Anda di halaman 1dari 13


Directions: Read each item carefully. Choose the best answer for each question by encircling the
letter that corresponds to your answer. You may write letter E before each number if you think
that the correct answer is not in the given choices.

1. Chromosomes are located in the nucleus in which of the following?
I. Viruses
II. Prokaryotes
III. Eukaryotes
a. II only c. I and II only
b. III only d. II and III only
2. Isotopes are:
a. atoms with the same atomic numbers but different in number of neutrons
b. atoms with different atomic numbers but same in number of neutrons
c. atoms with the same atomic numbers and same in number of neutrons
d. atoms with different atomic numbers and different in number of neutrons
3. The lining and non-living components that make-up an area is called:
a. population c. ecosystem
b. biosphere d. organisms
4. The universal solvent is:
a. hydrochloric acid c. mercury
b. water d. sucrose
5. The organized process by which a scientist tests a hypothesis is called:
a. Theory c. Scientific Method
b. Principle d. Law
6. Complete this analogy:
Terrestrial planets: rocky component :: Jovian planets: ____________
a. gaseous component c. liquid component
b. nickel and iron components d. oxygen and carbon dioxide components
7. What are the only two planets having no moon?
a. Mercury and Venus c. Mars and Jupiter
b. Neptune and Saturn d. Mercury and Uranus
8. What are the two main causes of earthquakes?
a. volcanic eruptions and forest denudation
b. tectonic movements and tsunamis
c. illegal logging and mining
d. volcanic eruptions and tectonic movements
9. A mans weight on Earth is 600N. Another man, which is on the moon, has a weight of
600N also. Which among the following statements is TRUE regarding their masses?
a. They have the same masses since they have the same weight.
b. The man on the moon is six times heavier than the man on Earth.
c. The man on Earth is six times heavier than the man on the moon.
d. Their masses cannot be determined because mass is not, in any way, related with

10. What does a pH level below 7 indicate?
a. presence of ions c. alkalinity
b. purity of the sample d. acidity
11. He is considered as the Father of Modern Physics.
a. Isaac Newton c. Galileo Galilei
b. Albert Einstein d. Archimedes
12. Which is the correct sequence of the stages of mitosis?
a. Telophase, Anaphase, Metaphase, Prophase
b. Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, Prophase
c. Anaphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Telophase
d. Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
13. It is known as the basic unit of life.
a. DNA c. protein
b. RNA d. cell
14. This is the simplest form of matter since they cannot be decomposed further even through
chemical means.
a. element c. metal
b. compound d. non-metal
15. This is a natural or artificial process on which a body of water contains high
concentrations of chemical elements required for life, making the producers bloom
directly, nourishing most bacteria than aquatic organisms like fishes.
a. algal bloom c. eutrophication
b. red tide d. tsunami
16. The amount of mass per unit volume is a measure of the objects ____________.
a. Force c. Pressure
b. Density d. Weight
17. Which Law of Motion could explain what happens every time we walk?
a. Law of Inertia c. Law of Interaction
b. Law of Acceleration d. Law of Universal Gravitation
18. The process wherein a liquid changes to gas is called:
a. condensation c. melting
b. freezing d. condensation
19. Organisms that can manufacture their own food are called:
a. autotrophs c. consumers
b. producers d. both a and b
20. The propulsion of jets and rockets is based on Newtons Law of _____________.
a. Inertia c. Interaction
b. Acceleration d. Gravitation
21. It is a separation technique that is being used in separating insoluble material from the
liquid by allowing the mixture to pass through a filter paper.
a. decantation c. filtration
b. centrifugation d. sedimentation
22. Which organelle is the site for protein-synthesis?
a. nucleus c. Golgi apparatus
b. ribosomes d. endoplasmic reticulum

23. Weather changes happen in what layer of the Earths atmosphere?
a. Troposphere c. Mesosphere
b. Stratosphere d. Exosphere

24. It is the attraction of the molecules of the same substances.
a. cohesion c. capillarity
b. adhesion d. surface tension
25. What is said to be true of your mass and weight when you go to the moon?
a. Mass remains constant while weight decreases.
b. Mass decreases while weight remains constant.
c. Both mass and weight increase.
d. Both mass and weight decrease.
26. Complete the question below using the appropriate tag question:
You are not really in love with her, _____________?
a. are you? c. do you?
b. arent you? d. dont you?
27. Only 35% of the total number of students ___________ able to pass the comprehensive
exam last year.
a. is c. are
b. was d. were
28. The senator approached the podium with his spiel. His hands were shaking and he was
sweating tremendously. He experienced:
a. heart attack c. stage fright
b. nausea d. epilepsy
29. He was like a snake in the night. What figure of speech was used by the statement?
a. Onomatopoeia c. Metaphor
b. Personification d. Simile
30. The mayor, together with his bodyguards, _________ attending the conference.
a. is c. was
b. are d. were
31. Neither Anna nor her cousins ___________ make-up on ordinary school days.
a. uses c. used
b. use d. will use
32. Which among the sentences below followed the correct order of using adjectives in
a. Andy bought big, two, red expensive bags.
b. Andy bought two, expensive, red, big bags.
c. Andy bought two, big, expensive, red bags.
d. Andy bought big, expensive, red, two bags.
33. Her nervousness keeps her on her toes.The underlined phrase means:
a. She is always alert and cautious.
b. She is always ready to fight.
c. She is always confident.
d. She is always on the go.

34. Emily Dickinson was ostracized by her peers primarily because of her eccentric
principles. The underlined word means:
a. criticized c. excluded
b. condemned d. praised
35. The death of Ninoy Aquino prompted the conglomeration of people from different walks
of life. The words below are synonyms of the underlined word except:
a. gathering c. accumulation
b. assembly d. diffusion
36. For a non-believer, the noise heard during the street procession would seem cacophonous.
The underlined word means:
a. loud and unpleasant c. soft yet pleasant
b. loud and yet pleasant d. soft and pleasant
37. Aside from being a renowned writer, Carl Sanburg is also believed to have the gift of
gab.The underlined word means:
a. the ability to speak clearly
b. the ability to speak persuasively
c. the ability to speak honestly
d. the ability to speak accurately
38. I can never be able to love _________ if Juan loves __________.
a. her, me c. him, her
b. him, me d. her, him
39. Puto and Diniguan ____________ my favorite.
a. is c. has
b. are d. have
40. The pair of shoes ____________ too much.
a. costs c. costed
b. cost d. will cost
41. The students are dancing gracefully.What part of speech does the underlined word
a. noun c. adjective
b. pronoun d. adverb
42. Mrs. Dela Cruz said, My children are giving me so much trouble. What is the reported
statement for the direct speech given?
a. Mrs. Dela Cruz said that my children are giving me so much trouble.
b. Mrs. Dela Cruz said that her children are giving me so much trouble.
c. Mrs. Dela Cruz said that her children are giving her so much trouble.
d. Mrs. Dela Cruz said that her children were giving her so much trouble.
43. I had given you everything I had
I had given-up everything I want
I had loved you all my life
But you were so stubborn and bad
And in my every prayer and every chant
I still dream of being your wife.

What was the rhyme scheme of the stanza above?

44. Oh, Love! What have you done to me? This line used what figure of speech?
a. Allusion c. Synecdoche
b. Apostrophe d. Metonymy
45. What is the subject of this sentence: Walk away!
a. the implied You c. none
b. the implied I d. all of the listeners
46. He ____________ his students to study very _____________.
a. advices, hard c. advices, well
b. advises, hard d. advises, well
47. There _________ no one inside the classroom.
a. is c. has
b. are d. have
48. Anna lives ___________ Arellano St.
a. in c. on
b. at d. to
49. One-fourth of the pies _________ eaten.
a. was c. has
b. were d. have
50. We are getting married next year. Which part of this sentence is the adverb?
a. We c. next year
b. getting married d. It does not contain an adverb.
51. It is the social science that deals with the study of man in his social interactions with
other human beings in groups.
a. Social Science c. Economics
b. History d. Sociology
52. It is the acquisition of a territory by means of force.
a. Accretion c. Conquest
b. Cessation d. Discovery
53. Which statement is TRUE of the pre-Spanish Filipino government?
a. There was a court created by the datu to hear complaints.
b. The datu exercised all the powers of the government.
c. Laws were formulated by a law-making body elected by the datu.
d. Laws were formulated by a law-making body elected by the barangay.
54. It is the power of the state to take possession of private property for public purpose and
after payment of just compensation.
a. Police Power c. Power of Expropriation
b. Power of Taxation d. Veto Power
55. It is a form of government wherein the power is exercised by a limited few or the so-called
elite-regarded as privileged class.
a. Democracy c. Monarchy
b. Aristocracy d. Parliamentary
56. Every right has a built-in duty. Which one correctly illustrates this?
a. I have the right to vote, and it is the duty of the COMELEC to allow me to vote.
b. My right to privacy requires my neighbor to respect it.
c. I have the right to sell you my cellphone but it is your duty to pay for it.
d. I have the right to drive my car but I must see to it that obey traffic rules.

57. Which of the following is NOT a qualification for a senator?
a. He/ She must be a natural born Filipino citizen of the Philippines.
b. He/ She must at least be 35 years of age in the election day.
c. He/ She must be able to read and write.
d. He/ She must be a resident of the Philippines for not less than five (5) years prior to
the election day.
58. He was a Philippine president known for his Filipino First Policy and Austerity Program.
a. Diosdado Macapagal c. Carlos Garcia
b. Ramon Magsaysay d. Manuel Quezon
59. These were the ornaments that early Filipinos wore, could be armlets, gold rings, gold
necklaces or gold bracelets.
a. Kalumbiga c. Kanggan
b. Batalan d. Putong
60. It is the mourning for a dead man.
a. Larao c. Morotal
b. Maglahe d. Batalan
61. What is the name given by Magellan to the Philippine archipelago?
a. Archipelago of St. Lazarus
b. Felipinas
c. La Villda de San Miguel
d. Ciudad del Santissimo Nombre de Jesus
62. The first Christian mass officiated by Father Pedro de Valderrrama was celebrated in the
island if Limasawa, Southern Leyte on _____________.
a. March 16, 1521 c. March 31, 1521
b. March 29, 1521 d. April 27, 1521
63. General Miguel Lopez de Villalobos, another Spanish explorer, reached Cebu and claimed
the island for Spain on _______________.
a. February 2, 1543 c. March 16, 1565
b. February 13, 1565 d. April 27, 1565
64. Complete this analogy:
Noli Me Tangere: Maximo Viola :: El Filibusterismo: _______________
a. Graceano Lopez Jaena c. Marcelo del Pilar
b. Miguel Morayta d. Valentin Ventura
65. It was founded by Rizal as a civic movement to unite the Filipinos in expressing reforms and
freedom against Spanish colonial policies.
a. La Solidaridad
b. La Liga Filipina
c. La Association Hispano Filipino
d. Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (KKK)
66. The inauguration of the First Philippine Republic or Malolos Republic with Emilio
Aguinaldo as President happened on ________________.
a. December 10, 1898 c. January 23, 1899
b. December 21, 1898 d. February 4, 1899
67. He is the general that was killed by the Americans in the Battle of Tirad Pass.
a. Gen. Antonio Luna c. Gen. Gregorio del Pilar
b. Gen. Antonio Lucban d. Gen. Artemio Ricarte

68. This law allowed an open trade between the Philippines and the United States.
a. Underwood-Simons Tariff Law
b. Hare-Hawes Cutting Law
c. Tydings McDuffie Law
d. Payne Aldrich Act
69. HUKBALAHAP was created under the leadership of _____________.
a. Macario Sakay c. Francisco Dagohoy
b. Luis Taruc d. Hermano Pule
70. He was a Philippine President known for Philippines 2000.
a. Benigno Aquino III c. Fidel Ramos
b. Joseph Ejercito Estrada d. Ferdinand Marcos
71. All of the following are basic economics question EXCEPT:
a. What to produce?
b. When to produce?
c. How to produce?
d. For whom to produce?
72. Which is true of the Law of Demand and Supply?
a. If the price is higher, demand is higher and supply is greater. If the price is lower,
demand is lower and supply is lesser.
b. If the price is higher, demand is lower and supply is lesser. If the price is lower,
demand is higher and supply is greater.
c. If the price is higher, demand is higher and supply is lesser. If the price is lower,
demand is lower and supply is greater.
d. If the price is higher, demand is lower and supply is greater. If the price is lower,
demand is higher and supply is lesser.
73. All of the following are purposes of Taxation EXCEPT:
a. to collect revenue for the government officials personal funds
b. to redistribute income
c. to check consumption of goods which are considered undesirable
d. to reallocate resources
74. The Comprehensive Agrarian reform Law of 1988 is also the:
a. R.A. 6567 c. R.A. 6657
b. R.A. 5567 d. R.A. 6765
75. Which is NOT a description of a cooperative?
a. It is a free association of persons voluntarily joined together.
b. Its main purpose is to conduct an economic enterprise.
c. It accepts a fair share of the risks and benefits.
d. It is organized in accordance with partially accepted principles.
76. It is the toleration of cultural differences within a common society, allowing different groups
to retain their distinctive culture.
a. Cultural Lag c. Cultural Relativism
b. Cultural Pluralism d. Cultural Diffusion
77. A sociologist would be most interested in studying:
a. artifacts of the past civilizations
b. economic situations in the country
c. common psychological problems among Filipinos
d. group behavioral patterns among teenagers

78. When one considers the culture of another group inferior to his own, this connotes:
a. Acculturation c. Ethnocentrism
b. Assimilation d. Cultural Relativism
79. Family Planning is:
a. a program mandated to help the population increase.
b. a program mandated for the improvement of the health and welfare of mothers,
children and other members of the family.
c. a program mandated to increase the child birth.
d. a program mandated to lessen poverty.
80. It is a behavioral pattern that is strongly disapproved of the society.
a. Laws c. Mores
b. Norms d. Folkways
81. Two bells ring at 8 am in the morning. For the rest of the day, one bell rings every half hour
and the other every three-fourths hour. What time will both bells at the same time again after
a. 9:00 am c. 9:45 am
b. 9:30 am d. 10:00 am
82. If Anna has three different colors of marbles which are yellow, blue and black which are 12,
18 and 36 respectively, and are going to be placed in separate bags, how many marbles should
each bag contain so that there would be none left and that each bag contains the same number of
marbles per color?
a. 6 c. 12
b. 8 d. 36
83. The cellphone model 5110 was sold for 4,000 in 2001. Two years later, the same cellphone
was sold at 2,800. What was the percent decrease of the price?
a. 15% c. 30%
b. 20% d. 35%
84. A meter stick is to be cut in its 40-cm mark. What is the ratio of the longer part to the shorter
a. 6:2 c. 4:2
b. 5:2 d. 3:2
85. In a candy store, a kid bought 12 chocolates, 8 bubble gums, 7 lollipops and 3 jawbreakers.
What is the percentage of the chocolates?
a. 1/5 c. 4/14
b. 2/5 d. 1/10
86. The area of a square is 225 cm
If two of these squares are joined together to form a
rectangle, what will be the perimeter of the rectangle?
a. 60cm c. 120cm

b. 90cm d. 150cm
87. Which property of real numbers does the following mathematical statement a(b + c) = ab +
ac illustrate?
a. Commutative Property c. Reflexive Property
b. Associative Property d. Distributive Property
88. What number can be inserted in the blank so that 59_172 is divisible by 6?
a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 7

89. A cylinder has a diameter of 20cm. What must be its height to have a volume of 6,280 cm
a. 10cm c. 20cm
b. 15cm d. 25cm
90. Evaluate the following expression: 5 + 3(42 + 7) 7(2 +32 x 8)0
a. 0 c. 152
b. 72 d. -444
91. Two numbers are in the ratio of 3:4. If their sum is 63, what is the difference between the two
a. 9 c. 36
b. 27 d. 45
92. Using the odd numbers between 1 to 10, how many 3-digit numbers can be formed if
repetition of digits is not allowed?
a. 60 c. 720
b. 24 d. 360
93. Brenda has saved 300 coins, consisting of 25-centavo and 10-centavo coins. If the total value
of her savings is 45, how many 10-centavo coins does she have?
a. 100 c. 300
b. 200 d. 400
94. Don Antonio invested part of 30,000 at 5% interest and the remaining amount at 6% interest
at BPI. If his investment yields an annual income of 1,620, how much did he invest at 6%
a. 12,000 c. 16,000
b. 14,000 d. 18,000
95. In how many ways can 5 boys be seated in 5 seats?
a. 72 c. 102
b. 98 d. 150
96. A picture frame is 27cm long and 18cm wide. What is the ratio of its length to its width?
a. 3:2 c. 3:5
b. 2:3 d. 5:3
97. If 500 or 25% of a graduating class are girls, how many are graduating?
a. 2,000 c. 10,000
b. 5,000 d. 20,000
98. What is the area of a rhombus whose diagonals are 10cm and 12cm?
a. 120cm
c. 60cm

b. 100cm
d. 360 cm

99. Which is always TRUE?
a. The supplement of an angle is acute.
b. The complement of an angle is obtuse.
c. The complement of any acute angle is acute.
d. Two supplementary angles are congruent.
100. If the sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon is 1980
, how many sides does it have?
a. 11 c. 13
b. 12 d. 14
101. The measures of the angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio of 1:2:3:4. Find the measure of
the third angle.
a. 36
c. 108

b. 72
d. 144

102. If a die is rolled, what is the probability of getting a number divisible by 2?
a. 1/6 c. 1/4
b. 1/2 d. 1/3
103. Monica obtained the following results from her mathematics exam: 80, 82, 83 and 91. What
score must she get in her next exam for her to have an average of 85?
a. 92 c. 89
b. 93 d. 85
104. An empty box weighs 1.3 kilos. A Math book weighs 1.5 kilos. Which expression gives the
weight of the box when filled with y Math books?
a. 1.3y + 1.5 c. 1.3 + 1.5y
b. 1.5y 1.3 d. 1.3y + 1.5y
105. The height of a triangle is five inches less than the length of its base, and if the area of the
triangle is 52 square inches, find the base and the height.
a. Base = 13, Height = 8
b. Base = 12, Height = 9
c. Base = 11, Height = 7
d. Base = 13, Height = 4
106. Alin ang wastong salita para sa patlang: ____________ mo ang sahig.
a. Walisin c. Ipawalis
b. Walisan d. Ipangwalis
107. Ano ang pokus ng pandiwa sa pangungusap na ito:
Si Nena ay bumili ng mamahaling bestida.
a. Simuno c. Tagatanggap
b. Pandiwa d. Pang-abay
108. Ito ay ang pinagsamang tuog ng isang patinig at isang mala-patinig.
a. Kambal-katinig c. Pares minimal
b. Diptonngo d. Klaster
109. May ibat-ibang posisyon ang kinalalagyan ng mga panlapi. Anong uri ng panlapi ang
matatagpuan sa salitang ipagsumigawan?
a. unlapi c. hulapi
b. gitlapi d. laguhan
110. Alin sa mga sumusunod na salita ang may klaster?
a. diyes c. dayami
b. diyip d. drakula
111. ano ang pagbabagong morpoponemiko ang matatagpuan sa salitang bakuran?
a. pagpapalit ponema c. pagkakaltas ng ponema
b. asimilasyon d. metatesis
112. Ano ang pormasyon ng pantig ng mga titik na pahilig? prin sesa
113. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang masasabing pares-minimal?
a. lasa-tasa c. bibi-bibe
b. mesa-misa d. tela-tila
114. Alin sa mga sumusunod na salita ang may diptonggo?
a. salaysay c. sayawan
b. aliwan d. luya

115. Ang panlaping tila ay nagbibigay ng kahulugang parang o halos. Alin sa mga sumusunod na
salita ang hindi dapat isama sa pangkat?
a. malapot c. malasutla
b. malarosas d. malakanin
Tukuyin kung anong uri ng Tayutay ang ginamit sa mga sumunod na pangungusap.
a. pagpapalit-tawag c. pagtawag
b. papapalit-saklaw d. paglumanay
116. Malalim na pilat ang naiwan sa kanyang puso.
117. Marami siyang bibig na pinapakain.
118. Ang babaeng naglalaro ng apoy ay humingi ng tawad sa kanyang kabiyak.
119. Oh, pag-ibig! Masdan mo ang ginawa mo sa akin!
120. Ang korona ay bababa na sa kanyang trono.
121. Ito ay matalinghaga at karaniwan ay kapupulutan ng aral hinggil sa buhay at pamumuhay,
mayroon din itong mga taludtod at saknong.
a. alamat c. kasabihan
b. salawikain d. mito
122. Naglilinis __________ Gel at Lisette ng bahay.
a. sina c. nila
b. sila d. nina
123. Sa iyong mga kapitbahay, si Beth ang itinuturing mong pinakamalapit sa iyo. Alin sa mga
sumusunod na pasawikain o idyomatikong pahayag ang di-angkop gamitin kung ipalalarawan sa
iyo si Beth?
a. asal-hudas c. kabungguang-balikat
b. kahiramang-suklay d. kaututang-dila
124. Naatasan ang inyong samahan na pumili sa barangay ng mga taong pagkakapalooban ng
pamaskong regalo. Alin sa mga sumusunod na mga katangian ang maaaring isama bilang
batayan ng pagpili?
a. sanga-sanga ang dila c. halang ang bituka
b. mababaw ang luha d. kukulo-kulo ang tiyan
125. Galit na galit ang iyong lola, nalaman niya kasi na nabundol ng motorsiklo ang iyong
kapatid subalit nagwalang-bahala lamang sa nangyari ang iyong ama. Anong pasawikain ang
naglalarawan sa ikinilos ng iyong ama?
a. di-mahapayang gatang c. naghalukipkip ng kamay
b. nagdilat ng mata d. nagbuhat ng sariling bangko
126. It is the art of adding or subtracting to any material to form a new design, object, project, or
a. collage c. sculpture
b. painting d. architecture
127. It is the most important and easiest to notice among all the elements of visual arts.
a. line c. texture
b. color d. volume
128. Which among the principles of design makes a stable composition that has a feeling of
equilibrium on both sides in using the elements of art?
a. balance c. proportion
b. rhythm d. harmony

129. This style in painting goes beyond what is real. It may use distortion of form and color to
interpret inner sensation and emotion.
a. Surrealism c. Cubism
b. Expressionism d. Impressionism
130. Colors can be combined without limitation. What if we combine all colors in an art work,
what will be the resulting color?
a. gray c. white
b. black d. brown
131. An architect used a green slate stone and plastered in rhythmical rows below the window as
a finishing decoration. What element in art does he want to apply?
a. glossy texture c. smooth texture
b. rough texture d. combination of rough and fine
132. Who designed the Sarimanok?
a. Abdul Mohammed c. Hadji Aram
b. Abdul Marie Imao d. Abdul Keate
133. Which is considered as the brain of the computer?
a. main memory c. motherboard
b. CPU d. control unit
134. What do you call the board that forms the foundation of your computer?
a. motherboard c. ROM
b. keyboard d. RAM
135. Which of the following enables the computer to communicate with other computers linked
together by cable through interference?
a. network card c. LAN
b. internet d. intranet
136. The word processor is an example of what type of software?
a. application software c. systems software
b. operating systems d. utilities software
137.Which of the following hardware devices acts as the intermediary between a computer and
the phone system?
a. modem c. keyboard
b. speaker d. hard disk
138. What is the meaning of URL?
a. Uniform Reading Locator c. Uniform resource Locator
b. Unidentified Reading Location d. Unidentified Resource Locator
139. What does www stand for?
a. World Wide Wrestling c. World War Won
b. World Wide Web d. Whole Wide World
140. Which one of the following is a search engine?
a. java c. firefox
b. google d. internet
141. One of the last Filipino generals who fought the Americans and established the so-called
Tagalog Republic.
a. Gregorio del Pilar c. Macario Sakay
b. Miguel Malvar d. Manuel Tinio

142. She is one of the Filipino heroines. After her husband died, she continued the war against
Spain, was caught and hanged.
a. Gabriela Silang c. Gregoria de Jesus
b. Leonor Rivera d. Teodora Alonso
143. Who was the Great Dissenter?
a. Camilo Osias c. Claro M. Recto
b. Manuel Roxas d. Eulogio Rodriguez
144. After the Negritos, what was the second group of people who migrated by sea to the
Philippines 3,000 to 8,000 years ago?
a. Indonesians c. Malays
b. Chinese d. Indians
145. What is considered the earliest form of writing in the Philippines?
a. alibata c. roman alphabet
b. balitaw d. abakada
146. On 1901, an institution was established by the Americans for aspiring educators. What is
the present name of this institution?
a. Philippine Normal University c. University of the Philippines
b. Siliman University d. National Teachers College
147. From which language is the Filipino vernacular largely derived?
a. Kapampangan c. Tagalog
b. Cebuano d. Pangasinense
148. What place in the the Philippines is also known as the walled city?
a. Fort Santiago c. Intramuros
b. Plaza Miranda d. Luneta
149. What act is also known as the Martial Law act?
a. Article 6 Section 14 of the 1973 Constitution
b. R.A. 274
c. R.A. 1081
d. Kautusang Tagapagpaganap Blg. 25 s. 1974
150. USA bought the Philippines from Spain in _________.
a. 1898 c. 1899
b. 1885 d. 1872

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