correct location and type of electrical work

H. Submittals - Submit in accordance with the General Conditions the following items:
1. Switchboards and Distribution Equipment
2. Switches
3. Modular Metering Equipment and Loadcenters
4. Devices
5. Fire Alarm Systems
6. Light Fixtures
7. Security System
8. Door Entry System
9. Access Control System
10. Emergency Generator and Automatic Transfer Switches

I. See coordination drawing requirements.


A. The Contractor shall verify the ratings of motors furnished under the Mechanical Section of the
Specifications to ascertain that branch circuits and electrical equipment furnished are of the
proper capacity; if revisions are required, they shall be made at no additional cost to the Owner.


A. New electrical services shall be 120/208 volt, 3-phase, 4-wire and 480/277 volt, 3-phase, 4-wire
as indicated on the drawings. The Contractor shall furnish and install all flashing and water tight
sleeves as required for electric service penetrating building walls and shall assume responsibility
for water tight installation of electric services. In addition, contractor shall provide all other
accessories such as service wireway, etc. as may be required by local Electric Power Company
to provide electrical service.

B. Contractor shall coordinate all secondary requirements with the utility design engineer to provide

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a complete system.

C. This Contractor shall verify the complete service installation with the power company. The entire
installation shall be in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the power company.

D. All charges made by the Power Company for their part of the service installation will be billed
directly to the Owner and paid for by the Owner.


A. Provide a temporary electrical service with sufficient number of circuits to provide illumination
and all other necessary power for construction tools, etc. All temporary electrical service shall be
removed in its entirety at the completion of the contract requirements.

B. This Contractor shall cooperate with others so that such permanent feeders and circuits are
installed when required to test and operate permanent equipment prior to substantial completion.

C. The Electrical Contractor shall be responsible for and pay the cost of the complete and
satisfactory removal of the "temporary" electric service and the restoration, replacement, or
rearrangement of all property and facilities destroyed or disturbed as a result of providing the
temporary service.



A. Examine the site and all drawings before proceeding with the layout and installation of this work.

B. Arrange the work essentially as shown, exact layout to be made on the job to suit actual
conditions. Confer and cooperate with other trades on the job so all work will be installed in
proper relationship. Precise location of parts to coordinate with other work is the responsibility of
the Contractor.

C. Arrange for required sleeves and openings. Contractor is liable for cutting or patching made
necessary by his failure to make proper arrangements in this respect.

D. Install all work in a neat and workmanlike manner, using only workmen thoroughly qualified in
the trade or duties they are to perform. Rough work will be rejected.

E. Provide a full time superintendent who shall oversee and coordinate the work with other trades,
receive instruction from the Architect and make proper layout of the work to suit the job
conditions and to satisfy the general requirements of the contract.


A. Protect electrical work and equipment until finally tested, inspected and accepted. Protect this
work against theft, injury or damage and carefully store material and equipment received on the

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site and not immediately installed.


A. Regardless of locations shown on the drawings, the Contractor shall not install any equipment
requiring inspection or maintenance in inaccessible locations. Where locations shown will be or
will become inaccessible, the Contractor shall notify Engineer prior to installation.


A. Final inspections and tests shall be performed in the presence of the Owner or his authorized
representative. The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, and equipment required.
Before final payment, the Contractor shall deliver to the Owner all certificates of compliance with
regulations of the local inspection authority.

B. The tests shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Owner as follows:

1. That all circuits are properly connected in accordance with applicable wiring devices.
2. Any defects shall be repaired at once.


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