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November 19, 2009

FOTM Group Meeting

Defining the Narrative Arc

In attendance: Elena, Meghan, Shana, Kaitlynne, Lucia, Adrian, Amy Johnson,

Erin, Anna, Heather, Kathryn, Amy Atticks, Krystal, Sara, Annie, Ron, and

Brainstorming Exercise:
1. Ideas  Cards (15 minutes)
Write ideas for what you want to be included in the exhibition.
2. Cards  Categories (15)
3. Topic sentence/category (20)
4. Sentences  Exhibition/Narrative Plan (30)

Narrative forms:
• Ways transportation changes food/travel type? Or food and change
over time/crossing over, change?
• Transportation modes disrupt ritual of eating food. Changes values of
eating food. Meaning of food to Americans disrupted, each mode of
transportation comes up with solutions to deal with.
• Change over time in food as change disrupts notion of food/eating.
Changes in technology (planes, trains, automobiles) and culture
(trends in food packaging, eating).
• It’s about people who eat while they travel, not how the food travels to
get to the people.
• Is the project about the food associated with various modes of
transportation or food as a bridge?

Evidence – Areas of Focus for Exhibit Research

1. Stagecoach
2. Train
3. Steamship
4. Car
5. Plane

Answer these questions about each category/ Goal:

*Who’s moving? Who is on the road? Why?
Modes of Transportation
*Who’s preparing/serving?
*What are they eating? And why? How much choice do you have?
American Values/Choice
*How are travelers eating?

Address these issues/tracks when answering the questions

Slow  Fast
Cultures of Taste – Values re: health, good choice, viable ways to
eat, communities, immigration
Individual  Corporate


• So What?
• What is the exhibit about? How our culture has been shaped by food
associated with travel.
• What do you learn?
• What do you see?
- How does food shape our experience?
- What did you eat on your way here?
- How come you only get a tiny bag of pretzels on an airplane?
- What do you want out of food when you travel?
- Over the last two centuries, Americans’ “food on the go” has changed.
- Travel with us; pack your own lunch.
- From slow to fast, individual to corporate, across communities of taste
– food is with us every step of the way. Sentences to explain each of
the three tracks.
- Paragraph about history. – As travel has changed, we’ve change how
we eat, what we eat, and who we eat with.
- As we travel more, farther and faster, our need for food travels with us,
and our ways of eating change along the way. Travel with us as we
investigate what we eat, how we get food on the go, what we move
with and why.

Programming Topics

Next Steps:
• List of participants  Richard (Elena)
• Update proposal for Annie & Steve (Meghan and Amy Johnson)
• Edit proposal for Annie & Steve (Erin)
• Programming Meeting – Kaitlynne to schedule
• Design – Elena, Sara & Janet to meet with Richard December 1 at
11:00 a.m. re: JWU Creative Services, will ask about collections and
access to objects
• From now on, add all meeting minutes to blog

Amy switching to programming group?