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6/3/2014 15 Killer Tips To Crack SSB Interview In 2014 | SSB Interview Tips & Coaching | SSBCrack 1/5
By Editorial Team Personal Interview
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15 Killer Tips To
Crack SSB
Interview In 2014
Aspirants, how many of you
are going to clear SSB in
2014 and join the forces? I
am sure all of you! So what
about doing some
preparations. Tighten your
seat belts and get ready to
get the 15 Killer tips which
will come handy for you to
clear the SSB interview in order to pave way for you to
become future officers in the armed forces:
1. Get that killer confidence: Confidence is an important
part of an effective personality. If you are a confident
person youll be able to present yourself in an
impressive way in front of others, also youll be able to
project the better things of your personality in an
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6/3/2014 15 Killer Tips To Crack SSB Interview In 2014 | SSB Interview Tips & Coaching | SSBCrack 2/5
effective manner. Confidence is important from SSB
point of view as well. It helps you to perform well. Why
else do you think many of us are not able to speak well
in the GD or interview? So tell yourself everyday that
yes you are the best and you are going to make it,
2. You cant know the world better until you know
yourself: Self-introspection is very important if you
want to get through SSB. So introspect yourself, find
out your strengths and weaknesses, then work on your
strengths to enhance them and on your weakness to
diminish them. The person who knows you the best is
yourself, so use this to your advantage and find out
your abilities.
3. Have a look around: In SSBs youll be asked a lot
questions related to your family, friends and closed
ones. So it is better to go prepared. The questions will
range from their occupation to what do they like/
dislike in you, what you like/dislike in them etc. Hence
you are advised to have a look around yourself and be
prepared for such questions.
4. Presentation is the secret my friend: You might be
having ample amount of knowledge but it is of no use
until you know the way to present it. To be able to
present something in an orderly way you must
practice doing so. Now by practice I mean that try to
write the points and practice answering the expected
interview questions. In this way youll be prepared
thoroughly to present your thoughts in the interview.
5. Channelize your thoughts: By channelizing here I
mean that give your thoughts a rights direction. You
must be aware that the answers you are going to give
or anything that you are going to say in the SSB must
6/3/2014 15 Killer Tips To Crack SSB Interview In 2014 | SSB Interview Tips & Coaching | SSBCrack 3/5
have adequate proof to prove it. So for this you need
to think in a right direction. Keep on checking that
whether the thing which you are thinking is correct,
what all cross questions can be raised from them and
can you answer/tackle those questions.
6. Get set and Go: SSB is a test of five days, it involves
long duration of testing. The days are going to be
tiring and youll be asked to do a lot of physical
exercises as well (individual obstacles, snake race) so
for these thing you need stamina. Start going for a jog,
or running in order to build stamina.
7. North East West South: Yes! I am talking about the
news. Knowing the current affairs and what is going
on in the national and international front will always
keep you in an advantageous state, so spare some
time to listen to the news or read the newspaper.
8. Get a good essay book: A good essay book will help
you to build knowledge about different subjects. Now
this knowledge will help you again in the GD and in
the lecture in the GT Series.
9. Speak like a gentleman/lady: The way you speak tells
volumes about you. Anybody who can communicate
well his/her thoughts will definitely cast a better
impression. Speak slow, in proper tone, give pauses
while you speak, speak calmly and not in a haste. In
this way youll develop a wonderful speaking style, so
again itll help you to communicate your thoughts well
to others, in GD, interview etc.
10. Time yourself: The psychological testing the SSB is a
time based test, there are many sample SRT, WAT and
TAT present on our website. Download them and time
your responses.
11. The forces work on planning: Military planning or
group planning is a very important exercise. It checks
not only your basic intelligence but also your ability to
deploy proper resources, and your ability to judge the
importance and priority of any situation. The whole
system of forces works on planning, nothing in the
forces is done in an unplanned or haste manner. So
be very logical and intelligent in the GPE.
12. Practice reasoning: The officersIntelligence and Rating
test in SSB is held in the screening part. You need to
6/3/2014 15 Killer Tips To Crack SSB Interview In 2014 | SSB Interview Tips & Coaching | SSBCrack 4/5
score well in it to get into stage two of the testing.
While in some SSB OIR is a cakewalk, in a few like in
Selection Centre Central, Bhopal, it is a bit tricky and
difficult. Itll be beneficial to go prepared for this test.
You can check the details regarding this test on our
13. Be friendly and Smile: Be friendly with the group
mates. A good repo with your group will be helpful to
you in the group tasks, since GT series is the longest
exercise and you have to do it with your group, it is
important that you guys gel well. Good co-operation in
a group leads to more number of selections, never
forget this!
14. You are not a rebel: You are going in the SSB to get
selected, and not become a rebel. Why I am saying this
is because I have seen many candidates giving stupid
suggestions and speaking illogical things in the
conference when asked for suggestions. You are
assigned to somebody who constantly asks your
problem every day, you are even asked to write
suggestions in the mess register, then what is the
need to go and say that quality of food needs to be
improved in the conference. You are going to join the
forces, that is the purpose you are going for, never
forget it. Moreover always remember that if you give
any suggestion in the conference, there are 15 officers
sitting to answer it, read again, 15 officers!
15. Never forget your purpose: The reason why you want
to join the forces, never forget it. Never forget the
purpose you have gone in the SSB with, i.e. to get
selected. Take care of yourself, perform well, eat and
sleep on time, bound them to take you in!
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6/3/2014 15 Killer Tips To Crack SSB Interview In 2014 | SSB Interview Tips & Coaching | SSBCrack 5/5