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... through Bertha Dudde

The redemption work
and its spiritual motive ....
gain and again e!planations are given to "ou a#out the mission
o$ the man %esus on earth sin&e' espe&iall" a#out this' su&h a
poor knowledge was passed on to "ou on the part o$ those who
$eel appointed o$ having to tea&h "ou #ut have not entered a
deeper (degree o$) knowledge #" themselves ....and are
there$ore not in$ormed well enough a#out the work o$
redemption and its spiritual meaning' to the e!tent o$ #eing
&apa#le to tea&h their neigh#ors.
nd thus people have never understood it properl" nor do the"
know it either what deep o$ a meaning the work o$ redemption
has $or all mankind ....The" do not know the purpose of the
earthly life is unfulfilled unless they take the path to the
cross, to the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ.
The humans are not aware the cause for their existence as a
human being on this earth is the great original sin, the
falling away of the spirits from God, once ....
That the whole earth and all o$ the &reations in the universe were
onl" the result o$ that one (great) $all o$ the spirits' and that the
sole purpose o$ these &reations is to have the $allen spiritual
return to God again ....
For this (spiritual)' disintegrated in &ountless parti&les' moves
through the &reations and in this wa" slowl" &overs the path
towards God .... *t+s true' it is an unspeaka#l" pain$ul &ondition
whi&h the spiritual is $ound in during its path o$ return #e&ause it
is not $ree #ut powerless and' even though the awareness o$ the
sel$ is taken awa" $rom the disintegrated spiritual' the spiritual
still senses the pains o$ the &on$inement within the works o$
&reation. Be&ause' #e$ore it+s $alling awa" $rom God' it e!isted in
&omplete $reedom and an" &onstraint $or the spiritual is a
&ondition o$ pain.
The immense agonies o$ the &on$inement in the $orm .... ma" it
#e in the mineral, and #otani&al,or the animal world whi&h it has
to move through ..... do not su$$i&e $or the atonement o$ that one
immense sin' though' whi&h the spiritual #eings had #urdened
themselves with #" their revolt against God.
(*t is) #e&ause the #eings were in possession o$ the highest
insight' the" knew a#out their origin and were &ontinuousl"
im#ued #" the love o$ God Who' #" that' provided them with an
immense #liss. nd "et' #eing aware o$ their origin' the" re-e&ted
this power o$ love and thus #e&ame slaves o$ the darkness ....
.onse/uentl"' then' this tremendous original sin &ould not #e
atoned $or' however #ig the pains in the &on$ined &ondition
(matter) ma" #e ....
nd' hen&e' to those $allen #eings the entr" to the kingdom o$
light would have #een denied $or ever i$ not the atonement o$ the
(original) sin would have #een taken on #" a light,#eing who
gave himsel$ in love to per$orm the work o$ atonement $or the
$allen #rothers.
For this light,#eing' i.e. a non,$allen original spirit who
personi$ied itsel$ in the human %esus on earth was this' to #e
a&hieved #" it' a work o$ mer&" o$ uni/ue (e!traordinar") kind'
#e&ause it stepped down $rom the light into the dark spheres o$
the spiritual who #e&ame sin$ul.
*t stepped down into the kingdom o$ the opponent o$ God' o$ the
$irst,$allen original spirit 0u&i$er' who kept its $ollowers in #onds
and demanded an outrageous redemption pri&e $or ea&h one soul
nd it is the human %esus who paid this sa&ri$i&ial pri&e #" his
work o$ redemption' #" means o$ a walk o$ immense su$$erings
and pain whi&h &ame to an end with his death at the &ross .... 1o
he thus atoned $or the great original sin o$ the on&e $allen
spiritual and also $or the sin o$ all mankind on earth' whi&h was
the result o$ their taking sides with the opponent o$ God ....
2e a&&omplished an ama3ing work o$ mer&" and he was onl" a#le
to &arr" it out #e&ause he was $illed with love4 #e&ause on earth
he stru&tured himsel$ as a human in su&h a wa" that the eternal
Divinit" ,love in&arnated, &ould take a#ode in him4 that *t &ould
$ull" and thoroughl" im#ue him with the power o$ love and hen&e
this love now o$$ered the sa&ri$i&e' whi&h in e$$e&t ever" human
must adopt $reel" i.o. to #e set $ree $rom the power o$ the
opponent (satan).
For it is the human being who is the spiritual who is [now
returning to God through the works of the creation' having
again gathered itsel$ $rom amongst the individual parti&les and
was permitted to em#od" itsel$ as the soul in man' $or the sake
o$ now intentionall" &overing the last distan&e o$ the,path,o$,
return4 to now intentionall" a&&ept the help o$ %esus .hrist'
without Whom one+s striving $or the height would remain without
5o human &an or must avoid %esus .hrist #e&ause there is no
redemption $rom the power o$ the opponent o$ God without 2im
Who has &on/uered the opponent #" 2is death on the &ross and
now wrests ($or&es) ever" soul $rom him who takes the path to
the &ross on his own' who asks %esus $or $orgiveness o$ one+s sin
and help $or the sake o$ again to #e a#le to return to the Father.
This knowledge a#out the meaning o$ the work o$ redemption
must #e &hanneled to the people' and onl" then the" will #" their
own $ree will turn to 2im and (thus) also' with 2is help' rea&h
their destination. The" will return to their Father+s house' to their
God and .reator and now ($inall") remain with 2im $orever ....
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