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A Simple-Outline

Some reasons of why we must understand others culture and communicating style in
multicultural communication:
1. Making a more friendly communication
2. To avoid offending or being offended
3. To get more information
Those three reason will be an encouragement of us to study peoples culture, and
make a way more effective communication
There are three main reasons, why understanding cultural values and
communication styles are important points in multicultural communication. One of
those reasons is making friendly communication. As we know, people from different
areas have their own traditional cultures, including habits and languages. These
differences may cause some problems in daily communication. Communication
problems can make difficulties when we communicate with others. thus it will make
unfriendly speaks. A friendly communication is also needed not just the effectiveness
or our understanding over peoples style of communication, well most of us, or even
all of us tend to make the person we first meet become our friend right? So
understanding others culture and style of communication can be a decent friends
maker in first time meeting. (First pharagraph means, understanding peoples
style of communication can automatically make a friendlier dialog)
The second reason mentioned above, to avoid offending people or being
offended, is mean we can keep our politeness in the communication. A different
dialect of speaking sometimes makes people giggling about that, so the speaker could
be offended just because of our giggles, especially when he/she talks about something
serious. In other way, talking with people without knowing their way of
communicating can also offend us. We like it more when we laughed together right??
(second paragraph means, knowing others style communication will either
prevent offending or being offended while making a conversation)
The last reason is a wide reason, getting new information. It has two
meaning, first, we will simply get newer information as we study their respective
culture, the second is what we should know, the second mean is we are likely more
easier to get newer information with just a blink of our listening and speaking
anywhere anytime. The focus of studying others culture and communication is here,
to get more newer and newer information, or even we share it to the world. (third
paragraph means,by knowing peoples style of speaking,we can get the
information of their culture and also easily get any information from their