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What is causing the increase in global temperature?

The increase of Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earths atmosphere accounts for 85% of the global
temperature rise in the past ten years. It is the single most prevalent and destructive greenhouse gas
(GHG) emitted by human activity. Fossil fuels are the greatest source of humanitys CO2, Individuals,
by being more conscious of their environmental footprint, can help reduce the GHGs released into
the already warming atmosphere
Why is the sea level rising?
When global temperature warms, seawater expands and occupies more space. Sea levels also rise
when ice melts. Coastal communities in every country are then threatened with floods and storm
surges, to which small islands are the most exposed. Global sea levels are rising at an increasing rate;
by about 10 to 25 centimeters over the last 100 years. According to the International Panel on
Climate Change (IPCC), the rate of sea level rise is predicted to be even greater this century.

What can be done?
Power Down!
The facts dont lie. The global climate is changing. Carbon dioxide accounts for 85% of the increase in
the Earths temperature in the past ten years. It is the single most prevalent and destructive
greenhouse gas emitted by human activity. When you save energy by switching to compact
fluorescents, biking or walking, going hybrid or carpooling you reduce fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas)
the greatest source of human carbon dioxide output.


Reduce Our FOOD print!
We throw away over 1/3 of all food that is produced wasting precious land and water resources
that have gone into its production. Food waste in landfills is one of the biggest contributors to the
harmful gases that cause global warming. Warmer temperatures are melting glaciers causing sea
levels to rise, threatening small islands and low lying cities around the world.
So lets reduce our FOOD print by managing our meals smartly, storing food, using leftovers, buying
imperfect vegetables and encouraging our supermarkets and restaurants to cut their food waste.

Purge Plastics!
It takes one minute to throw out a plastic bag youve used once. It takes less than that to down a
bottle of water. They then end up in the garbage or the ocean where they live FOREVER, adding to
landfills and killing marine life. If you have to use plastic, make sure you reuse or recycle!
WED 2014: Raise your voice, not the sea level