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Everything About SAP Basis


List All registered S-Users in SAP
If you want to list all registered S-USERs who assigned to your company, then you can use
the following link to get easily..
You will get the following screen ;

Click to link Search and Maintain Users
On the next screen select your COMPANY from CUSTOMERS area

Click to Search button
You will get your S_USERs list who assigned to selected customer


Create SAP Area Menu
If you want to create your own SAP Area Menu then you can check the following steps
and activate your menu with selected transactions

Press F5 button to create your own new area menu.
Input your Area Menu Name and Description then press the Create Area Class

You will get new screen , press the Add Entry as Subnode button like shown below

You can add the transaction codes which you want to see in your Area Menu



Execute your SAP Area Menu name to test it

You should see the transaction codes which you already inserted in the area menu


Copy SAP Area Menu and Assigned to
Yesterday we have seen Creating SAP Area Menu , today we are going to continue with
Copying the SAP Area Menu topic
Its so easy and we will use the same transaction code same as yesterday

Select SAP Area Menu which you want to copy and press the Copy Area Menu button

Give a name to your copied SAP Area Menu

Now you should see your copied SAP Area Menu in the list


You can assign this SAP Area Menu to SAP users via tcode SU01
Go to tcode SU01 , select the Username who you want to work on it and open the Defaults
Add your SAP Area Menu to Start Menu area

Now related user will see the SAP Menu User which you assigned..


OMIQ Parallel Process for MRP
If your MRP background jobs are running too long then you can use Paralles Processing
option for your MRP process.You can choose the destination of application systems for
parallel processing and number of sessions for the process easily via related transaction

Destination for Paralel Processing : Select the Application servers which you want to use
for this process
Number of Session : Select the Session number for per Application server
Also you need to select Parallel Processing tick on MD01 tcode before you start the MRP
process to use this feature.

Now your MRP process will be finished much more quickly


Print SAP Spool Request as PDF File
If you need to convert your SAP spool output to PDF file format and copy to your own hard
drive, then you can use the following report to do this process easily


F8 Execute

Spool Request : Write the spool number which you want to convert to PDF file
PDF File Name : Write the PDF filename and location
and tick the Download PDF File area
F8 Execute
You will get a pop-up screen like shown below ,


Check the location and filename information and click the SAVE button.
Now you will get a result screen , process completed.

Check the file location ;

Your PDF output is ready


SAP Kernel Upgrade Process for Windows
In this post, we are going to upgrade our SAP kernel which works on Windows platform.First
of all we need to download actual SAP kernel for our SAP system.

Please go to web site ;
For example we would like to upgrade our SAP systems kernel which is working on 64 bit
Unicode system with SAP Kernel version 7.40 , then follow the path ;
Support Packages and Patches
Browse Our Download Catalog
Additional Components > SAP Kernel > SAP KERNEL 64-BIT UNICODE > SAP

Now we should download Database Independent and related database version part, for
our example we are going to choose ORACLE

Select and download Kernel Part 1 level of Database Independent


Select and download Kernel Part 2 level of ORACLE

Now you have to extract this two SAR file and copy all this files under

Now you can start your SAP service , Database and SAP Software.


Finding Inactive Objects in SAP System
If you want to get a list of Inactive Objects for your SAP system then you can use 2 easy
way to do thisYou can use Repository Browser or ABAP Dictionary method..

If you going to use Repository Bowser ;
TCODE > SE80 > Repository Browser Tab > Select : Inactive Objects > User Value
: *
Click Display

You will get the list

If you going to use ABAP Dictionary ;
TCODE > SE11 > Environment > Inactive Objects



Increase Dialog Workprocess Run Time
If you going to run a long time report in the foreground (DIALOG Workprocess) on your
SAP system , then you will get an error ST22 : ABAP Run time error (TIME_OUT)

For the solution, you should run this report or action in background mode on your SAP
system or you should increase your Dialog Workrocess Run Time parameter.
RZ11 > rdisp/max_wprun_time

This parameter is dynamic, therefore you can change the parameter any time without any
system restart operation needed.

But if you want a permanent change, then you have to change this parameter in SAP
profile via RZ10 and activate the parameter.


JSPM Version Information
If you want to get your JSPM (Java Support Package Manager) detail informations like
Client Version , Server Version , Server Port , JSPM Port etc. you should do it
easily with following steps.

Go to Operating System level of your SAP System ;
Open your JSPM folder and start GO.BAT

You will get a logon screen like shown below

Logon with related informations


Help > About
Now you will get a pop up that has all detail informations about JSPM version


SE06 System Change Option
You can change the SAP system to modifiable or not modifiable via transaction code SE06 ,
you should be careful to change this option especially on SAP Production system.

Go to tcode > SE06

Click the System Change Option button
Click the button F5 Display / Change to enable modification for the settings.
You will get to the system change option configuration screen , you can change the system
via EDIT menu selections to MODIFIABLE or NOT MODIFIABLE status

If you going to choose System Modifiable then you will see ;

If you going to choose System Not Modifiable then you will see ;


After you done the selection dont forget to SAVE button before you going to leave


How to Delete Imported Request in SAP
If you want to delete already imported SAP request from the STMS then you should do the
following action.
Dont forget that this process just deletes the request from STMS and dosent change any
modification on the SAP system what related request did.


F5 Import Overview

Select the SAP system which you want to work on it and open the STMS queue with double
click the line

Open the REQUEST menu selection and choose the DELETE option while request is
selected which you want to delete


System will ask you Delete import from the STMS Queue? Choose : YES
Thats all , related request was deleted from the STMS Queue.


User Session Created After Timeout for
If you get an error User Session Closed After Timeout for your WebDynPro
(HTTP/SMTP/Etc..) sessions then you should check the following solutions.

You got a message in your SM21 log like > TH_SET_AUTO_LOGOUT
Solution 1
Change the parameter rdisp/plugin_auto_logout like below
Go to transaction code > RZ10
Add / Change the parameter ;

Save the profile

Activate the profile


Solution 2
Increase the http/security_session_timeout to a higher value (default value is 1800).


If you get MESSAGE_TYPE_X dump on your SAP system, then you can check the
reason easily via ST22 transaction code like shown below.

Find your Message_Type_X dump on the list.

Double Click

Now you can see the detail information of the dump
Find the Source Code Extract area shown below

Lets check the related line which is selected on the left side of the screen
You should see a Message Info like message x001 (ok) for our example
Now we get the info what is we need ;
Message Class : 0k


Message Number : 001
Its time to check what does it mean , go to tcode SE91 and click the DISPLAY button for
the related info

Now you should see the detail information for the Message_Type_X dump like below


Change SAPSR3 Password via BRTOOLS
If you want to change your SAPSR3 users password, its so easy to do it via BRTOOLS on
operating system level.
Open Command Prompt on the OS level ;

8 Additional Functions

4 Change password of database user

2 Database user/password
Fill the related area with user SAPSR3 and password which you want to assign to this
user.And continue with C

Type and continue with C again..

When the process is completed then you can try the new password for the user SAPSR3
Also you can do this procedure with command prompt option like below ;
brconnect -c -l E -f chpass -o SAPSR3 -password <New Password>


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