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2013 Product Information 1

Portable Earthing Lances
by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Niklis
I. General
Characteristics, usage, type test,
short-circuit current capacity,
current traces
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Only fixed points for phase and earth
connection are permanently installed in
the substation
When needed, the earthing lance will be
transported to the earthing place, and
connected to the fixed points
The earthing rod is a firm part of the
earthing lance
The earthing lance, together with its fixed
points, is a tested system for which we
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Working procedure following the 5 safety
rules, in de-energised condition
Short circuit-proof connection between
phase conductor and earth installation in
high voltage substations of up to
Conductor heights of up to approximately
8 metres
Installation in nearly any position on
phase supports, or on a number of
different switchgear

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Type tests
Type tests according to IEC 1219/
DIN EN 61219: January 1995, 6.4
(Test of short circuit current capacity)
1999: 80kA/0.5s (peak 200kA)
(IPH-No. 1722.135.9.150)
2009: 63kA/1.0s (peak 158kA)
(IPH-No. 1926.2090727.0637)

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Videos of IPH 1999 and 2009
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Short circuit current capacity
Test values (= rated values):
36 kA for 3.0s
44 kA for 2.0s
63 kA for 1.0s
80 kA for 0.5s and shorter duration

(values are not valid for type 618136)
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Nach dem Kurzschluss ...

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Current traces
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II. System components
Types of earthing lances, phase fixed
points, earth fixed point, extension
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Types of earthing lances
618136: Lg=2900, Li=500, Lh=454mm *)
(short circuit current capacity 63kA/0.5s)
618137: Lg=4100, Li=550, Lh=507mm *)
618138: Lg=6100, Li=550, Lh=807mm
618141: customised
697033: customised *)

*) Handle extendable

(weight for 618138: approx. 17kg)
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Phase fixed points
Diameter of contact cross bar 30mm
Length of cross bar min. 120mm
Distance between cross bar and
conductor clamping or flange plate (clear
opening) min. 120mm
Current-proof design particularly with
higher voltages above 110kV (if needed,
additional measures for field control
need to be taken on site)
Sufficient short circuit current capacity
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Earth fixed point
Type 618135
Mechanical bearing for insertion and
removal of the earthing lance (support
and guidance)
Low resistance electric connection to
earth during insertion procedure
(relief of residual voltages)
Short circuit-proof connection to earth
after complete contacting of the earthing
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Extension rods
698780: L=500mm
618124: L=1000mm
698795: L=1200mm
698781: L=1500mm
698772: L=1700mm
618125: L=2000mm
618111: customised
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III. Project planning and installation
Details of phase conductor, details of
subconstruction, project planning,
installation, adaptor for earth fixed
point , additional earth connection
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Fill-in questionnaire completely!
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Details of phase conductor
Height and run (horizontal, vertical, ...)
Material (Al or Cu)
Type (tube, line, single, double or
multiple conductor)
Dimensions (diameter, cross-section,
spacing and alignment of double or
multiple conductors)
If applicable, information about corona
rings, connectors, isolators, etc.
Details of subconstruction
Construction (with photos and drawing of
steel construction, if possible)

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17.10.2013 31
Project planning
Based on the available information, and
after clarification of technical queries, a
project drawing is generated
The project drawing shows all important
components and dimensions, and
permits assessment of feasibility
Commercial offer and installation on site
are based on the project drawing
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Video of installation in Hungary
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17.10.2013 34
Adaptor for the earth fixed point
In many cases use of an adaptor is
Adaptors need to make safe electric and
mechanic connection between the earth
fixed point and the subconstruction
For production and installation of such
adaptors, ARCUS is ready to offer
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17.10.2013 36
Additional earth connection
17.10.2013 37
Installed to some extent, but
not required
(Type tests were passed
without additional electric
IV. Visual inspection on site
Characteristics for examination (see
also DIN EN 61219: January 1995,
C.3) of earthing lances immediately
before each use
17.10.2013 38
General characteristics for examination
Is the earthing lance classified for the
respective earthing point?
Is the instruction for use attached or is it
available on site?
Are type lable and other markings clearly
Is the earthing lance complete as far
as recognisable?
Is the earthing lance straight?

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17.10.2013 40
Test characteristics for insulated tube
Is the varnish of the insulated tubes still
in good order?
Is the insulated tube free of fissures,
cracks, or other distortions?
Is the hand protection disc mounted and
safely fixed to the insulated tube?
Is the end cap at the end of the insulated
tube mounted?
Is the insulated tube completely turned
back counter-clockwise?
Is the insulated tube easy to turn
(function check)?

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17.10.2013 42
Test characteristics for earth contact
Are the slots in the aluminium tube
completely stress-relieved (parallel
Are the slots in the aluminium tube free
of soiling?
Is the surface of the aluminium tube,
especially in the area between the red
dots (contact area), metallic bright, and
free of fissures, cracks, roughness,
Are the slots widening up when the in-
sulated tube is turned (function check)?
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17.10.2013 44
Test characteristics for transition
between contacts
Is the surface of the aluminium tube free
of fissures, cracks, deformations, or
deep scratches?
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17.10.2013 46
Test characteristics for phase contact
Is the surface of the contact area metallic
bright, free of fissures, cracks, breakings,
roughness, burnings?
Is the centre of the clamp part movable
(function check)?
Is the head of the earthing lance clean
and free of heavy soiling (sand, soil,
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17.10.2013 49
Test characteristics for earth fixed
Is the surface inside the earth fixed point
free of fissures, cracks, roughness,
burnings, as far as visible?
Is the earth fixed point complete
(especially the stainless steel rings on
both ends of the earth fixed point), as far
as recognisable?
Is the earth fixed point rotatable as far
as the adjustment of the rotation range
limitation allows (function check)?
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Thank you very much for your attention!
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