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Ascended Master Kuthumi - Star Goddess LI-HA & The 7 Pleiadian Goddesses of starlight star

code activation
(This Star Code Activator is part of the 99 Flames of the Sacred Tablets & Star Language of Moses,
originall channelled through Michelle in !999 and is currentl being revised and updated"#
Channelled through Michelle Eloff
Johannesburg, South Africa
02 August 2007
This information may be shared ith other sources on strict conditions that no information is
altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be
To find out more about Michelle # The $ightea%er &lease %isit !thelighteaver!co!"a
Transcribed by Samantha 'ilbert
$lease note that reading this information %ill have an effect on ou# &ou %ill energeticall be lin'ed
%ith the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated %ith ou# (t is not e)actl the same as
being in the presence of the channelling Master, ho%ever the effects are *ust as po%erful# +o not
concern ourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling# &ou
%ill be ta'en through a similar one in accordance %ith our +ivine $lan, Timing & $urpose#
I am Kuthumi and I come forard on the ra$s of Love and %isdom to greet each of $ou at this time
and to &ring unto $ou the &lessings of detachment' realignment' (atience and (erseverance!
Greetings )eloved *nes! And it is ith great +o$ and (leasure in our hearts that e ma$ gather ith
each of $ou u(on this da$ as e hold $ou firml$ ithin the heart of ,hrist and securel$ u(on the
hands of God!
)eloved ones the +ourne$ into the star codes held &$ the Star Goddess Li-Ha is one that activates a
dee( resonance ithin the cellular configuration of $our (h$sical' emotional' mental and s(iritual
&odies! The alteration of this configuration is im(ortant in terms of &ringing into &eing that hich is
divine' that hich is in alignment ith the (ur(ose of the moment and that hich is a (art of
hichever ne (atha$ is ma-ing it.s a$ to $ou or hichever as(ect of the (atha$ $ou are on is
&eing addressed!
As (atience is mastered $ou ill find that the agon$ that accom(anies the (rocess of (atience
dissi(ates! This is hat the star code is offering $ou' the vi&rant (rocess of rooting $our energ$
ithin a s$stem of creativit$ that contri&utes to the (rocess meeting it.s natural state of com(letion
and releasing $ou to move forard! There are a num&er of different energies at (la$ at this current
time/ there are la$ers u(on la$ers &eing addressed simultaneousl$! This in itself is ta-ing +ust a little
&it of time to align itself ithin the grids of $our magnetic field so that all s$stems can unfold
simultaneousl$! At this stage some of it is still slightl$ staggered/ &$ that I mean that different
(rocesses draing to their close at different times! Hoever' &e (atient! It ill not &e a dran out
(rocess lasting ee-s or months or $ears! It ill in fact manifest a lot sooner than $ou e0(ect - the
e0(ectation &eing that of ho(elessness hen one thin-s of having to &e (atient' one automaticall$
imagines having to hold on for an unlimited (eriod of time!
The reason h$ this is also ha((ening is &ecause e need to assist humanit$ in com(leting the
clearing of the cha-ric grids that are lin-ed to the first seven $ears of $our life s(ecificall$! The
Pleiadian Goddesses are a vital (art of this clearing! This is also connected to the +ourne$ e too-
$ou all through to da$s ago lin-ed to the telve (atha$s of destin$! In that transmission I said to
$ou that $our first seven $ears of life is that first (atha$' that first ra$ u(on hich $ou enter $our
Those first seven $ears are directl$ influenced &$ $our (arents and the (atha$s that the$ have
chosen! 1ach $ear of the seven $ears influences the seven cha-ras and if those cha-ras are
har&ouring information' energ$ and codes that are not at this time resonating ith the direction that
$ou are choosing the$ need to &e cleared out of the s$stem so that the (ro(er (rocess of detachment
can &e conducted and com(leted' therefore releasing $ou to move forard!
So the (resence of the Goddess Li-Ha is shoing $ou that there are s$stems or-ing ithin the
realms of the su&conscious and the unconscious' ithin the realms of the (h$sical' emotional'
mental and s(irit &odies! The$ are in fact or-ing simultaneousl$ &ut are having to &ring
themselves into a (erfectl$ aligned grid ithin the (h$sical realit$ for ever$ as(ect of action to ta-e
(lace! This re2uires of $ou com(lete faith and trust in the fact that ever$thing is or-ing together
all the time even hen it a((ears that things are not moving! The$ are - as long as $ou have chosen
action and $ou are doing ever$thing in $our conscious (oer to address hatever issues a((ear to
&e inhi&iting $ou or &loc-ing $ou' then $ou can rest assured -noing that the change is inevita&le
and ill come sooner than $ou realise! The 2uestion is ill $ou &e read$ hen that change
ha((ens3 %ill $ou &e read$ to ma-e that move ra(idl$ the moment ever$thing comes together3 If
$our anser is $es' then &race $ourself/ if it is no' then &est $ou address hatever as(ect needs $our
attention ensuring that in the moment ever$thing comes together $ou are in a (osition to ta-e action
in accordance ith hat the ne e0(erience is (resenting $ou ith!
Goddess Li-Ha is accom(anied &$ the seven Pleiadian Goddesses ho guard the star gates -non
as the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades! These star gates em&od$ a ver$ intricate s$stem of energ$
hich' hen (assed through' activates codes ithin $ou that allo the ne0t level of $our divine
healing to &e activated!
Toda$ e ta-e $ou through the divine healing of that first (atha$ of $our telve' the first seven
im(rints $ou received ithin the cha-ras! These im(rints are hat $ou are no having to attend to'
hich re(resent this (hase of (atience leading u( to the change $ou ait for! So let us dela$ no
longer! ,entre $ourself ithin the -noing that there is a (oer and force of light greater than $our
ego' greater than $our fears currentl$ or-ing ithin $our energ$ field! )reathe that -noing into
the cells of $our &od$! %hile $ou are &reathing' o(en $our energ$ field to elcome the (resence of
the Star Goddess Li-Ha as ell as the seven Goddesses of the Pleiades ho guard the star gates into
the Pleiades!
Imagine their energ$ igniting li-e flames of illumination in each of the seven cha-ras of $our &od$
and each flame &eing an ac-noledgement of the -noledge and the (oer' the isdom and the
truth $ou alread$ em&od$!
Allo $ourself to surrender to this energ$! The more $ou surrender and let go the lighter $our
energ$ &ecomes ma-ing a$ for $our (ersonal guides' angels and masters to ste( into $our energ$
field and into the sacred s(ace that contains $our ho(es' $our ishes' $our desires and intentions!
The$ fill the sacred s(ace containing all of that vi&rant energ$ ith an e02uisite starlight energ$
hich adds de(th and light to ever$ single one of those dreams' ishes' visions' desires and
intentions am(lif$ing the vi&rations of those hich are most im(ortant at this time! All $ou need to
do is imagine that light (enetrating the core of those energies!
%hile the (enetration of that light continues to unfold imagine the seven Pleiadian Goddesses
connecting ith each of $our seven cha-ras' one goddess to one cha-ra! The$ no tune into the
grids of $our first (atha$ of destin$' the one that $ou entered into this incarnation through! As the$
ada(t the fre2uencies' so all seven of $our cha-ras o(en to receive the star code of (atience' divine
timing and trust in the greater (icture! These three s$stems of consciousness are a&sor&ed into ever$
la$er of the grid structure of $our seven cha-ras and no activate a filtering s$stem ithin the
cha-ras focusing u(on ever$ attitude' &elief s$stem' understanding and (erce(tion that $ou too-
into those grids that have inhi&ited $our a&ilit$ to trust the &igger (icture!
)reathe that into all seven cha-ras simultaneousl$! 4our seven cha-ras no ignite their grid
s$stems! 4ou can imagine them as &eing s$stems stac-ed u(on each other from the cron cha-ra
don to the &ase cha-ra and ever$ single grid influences the one &eneath it and the one a&ove it/
this has ala$s &een li-e that! This is h$ the vi&rations emitted from the grids caused issues ithin
$our entire cha-ric s$stem and ould have dran information from the cha-ric grids of $our
(arents and their first seven $ears and so it goes on and on through $our histor$! Toda$ $our grids
are &eing reactivated in a com(letel$ ne dimension of energ$!
Star Goddess Li-Ha and the Pleiadian Goddesses ill no trans(ort the grids of $our cha-ras ith
$our (ermission through the seven star gates' &eginning the activation! So if $ou are read$ and
illing' give them $our (ermission 5(ause6 and so the grids are ta-en &$ each Goddess! The$ ta-e
these grids through the Seven Sister star gates and as $our grids (ass through these star gates so an
incredi&le divine healing &egins to ta-e (lace! There comes a (oint no here the Goddess ill
sto(' standing ithin the ver$ centre of the star gate' and as she stands at this (oint so ever$ divine
as(ect of $our 7uture Self' $our 7ull$ Mastered and ,hristed Self of the Light' $our Higher Self and
$our com(lete I AM (resence gather around her and focus their light on this grid! As this light is
(ro+ected into $our cha-ric grid so ever$ false &elief s$stem regarding $our truth' $our a&ilit$ to
manifest that truth' and to have faith in $our a&ilit$ to manifest that truth' &egins to dissolve!
It ill ta-e a((ro0imatel$ seven da$s for this energ$ to (ass through ever$ level of the grid and
ever$ level of $our cellular' molecular and atomic structured grids! 8uring the seven da$s that lie
ahead of $ou' toda$ &eing the first one' $ou ill &e guided and shon e0actl$ hat is ithin the
cha-ric grid that inhi&its $our a&ilit$ to trust divine timing and to have (atience ith the universe
regarding trusting the greater (icture! Trusting that the universe' $our Higher Self' S(irit' God'
hatever $ou ant to call it' does indeed have $our &est interests at heart! 4our +o& is to have faith
and to trust! This consists of $ou focusing on the desired end! )$ this I mean &$ $ou concentrating
on that dream' that vision' the intention that $ou are or-ing toards - &$ doing that' the universe
does and ala$s ill ta-e care of the logistics $ou are unaare of!
)reathe in dee(l$ as the divine as(ects of $ou no increase the (ro+ection of energ$ into the grids
on $et another level and this changes the d$namic fre2uenc$ held ithin $our 89A and an
unraveling (rocess is no initiated - the unravelling of all those false structures' attitudes'
attachments' &elief s$stems and (erce(tions that &ind $ou to hatever it is $ou have chosen to &e
free of!
,ontinue &reathing those fre2uencies through $our &od$' imagining that $ou &reathing through
ever$ grid of all $our cha-ras! It ill ta-e another minute or so for this energ$ to &e aligned ith
those structures ithin $our grids and hile $our divine as(ects do this I ish to add at this (oint
ho im(ortant it is for $ou to &ear in mind that the energies $ou are or-ing ith in the here and
no' $ou have not or-ed ith &efore! 4ou are ada(ting to a hole ne a$ of &eing' a ne
s$stem of consciousness! 4ou are li-e an infant &eing &orn into a ne lifetime and having to
remem&er ho to al- and tal-' ho to anchor $our creative energ$ and create $our future! Some
(eo(le are e0(eriencing dee( inner de(ression/ the de(ression is not there to sto( $ou' the
de(ression is in fact the voice of all the su((ressed and re(ressed as(ects of $ou that have &een
stifled as a result of the inhi&ited a$s of the old (aradigm! 1ver$ limited' false &elief s$stem that
as (ro+ected onto $ou is hat $ou are moving out of! 1ver$ single la made &$ man that stifles a
human &eing.s groth and (oer to love' to live and create is &eing shattered! This is ta-ing (lace
individuall$ and collectivel$! It is at this (oint that the star codes held &$ the Star Goddess Li-Ha
are so im(ortant! It is this energ$ that merges ith the energ$ of (erseverance and $ou are shon a
light that reminds $ou that the end is in fact in sight! This light is $our signal to have faith' to -ee(
focused on that' hich $ou -no in $our heart' to &e true for $ou!
,ontinue to &reathe in dee(l$' e0haling full$ as the divine as(ects no ste( &ac- and the Star
Goddesses of the Pleiades continue ith $our grid' through the latter (art of the star gate and
emerge ith $our cha-ra ithin the Pleiadian realms of divine creation and manifestation! The$
enter these realms of magic and 2uantum light e0(osing this grid to the energ$ that aaits $ou - the
ne orld energ$! Imagine $our cha-ric grids o(ening as far as the$ can to receive the vi&rations of
that energ$ and &ring it into $our &eing! )reathe it in from the Pleiades into $our &eing! 7eel it'
imagine it and see it floing into $our s(irit' mental' emotional and (h$sical &odies and (ouring
into Mother 1arth' rooting that s$stem of energ$ firml$ ithin the material realm of earthl$ living'
and as $ou do this $ou ill feel (ulsations of energ$ moving through the cells!
Some of $ou ma$ &e feeling $our &od$ feeling a little light/ some of $ou are feeling a tingling
sensation! If nausea comes u( +ust &reathe into it! Sometimes these ne energies cause nausea
&ecause of the rate at hich the$ vi&rate! As it is a dense su&stance meeting such a high vi&rational
fre2uenc$' it im(acts on the sacral and solar (le0us at such a fast rate that nausea is often the side
effect!)reathe and rela0! %hile the grid is &eing infused ith all the ne energ$ in $our mind
(lease re(eat the ords after me: ;I 5and state $our name6' call forth the (oer' the intuition' the
conscious -noledge' isdom' faith and trust into m$ (h$sical realit$ em(oering me to utilise the
gifts of (atience! As I do this I o(en m$ energ$ to integrate the grids of divine timing' and in so
doing (lacing m$ trust in all m$ divine as(ects including S(irit' and in so doing surrendering to
God<Goddess &ecause I -no the$ are ta-ing care of ever$thing! I call forth the (oer and the light
of the em(oering am(lified cha-ra grids of m$ divine sacred tem(late and I consciousl$ choose to
eave those advanced illuminated and ise grids into the cha-ric grids of m$ current lifetime' and
command this energ$ to e0tend into the cha-ric grids of all m$ (arallel and alternate lifetime
as(ects! I command this under grace' to manifest in (eace' miraculousl$ and divinel$! I command
the light of m$ 1m(oered Self to merge full$ ith the consciousness held ithin the grids of m$
cha-ras and in so doing consciousl$ consenting and illing the dissemination of ever$ single
energ$ and attachment on a (h$sical' emotional' mental' s(iritual and multi-dimensional level that
-ee(s me ithin a state of fear' inhi&ition and frustration! I order the divine timing of m$ divine
(lan of m$ current life and the divine (atha$ thereof to come into full (h$sical manifestation here
and no in accordance ith the sacred grids of m$ (lan and (ur(ose! I command this and order this
from the de(ths of light and truth ithin m$ most evolved' loving self and in so doing (lacing the
grids of intention into the realms of integrit$' (erfection and divinit$! So it is' and so it is done!;
)reathe all of that into the cha-ric grids' move it into $our cells' into $our 89A' holding that
energ$ in $our 89A as it unravels all of the ancestral sludge and other ancestral attachments that
&ind $ou through an$ of $our cha-ras to an$ (erson' an$ (lace' an$ e0(erience' thought (rocess'
&elief s$stem' attitude or fear that (revents $ou from e0(eriencing the fullness of $our life!
The energ$ in $our solar (le0us and sacral cha-ra no &egins to churn &ecause the ego is no
e0(eriencing this immense challenge that is &eing (resented to it no' to com(letel$ let go!
)reathe into those cha-ras as the divine 7ather God and the divine Mother Goddess &egin
(rogramming the ne tem(lates of the cha-ric grids hich em&od$ the star codes of (atience'
divine timing and faith! Some of $ou ma$ &egin to feel a lot of emotions' energies and thoughts
rushing through these to cha-ras - even fears' (anic/ +ust &reathe into it! This is the ta(e reversing
that has held all the im(rints from the first seven $ears of $our life that &ecame the running ta(e
determining hat $ou have e0(erienced u( until no and it is the ta(e in $our 89A that is &eing
Pull it all out! Get $our hands in there and remove it! Pull and (ull until $ou (ull the roots out' until
there is nothing left! %e ill give $ou as much time as $ou need! ,ontinue to (ull! Go dee(er if $ou
must until $ou are =##> sure there is nothing left! Perha(s if the cords are finished there are other
things $ou are (ulling out no - (oer games' em(t$ (romises' false &elief s$stems' lies' confusion!
Pull it all out!
The almight$ I AM (resence of $our com(lete self &egins (ouring the (oerful energ$ of fluid love
over all the cords $ou have (ulled out and ever$thing else that $ou are still (ulling out and as this
sacred fluid touches all of this old stuff so it is transmuted into light' into (oer' into (otential and
And no &eloved ones a (rimal scream &egins to emerge from the energ$ of $our throat cha-ra as
ever$ inhi&ited (art of $ou o(ens and roars' screams and lets ri(' so&&ing and letting go of ever$
unheard re2uest' ever$ unfilled need' ever$ shattered dream' ever$ false (romise' ever$ single
illusionar$ (erce(tion of a&andonment &$ God' and $our &ase cha-ra o(ens simultaneousl$ to dro(
the root s$stem of those illusionar$ (ains and traumas that leads to $ou &elieving that $ou are
incom(etent' inade2uate and undeserving of living the fullness of $our life! An e02uisite universal
rose of light no &egins to emerge over $our heart' th$mus and throat char-as! This universal rose
is a ne floer of love o(ening to greet $ou' to &egin a&sor&ing ever$ single element of truth that
e0ists ithin $our divine tem(late!
9o the heart cha-ra &ursts o(en as it is no read$ to let go! To release (ull the cords from it'
&eloved ones! Pull and (ull and (ull! Push if $ou must! 9o a highl$ advanced and accelerated
(rocess of detachment is &eing activated and the Lord of the Pleiades comes to stand in front of $ou
- this )eing ho has seen $our future' ever$ as(ect of it' is there no to hel( $ou to remove these
cords &ecause this )eing -nos that this attachment must no ta-e (lace - the attachment not to the
false orlds &ut to $our divinit$! This )eing facilities an am(lified detachment to that hich is
false! This also unravels in $our 89A' through ever$ level of $our ancestral im(rint! 7luid love is
ashing over ever$thing that $ou are (ouring out' ever$thing $ou are (ulling out' and ever$thing
$ou are (ushing out! 8ro( it!
4our heart cha-ra no o(ens to receive the fullness of divine love' the fullness of acce(ting $our
divine right to love and &e loved' to have ever$ single one of $our needs met - $our divine right to
&e creative' to &e (rovided for' to &e em(oered' to &e heard' to &e seen' to &e trusted and to &e
acce(ted &$ the fullness of $ou!
)eloved ones the inner child is so&&ing inside of each of $ou ithin the grids that e no see and
e as- $ou +ust to &reathe as this (art of $ou undergoes this ver$ dee( release right no and
imagine $our full$ 1m(oered Self ra((ing $our arms around this &ro-en &eing' this (art of $ou
that has carried the eight of the attachments to the illusions that have &een (assed don unto $ou'
that ere encoded into $our 89A! 1ver$thing that is no longer necessar$! I as- $ou to go into
feeling if $ou can' if not' +ust imagining the de(ths of that so&' that ee( that is coming from that
(art of $ou/ for it is the de(ths of that ee(' that so& that is releasing all of the residual sludge that
as &inding $our cha-ric grids to the old (aradigm!
Allo $our full$ 1m(oered Selves. heart cha-ra to o(en and em&race that &ro-en (art of $ou/ +ust
hold her' hold him' and +ust allo the tears to flo! Allo ever$ thing to &e e0haled! )eloved ones'
as $ou hold this (art of $ou the divine 7ather God and the divine Mother Goddess no ra( their
arms around $ou and that &ro-en (art of $ou and the$ his(er into $our ear' and their his(ers are
ords of truth' ords that $ou can trust' ords that $ou can &elieve in! The$ no tell $ou that the
dar-ness of the old orld can no longer touch $ou' the fears and inhi&itions of the old orld are not
$ours to &u$ into! 4our (atha$ to freedom is aaiting $ou' and on this (atha$ $ou are free to &e
ith the ones that $ou love most' doing that hich $ou love most' and living $our life in a state of
(eace and harmon$! 1ven in the face of learning and groth $ou ill harmoniousl$ (rocess and
integrate the teachings that come $our a$!
4our heart is cr$ing out for that mergence ith $our true divine (atha$ of destin$' and hat the
divine Mother and 7ather are no &ringing $ou is an even greater o((ortunit$ to ste( full$ into the
golden divine (atha$ of eternal light' of eternal freedom' of the com(lete manifestation of
unconditional love to &e ith that one hom $ou are destined to &e ith' ith the (eo(le hom $ou
are destined to &e ith' the creativit$ $ou are destined to e0(ress and the life that $ou deserve to
live! As the$ hold $ou their heart cha-ras o(en the grids of the cosmic heart cha-ra of unconditional
love' and no the grids of all the cosmic cha-ras turn to $ou' focusing on $our energ$ vi&ration'
and encode $our cha-ric grids ith an additional vi&ranc$ of the star codes that Li-Ha &rings!
The cosmos hears $our heart screaming out for su((ort' for ansers' for guidance and direction and
it is heard' and it is no ithin $our s(ace for $ou to receive the ansers' to see the direction' to
feel the guidance and to itness the su((ort coming $our a$! Therefore e as- $ou again - are $ou
The entire cosmic force of life and love no em&races $our entire &eing com&ined ith that of the
divine 7ather God' and the divine 7ather<Mother energies merge as the divine mother Goddess
em&races $ou' (ulling $ou into her om&' and ithin that hol$' safe s(ace $ou ill &e held for the
duration of the ne0t seven da$s after hich an incredi&le re-&irthing ill ta-e (lace - a time here
the universes ithin those &eings' (eo(le' (laces and o((ortunities e0ist ill reflect &ac- at one
another! The$ ill collide and merge and a ne orld ill &e &orn for $ou' the orld in hich $our
inner child' the &od$ of the first seven $ears of $our life ill no &e a&le to trul$ turn it.s e$es to
the heavens and thrive ithin this ne s(ace $ou are creating!
The unravelling of $our 89A ill continue for the ne0t seven da$s' cleaning out' clearing out'
ma-ing a$ for this incredi&l$ divine time - this most e0traordinar$ +ourne$ into $our golden
lifetime in hich $ou ill com(lete hat is left of $our telve (atha$s!
7eel $ourself no emerging through $our third e$e and cron cha-ra as $ou &ring those sacred
grids into $our &eing/ &ut instilled ithin this is the im(rint of the divine Mother and the divine
7ather' the im(rint -non as claircognisance here the all--noing as(ects of all that is divine and
em(oered and at one meets $ou and is rooted ithin those cha-ras! And so the (eace that comes
ith -noing that the (oer of God<Goddess is on $our side' or-ing ith $ou' through $ou and
for $ou/ therefore $our Highest %ill ill &e done on earth' as it is (romised in heaven!
It is time no to &egin &reathing the grids &ac- into $our (h$sical heart cha-ra - these altered grids
that no longer carr$ an$ codes of entra(ment lin-ed to $our first seven $ears' and as $ou (ull each
one in visualise its. roots s$stem e0tending into the core of Mother 1arth! This ill ensure that $ou
manifest on earth that hich $ou have created ithin the heavens of the su&conscious' and fluid
love continues to flo through $our cha-ras having transmuted all the old into light' and that
universal rose of love emanates it.s fre2uencies into the geometric structure of $our magnetic field'
am(lif$ing the magnetic fre2uenc$ of that field as ell as $our (oer to create' to co-create' and to
manifest ever$ single one of $our divine (h$sical' emotional' mental' creative' and s(iritual needs
as met!
The seven Goddesses no encode a sacred signia over each of $our cha-ras ensuring that these
grids remain active' and their fre2uenc$ increasing the energ$' am(lif$ing it.s a&ilit$ to flo
through $ou! The$ also no encode $our sacred sigil into ever$ single one of those cha-ras! 4our
sacred sigil is the divine code that the universe -nos $ou &$! This sigil is held ithin $our earth
name' $our s(irit' $our star and all $our divine names!
9o &eloved ones' this ver$ (oerful (rocess is going to continue unfolding for the ne0t seven
da$s - remem&er including toda$ - therefore $ou ill remain in the s(ace of Pleiades ith the seven
Pleiadian Goddesses! The$ have anchored the grids in the cha-ras ith $ou hich means $ou ill
still &e a&le to function in $our (h$sical orld as need &e! Hoever' $ou ma$ find $ourself a little
more sensitive to the old realm constructs! )reathe through them and remain focused on hat $our
choice is in terms of the ne creation' here $ou are headed' hat $ou desire' and this ill see $ou
through! At the end of the seven da$s the re-&irthing (rocess ill ta-e (lace and the (atha$ &eing
activated no' hich is an as(ect of $our golden (atha$' ill &e full$ rooted in $our energ$
s$stem' as ell as the tem(lates of $our (h$sical' emotional' mental' creative' intellectual and s(irit
&odies! All $our cha-ras ill &e in (erfect and harmonious alignment ith that ma(!
Give than-s for this!
Ta-e a loo- at the inner child that as so&&ing earlier on and notice ho the e$es have cleared' the
face has cleared and it.s entire energ$ loo-s lighter! Ta-e this &eing &$ the hand' (ic- her u(' ra(
$our arms around him and carr$ this (art of $ou herever $ou go' for it is $our res(onsi&ilit$ to
honour this sacred child' one of $our most divine as(ects! Honour her needs' honour his strengths'
intuition' isdom and a&ove all' (urit$' for that is $our -e$ into the -ingdom of heaven' so to s(ea-!
)reathe in dee(l$' e0hale full$ as $our dra $our consciousness &ac- into $our &od$! )ring $our
aareness &ac- into the realms of $our (h$sical earth life -noing that ever$thing else is still
unfolding as e have said it ill! ?oot $ourself to the earth!
)eloved ones' during these seven da$s the seven seals to the ne orld ill &e &ro-en o(en! These
seals are gatea$s to that golden (aradigm' &ut more s(ecificall$ $our golden (atha$' the (atha$
that ill allo $ou - or let me rather sa$ ena&le $ou - to com(lete hat is left of $our telve
(atha$s of destin$!%hen $ou ste( into that golden (aradigm com(leting the remainder of those
telve (atha$s of destin$' $our (atha$s ill consist (rimaril$ of e0tremel$ em(oering - in
fact' e0traordinar$ and sometimes out of this orld or- ith the most advanced civilisations of
$our universe!
%here $ou are headed $ou cannot even &egin to com(rehend' hich is h$ e are &eing so
(ersistent in (ushing $ou aa$ from the old (aradigms' false structures and means of living - and
don.t let an$one fool $ou &$ telling $ou that $ou are living out of integrit$ &$ choosing to move
aa$ from the old man-made legal s$stems that inhi&it a (erson.s freedom to live in (eace' in
harmon$ and ithin a state of unconditional love ith those hom the$ are destined to &e ith' in
the (laces $ou are destined to &e ith! I re(eat' don.t let an$one fool $ou &$ telling $ou that $ou are
living out of integrit$ or that $our choice to al- aa$ from something or someone is not ver$
s(iritual! I &eseech $ou do not &u$ into that limiting mani(ulation! All of the old structures are false
and ill fall/ the$ are falling/ $ou are &eing (re(ared to stand in the ne structures! 4ou have
alread$ e0(erienced the falling' $ou are no e0(eriencing the rising 5often hat is referred to as the
ra(ture6! 4ou are in it' do not sacrifice it again! There is a&solutel$ no e0(ectation u(on $ou or
demand &eing (laced u(on $ou from an$ )eing of Light incarnate or discarnate' insisting $ou
sacrifice an$ as(ect that &rings $ou hat $ou most desire! 4ou -no hat $our heart.s calling
consists of' $ou -no here true love is' here freedom of creativit$ is' here (eace resides! So
get a move on!
)eloved ones' the light of ever$ flame of illumination that is ithin $our (oer to &e integrated and
ithstood' comes to &e ith $ou! Ma$ the true essence of (atience instill $ou ith the stamina and
the (erseverance to trust in the greater (lan of the ill of God<Goddess hich is ala$s is at one
ith the highest ill of $our divine (lan! )e at (eace! All is ell' all is changing and hold on' there
is something 2uite ama"ing a&out to ha((en!
I am Kuthumi' ,hohan of the Golden ?a$ of Love and %isdom and I greet and &less $ou in love!