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Design of flexible Pavement for driveway of Petrol Pump, M/s

Balaji Motors at Jaisinghpurkhera, ewari!

The design of flexible pavement for the above driveway was referred to CRRI
by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd vide letter No CG Gurgaon !ngg " dated
%anuary "&##' and our response vide letter No ()P*+P,*"-./0*)12" dated
&31#&1"&#& The main purpose of this assignment was that BPCL desires to
standardise their design approa4h to design of pavements for their retail outlets
-44ordingly' field and laboratory investigations' were underta5en by CRRI team
on this road during the )eptember 6 November' "&#& +ield tests and surveys
were done to evaluate the 7uality of subgrade soil of the area for 4onstru4tion
and improvement of the driveway for the retail outlet 8ehi4le ,amage +a4tor
.-xle Load0' and Traffi4 Census was also approximately determined based on
the available data The report presents the results obtained from field and
laboratory investigations The report also in4orporates the various 4onstru4tion
pra4ti4e 6 standards and also the suggestions*re4ommendations to improve the
existing 4ondition of the driveway and additional 4onstru4tion if re7uired
$!% &'(P) *+D (BJ)',"-)& (. ,/) P(J)',
The following tas5s* a4tivities are in4luded under the s4ope and ob9e4tives of
Tests to determine the pavement thi45ness re7uired' 7uality of
materials used in the pavement stru4ture and bring out defi4ien4ies' if
!valuate subgrade for 4onstru4tion by retrieving the materials from test
-ssessment of existing traffi4 4ount ' 8ehi4le ,amage +a4tor and
stru4tural ade7ua4y of the pavement for these parameters
)uggest* re4ommend measures for improving upon the existing
4ondition of road

Re4ommend and suggest remedial measures for improving
upon the 4onstru4tion pra4ti4es and 7uality of roads
Provide guidelines* spe4ifi4ations for 4onstru4tion of different materials*
0!% .")1D *+D 1*B(*,(2 "+-)&,"3*,"(+&
The pro9e4t has been 4arried out in two parts' as follows:
+ield investigations
Laboratory investigations
0!4.ield "nvestigations
The field investigations were underta5en with a view to determine the visual
4ondition of the pavement' existing traffi4' 8ehi4le ,amage +a4tor' to determine
the 7uality assessment of different pavement materials*spe4ifi4ations and to
bring out the defi4ien4y.ies0' if any' towards improving the 4onstru4tion 7uality of
roads The following a4tivities were underta5en:
8isual assessment of pavement surfa4e 4ondition
Test pit observations for 4olle4tion of soil samples for evaluation of their
properties in the laboratory
Traffi4 )urvey
0!4!4 -isual *ssessment of Pavement &urfa#e 'ondition
The 4ondition survey of the existing pavement was 4arried out by visual
observations 8isual assessment of pavement surfa4e 4ondition was done for
entire driveway portion with a view to assess the 4urrent road surfa4e 4ondition in
terms of the types and extent of different surfa4e defe4ts The assessment of
surfa4e 4ondition was done by a team from CRRI
The pavement 4rust 4ombination 4onstitutes of ; layers <ater Bound =a4adam
#&&mm thi45 ea4h layer followed by a interlo45ing 4on4rete blo45 pavement
>&mm thi45 on a 3& mm sandbed - 4lose view of surfa4e with Interlo45ing
Con4rete Blo45 Pavement is shown in Photos 1 # to ;
Photo # indi4ates that the surfa4e has undergone abrasion due to the heavy
load of the tru45 tyres Photo " indi4ates a 4ondition where the surfa4e is badly
damaged and needs to be relaid Photo ; indi4ates a44umulation of water and a
damaged surfa4e
Photo 4! &urfa#e #ondition of "nterlo#king 'on#rete Blo#k Pavement
Photo $! Damaged #ondition of "nterlo#king 'on#rete Blo#k Pavement
Photo 0! Moisture damaged and poor drainage #ondition lo#ation of
"nterlo#king 'on#rete Blo#k Pavement
The traffi4 on this road mainly 4omprises of tru45s 4arrying aggregate' stone dust
from stone 7uarries' bri45s' industrial goods 6 raw materials agri4ultural
4ommodities and 4ement tru45s Photo $ 6 3 indi4ates the type of traffi4 that the
retail outlet is expe4ted to 4ater for The tru45s 4arrying 4ement normally 4arry ;3
to 3& t based on the information given by the tru45ers
Photo 5 ,ru#k #arrying #ement
Photo 6 ,ru#ks normally entering the fuel outlet
The Photo #' " and ; indi4ate the surfa4e 4ondition of the interlo45ing blo45
pavement 4an be seen on Photo #' " and ; It may be seen that there is severe
abrasion of surfa4e due to the wear and tear a4tion of tru45 tyres
0!4!$ ,est Pit (bservations
The spe4ifi4 lo4ations for digging the test pits were finalised after ma5ing an
assessment of representative 4onditions Test pits were dug of about #"m ? #"
m si@e open upto the subgrade level )amples of subgrade were 4olle4ted from
these test pits
Photo 78 'utting of pit for #olle#tion of soil samples!
- total of two samples were dug open upto the subgrade level at different
sele4ted lo4ations Test pits samples were 4olle4ted for detailed laboratory
testing at CRRI to find out their physi4al and engineering properties
0!4!0 ,raffi# -olume &tudies
Traffi4 volume data has been adopted from information provided by the BPCL
offi4ials The survey 4overed 4ounting of different 4ategory of vehi4les li5e' light
vehi4les and 4ommer4ial vehi4les li5e tru45s'" -xles' ; -xles and =ulti -xles'
buses' LC8 .goods0' LC8 Buses et4 The data on 4lassified volume 4ounts' for
both dire4tions of traffi4' is given in Table #
,able 48 ,raffi# -olume for vehi#les ex#eeding 0t
8ehi4le Type %aipur to ,elhi
In %an1"&##
+umber 9**D,:
1'- 3oods A&
1'- Bus 3$
$;*xle ,ru#ks B"
0;*xle ,ru#ks B2
Multi;*xle ,ru#ks 3&$
Total of Commer4ial 8ehi4les 222
5! 1aboratory "nvestigations
The details of the laboratory investigations' 4arried out on the soil samples
indi4ate a CBR value of 3C The soil is non plasti4 in nature
6! '(+'1<&"(+&
Based on the results obtained through field and laboratory investigations' the
following ma9or 4on4lusions 4an be drawn on the pavement of the retail outlet
at Rewari:
The pro9e4ted traffi4 in the retail outlet will be around 3 =sa for a design
period of #& years design life
+or the new pavement' the pavement should be designed for a CBR value
have been designed for CBR of 3 C with the 4al4ulated 8,+ of > and #&
years design life the value is around 3 msa -s per IRC:)P:B;1"&&$ Page
#; Table #' the proposed pavement 4omposition is G)B1"3& mm'
<B=*<==1"3& mm' )-N, B!, $& mm and blo45s not less than B&mm
7! )'(MM)+D*,"(+&
.i0 The existing 4rust is defi4ient by "&&mm <B=' it is re4ommended
that additional two layers of <B= grade ; may be provided
.ii0 This is to be overlaid with a 3&mm 4oarse sand layer of grading
4onforming to IRC )P:B; 1"&&$ Clause B3# The layer is to be
properly 4ompa4ted with a plate vibrator
.iii0 Next a layer of 4on4rete blo45 pavement of thi45ness >& mm' length
">& mm and width 23 to #$&mm of grade =$& 4on4rete is to be
provided -fter this 9oint filling sand 4onforming to Clause B3" may
be provided to ensure proper interlo45ing
.iv0 )ide drains have to be provided at the water logging area and the
drains have to be 4onne4ted to the nearest 4ulverts for easy water
drain off from the pavement area
.v0 -ll wor5s are to 4onform to =o)RTD )pe4ifi4ation for road and
Bridge <or5s . $
!dition0 and IRC )P: B;1"&&$
=!% 3)+)*1 )'(MM)+D*,"(+&
- 4amber of "3 per 4ent is re4ommended for 4arriageway for 7ui45 drainage
of water
The te4hni4al spe4ifi4ations for base and sub base 4ourses shall be as per
details are given in =/RTD spe4ifi4ations for Road and Bridge <or5s1"&&#
.+ourth Revision0
The drainage shall be improved by providing ade7uate drainage system'
wherever it is not there
Longitudinal drainage system needs to be provided at least in the portions of
approa4h road -de7uate drainage system will enhan4e the servi4e life of
pavement and thus would lead to improved performan4e
The road surfa4e should be regularly 4he45ed*inspe4ted for any
4ut*undulations due to movement of agri4ultural towing e7uipments or
passing servi4e lines .water' sewerage and ele4tri4ity0 and should be