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Useful websites Grammar and vocabulary exercises at various levels

htp:// Lots of short texts on daily news as well as videos and photos
htp:// Brilliant new site with actvites for listening and reading on a range of topics + gram-
htp:// Aveteca (Actvidades del Aula Virtual de Espaol) has a
series of exercises based on grammar and topics. Self checking
El Gancho Digital newspaper, manageable level
htp:// Search for '4 minutos' within the site and then listen and try to pick out the main stories
htp:// Listening practce with transcripts
htp:// Video listening practce with transcripts
htp:// Listening exercises with exercises in
pdf format
htp:// Superb blog with artcles and exercises to accompany them, as well as songs and
htp:// Excellent short audio bites on up-to-the-minute topics, literally on the day they happen
htp:// Videos and audio on up-to-the minute topics
htp:// Spanish news site
htp:// Gossip pages in Spanish
htp:// Excellent listening actvites with blankfll exer-
cise, transcript and translator tool
htp:// Excellent listening actviites (with transcript available)
htp:// Listening actvites and vodcasts
htp:// Great reading exercises
htp:// Lots of diferent types of listening exercises on
good A level topics
htp:// Illustratve graphics on a variety of A level topics
htp:// Spanish newspaper online
htp:// Euronews in Spanish
htp:// Word of the day can be hepful, partcularly as it gives examples
htp:// Diferent actvites for diferent levels
htp:// Grammar exercises
Trinity grammar pages Grammar exercises
htp:// Excellent grammar notes
htp:// Great resources for diferent levels, including reading comprehension practce,
and literature notes and worksheets
htp:// Brilliant videos on a huge range of topics. Try summarising what they say, for practce
htp:// Accessible reading and video clips
htp:// Select Spanish Corpus for series of videos of Spaniards talking about difer-
ent topics
htp:// Intercultural educaton, useful for A2 topics
Punto y coma Listening and reading online
htp:// Lots of really interestng actvites and posts - check out the selectons in the side bar
htp:// Comparatve exercises
htp:// Choose your verb(s) and your tense(s) then practse, practse, practse
htp:// Songs and exercises
htp:// Good basic listening practce with blankflls etc
htp:// Short videos on a range of topics