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Disclaimer: a denial of responsibility or knowledge.

Denial. A website disclaimer is shown at the top of the home page.

Inhospitable: not welcoming; hostile. Adj
Unfriendly. Venus is considered to be an inhospitable planet.

Noncommittal: not committing oneself; not revealing what one thinks. Adj
Reserved. Mike remained relatively noncommittal at school

Plagiarized: copied from someone elses writing. Adj
Copied. Nobody ever plagiarized any of my work.

Misnomer: an inaccurate or incorrect name. Noun
Inaccuracy. Calling Fred fat is a misnomer, since he is very skinny.

Crevasse: a deep crack in a glacier. Noun
Ravine. Crevasses covered with thin layers of snow.

Banal: common place; trite. adj
Ordinary. We knew exactly how the film would end, because the movies plot was

Acclimation: the act of getting comfortable to a new climate. Noun
The pandas are going through acclimation in their new home.

Demeanor: a way of behaving; manner. Noun
Behavior. His demeanor was odd and made me suspicious.

Aplomb: poise; self-assurance. Noun
Cool. The party was planned without our usual aplomb.

Arduous: requiring much effort; difficult. Adj
Demanding. The students did the arduous test last week

Inevitability: something that is certain to happen. Noun
Certainly. There will be inevitable consequences if you dont study.

Transcend: to pass beyond the limits of. Verb
Exceed. The speaker said we should transcend, or overcome, our fears.

Paramount: of highest importance. Adj
Dominant. The survey was given paramount consideration.

Insurmountable: impossible to overcome. Adj
Undefeatable. If the problem looks insurmountable, talk to your accountant

Singularity: something peculiar or unique. Noun
Uniqueness. The universe began with a big bang singularity.

Veneer: to cover with a thin layer of material. Verb
Coating. The table top had a veneer of gold and ivory, which made it look elegant.

Unnerving: causing loss of courage. adj
Frightening. The animals were never more than eight feet away from us, which
could be a little unnerving for both parties.

Abysmal: very bad. Adj
Awful. His public school attendance record was abysmal.

Buffeted: knocked about or struck. adj
Pounded. The impious judge commanded her face to be buffeted.

Daunted: discouraged
Scared. Do not be daunted by the prospect of making important decisions.

Reconnoiter: to make a preliminary inspection. Verb
Exploration. His squad was on a reconnoiter mission in Iraq to gather needed

Superannuated: obsolete with age
Old. Missing body parts for two superannuated motor cars has not been found yet.