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The following instructions will hopefully help you install the Etank2000 Demo.

It is best to shutdown
any other programs that are running in order to avoid conflicts. This includes Norton Internet ecurity. If
you are concerned about a virus! wait until after you have downloaded the file to shut down Norton.
". #irst of all! it is best to close all other programs before installing the Etank demo. ometimes
there is a conflict when the Etank Installer tries to copy a file that is in use by other programs.
If you have any problems it is best to un$install the Etank demo from your %ontrol &anel!
reboot! and then run the Installer again after closing all other programs.
2. Download the demo installation file from the internet using the link provided to you.
If you have a problem downloading from the link above! I have added an alternate download
location at http'(( .
If you cannot download from either of these links! please check with your IT Department.
They may have restrictions on the types of file or si)e of files that you can download. The
Etank Demo Installer is appro*imately + meg. If you email me at , I can
also try to email you the file.
I prefer to save the file to my hard drive rather than running it from the internet. .e sure to
save it to a location that you can find it. /hen the download has complete! the following bo*
will appear asking if you want to run the file.
%lick 0un.
1. 2ou may also see the following popup3. %lick 0un
4. The Etank2000 Demo Installation file should start. The "
screen should look like this.. %lick
6. The Installation #older page should then come up3 2ou can change the default #older! but if
you have any problems try it again with the default directory
7. 8it NE5T. 9nd then NE5T on the %onfirmation screen.
:. 9t this point! the Installer should begin copying files. /indows may pop up a window that
makes you select ;9llow< to allow the Installer to proceed.
+. There is always a chance that there are files that Etank needs to install that are already installed
and in use when the Installer tries to copy the file to your computer. 2ou may get a message
like this3
In most cases you can ,ust click on ;%ontinue< and the Demo will install =>.
?. /hen the installation is complete you should see a window like the one below confirming a
successful installation..
"0. %lick ;%lose< to E*it3The installation is complete. The Etank2000 Demo Installer will have
created a link on your start menu under E$/are Inc. to start the demo. The actual link should
be at tart@9ll &rograms@E$/are Inc@Etank2000@Etank2000 Demo3.
N=TE' If you have /indows AIT9 you will have to skip to step B "" and manually run the
demo the "
"". 2ou can also start the Demo by running the file from E*plorer or tart(%omputer. The actual
file should be ;Etank2000 Demo.e*e< in your %'@&rogram #iles@Etank2000 directory Cunless
you changed the directoryD..
"2. Now! to run the demo. If you do not have /indows Aista! ,ust click on ;Etank2000
Demo.e*e< Cor click on Etank2000 Demo from your tart EenuD to run it. If you have
/indows Aista as your operating system! you will have to go to the directory where you have
the demo installed and right click on the file ;Etank2000 Demo.e*e<. elect properties. The
following screen will appear3

%lick on the tab for ;%ompatibility< and then click the check bo* at the bottom that says ;0un
this program as an administrator<. %lick =>.
Now you should be able to double click ;Etank2000 Demo.e*e< to run the demo.
"1. 9 registration form should come up. 2ou will have to fill this out for the Demo to continue.
The registration form will look like the screen below.
"4. /hen the registration form has been filled out! click =>.
"6. The End Fser Gicense 9greement will pop up.. %lick ;I 9ccept<. 9 copy of the End$Fser
Gicense 9greement is in the Etank Demo directory.
"7. 9fter hitting ;I 9ccept<! a bo* will pop up stating that the demo has created a 0egistration
#ile. This file should be located in your %'@&rogram #iles@Etank2000 directory.
":. 9fter hitting =>! you may have to run the demo again from the start menu or by clicking on
;Etank2000 Demo.e*e< in order to get it to actually start. /hen the Demo starts! a bo* will
pop up to set passwords for the databases. 2ou do not need to do this for the demo. If you
would like to password protect the demo or the regular version! you can do so from
Tools(=ptions when running Etank.
"?. 9fter clicking =>! the Demo will start. The "
thing you will see is a plash creen showing
the demo version.
20. 9fter the plash creen displays briefly! the Etank Eain creen will appear.
2". 2ou can click #ile(=pen Tank to open a ample Tank or #ile(New Tank to start a tank of your
own. The Demo is a full working program. It does everything that the regular Etank does!
e*cept the Diameter is limited to "+ft! 4+ft! "22ft or 2+0ft.
If you have any problems! email me a ,effcoat at &lease be clear on e*actly what kind of
problem you are having or what step above the error occurs. 9ny screenshots of the error messages or
where you are at will be a big help. Eost installation problems occur either because the user did not un$
install all previous Etank installations! or because they have Aista or /indows: as the operating system
ad did not right click the demo e*ecutable and tell it to ;0un as 9dministator<