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Definition: LUXUTIQUE /lux-u-tique/ luks-su-teek adjective

Luxutique is the best of luxury and the best of a boutiques tangible and intangible
characteristics of products, services and businesses, encompassing environmental consciousness
and quality tech entities (E.T.E.). Luxutique is a complete personal state of being, a synchrony of
prosperity, mind, body, and spirit in their highest forms. Luxutique need not necessarily be a
product or service; it can be associated with a personal and social level of maturity and growth.

The portmanteau word luxutique combines both sounds and meanings of the words luxury and
boutique, but that combination does not entirely render its definition. Luxutique takes only the
best defining characteristics, essential semantics, and interpretations of both luxury and
boutique. Its definition is refined with E.T.E. (eco and tech entities) to fit the current standards
and demands of the global luxury market where applicable. Luxutique is a superlative form of
luxury, and as such, it is positioned as the ultimate classification level in the taxonomy of luxury.

A label or stamp of recognition identifying the best of products, services and places,
indicating a level above luxury, sustained by the accumulative end-result of the
luxutique curating system applied to a specific product or service. An entity described,
more or less, by the following words, characteristics, and their synonyms:

timeless quality high performance alluring design functional perennial elegant hand-
crafted vintage aspirational spectacular authentic exclusive unique artfully made
eco-conceived beautiful hedonistic personalized comfortable seductive timeless
impressive of heritage provoking emotions of inequality hip trendy best of kind

Luxutique is an noble title signifying an affluent individual of intelligence and common
sense, gratitude and integrity; a person attesting to appreciation, kindness, and
generosity, care and compassion, witty in presence; someone with humble demeanor,
driven and honest, having bright energy; a being of courage, compassion, and love,
creative and talented, content, genuine and trustworthy; projecting charismatic aura. A
luxutique person is one of experience who has learned from past errors and has
attained the balance of life.

A connoisseur label attesting to numerous qualities, measures, conducts, and interests
of the highest degree possible
A category or type of hotel above luxury: I stayed in the first luxutique hotel in Las
An expression of absolute happiness and prosperity: I feel luxutique today!
Ultimately the highest assembly form of a product or service, not obtainable on
The state of great comfort and extravagant but ecologically conscious living: She lives a
luxutique life of opulence, luxuriousness, extravagance, grandeur, magnificence, finery,
abundance, gratitude, appreciation, and fulfillment.
A condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth
An entity adding to pleasure or comfort on a visual, physical, and energetic level
The balance of external and internal personal satisfaction
An equilibrium of spiritual, physical, and financial state of being
An affluent person of intelligence, common sense, high values, gratitude, integrity,
appreciation, kindness and generosity, sense of humor, with humble demeanor, driven
and honest, confident and willing, compassionate and loving, talented and proficient,
beautiful inside and out
An indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction
An entity that is favorable or desired but not usually or always available
Expensive, rare objects or items with an image of an outstanding taste
Luxutique is a legally protected and controlled label that can be used only by active members of
this association. The word luxutique is the highest descriptive comparative above luxury,
recognized in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Luxutique has secured its user rights as a
certification mark worldwide, through USPTO and WIPO.
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