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Chandrika Oracle Apps Techno functional

Oracle Applications SysAdmin - Kenexa

Piscataway, NJ
Highly experienced in the financial domain with more than 10 years as an Oracle Application Techno!"nctional
#ons"ltant wor$ing on %1&'11i ()*"siness +"ite, with expertise in Oracle !inancial mod"les
(AP, A%, -., PO, PA, O/#, i)xpense, OT.,0

)xpertise in Oracle Applications in m"ltiple /mplementations, 1pgrades and Post Prod"ction +"pport of !inancials
2od"les in 3oth %1& 4 11i0

+trong experience in Oracle !inancial mod"les incl"ding Oracle Pro5ect Acco"nting (PA,, Acco"nt Paya3les (AP,,
Acco"nt %ecei6a3les (A%, , -eneral .edger (-.,, /ncenti6e #ompensation (O/#, , Oracle Time 4 .a3or (OT.,,
P"rchasing, i)xpenses,A2) +et"p, Oracle H%2+0

+trong technical de6elopment s$ills in de6eloping %eports, /nterfaces, #on6ersions and )xtensions (%/#)
#omponents, in the domain of Oracle Applications ) *"siness +"ite0

)xpertise in wor$ing with P.'+7. stored proced"res, f"nctions, pac$ages and +7. 8 .oader and also wor$ed
extensi6ely on !orm Personali9ation0

+trong in "sing Oracle Apps wor$flow 3"ilder tool0 )xperience in c"stomi9ing Acco"nt -enerator :or$flows, Also
administer 6ario"s :or$flow processes and tro"3leshoot the error wor$flows0

)xperience in set "p A2) %"les for /n6oice Appro6als, A"dit %"les for )xpense Types, A"to Acco"nting %"les in
Pro5ect Acco"nting and %ecei6a3les and ;ario"s set "p in all mod"les0

+trong :or$ing $nowledge on <isco6erer =i'10g especially creating *"siness areas, #omplex folders, #alc"lation
items, administering sec"rity and pre6ilages0<e6eloped #omplex wor$3oo$s for finance team0

)xperience in +ystem Administration acti6ities s"ch as registration of conc"rrent programs, creation of "sers,
employee acco"nt, responsi3ilities, forms, and f"nctions, men"s, and 6al"es sets, #reating #"stom !olders and
Assigning Profile 6al"es for the responsi3ilities and flex fields in Oracle Applications0

)xperience in A/2 doc"mentation, which incl"des *"siness !"nctional %e>"irement analysis, "nderstanding A+/+
and TO*) Process, -ap Analysis and pro6iding sol"tion design and 3"ild %/#) components ,+ystem config"ration
and testing(*P ?0,*%@0, *% 100,2< A0,2< B0,#; =0,T) =0,0

#reate +%Cs with Oracle Technical +"pport, #oordinated and followed on m"ltiple iss"es 3ased on priority incl"ding
identifying 3"gs, Pro6ide data "sing Oracle <iagnostic tools, as well as cond"ct Oracle :e3 #onference with Oracle
+"pport Team0

)xpertise in +oftware <e6elopment .ife #ycle (+<.#, of client implementations incl"ding %e>"irement gathering,
*"siness Analysis, +ystem #onfig"ration, <esign, <e6elopment, Testing, #oordination of 1AT with end "sers,
Technical and !"nctional <oc"mentation and Prod"ct +"pport0

+trong experience in resol6ing Prod"ction iss"es d"ring 2onth )nd Period #lose and cond"cted #%PCs and pro6ided
wide range of f"nctional training to m"ltiple 3"siness "ser gro"ps and coordinate 1AT sessions0

<esigned and de6eloped !inancial +tatements (!+-Cs, as per *"siness %e>"irement0

)xperience in +OD and A"dit Process0 Preparing A"dit reports and wor$ with A"ditors0

Possess excellent comm"nication s$ills and a smooth client handling and interaction experience0

+trong proficiency in pro3lem sol6ing, /nitiati6e ta$ing, Time management and #ontin"o"s +$ill enhancement0
)xperience in Pro5ect 2anagement, Offshore reso"rce mentoring and stat"s reporting to "pper management0
Work Experience
Oracle Applications SysAdmin

:ayne, PA
J"ly &00? to Present
Eenexa is a leader in 3"ilding the worldCs greatest wor$forces0 1sing the "ni>"e com3ination of software, science and
3"siness process optimi9ation, Eenexa helps organi9ations hire and retain a more prod"cti6e wor$force0
Oracle Application ;ersionF %1&010@ and 110A010
Eey 2od"les :or$ed onF Pro5ect Acco"nting, Acco"nts Paya3le, Acco"nt %ecei6a3les, -eneral .edger, /ncenti6e
#ompensation, Time 4 .a3or, +ystem Administration, P"rchasing, +7., P.'+7., <isco6erer and :or$flow0
Eey %esponsi3ility 4 Jo3 <escriptionF
!"nctional and Technical lead for Oracle Applications implementation and de6elopment pro5ects0
Pro6ide estimates and PO#s for 6ario"s re>"irements in Oracle Applications0
%esponsi3le for re>"irement gathering, analy9ing 6ario"s gaps, designing 4 de6eloping c"stomi9ation to meet
3"siness re>"irements0
2aintain and s"pport c"rrent implementation of Oracle Application mod"les which incl"des PA, AP, A%, and -., O/#,
OT., PO and i)xpenses0
#onfig"re and +et"p AP Appro6al Processes "sing A2), Appro6al gro"ps, Paya3le -ro"ps, ;endor Types, %"les,
*an$s, Payment formats Appro6al limits, )xpense Template, )xpense 2ileage r"les, and )xpense A"dit set"ps0
#onfig"re and +et"p PO Appro6al Hierarchy0
<esign and de6elop AP /n6oice /nterface, +"pplier /nterface and )mployee signing limits /nterface0
<esign A% /n6oice /nterface, #onfig"re A% .oc$3oxes and set"p the Transaction so"rce, Transaction Types and
Payments Terms0
#onfig"red )xpense Templates +et "p 2ileage Policy +ched"les, A"to Appro6e %"les and maintain A"dit list0
#onfig"re and set"p the O/# for #ollection Process, #onfig"red #"stom Transaction +o"rce for #ollection0 <esign
and de6eloped the O/# /nterface for #ollection of Payments0
<esign the interface to import Pro5ect )6ents and #onfig"re Pro5ects, 3"dgets and Agreements0
#onfig"red template in :)* A</ to "pload the Jo"rnal and daily rates0
#onfig"re A"to Acco"nting %"les and modified the :or$flow for pro5ect acco"nt generators0
<esign the interface to import Timecards, #onfig"re Time layo"t pages and tro"3leshoot Timecard iss"es0
Tro"3leshoot )xpense and /n6oice iss"es and acti6ely s"pport Acco"nts team for Application iss"es d"ring month end
period close0
%esponsi3le for 6ario"s +ystem Administration acti6ities li$e creating'terminating 1sers, #reate'Assign
%esponsi3ilities, +et"p'"pdate Profile options, %egister #onc"rrent Programs, #reate 2en"s, !"nctions and !lex
#onfig"red !orm Personali9ation and created #"stom !olders0
2entor offshore reso"rces and g"ide them on any f"nctional or technical iss"es0 Also prepare the wee$ly stat"s
reports for "pper management0
<e6elop the reports "sing <isco6erer0
<e6elop 6ario"s reports to s"pport A"dit0
Participate in 1ATs, /ntegration Testing, #lone 6erifications and prepare training materials0
#onfig"re and set"p Application mod"les0
:or$ with Oracle +"pport to resol6e 6ario"s f"nctional'technical iss"es0
:or$ed with A"ditors and Prepared the +OD A"dit %eports0
Oracle Applications Consultant
Prime Software Technoloies !nc
J"ly &00B to J"ne &00?
#lientF +"n-ard A6aila3ility +er6ices J"ly &00B J"ne &00?
+"n-ard A6aila3ility +er6ices is in 3"siness of pro6iding 2anaged and %eco6ery +er6ices0 They ha6e implemented
Oracle 7"ote to #ontract life cycle as its primary sales force a"tomation platform and the scope of this pro5ect incl"des
de6elopment of 6ario"s forms, reports, extensions and con6ersion0

Oracle Application ;ersionF 110A0G
Eey 2od"les :or$ed onF Acco"nt %ecei6a3les, Acco"nt Paya3les, -eneral .edger, T#A )n6ironment, +7., P.'+7.,
!orms and <isco6erer
Eey %esponsi3ility 4 Jo3 <escriptionF
%esponsi3le for re>"irement gathering and analy9ing 3"siness processes0
%esponsi3le for designing process flow for 6ario"s interfaces0
%esponsi3le for design and de6elopment of 6ario"s c"stomi9ations and enhancements0
:or$ed with end "sers to define appro6al processes and translate them in Oracle :or$flow0
+et"p of Appro6al processes and Appro6al gro"ps0
+et"p the %eceipt +o"rces, %eceipt #lasses and, #onfig"red A% .oc$3oxes0
#omplete all the A/2 doc"mentation s"ch as 2<A0, 2<B0, *%100, 2<1&0 and 1nit Test scripts0
<esign and <e6elopment of 6ario"s <isco6erer %eports li$e *illing +"mmary, A% /n6oice and %"n rate reports0
<esign and de6elopment of sol"tion for 1sage 3illing which in6ol6es creation of new 1sage :or$3ench form, reports
and conc"rrent programs0
Tro"3leshoot 6ario"s prod"ction iss"es related to AP /n6oice and Period close0
Participated in 7"ote To #ontract )nd to )nd Testing0
:or$ with Oracle s"pport to resol6e 6ario"s application iss"es0
Carillion" #K
+eptem3er &00A to J"ly &00H
The #arillion -ro"p is one of the 1ECs leading 3"siness and constr"ction ser6ices gro"ps, operating thro"gho"t the 1E
and in a n"m3er of o6erseas regional mar$ets0 The scope of the pro5ect incl"des implementation of 6ario"s mod"les of
Oracle Applications 11i !inancial and H%2+ system0 Accent"re was responsi3le for de6eloping 6ario"s %eports,
!orms, /nterfaces and #on6ersion O35ects0

Oracle Application ;ersionF 110A0G
Eey 2od"les :or$ed onF P"rchase Order, %ecei6a3les, Paya3les, T#A, and /n6entory0
Eey %esponsi3ility 4 Jo3 <escriptionF
Participated in 6ario"s application set"ps li$e Transaction so"rces, Transaction Types, %eceipt +o"rces, %eceipt
classes and Payment terms0
Prepared 2<A0 and #;=0 for 6ario"s extensions and con6ersions0
#on6ersion of A% /n6oices from legacy system to Oracle "sing A"to /n6oice program0
#on6ersion of AP /n6oices from legacy system0
Tro"3leshoot 6ario"s /n6oicing iss"es0
<e6eloped conc"rrent programs according to client re>"irements0
<e6eloped a %eport which gi6es the details for all the /n6oiced, Not /n6oiced and Partial /n6oices for the #"stomers on
a partic"lar /n6oice date0
Participated in /ntegration testing and logging 3"gs fo"nd d"ring testing0
Prepared training material for 6ario"s Application c"stomi9ations0
Senior Software Enineer
Accenture Ser$ices P$t% &td

*angalore, Earnata$a
No6em3er &00@ to J"ly &00H
'icoh Corporation
<ecem3er &00@ to J"ne &00A
1+A <ecem3er &00@ to J"ne &00A
%icoh is a leading pro6ider of digital office e>"ipment, incl"ding color and 3lac$ 4 white m"ltif"nctional prod"cts
consisting of copiers, printers, facsimile systems, scanners, digital d"plicators, wide format copiers, and digital cameras0
The o35ecti6e of O#'O+ pro5ect of %icoh #orporation is to de6elop +tandardi9ed process and systems capa3ilities to
s"pport growth of 3"siness and pro6ide a competiti6e ad6antage0 The scope of the pro5ect incl"des implementation of
6ario"s mod"les of Order 2anagement, !inancials0

Oracle Application ;ersionF 110A0G
Eey 2od"les :or$ed onF Paya3les, %ecei6a3les, -., P"rchase Order, T#A )n6ironment, +7., P.'+7., !orms,
%eports and <isco6erer0

Eey %esponsi3ility 4 Jo3 <escriptionF
/nteract with #lient to gather the re>"irements and create !"nctional and Technical design doc"ments0
Performed data con6ersion for P"rchase Orders, %eceipts, AP /n6oices, #"stomers, /tems and /tem categories0
#"stomer #on6ersion in6ol6ed 3ringing in #"stomers, #"stomer Profiles and #"stomer contacts0 :hole con6ersion
was 3ased on T#A Architect"re0
P"rchasing con6ersion in6ol6ed Opening rele6ant p"rchasing periods, 6alidating legacy data and loading into standard
interface ta3le and then importing P"rchase orders thro"gh standard import program0
%eceipts con6ersion in6ol6ed opening in6entory periods for all the organi9ation and then 6alidating and deri6ing
rele6ant 6al"es to load receipts0
/n6oice #on6ersions in6ol6ed 6alidating data from legacy and loading into standard interface ta3les and then finally
loading in6oices "sing standard import program0 /n6oices were 6alidated as mass, applied holds were chec$ed and
remo6ed 3ased on the 3"siness re>"irement0
-enerated %econciliation %eport for all the #on6ersion for the p"rpose of a"dit0
+ol6ed end "ser pro3lems in a prod"ction s"pport0
<e6eloped conc"rrent programs according to client re>"irements0
#ompiled the detailed doc"mentation for the con6ersion o35ects0
/n6ol6ed in set"p of system /tems !lex field, /tem category !lex field, <efine .ocations, /n6entory organi9ations,
Organi9ations Parameters, recei6ing options, <efine 1nit of meas"re0
<efine conc"rrent programs, men"s, re>"est gro"ps, profile 6al"es0
.ogged TA%s with Oracle s"pport and promptly resol6ed the iss"es0
/nternal #ode %e6iew and /ntegration Testing0
Oracle (e$eloper
Tata !nfotech P$t% &td
!e3r"ary &00& to No6em3er &00@
-<#N <ash3oard is an integrated sol"tion for organi9ations whose core 3"sinesses re6ol6e aro"nd exec"ting pro5ects0
/t is a m"ltifaceted tool that generates rolespecific 6iews of pro5ect information and allows c"stomers, pro5ect managers
and team mem3ers as well as other senior managers to 6iew pro5ect related information0 At the lowest le6el, this tool is
designed to assist organi9ations in achie6ing operational efficiency and 3etter comm"nication0 At the highest le6el, the
sol"tion will facilitate strategic planning and 3"siness decisions0
Eey %esponsi3ility 4 Jo3 <escriptionF
<e6eloping the stored proced"res as per re>"irement0
<e6elop the "nit test scripts0
1nit test and /ntegration testing0
*"g !ixing and #ode %e6iew0
System Enineer
Tata !nfotech P$t% &td

*angalore, Earnata$a
!e3r"ary &001 to No6em3er &00@
Oracle (e$eloper
Tata !nfotech P$t% &td
!e3r"ary &001 to Jan"ary &00&
The <edicated Hydrologic /nformation +ystem +oftware for -ro"ndwater <ata processing facilitates data entry,
processing, 6alidation and dissemination of periodic'ann"al reports on hydrological conditions and on water reso"rces
and de6elopment stat"s0 This mod"le of the software is en6isaged to carry some special feat"res that are not normally
a6aila3le in any standard software, a6aila3le of the shelf in the mar$et, dealing with all the analysis as mentioned a3o6e
in a single platform0

Eey %esponsi3ility 4 Jo3 <escriptionF
/nteract effecti6ely with c"stomers, de6elopers, and peers to ens"re the s"ccessf"l deli6ery and implementation of
mod"le "pdates and modifications into the prod"ction en6ironment0
To )xport the <ata into Oracle from Access0
To tro"3leshoot common +7. #odes and )rror messages0
)achelor of Enineerin in Electronics * !nstrumentation
P%(%A% Collee of En% +ul,ara
-"l3arga, Earnata$a
Additional !nformation
+E/..+ 4 )DP)%T/+)

Oracle Application 2od"le(11i'%1&,
Paya3les,%ecei6a3les,T#A,Oracle Time and .a3or,i)xpense,P"rchasing,Order management, Oracle /ncenti6e
#ompensation, Pro5ect Acco"nting,+yste, Administration and -eneral .edger0

Oracle Application <e6elopment Tools +7. Na6igator, TOA<, <isco6erer =i'10g, :or$flow *"ilder, Oracle %eport Hi,
Oracle !orms Hi, +7. .oader, D2. P"3lisher0
Other Tools :e3 A</, <ata .oader, %eport 2anager0
2igration Tools ;++
Pro5ect 2anagement Tools Oracle A/2, 2icrosoft Pro5ect, ;isio
Platforms 1N/D,./N1D,+"n +olaris, :indows &000'DP'B
.ang"ages +7.,P.+7.,JA;A,+hell +cripts
%<*2+ Oracle Gi'10g