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Removing Banners from your site By Ankit Fadia


Warning: Experiened !rogrammers mig"t find t"is manual lame and # do not guarantee
t"at t"ese triks $ill al$ays $ork.
%oday& t"ere are a number of $ebsites& $"i" offer you free $ebspae and a reasonably
good 'R(& for free. %"is servie "as beome very popular as it is t"e easiest and fastest
$ay of putting up your site on t"e net& getting an identity for yourself and beoming a
part of t"e "uge $eb.

)o$ever& like most good t"ings& t"is too "as a at". %"ese servies re*uire ea" page
t"at you "ost on t"eir server to "ave a banner or advertisement embedded in it. %"is not
only affets t"e do$nloading time of t"e visitors +$"o visit your site,& but also affets&
t"e $ay you position various elements on a partiular page. For Example& if t"e banner
$"i" is automatially embedded at t"e top of ea" page "as too many olors& t"en you
mig"t "ave to "ange t"e olor t"at you use for ot"er elements of your page& so as to
make t"em +t"e elements like -avigation Bar, more visible.

W"at is more& if you are using frames on your site& t"en ea" frame $ill "ave an
individual banner embedded in it. %"is results in t"e positioning of various elements
going "ay$ire and makes your page look extremely pat"eti. %alk about getting
framed.... +%"is is one of t"e reasons as to $"y you s"ould avoid using frames on your

Any$ay& in t"is )% manual& $e $ill learn /ust "o$ to get rid of t"ese irritating banners
and to make your free $ebpage really ke$l.

)A12#-3 %R'%): %"e banners $"i" are embedded are /ust about t"e only soure of
inome for t"ese $ebsites& so if you are aug"t arrying out any of t"e belo$ 4-o Banner4
triks& t"en you $ould possible lose your aount. 5o BEWARE...

Any$ay& t"e triks t"at you an exeute to prevent embedded banners from displaying
vary from servie to servie. #t basially depends on as to $"i" $ebsite you "ave your
aount on.
!lae t"e belo$ ode after t"e end )%7( tag:
!lae t"e belo$ ode any$"ere on t"e page:
8sript language=>?ava5ript>9
funtion open+, @A

%"e above snippet $ill give an error and normally no ot"er ?ava5ipt ode $ould be
exeuted& so no banner $ould be displayed. )o$ever& it doesn4t $ork in all ases& so
t"ere is yet anot"er )ak for Angelfire: 5orround t"e B6BC tag $it" t"e belo$ ode:

5ame as t"s seond "ak for Angelfire
%o prevent banners from displaying on your $ebpage "osted by D667& replae t"e
standard 'R( $it" t"e belo$ 'R(:

Removing !op 'p Banners
Well& some of t"e above triks also seem to stop pop up banners from being displayed.
)o$ever& anot"er option t"at ould be propagated $ould be to ask all visitors to install a
5oft$are alled Adds6FF $"i" stops ne$ $indo$s +pop up ads, from being displayed.
But again t"is is not a feasible option. #nfat& some personal fire$alls also filter out ode
$"i" open pop up Banners.
3etting a FREE +Banner Free, .167 registration
E. %"e -ameFero )ak

7ost of you must "ave "eard of -ameFero& $"i" gives you a free .1om +or .-et or
.6R3, registration and in return puts up a "uge banner at t"e bottom of ea" page. Well&
putting t"e follo$ing piee of ode after t"e %#%(E tag $ould do t"e trik for you:
+5ometimes t"e follo$ing "ak is said to not $ork& if t"at is t"e ase t"en try t"e
-ameBemo "ak instead. Eit"er of t"e t$o $ill definitely $ork.,
851R#!% (A-3'A3E=>?avasript>9
if +parent.frames.lengt",
parent.loation."ref= self.loationH
:: GG9

I. %"e -ameBemo )ak

5imply add t"e follo$ing to t"e first page of t"e "ome page of your site& after t"e
8B6BC9 opening tag:

8sript language=>?avasript>9
if +top.loation .= self.loation, @
top.loation = self.loation."ref

Again& # $ould like to say t"at if any of t"ese triks do not $ork& t"en kindly do not flame
me. %"is manual $as aimed at simply giving you a general idea as to "o$ to go about
removing banners. #t is basially for getting you started.

Ankit Fadia

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