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BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 1

BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire

Training Program Glossary

BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
2 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 3

Term/Acronym Description
30 day grace Customer has the ability to call up and reactivate their service within the grace period 30 days.
AA Account Administrator
AAA Process of Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting.
Not being available during a given time, possibly due to a sick day, an impromptu meeting, an
emergency, or high priority CPE issues.
(Admin Center)
The Web interface used by administrators to set-up and maintain filtering and encryption in EHS
(Exchange Hosted Services).
ACD Automatic Call Distribution
ACK Acknowledgement
ACL Access Control List
Activate/Activating The act of activating a license for a specific user.
Activation Team This team is responsible for provisioning the customer in the network.
AD Active Directory
AD DS Active Directory Domain Services
Admin Center Admin Portal for FOPE/EHA
ADSL Asymetric Digital Subscriber Lines
Adware is any software program that automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to a
computer after the software is installed on it or while the application is being used.
Means any legal entity that owns, is owned by, or is under common ownership with Customer or
Microsoft. "Ownership" means, for purposes of this definition, more than 50% ownership.
Agent Portal SharePoint site for agents (same as AIC)
A Microsoft vendor or full time employee who is tasked with providing customer or technical support to
external customers.
AHT Average Handle Time
(Agent Information Center)
The original Agent Information Center based on SharePoint. In BPOS-S this site was rebranded to
Microsoft Online Services Resource Center as a SharePoint site for PII, management reports, bug
handling and special program repository prior to integration into VKB.
1. A unique identifier for a person on Microsoft's network- ties to the person's email address. 2. A
substitute name for an object, such as a device, file, or a variable.
Alt-Account Elevated account in Redmond domain with Admin rights.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
4 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
Analog Carrier Signal
An analog carrier signal is information that is continuously changing by a measurable physical
ANSI American National Standards Institute
APGC Asia Pacific Greater China
(Application Programming
Provides programmers with a formal set of routines that can be called upon to exploit underlying
network services.
Application Layer
The application layer of the OSI model provides an interface for the end user operating a device
connected to a network.
Company acquired by Microsoft to enhance relationships with advertisers, agencies, and media
owners/publishers by strengthening its world-class advertising platforms and services. It also gives
Microsoft increased abilities in building and supporting next.
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ASA Automated Service Agents (Colloquis)
ASICs Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
AUI Attachment Unit Interface
Auto Notification
An e-mail generated by the Clarify CRM system to notify responsible parties about a new case
dispatched to the Clarify queue the team is accountable for monitoring.
AXFR Authoritative Full Transfer Zone Request
BAM Billing Account Management
BAP BPOS-S Accelerated Partners
Baselining The process of gathering facts that objectively reflect the normal operation of your network.
BB BlackBerry
BCM Business Continuity Management
BDM Business Decision Maker
BES BlackBerry Enterprise Server
BG Business Group
BI Business Intelligence
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 5

Term/Acronym Description
Bi-Lingual Able to speak and write two languages fluently.
A type of authentication, biometrics, also known as Something you are is the most expensive
(therefore least implemented) factor of security. This type of authentication involves using retinal (eye)
scans, finger and palm prints, or any other conceivable way of physically verifying that you are who
you say you are.
BIOS 1. Business Incubation and Online Services 2. Basic Input/Output System
Biz Desk
EMT (Escalation Management Team). The department that handles approving exceptions to the
When an e-mail is blocked from reaching an inbox and the sender does not receive a bounce
A frequently updated online journal or column. Blogs are often used to publish personal or company
information in an informal way. Short for Web log.
BOL Bearing Only Launch
BOSD Business Online Service Delivery
BOSG Business Online Services Group Infrastructure
When e-mail messages fail to reach their intended destination, they are said to bounce. If it is caused
by an invalid e-mail address, it is considered a hard bounce, but if it is caused by a temporary
condition, such as a full inbox, it is considered a soft bounce.
BPO Business Productivity Online
BPOS Business Productivity Online Suite
Business Productivity Online Suite Dedicated. Offering designed to satisfy our most demanding
enterprise customers by offering hardware and software dedicated to them, as a service.
Business Productivity Online Suite Federal. This version of BPOS is for U.S. federal government
agencies, related government contractors, and others that require the highest levels of security
features and protocols.
Business Productivity Online Suite Standard. Multi-tenant offering for a small to medium size
BPOSUPP Business Productivity Online Support Alias
BRD Business Requirements Document
Broadband Router
A broadband router is a common term describing the router used for residential networks to connect
the home LAN with the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) modem supplied by the telephone company, or
cable modem supplied by the cable company.
BSS Business Solutions Services
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
6 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
Bug Any problem (valid or not) reported against a product and entered into our Product Studio database.
A personal bug portal that tracks Product Studio bugs assigned to and opened by a user, and notifies
the user when new bugs are assigned to the user or changed.
Bus Network A bus network consists of all the nodes connected by a single wire segment. Bus networks are
inexpensive and usually quick and easy to install, making them attractive for temporary networks.
Business Operations Responsible for invoicing and global outsourcing contract payments, and accruals.
BYOC Bring Your Own CAL
CA Certification Authority
CAB 1. Change Advisory Board 2. Cabinet files
CAL Client Access License
Callback Contacting the customer via phone at a scheduled time.
(Campus Area Network)
A computer network made up of interconnected local area networks within a limited geographical area.
A campus area network is larger than a local area network but smaller than a wide area network.
Colleges and universities often implement a CAN to connect buildings and structures.
CAP Component and Application PortalWeb site for consumer purchases.
(Corporate Account
Sales accounts with an average IT spend between $2 and $45 million and between 1000-5000 PC's
or employees.
Case Term used in the Clarify CRM tool to define any technical support issue requiring technical assistance.
Case Notes Information regarding technical support issues with the service.
Case Number
A numbering convention used by the Clarify CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to
uniquely identify each individual service request.
CAT5 A Category 5 cable. Its a twisted pair, high signal integrity cable type.
(Contact Center Category
Category manager for all outsourced contact center business across Microsoft.
(Customer Care Framework)
The CCF 2008 is a software solution that supports the rapid, flexible, and cost-effective development
and deployment of customer care solutions. CCF 2008 aggregates the information agents need,
automates the tasks and process.
(Communication and
Collaboration Service)
CCS Tech Support - (now named, Business Productivity Online Standard) (In beta, Exchange,
SharePoint, Communicator for SMB)
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 7

Term/Acronym Description
CDN Content Distribution Network
CEE Central and Eastern Europe
CFI Control Flow Integrity
CHAP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
The process of changing plaintext using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it indecipherable to
anyone except those having a key.
Clarify CSS Support incident tool used by CTS (Commercial Technical Support).
An application or system that accesses a remote service on another computer system, known as a
server, by way of a network.
Client certificates
Client certificates are electronic documents that contain information about clients. These certificates,
like server certificates, contain not only this information but also public encryption keys.
Client/Server A network architecture type where a central server handles all security and file transactions.
Client Software Software engineered by Microsoft and resides customer computer to access online services.
Close To resolve a Service Request, either due to completion or inactivity.
Cloud Computing Software that is deployed over the Internet.
CM Content Management
CMD Command Prompt
CMS (Change Management
CSS (Customer Service and Support) tool that creates, tracks, reports, and forecasts change
Code of Conduct Publicly facing document describing allowable and unallowable conduct on the Service by Microsoft.
Coexistence The state when running two messaging environments.
Commercial Technical
Commercial customer support is split into two groups: Premier Field Engineering (PFE) and
Commercial Technical Support (CTS, which is broken down into product clusters).
Communicator A Microsoft Office-integrated client for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server.
Compass Email Manager
A notification system from Clarify which notifies people of case activity, such as changes in ownership,
case updates, and customer updates.
Compliance Conforming to a specification or standard that has been clearly defined.
Requesting information from a SME (Subject Matter Expert) while retaining ownership of the customer
Consulting Engineer Any support engineer consulting on a support service request.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
8 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
Consumer Type of targeted support offering.
Contract Desk A Microsoft Office-integrated client for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server.
(Customer Operations
Performance Center)
Compliance certification and monitoring for vendors vendor supplied agent metrics.
CPC Customer and Partner Care
CPE Customer and Partner Experience
Third-party tool for change requests/customer issue tracking used in Customer Experience team. A
short-term tool.
Crit Sit Critical Situation
(Customer Relationship
Software that is used to manage customer relationships.
CRM Live Hosted version of dynamics CRM.
Cryptography Cryptography is the science of providing security for information.
CSAT Customer Satisfaction
CSF Connected Services Framework
CSG Customer Support Group
(Carrier Sense Multiple
Access / Collision Detection)
The protocol that used in Ethernet networks to ensure that only one network node is transmitting.
CSP Cryptographic Service Provider
CSS Customer Service and Support
CSS Call Router Customer Service and Support Call Router
CSUs/DSUs Channel Service Units/Data Service Units
CSV Comma Separated Value
CTI Computer Telephone Integration
CTS Commercial Technical Support
Individuals, companies, or other entities that purchase goods and services produced by other
individuals, companies, or entities.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 9

Term/Acronym Description
CVM Card Validation Method
DAP 1. Delegated Administration Partner 2. Directory Access Protocol
(Defense Advanced Research
Project Agency)
Originally named ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency), but renamed DARPA (for Defense)
during March 1972, DARPA is responsible for the development of new technology for use by the
Data Link Layer The data link layer is where data is actually sitting at the network card ready for transmission.
Data Protection What Europeans call Privacy.
Datagram Datagram is a term is commonly used to describe the unit of movement within connectionless
Datagram The unit of movement within connectionless protocols.
DCR Design Change Request
De-activating The act of de-activating a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) license for a specific user.
Decommission Discontinue the service subscription by closing the account.
Decryption The process of decoding ciphertext to produce the plaintext.
De-escalate Change ownership of a service request back to previous group or support engineer tier.
Techniques, best practices and authentication, of mass e-mail communication that will improve the
possibility that opt-in e-mail messages are successfully delivered to the intended recipients and not
blocked by ISPs and spam filters.
De-provision (Depov) The customer account has been deactivated and the customers data will be deleted after 15 days.
Deskless Worker
Google offering that Microsoft wants to compete with. At Microsoft it means inquiry only, no update
DEV The Microsoft team responsible for developing and sustaining all code.
Developer Support
Commercial Technical Support Cluster that supports SQL Server, IIS (Internet Information Services),
Developer Tools and Windows Mobile.
DF Dogfood
DHCP (Dynamic Host
Configuration Protocol)
A DHCP server located on the network, preconfigured with a pool of information, responds to a
requesting computer in need of an IP address, with an offer of an IP address and other important
Dial-up remote access

A remote access client uses the public telephone network to create a physical connection to a port on
a remote access server to gain access to a network. This is typically done by using a modem or ISDN
adapter to dial into the remote access server.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
10 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
DIB Directory Information Base
Digital certificate
Is a digital credential that provides information about the identity of an entity as well as other
supporting information. A digital certificate is issued by an authority, referred to as a CA (certification
authority). Because a digital certificate is issued by a certification authority, that authority guarantees
the validity of the information in the certificate. In addition, a digital certificate is valid for only a specific
period of time.
DIPP Direct IP Peering
DirSync Directory Sync
DISTIES Distributors
DIT Directory Information Tree
DL Distribution List
1. Document Management System 2. Defense Message System 3. Desktop Managed Services -
current customers are Energizer and XL Capital - team manages the user desktops.
(Domain Name Server)
A computer that maintains a list of domain name-to-IP address lists and a list of other DNS servers to
query. A DNS server does not need to have all of the domain-to-IP relationships, but in order for it to
respond to all requests it must be able to query other DNS servers until it finds the IP address of the
requested domain.
(Domain Name Service)
It is a system that resolves (not converts) domain and host names to IP addresses.
Use of Microsoft employees as beta testers. It is software used internally before release to production
or public visibility. A common industry practice that is used to thoroughly test new products in real-
world environments.
Dogfood IT Gen (Generalist)
The person who acts as the IT Gen or Administrator for Microsoft
Dogfood MOAC
The Microsoft Corporation (Dogfood) Administration Center is in the PPE environment and the
Support Engineer has IT Gen permissions to this Administration Center. This is different from the
external customers MOAC. In the external customers MOAC, Technical Support is not considered an
IT Gen.
(Denial of service)
DoS attacks prevent users from being able to use or access computer resources. This is often done
by overwhelming a network resource with more communication requests or information than it can
Down A primary tool is not functioning as expected and cannot be used.
DRM Digital Rights Management
DSAs Directory System Agents
DSAT Dissatisfied or Very Dissatisfied Customers
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 11

Term/Acronym Description
DSE Designated/Dedicated Software Engineer
DSL Digital Subscriber Lines
DSP Directory System Protocol
DSS Desk Side Support
DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency
Due Diligence
Steps required to be considered competent in your role, or the steps someone should complete to do
their job properly.
DW/BI Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence
Dynamic IP Addresses
Dynamic IP addresses are assigned on an as-needed basis, usually from a pool of available
addresses, and usually at the time an interface is initialized. When the device goes off the network, the
address could be assigned to another device that needs it.
Dynamics Support
Regional GTSC (Global Technical Support Center) that supports CRM and small or mid-market
business, AX, NAV, GP, and SL.
E mail
Allows the user the ability to send and receive text messages, HTML formatted messages, images,
and other hyperlinks over the Internet.
EA 1. Enterprise Agreement 2. Easy Assist
EA Direct Enterprise Agreement Direct
EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol
Easy Assist 2.0 Microsoft technology that enables support using Microsoft Live Meeting.
EE Escalation Engineer
EHA Exchange Hosted Archive
EHC Exchange Hosted Continuity
EHE Exchange Hosted Encryption
EHS Exchange Hosted Services (FOPE)
EM Escalation Manager
EMC Exchange Management Console
EMEA Europe Middle East Africa
EMS Exchange Management Shell
Encryption The process of coding plaintext to create ciphertext.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
12 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
End-to-end Workflow Complete documentation of daily tasks
ENR Tier 1 Support item in the Customer Experience team.
Entitled Customer who can receive support from a Technical Support Engineer.
ESA Enterprise Software Advisor
The change in ownership of a SR (Service Request) to a higher/more specialized or knowledgeable
group/tier the agent changes the queue to release the SR to an internal group sharing RightNow and
saves, but does not close, SR.
A third party company that provides e-mail services such as e-mail marketing or bulk e-mail services.
This company may also provide tracking information showing the status of e-mail sent to each
member of an address list.
Ethernet Ethernet is a LAN communication standard that determines the network components used at layer 1
and layer 2 of the OSI model, and is the most widely used technology in a LAN.
EU End User
Exchange Microsoft client/server messaging and collaboration software.
Exchange Labs
Microsoft Exchange Labs is provided through a partnership with the Microsoft Exchange product team
and the Microsoft Live@edu team. Microsoft has combined the best-in-class features of Microsoft
Exchange Server with the ease and convenience of online hosted e-mail.
Located in Oslo, Norway, it is the leader in network search (for example, the Best Buy search engine),
and became the SharePoint search level in October 2009.
(Fiber Distributed Data
A ring-based token network that provides a 100 Mbit/s optical standard for data transmission in a LAN
that has a range up to 124 miles.
FOPE Forefront Online Protection for Exchange
Forefront Support The service group that supports Forefront (filtering).
A medium provided by an online service for users to carry on written discussions of a particular topic
by posting messages and replying to them. On the Internet, the most widespread forums are the
newsgroups in Usenet.
(ForeFront Online Security
for Exchange)
Formerly known as EHS (Exchange Hosted Services), it is internet-based support for existing e-mail.
Forefront Filtering consists of layered technologies to actively help protect businesses' inbound and
outbound e-mail from spam, viruses, phishing scams, and e-mail policy violations.
FrontBridge A service acquired by Microsoft which has become EHS (Exchange Hosted Services).
FTE Full Time Employee
FTP File Transfer Protocol
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 13

Term/Acronym Description
Full Privileges Access unlimited
Fully Qualified Domain Name Contains the complete name of a Web site consisting of the host and domain name.
FW Forward
GAL Microsoft Exchange Global Address List
(Global Area Network)
Refers to a network that is composed of different WANs, covering continent-to-continent or unlimited
geographical area. A GAN is a wireless communications system in which mobile phone sets function
seamlessly between LANs and WANs.
The term is rather ambiguous in networking and telecommunications. It is used to refer to many
different kinds of devices that interface one system of communications to another. Most commonly, on
IP networks, it is used to refer simply to a router. So most often, when somebody says gateway to you,
he is talking about a router.
GC Governance Council
GCS Global Customer Service
GEMM Global Event Monitoring and Management. Mission Control (
GFS Global Foundation Services (datacenter that houses online services).
Ghost Call
When an Agent/Support Engineer picks up the phone and there is no customer on the other end, or
when the customer and Agent/Support Engineer lose their connection after verbal contact has been
made but the call wasnt long enough to obtain sufficient customer information to call the customer
Global Contracting Contractual arrangements on a global scope and leads complex contractual negotiations.
GPGP Great People Great Performance - Type of Award in Services organization.
GRC Government Risk management and Compliance
GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation
(Global Technical Support
Support Centers located in specific areas of the globe where CSS support resources are located.
(Graphical User Interface)
Provides an easy way of accessing applications with the use of a pointing device, such as a mouse.
GUID Globally Unique Identifier
(Global Vendor
Centralized Project Leadership, RFI (Request for Information), RFP (Request for Proposal)
administration and scoring, new vendor enquires, assessment, and audit.

BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
14 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
Hacker A person with a strong technical background who uses his or her skills and knowledge in an attempt to
learn more about how computer systems and networks work by gaining unauthorized access to
computers and networks that are not their own.
(Home Area Network)
A network contained within a users home that connects the residents digital devices, from multiple
computers and their peripheral devices to telephones, entertainment and security systems, smart
appliances, fax machines and other digital devices that are wired into the network.
Hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. It uses
sixteen distinct symbols, most often the symbols 09 to represent values zero to nine, and A, B, C, D,
E, F (or alternatively a through f) to represent values ten to fifteen.
HMC Hosted Messaging and Collaboration
HOOPS Hours of Operations
Host A computer that is on the network that provides software to other computers on the network.
Hosted e-mail
A service provided by a hosting company allowing customers to create numerous mailboxes using
their own domain name.
Hosting The team responsible for hosting and maintaining the datacenters.
Hosting Support Operational support for a hosted environments and services.
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
(Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
A protocol that outlines the communication between a Web browser and Web server. HTTP is not
secure, which is why a secure version, HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) was created.
(Hypertext Transfer Protocol
A protocol that outlines secure communication between a Web browser and Web server. HTTPS,
properly implemented, is considered very secure because all data is transmitted via a secure link.
A multi-port repeater. Whatever signal is received at one interface of the hub is repeated out all the
other interfaces of the hub.
Hybrid Network A hybrid network has characteristics of several other networks combined.
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) publishes documents outlining how Internet protocols
should operate. Companies can then build their products to meet these specifications. Some
standardized protocols are derived from proprietary protocols.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 15

Term/Acronym Description
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
IIMF Intelligent Instant Message Feature
Illegal Behavior Behavior that violates applicable law.
IM Instant Message
(Internet Message Access
Protocol version 4)
An internet protocol that allows an e-mail client to retrieve their e-mail from a remote mail server by
initially downloading the headers and leaving the email on the server. This feature enables users to
choose which e-mails they would like to read without downloading all e-mails.
IMM 1. Interactive Media Manager 2. Input Method Manager
Inc 1. Tool used in Customer Experience team. 2. Incorporated
Period in which a new service is being introduced. Support and support account management for
products in "incubation" are currently provided by the product (service) group.
Internet A global connection of computer networks that use TCP/IP to connect users worldwide.
Internet Layer In the TCP/IP model, the internet layer performs the same functions as the OSI network layer.
Internet Service Provider Companies that provide fee-based access to the Internet offering e-mail and the WWW.
Internetworking Internetworking is the practice of connecting a computer network with other networks through the use
of gateways that provide a common method of routing information between the networks. The
resulting system of interconnected networks is called an internetwork, or simply an internet.
Interoperability Ability of software and hardware on multiple devices from different vendors to communicate.
Interpreter A person who provides an oral translation between speakers who speak different languages.
Intranet A private network inside a company or organization.
IP Internet Protocol
IP Address
(Internet Protocol Address)
A unique numeric identifier that is used for each computer on the Internet. It is written as a set of four
numbers ranging from 0 to 255, each set of numbers is separated by a period. An example of an IP
address would be
IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4, 32 BIT
IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6, 128 BIT
IPA Type of support in EHS.
(Implementation Project
Person who is responsible for provisioning the customer in the network and on-boarding new
FOPE/EHA customers.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
16 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
IPTV Internet Protocol Television
IPU Incidents per Unit
IPX/SPX (Internetwork Packet
Exchange/Sequenced Packet
Protocols that were developed by Novell for its onetime prominent server OS. Both of these protocols
are now virtually extinct and have been replaced by the TCP/IP.
ISDN (Integrated Services
Digital Network)
ISDN is a set of communications standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, video, data,
and other network the telephone network.
ISG Industry Solutions Group
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISV Independent Software Vendor
IT Information Technology
IT Gen
(Information Technology
The IT Administrator assigned to the customer's account. For requesting IT support (previously for
large EA/VL accounts)-the IT Gen is the single person of contact that can submit the Service Request
into Microsoft.
(Information Technology
Infrastructure Library)
Used in reference to a training model in the Customer Experience team and certification in the
Desktop Managed Services team.
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IW Information Worker
IXFR Incremental Zone Transfer
JME Join Management Environment
KAM Knowledge Asset Management
KB Knowledge Base
(Knowledge Consistency
A distributed application that runs on every domain controller and is responsible for creating the
connections between domain controllers that collectively form the replication topology.
Kerberos The client and the server verify each others identity.
KPI Key Performance Indicator
L2F Cisco VPN Solution
L2TP Microsoft and Cisco collaborated VPN solution
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 17

Term/Acronym Description
Labor Time spent on resolving technical issues for a customer
Labor Tracking
The act of capturing and categorizing time spent on a SR by all support personnel with a utilization
LAN Bridge
It connects two or more LANs. The LAN bridge receives data packets from a LAN segment connected
to one port and forwards them to a LAN segment connected to a different port.
(Local Area Network)
A corporations internal version of the Internet that allows computers on the same network, usually
local to the building, to share information, resources, and applications.
LAR Large Account Resellers
(Legal and Corporate Affairs)
A Microsoft business unit responsible for handling all legal, government, industry, and community
LCSPIC Live Communication Server Public IM Connectivity
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Learn/Try/Buy/Use/Renew Business model for BPOS and all Online Services.
Processes, services, or inquiries involving requirements specifically made, enforceable, or prohibited
(as illegal) by a government through law, court, contract, or regulation.
List Owner
An individual who is responsible for defining the policy and approving subscriptions to an e-mail
mailing list.
Live Transfer
Transferring a customer from one support organization to another with the originating support
organization, staying on the line to introduce the customer and ensure they are successfully
transferred before dropping off the call. Also referred to as a warm transfer.
LLI Language Line Interpreter
LLS Language Line Services
LM Live Meeting
LM support The service group that delivers Live Meeting support.
LM Tier 1 Live Meeting Support Tier 1 vendor resources.
LMM Type of targeted support offering.
LOB Line of Business
Localized International Market, making the material, CGI appear in the local language.
Lower Layer
In the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model, the layers that contain the transport, network, data
link, and physical layers are referred to as the lower layers.
M1, M2, M3 code Milestones in coding or product/service development.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
18 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
(Media Access Control)
A MAC address is how each NIC is uniquely identified.
MACS Messaging and Collaboration Support
A centralized computer system that is usually accessed by multiple users using terminals or PCs
running terminal emulation software.
Major Account A segment of customer accounts.
Major Inconvenience A customer has encountered a technical issue that requires immediate assistance.
Malware Malware is short for malicious software and is the common term for any software that is designed to
infiltrate a computer system without the owner's informed consent.
(Metropolitan Area Network)
A computer network large enough to span a large campus or a city.
MAP Microsoft Assistance Platform (self-help )
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface
MBS Microsoft Business Solutions
Siebel tool used by Shared Services Client Support Messaging/Collaboration, Customer Experience,
and Desktop Managed Services teams for coding Service Requests.
MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
MCRS Tool used for reporting in Customer Experience team.
MCS Microsoft Consulting Services
MEC An ISG solution.
Mesh Network A mesh network consists of some nodes with more than one path to other nodes.
Messaging Support A support cluster within Commercial Technical Support.
Metracare Agent access into Metronet.
Metranet Back office system for billing and finance captures transaction.
Metratech The vendor for Metratech and Metracare.
(Microsoft Global
The central support service sitting within the Microsoft CSS (Customer Service and Support)

BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 19

Term/Acronym Description
(Microsoft Global
A high level internal conference.
Microsoft Online Services
Resource Center
A SharePoint site for agents.
Minor Inconvenience A customer has encountered a technical issue that requires assistance as soon as possible.
MMC Microsoft Management Console
MMS 1. Microsoft Managed Solutions - now renamed BPOS 2. Microsoft Managed Services
MOAC Microsoft Online Services Administration Center
MOCMC Microsoft Online Commerce Management Console - combined MOST and MOOP.
MOCMC Microsoft Online Services Management Console
MOCP Microsoft Online Customer Portal
A modem (modulator-demodulator) is a device that modulates an analog carrier signal to encode
digital information, and also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information.
MOLM Microsoft Online Live Meeting
MOLMIC Microsoft Online Live Meeting Information Center
MOM Microsoft Operations Manager
MOOP Microsoft Online Operations Portal combined with MOST to become MOCMC.
MOP Microsoft Online Portal: Wave 14 version of MOAC and MOCP
MOS Microsoft Online Services
MOSBAC Microsoft Online Services BlackBerry Administration Center
(Microsoft Online Services
Blackberry Administration
Customer facing portal that can also be accessed and used by support to administer BlackBerry
Enterprise Services.
MOSDAL Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging Toolkit
MOSI Microsoft Online Syndication Interface
MOSP Microsoft Online Subscription Program
MOSPA Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement
MOSPAC Microsoft Online Syndication Partner Administration Center
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
20 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
MOSPAC Microsoft Online Services Partner Administration Center
MOST Microsoft Online Support Tool combined with MOOP to become MOCMC.
MOSTS Microsoft Online Services Technical Support
Move Moving a customer from one BES server to another
MP Migration Partner
MPPE Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching
MPN Microsoft Partner Network
MPO Microsoft Premier Online located at
MPSReports A program or collection of programs used to obtain information about a system.
MS Microsoft
MS-CHAP Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
MS OnlineIT Procured
Includes the services Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Office SharePoint Online, and Microsoft
Office Communications Online.
MS Solve
An internal suite of tools for customer relationship management. Next-generation Incident
Management Systemit will replace Clarify. It is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It was rolled out
in March 2008.
MSA Microsoft Service Advisory
MSCS Microsoft Subscription and Commerce Service
MSDN Microsoft Developer's Network
MSI Microsoft Installer
MSIT Microsoft Information Technology
MSODS Microsoft Online Directory Sync
MSOL Admin Credentials Microsoft Online Administration account and credentials
(Microsoft Partner Portal)
A Web site with information about being a Microsoft partner (
MSRM Microsoft Response Management
MSTSC Microsoft Terminal Service Client
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 21

Term/Acronym Description
MSVP Microsoft Vendor Program:
(Message Transfer Agent)
Delivers the mail to, or forwards the mail towards, its intended destination.
MTN MetraNet
(Mail User Agent)
A program is accessed by a user to compose a mail message.
Multi-Tenant Multiple customers residing in the same system or organization.
MVLS Microsoft Volume License Services
MVP Most Valuable Professional
MX Mail Exchange
NACS North American Customer Service
NAS Network Access Server
(Network Address
Used to hide a companys internal IP addressing
NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System
(Network Monitor)
A Microsoft packet capture and analysis tool used to view network traffic. Used to diagnose issues
with server connectivity.
Network Interface Layer
In the TCP/IP model, the network interface layer is functionally equal to a combination of OSI physical
and data link layers.
Network Layer
The network layer of the OSI model provides an end-to-end addressing system so that a packet of
data can be routed across several layer 2 networks (Ethernet, Token Ring, etc.).
Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) contribute to, or
(Next Generation Incident
The early code name to the MS Solve product.
(Network Interface Card)
Used to connect a device to a LAN. It supports various speeds (10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps)
and cabling systems (coaxial, twisted pair, fiber optic, and wireless).
(Network Operations Center)
Pertaining to a site that lists daily known issues and Engineer alerts for given services.
Node Connection point on a network.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
22 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
Non CritSit Any severity level other than Sev 1 or Sev A.
Non IT Gen Non-Information Technology Generalist
Non-Microsoft Products
Sometimes other products are bundled with Microsoft products. In general, Microsoft is not
responsible for supporting these products. NOTE: This is not available to off-site vendors.
NOS Network Operating System
(Net Satisfaction)
A measurement of overall customer satisfaction. Net satisfaction is calculated as the difference
between the percentage of very satisfied customers (VSAT) and the percentage of dissatisfied or very
dissatisfied customers (DSAT) plus 100 (NSAT = %VSAT - %DSAT)
(Network Time Protocol)
Used to synchronize with Internet time. NTP retrieves and transmits the proper time as indicated by
the atomic clocks maintained by the United States military to your computer.
OBA Office Business Applications
(Ordering Billing and Partner)
RightNow taxonomy for CPC agents.
OCO Office Communication Online
(Online Commerce Platform)
The platform that BPOS runs on.
OCS (Office Communications
1. Tool used in the Customer Experience team 2. Office Communications Server
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers
Office Systems Support Regional GTSC that supports Office, SharePoint, Groove, PerformancePoint, and Project.
OLM Online Live Meeting
OLS Online Services
OM Onboarding Manager
(Outsourcing Management
An MGO COPC-compliant quality management system.
Onboarding Moving a new customer onto a hosted service.
One View Data warehouse that pulls from RightNow and other tools; develops and publishes reports.
Online Service
Means any online service available under this Agreement, as offered on the Microsoft Online Services
Customer Portal.
Online Services Use Rights
Means the use rights for each Online Service published at or
at a successor site that Microsoft identifies.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 23

Term/Acronym Description
Online/Chat Independent Worker support:
On-Premise Credentials Alternate account and credentials in the Redmond domain.
OOF Out of Office
OPM Online Partner Marketing
Any order that an Online Services Customer submits to Microsoft via the Microsoft Online Services
Customer Portal. An order is comprised of one or more subscriptions for Online Services.
OS Operating System
OSAP Online Services Advisor Partner
OSDP Online Service Delivery Platform
(Open Systems
Interconnection) Model
Provides the networking industry with a generic means to describe the hardware and software
functions of computer networks.
OSPP Online Services Provider Partner
OSRP Online Services Reseller/Recruiter Partner (Aggregator)
OU Organizational Unit
A family of Microsoft messaging and collaboration client software for personal computers accessing
Microsoft Exchange Server-based email and collaboration services.
(Outlook Web Access)
Web access to Outlook.
A network where all workstations are connected to each other and interact directly with one another.
PAM Partner Account Manager
(Personal Area Network)
A computer network used for communication among computer devices, including telephones and
personal digital assistants, in close proximity to an individuals body.
PAP Password Authentication Protocol
DAPs, SSPs, Resellers, VARs, LARs may also be referred to as Microsoft Partners. An organization
that has joined the Microsoft Partner Network (MSP).
Partner Portal Renamed to MOSPAC
The secret alphanumeric digits that a user must supply along with their Login to gain access to the
Password Resetter The support engineer carrying out the password reset procedure.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
24 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PC Personal Computer
PCD Personal Communications Device
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PD Partner Dashboard
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDC Professional Developers Conference
PFE Solutions Support
Provides a suite of services for MS Premier customers that require a single point of contact support for
custom code solutions designed and built with the guidance from MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services)
or by ISG (Industry Solutions Group) or Product Groups (MS Solutions).
(Premier Field Engineering)
In partnership with the Enterprise Services and CTS, PFE provides technical leadership for Premier
customers around the world to promote health in their IT environments through onsite, remote, and
dedicated support services.
PG Product Group
Phone Local and 800 numbers on
Phone Support A service request where communication with the customer is done over the telephone.
Phone System
Electronic equipment containing a receiver and transmitter that is connected to a telecommunications
system, enabling the user to speak to and hear others with similar equipment.
Physical Layer The physical layer creates the link between two devices in the network.
PI Payment Instrument
PI ID Payment Instrument Identification
(Personally Identifiable
Information that can be used to identify an individual (i.e. name, e-mail, address, but also IP Address).
PIR Post Incident Review
A company found in 1986 and acquired by Microsoft in 2003. The main application from Placeware
later became Live Meeting.
Platform Support Product Cluster within the commercial technical support organization
(Partner Learning Center)
A Web site for partners.
PM Program Manager
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 25

Term/Acronym Description
(Partner Membership Center)
Web site where a customer can sign up to be a partner (also Premier Mission Critical).
PMO Project Management Office
PMP 1. Used in reference to training model in Customer Experience team 2. Protected Media Path
POC Point of Contact
Point-to-Point Connection A point-to-point connection is a data connection between two points, typically over a distance, such as
between two geographically separated buildings.
A protocol that is used to retrieve e-mail from a mail server. Once the user downloads the e-mail to his
or her mailbox, the message is deleted from the server.
(Post Office Protocol
Version 3)
Used to request e-mail from a server. When someone sends you an e-mail, it isnt sent directly to your
computer; it is sent to the e-mail server of your ISP (internet service provider) or Web site and stored
there for retrieval. POP3 informs the server that you are ready to receive your e-mail. With POP3, the
user name and password are not encrypted, so if you use it over an unsecured public connection
(wired or wireless), an attacker can read your user name and password.
(Partner of Record)
The partner selected on a specific subscription.
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
PPE Pre-production Environment
PPP 1. Point-to-Point Protocol 2. Policies, Processes, and Procedures
PPTP (Point-to-Point
Tunneling Protocol)
Developed by Microsoft, PPTP is an open standard for VPN implementations.
A Microsoft Business Unit that assists customers in developing, deploying, and managing business
systems built around Microsoft solutions for the server and desktop.
Premier CritSit Process
When a Premier customer elects to involve their Premier TAM and a CritSit manager to assist in the
resolution of a high severity case.
Presentation Layer
The presentation layer of the OSI model is responsible for how an application formats the data to be
sent out onto the network.
Primary Support Tools of
MOSPAC and RightNow
Primus Knowledge base tool used by the Customer Experience and Desktop Managed Services teams.
Privacy Statement
Publicly facing document describing Microsofts policy toward privacy of PII (Personally Identifiable
Information) collected by the Service, as required by law.
Private Note
Viewable by all support engineers, but hidden from customers , it is used to note or document internal
support policies/procedures, escalation requests, etc.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
26 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
Privilege Elevation
Lifting or changing a user on the account from one level of account control (IW (Information Worker()
to a higher level of account control (IT Gen)
(Process Monitor)
Used to monitor real-time file system, registry, and process/thread activity.
Product Studio An internal tool used by support engineers to escalate issues to Hosting or Development
PS Product Studio
(Product Support Services)
A sub-set of the CSS organization that provides technical support services. Original name of the
Microsoft support organization.
PST Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)
PSTN Publicly-Switched Telephone Network
PTL Partner Tech Lead. See Technical Support Lead.
PTR Pointer record used in reverse lookups.
Public key certificate
A public key certificate, usually just called a certificate, is a digitally signed statement thats commonly
used for authentication and to secure information on open networks.
Public-key Algorithms
Encryption algorithms that use different keys for encrypting and decrypting information. They are also
known as asymmetric key algorithms.
PUR Product Use Rights
PVP Partner Velocity Platform
Q2C Quote to Cash
QFE Quick Fix Engineering
QMF Quality Management Facility
QoS Quality of Service
A CRM folder associated with a particular set of support engineers (Tier I, II, III) and Onboarding
Managers, or technology.
Queue Monitoring
A Tier 2 Support Engineer that monitors and assigns out all web submitted SRs for Tier 1 Support
Radius It was initially developed for dial-up connections, but has developed into a commonly used standard.
RAID (Redundant Array of
Independent Disks)
A technology that uses multiple and inexpensive disk drives that provides increased storage reliability
through redundancy. The array of drives distributes data across multiple disks, but the array is seen by
the computer user and operating system as one single disk.
RAP Risk Assessment Program
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 27

Term/Acronym Description
RAS Remote Access Server/Service
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
Read Ability to view settings in an environment
A successful resolution of a customers issue, which if unaddressed, may negatively impact survey
results or place Microsoft Online Services in an unfavorable light.
RPO (Recovery Point
Measures the time between the latest backup and the system disaster, representing the nearest
historical point in time to which a system can recover.
RTO (Recovery Time
Measures the time between a system disaster and the time when the system is again operational.
Redirect Direct to proper support resource
Re-Direct External Agent gives out the Phone number/email address and closes the Service Request.
Re-Direct Internal
Transfers the service request to other Agents using RightNow. Changes the queue, saves, but does
not close the SR.
Remote access Remote access to a network involves the connection of remote-host systems to a LAN.
Repeater Repeaters allow you to expand the range of a wireless LAN. A repeater receives radio signals from an
access point, wireless client device, or another repeater and retransmits the signal.
Required Programs Programs that a support engineer will need to have open, and potentially use on every call.
(Request for Consulting (or
A formal process used in CSS to get help from the Product Group on difficult support incidents where
CSS retains "ownership" of the issue.
RFC 1939 POP3 is a standard protocol for retrieving e-mail detailed in RFC1939.
(Request for Hotfix)
A formal process used in CSS to get a code fix from the Product Group for certain support incidents.
(Request for Ownership)
A formal process used in CSS to get help from the Product Group on difficult support incidents where
the PG becomes the "owner" of the issue.
RFx Request for x - Generic term to mean the suite of RFC/RFH/RFO processes
Rich Media
This describes the variety of interactive digital media. A common characteristic of this is dynamic
RID Relative Identifier
RightNow Response
CRM templates
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
28 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
Ring Network A ring network consists of nodes joined to one another in a closed loop.
(Routing Information
A routing protocol that routers use to exchange routing information on an IP network.
RM Response Management
RN Right Now - Four versions currently being used - LM, EHS, Incubation, CPC+CCS.
(Right Now Technologies)
Incident management product used in Live Meeting and EHS support.
(Rhythm of the Business)
Reoccurring meeting to review operational data
ROC Regional Operating Centers
ROSS Rapid Onsite Support Services
ROOTDSE Each domain controller creates a unique object known as the RootDSE (DSA Specific Entry).
ROW Rest of World
RSC Regional Service Center - Partner Support
RSS Really Simple Syndication
RTM Release to Manufacturing
(Release to Web)
A Go-Live Date when product/service is available to customer.
S+S Software + Service - Includes both live and online services
1. Software Assurance. Microsoft volume licensing option that enables customers to acquire the right
to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of their coverage.
2. Service Administrator
(Software as a Service)
Delivery of software over the Internet (the cloud) - industry term.
Safe Harbor
An arrangement whereby U.S. companies follow European privacy laws and in return can handle the
personal information of European customers.
SAM Security Accounts Manager
SAS-70 Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70: Service Organizations
Simple Authentication and Security Layer

BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 29

Term/Acronym Description
A successful attempt in taking a customer request for a subscription cancellation and convincing them
to stay on the service.
SB Type of targeted support offering
SCL Spam Confidence Level
(Subscription Commerce
A transaction engine for billing.
SDE Service Delivery Escalations
SDE DB Service Delivery Escalation Product Studio Database
SDFC Solution Delivered First Contact
SDI Service Delivery Infrastructure
SDK Software Development Kit
SDM Service Deliver Manager
SDS SQL Developer Services portal
SE Support Engineers
Security Support Support cluster in CTS that supports Security Bulletin and Malware, Antigen, Forefront, ISA, IAG.
SEDL Support Exchange Distribution Lists
SEE Support Escalation Engineers
Server Servers render shared services of one kind or another to network users. Their primary interaction is
with the network, not a user at the keyboard.
Server certificates
Server certificates are digital identifications containing information about a Web server and the
organization that is sponsoring the server's Web content. All of the BPOS-S servers use certificates as
part of the authentication process.
Session Layer
The session layer of the OSI model provides services such as logging on and logging out of an
application via a network.
SETA Service Engagement Tracking Application. MBS tool used for incident tracking and consulting.
SEV Severity
Catastrophic Service, system, network, server, or critical application down catastrophically impacting
production and/or profitability.
Critical High-impact problem in which service, production, operations, or development deadlines are
severely impacted; or where there will be a severe impact on production and/or profitability.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
30 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
SEV B Urgent Significant problem where use of the service is proceeding, but in an impaired fashion.
Important Important issue, but does not have significant current service and/or productivity impact
for the customer.
SEV D Advisory Used for DCRs, Feature Requests, research activities, etc.
Severity Level Level of impact upon the customer-1-A-B-C-D (See Sev levels in this glossary).
Microsoft Web-based team collaboration environments that provide the ability to create and access
virtual workspaces for managing documents, discussions, lists, surveys and other important contextual
information such as team member status and presence.
SI 1. Service Incident 2. Solution Idea
(Security ID)
Created for security enabled objects (Security Principals) for authentication and authorization services.
Single Tenant One customer resides in the same system or organization
SKU Stock Keeping Unit - Product code
1. Means any subscription license required to use an Online Service, as described in the Online
Services Use Rights (for example, User SL's, Device SLs, Services SLs and Add-on SLs, as those
terms are defined in the Online Services Use Rights) 2. Severity Level
SLA Service Level Agreement
(Service Level Management)
A Tier 1 support item in the Customer Experience team.
(Server Message Block)
A network file sharing protocol.
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMS Agent Systems Management Server Agent
SMSG/R Sales, Marketing, and Services Group
(Simple Mail Transfer
A protocol that is used to transfer e-mail over the Internet. SMTP sends the user names, passwords,
and e-mail content unencrypted, so it is possible to intercept those messages. There are secure
versions of e-mail; however, they are not as widely used as SMTP.
(Service Metrics Warehouse)
Used for customer reporting in Customer Experience team.
Snail Mail Refers to the relative speed of mail delivered through the United States Postal Service
(Simple Network
Management Protocol)
Using SNMP, an administrator can configure SNMP traps that notify a management system if a
specific set of circumstances occur. A network administrator can receive status updates from network
equipment to preemptively discover potential performance or security problems.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 31

Term/Acronym Description
SO Solution Object
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
Solved The status used when an Engineer delivers a solution to the customer and he/she agrees that it works
SP Support Professional
Type of customer requirement for the Shared Services Client Support Messaging/Collaboration
SPLA Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement
(Service Request)
A support interaction with the customer.
Sr EE Senior Escalation Engineer
SRP ID Service Routing Protocol Identification
(Service Set Identifier)
SSID is a name that identifies a unique 802.11 wireless LAN.
SSIS SQL Server Integration Services
(Secure Socket Layer)
A protocol to secure both authentication and encryption transmission between client and server.
SSMS SQL Server Management Studio
(Single Sign-On)
Installed on each end users computer to provide a single sign-in point for Microsoft Online Services.
The Sign In application makes it possible to sign in one time and then access the BPOS services any
number of times during the sign-in session.
SSP Strategic Service Provider
SSPA Software Support Professional Association
Star Network A star network consists of each node connected to a port on a central device that repeats the traffic to
other ports.
Stateful Inspection Firewall
A sophisticated type of firewall. Stateful inspection firewalls have the following characteristics:
They track the state of the connections and build additional filtering rules dynamically to account
for return packets and data sessions.
They are often referred to as dynamic packet filtering.
Static IP Address An IP address that will remain unchanged if the device is turned off or otherwise reinitialized.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
32 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
STP Shielded Twisted Pair
Strategic account Segment of business account
Subnet A subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network where all devices contained in that subdivision
reside on the same physical network
Means the part of the Order identifying the specific Online Service being ordered, the quantity, and
ship-to address.
Subscription Term Means the duration of the Subscription for each Online Service.
BPOS-S Technical Support Project Team Members (Non Tier 1,2,3 Engineers, Onboarding
Support Engineer Someone who provides technical support to/for a Microsoft Online Hosted User.
Support Escalation
To place a currently owned SR into a higher level Support Queue (that is,
Support Resources
Support engineer resources that you may need on certain calls, but do not have to have open for
every call
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
Symmetric-key Algorithms Encryption algorithms that use the same key for encrypting and for decrypting information.
T2 Tier 2
TAM Technical Account Manager
(Technology Adaption
High touch beta customers, contracted and very involved.
TAS Technical Advisory Services
Taxonomy Categorization of people and events and identification of relationships and subgroups
TBD To Be Determined
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
(Transmission Control
Protocol / Internet Protocol)
Officially known as Internet Protocol Suite, is the set of communications protocols used for the
Internet. The protocol contains a formal description of message formats and the rules for exchanging
Technical Jargon
Terms, phrases, or acronyms used by people working in a technical group or environment to
communicate. Technical jargon is used to quickly express ideas or thoughts, but may cause confusion
when used with anyone who is unfamiliar with their use or meaning
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 33

Term/Acronym Description
TellMe provides a network-based hosted voice application network with interactive voice response
(IVR) services to Fortune 100 companies. TellMe provides voice services for everyday life, including
nationwide directory assistance, enterprise customer service, and voice-enabled mobile search.
Telnet is the TCP/IP networking facility that allows a client system (workstation) to access the
command line interface of a remote server.
Files that contain the structure and tools for shaping such elements as the style and page layout of
finished files.
Third Party Vendor
A company that manufactures and sells accessories or peripherals for use with a major
manufacturer's computer or peripheral, usually without any involvement from the major manufacturer
Three Strikes Three separate attempts to contact a customer over two business days without success.
Tier 1 Support Engineer
This engineer is the first person to interface with the customer. He or she is responsible for providing
technical support for the following services that are delivered either online or in co-existence.
Tier 2 Support Engineer
This engineer provides the second level of support for a Tier 1 Support Engineer and receives
unresolved SRs from the Tier 1 Support Engineer.
Tier 3 Support Engineer
This engineer, also known as an Escalation Engineer (EE), is responsible for resolving complex and
critical issues for customers along with driving resolution with internal host and engineering teams.
TLD Top Level Domains
TM Team Manager
Tools/User Names Document A spreadsheet that illustrates all the current support tools that are used by our support engineers.
TPTS Telephone Pre-Sales Technical Support
Transport Layer
The transport layer of the OSI model offers end-to-end communication between end devices on a
Transport Layer
In the TCP/IP model, the transport layer is sometimes called the host-to-host layer. If the transport
protocol is TCP, the matching functionality is found in the OSI transport and session layers.
Transporter 1/2 Server with migration tools and PowerShell scripts used for migration
The process that is used to review newly reported or reopened bugs and assign a priority and iteration
for working on them
TS Technical Support
(Microsoft Technical Sales
A Microsoft service that provides unlimited competitive and technical support prior to the purchase of
new products to Microsoft Certified Partners.
(Technical Support Lead)
This individual writes and submits content for the MOSTS center as well as submits solution
documents to VKB (Visual Knowledge Base). They recommend training methods for the delivery of
any BPOS-S service.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
34 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
TTFA Time to First Audio
TTI 1. Tools, Telecom and Infrastructure 2. Time to Intervene, a data element
TTR Time to Resolution
Turned off Customer cannot get to their services, but the data has not been deleted.
UA 1. User Acceptance 2. User Assistance
UAT User Acceptance Testing
UDP User Datagram Protocol
(User Datagram Protocol)
UDP provides a connectionless datagram service that offers unreliable, best-effort delivery of data
transmitted in messages.
UI User Interface
UMM Type of targeted support offering
Unethical Behavior
Behavior that is not against the law but is disapproved of, and may violate our code of conduct or a
customers corporate policy.
Names referred to by e-mail and other messaging and Internet based applications, usually the users
logon name + domain name.
Upper Layer
In the OSI model, the layers that contain the application, session, and presentation layers are consider
upper layers.
URL The address of a Web page or file that is available on the Internet.
Usage Data
Customer specific subscription usage information, for example amount of users and amount of storage
USB Universal Serial Bus
Means to copy, install, use, access, display, run and/or otherwise interact with the Online Service or
Client Software.
A person who uses a computer or Internet service. A user may have a user account that identifies the
user by a username (also user name), screen name (also screen name), or "handle."
User Account
A user account allows one to authenticate to system services; however, authentication does not
automatically imply authorization.
User Taxonomy
The Microsoft Online customer base is comprised of businesses: EHS IT Pro; LM Attendees,
Presenters, Organizers, Administrators, IT Pros, Developers; BPOS-S IT Pro; BPOS-D IT Pro.
UTP (Unshielded Twisted
The most common cable used in computer networking and is utilized by Ethernet, the most common
data networking standard. This type of cable is used in data networks for short and medium length
connections because of its lower costs compared to optical fiber and coaxial cable.
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 35

Term/Acronym Description
(User Experience)
A Web design team.
VAM Vendor Account Manager
Virtual Circuits
Information is converted into data packets and sent through a data network. Each data packet
includes a number in the header that is used by switches in the cloud to switch the frame, delivering it
to its final destination. These paths through the cloud are called virtual circuits.
Virtual Hosting
When a third party offers Web hosting as a service for a company's Web site, thereby eliminating their
need to purchase and maintain the Web server and connections to the Internet.
(Vendor Infrastructure
An internal MGO team, infrastructure connectivity and vendor readiness/vendor relationship and
Microsoft IT relationships.
Visual KB Microsoft Internal Visual Knowledge Base
Visual KB is a searchable knowledge of over 600,000 KB articles such as those on
VL Volume Licensing
VLAN (Virtual Local Area
This type of network makes it possible to group computers that are not necessarily connected to the
same network and make them act as if they were.
VLSC Volume License Service Contract
VMC Volt Management Corporation
VMT Vendor Management Tool
(Voice of the Customer)
A term used for gathering customer feed back.
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
VPN Virtual Private Network
VPN Remote Access
A VPN can provide secure remote access through the Internet, rather than through direct dial-up
(Voice Support Application)
An MBS tool used for incident tracking and consulting.
VSAT Very Satisfied Customers
(Wide area network)
A link between multiple LANs usually (but not always) over a great distance. A WAN connects LANs to
each other and offers the means to provide services and resources in multiple locations.
WAP Wireless Access Point
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
36 BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program

Term/Acronym Description
(Wireless Access Point)
Used for wireless clients to connect to the network.
Warm Transfer
When transferring a caller, the originating person (agent 1) stays on the line until the person of origin
(agent 2) picks up the telephone and the caller and the agent 2 are connected.
Wave 14 The 2010 versions of Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Communicator, and Live Meeting.
Web 2.0 Refers to Service experience and the result
Web Support Support provided via the web submitted service request
Webmail E-mail service that can be primarily accessed from a Web browser.
1. Windows Feedback Program that is used in reference to calculating and tracking resource needs
with Premier in the PFE team. 2. Windows File Protection 3. Windows Filtering Platform
White Glove List Group of customers identified as strategic customers to Microsoft.
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi or 802.11 is a radio frequency-based wireless LAN standard. The challenge with Wi-Fi is that the
speed comes with a sacrifice of distance. The higher the underlying radio frequency, the shorter the
supported distance.
(Windows Internet Naming
The mechanism used by Windows networks to translate NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output
System) names, such as computer names and server names, into corresponding IP addresses.
WIP Work In Process
Wireless Networks Wireless networks use airwaves to transmit signals in the form of radio frequencies. Wireless networks
are generally organized around a controller called an Access Point that acts as the traffic cop for the
wireless network segment. It is at the access points that the wireless networks interface with the wired
WLGS Windows Live Global Support
(Windows Live ID)
To use Windows Live sites and services, you need to sign in with a Windows Live ID This can be the
e-mail address and password that is used to sign in to Windows Live programs and services such as
Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft services such as Xbox, MSN, and
Office Live will also use a WLID.
WorkshopPLUS Courses offered by Microsoft Services. Used in reference to the PFE team training model.
WPC Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
(Windows Presentation
A Microsoft Windows Vista-managed technology that enhances visual effects and display of
application user interface and multimedia contents. It has two primary parts, the engine and the
programming framework.
WPG Worldwide Partner Group
WRAP Workflow Routing and Approval Process
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program Glossary
BPOS-S Tier 1 Support Engineer New Hire Training Program 37

Term/Acronym Description
Write Ability to change settings in an environment
WWOps World Wide Operations
An ITU-T standard protocol suite for packet switched wide area network (WAN) communication. X.25
is today to a large extent replaced by less complex protocols, especially the Internet protocol (IP).
XL Capital. One of the original MMS (BPO-D) customers for whom Microsoft manages their corporate
help desk.