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1.MTCS Eismin-234 page a) If a diode is placed in parallel with an electromagnetic coil ,it is used
to clip voltage spikes
b)A bidirectional zener diode can also be used for voltage spikes
c)If a diode is placed in series , it is used to create a one way current path between units d) All

2.Resistor have high stability even under extreme temperature condition is
a)wire wound
b)metal film

3.Copper terminals used in bonding with Eismin 77
a)stainless steel
b)as in A+ above cd. Platted
c)as in B+above copper d)as in C+ above brass or bronze

4.Very simple busbar system consists of pallet 76
a)Thick metal rod with input or output
b)Strip of interlinked terminals
c)Thick high impedance conductors

5.MTCS related to wire bundle 15A
a)Three or more wire going together to the same location
b)Two or more wire going together to the same location
c)Three or more................................

6.Switch that control a/c element like L/G and flaps the toggle should operated
a)Opposite direction
b)Always down ward
c)Same direction
d)Always upward

7.MTCS related to combustion heating
a)Hot air from turbojet engine compressor passed along inside of leading edge structure
b)Hot air from separate combustion heater with a turbine engine exhaust system
c)Heating effect of electric current
d)chemical which breaks down the bond between ice and water

8.In magneto system circuit breaker is installed
a)With primary winding
b) With secondary winding
c)CKt. b/w distributor and spark plug
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d)None of the above If contact breaker then Primary winding

9.MTCS related to Anti collision lights
a)Navigation lights are used to identify an a/c path by observer
b)As in A+ LH and RH are at 3 candle and rear lights are at 5 candle
c)As in A+ LH and RH lights are at 5 candle and rear d)All

10.Lights illuminate small adjacent areas for indivisual instrument
a)Flood light
b)Integral light
c)Pillar and bridge light

11.Proximity sensors are used in conjunction electronic circuitry to detect
a)Freight doors
b)As in A+ L/G+ flap
c) As in b + thrust reversal

12.MTCS related to DC generator
a)To prevent direct radiation due sparking at the brushes ,generally rectifier CKt. Is used
b)Independent suppressor units are generally used to prevent direct radiation from brushes and
those units are light in weight compared to internal suppressor units
c)Current types of generator incorporates internal suppressor system to protect radiation from
brushes and system consists of suitably rated capacitor

13.MTCS related to generator brushes
a)There are two categories of brushes , film forming brushes and non film forming brushes
b)The composition of the film forming brushes includes chemicals to builds up progressively a
constant semi-lubricating film on the commutator surface
c)Non filming forming brushes have more life compared to film forming brushes
d)Both 1 n 2 correct

14)MTCS related to generator and cooling of generator
a)Heat dissipated from generators , are due to hysteresis
b)As in A+, above , and thermal effect of current in winding etc..
c)Cooling of a/c generator which are similar in size but higher output capacity is achieved by
forced cooling
d) All

15.Generators are interconnected on their negative sides via a series load sharing or equalising
coil each coil of the individual voltage regulator ckts(under balance condition)
a) No current will flow through equalizing coil.
b) Maximum current will flow through equalizing coil.
c)Current flows from higher load sharing generator to lower load sharing generator.
D) Current flowing from lower load sharing gen to higher load sharing gen.
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16)During normal flight air tapped from the cabin Fopressurization system enters the battery
ventilation chamber and it
a) Continues through outside of the a/c
b)As in (1),above and on the ground when no pr. Diff exists ,a selector valve been provided to
stop battery fumes ,gases to enter into aircraft
c)As in (1),above and on ground ,a non return valve fitted in the air inlet of the cabin
pressurization system stops battery fumes ,gases to enter into the a/c

17.MTCS related advantages of IDG-
a)IDGs are lighter in weight
b)Vibration in IDGs are less
c)In IDG , CSD and generators are mounted side by side to form a single compact unit
d) All

18.When capacitor get shorted
a)Ohm meter pointer shows infinite resistance
b) Ohm meter pointer shows less resistance than normal
c) Ohm meter pointer shows zero resistance and stay there

19.Synchronous speed of motor (Relation B/W Frequency, speed and pairs of pole)

20.MTCS about N-P-N transistor
a)Collector is highly doped
b) Base is lightly doped and thick
c)98%-99% current flows in collector due to emitter

21.Length of the probe -4.7

22.Mercury switch
a)No moving parts in the switch
b)Used for doors c)Angular position of a components must be controlled within a narrow band of

23.Fermi level in semiconductor a)Forbidden energy b) Valance band c) conduction band

24.MTCS related to rain repellent system-
a)Reservoir used in the system is not replaceable type
b)Control is such that approximately 5 c.c of fluid through the nozzle for approximate 0.25 sec
c)The purpose of both the time delay and SCR to hold the coil and give warning

25. Position of overheat sensing element of wind shield anti-icing system-
a)Attached to the panel
b) Embedded in the panel
c)Attached inside of the outer layer of glass
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d) Attached outside of the outer layer of glass

26.When the cable passed through the pressurized cabin
a)Used suitable grommet
b)Pressure bung assembly or pressure proof socket
d) Potting

27.Identify the figure Appendix 8 page 212 Wires diagram

28.A principal advantage of capacitance system is - A short ckt. Grounding the element or
system wiring does not result in false firing

29.8 bit register that stores when memory output when read operation is performed
b) MDR
c) PC

30.MTCS regarding split phase bus bar system
a)Operate independently
b)Frequency does not trigger for operation
c)Phase does not trigger for operation

31.What is the general maintenance should not be done for AC motor (except universal motor )
a)Inspect the mounting flange b)Should check brushes and commutator c)Check the electrical
ckt. Connection d)............................................................

32.MTCS regarding twin generator system
a)The two generator buses are connected to the isolation bus through isolation limiter , if an
overload exists isolation limiter will open and disconnect the battery b)Diode placed b/w right
generator bus and the for these diode should be forward biased c)should be/ not be protected
by GCU d)All (Really I forget 3rd option ,and the option is wrong here refer EISMIN twin engine
generator system .If doiode is reverse biased then option B will correct , but In exam that was
forward biased)

a)APU and generator can be operated at same time
b)APU and main generator can not be operated at a time

34.Service lights are used for Eismin
a)Main and nose gear wheel wells
b)In electric equipment compartment
c)In some engine compartment

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35.BITE system perform-
a)Fault detection
b)Fault isolation
c)Operational verification after system repair
d)All Eismin

36.MTCS Related to ESDS
a)A technician and all , if his or her equipment must be connected the a/c ground prior to
servicing any ESDS
b)Most common way to ground a technician employ the use of a grounded wrist strap
c)The wrist strap is connected around a bare wrist of a the technician and connected to the a/c
grounded by means of wire and plug
d)All Eismin

37.Which of the symbol represents two phase connection Eismin Connection symbol page 380

38.Find the value of R3 when I along BD=0 fig-2-39 Esmin-27

39.If braking system not actuated after landing , probably cause is
a)Too much air pressure acting on spoiler due to stormy weather
b)Braking actuator not deployed
c)Flaps are not retracted to his own track

40.Certain amplifier used for whole cycle utilization
a)Class A b)Class B c)Class C d) Class AB

41.Identify the figure Wattmeter

42.Which is not part of the secondary bonding in a/c-
a)Junction box
b)Door plates
c)Flight control surfaces

43.Which is of the following has intermittent load
a)Navigation lights
b)Landing lights
c) Vaccum pump

44.Monostable multivibrator ckt.
a)No stable state
b)Gives two output pulse for one input trigger
c)Returns to its standby state automatically
d)Has no energy storage 45.MTCS ,advantage of igniter plug over spark plug a)Sustain high
voltage than spark plug b)Sustain high current than spark plug c)Discharge high energy for
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prolonged time d)....................................................................

46.The most common cause of false firing warnings in continuous loop fire detection system
a)Improper routing or clamping of loops
c)Dents , kniks or crushed sensors sections

47.MTCS regarding , smoke detector
a)Photodiode blocks the light to trip the relay
b)Use light trap to test the system
c)When smoke reflects lights and photodiode trigger the relay and warning horn

l 48.The mechanical power developed by the armature of a D.C motor is equals to
a)Armature current multiplied by back e.m.f
b)Power input minus losses
c)Power output multiplied by efficiency
d)Power output iron losses

49.In CSD unit , the control cylinder is mechanical coupled to
a)Variable displacement unit
b)Fixed displacement unit

50.Exteral T.R.U supply
a)D.C relay
b)As in A + T.R.U supply provide 28V d.c
c)As in B+ Supplied internal power relay
d)As in B+ feedback supply with G.P.U

51.When generator checked with multimeter
a)Coil should be grounded
b)Multi meter shows less resistance while connect with series coil
c)Multi meter shows less resistance less resistance while connect to the shunt coil d)Coil should
be isolated

52.MTCS related to i.r.o single cord lacing Eismin
a) Used for larger than 1 inch dia.
b) Used larger size for larger dia. size
c) Approved lacing cord complying with specification MIL-C-5649 or twine specification JAN-T-
713 may be used for wire lacing

53.MTCS related to maintenance of lead acid battery
a)Battery should store in a ventilated room
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d) All (The question was regarding maintenance of battery read from EISMIN...answer was ALL)

54.MTCS related to NiCd battery
a)Cell imbalancing is due to constant voltage charging ,d/f in temperature and low electrolyte
b) Can be corrected by reconditioning or by deep cycle
.d)All (The question was regarding cell imbalancing ,read from EISMIN ....answer was All)

55.Al. jumper can be used with only- Aluminium

56.MTCS related to battery-
a)Internal resistance is directly proportional to the load
b)International resistance is indirectly proportional to the O.C.V-C.C.V
c)Battery efficiency can not be hampered by 75% capacity
d)All(Here he answer is C)

57.MTCS related to lead acid battery
a)Hydrometer testing is done for specific gravity
b)The graduation of hydrometer from 1.100 to 1.500 c)No correction should be made b/w
70deg C to 90 deg C

a) When replacing NiCd battery in place of lead acid battery
b)Place should be neutralized with sodium bicarbonate and water
c)Should be painted with anticorrosive agent and acid resistance

59.MTCS related to interpole
a)The interpole cancels the electromagnet fields produced by the armature
b)Interpole are connected in series with the load
c)Therefore magnetic strength of the interpoles varies with the generator load d)All

60.The figure represents which gate Eismin Page 135 fig-7-20

61.Substract 1111 from 11001 a)1010 b)1001 c)1100 d) 1000

62.The interface b/w battery and generator a)Bus b)Load c)through cbs d)....(Here the answer is

63.MTCS related to metal bus bar
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a)Having low impedance conductor
b)Having high impedance conductor
c)As in B+.....
d)As in B+.....

65. In which ckt. Power distribution is maximum Ans.ckt. C BLT-I Page 30 66.In normal
operation of split bus bar
a)GCB1 and GCB2 are closed
b)BTB1 and BTB2 are open
d)Both A and B 67.CRT works on the principle of a)Heat energy b) Light energy c)sound energy

68.Identify the figure Mica cap,Disc type,Tubular type,Abismth Type capacitor Refer Jepssen
book Page3-61 And bemord grob electronics

69.Advantages of master slave J-K flip-flop over normal flip-flop Refer digital Principles BY
Malvino and Leach Page-288

70.MTCS Refer Integrated pallet page 13
a)Displays of LED and LCD are usually limited applications in which a single register of alpha
numeric values are required and are based on a seven segment matrix configuration , or in some
cases ,dot matrix configuration
b)A segmented configuration may also be used for displaying alphabetic characters as well as
number typically from seven up to 13and/or 16
c)In dot matrix display the patterns generated for each indivisual character are made up of a
specific number of illuminated dots arranged in columns and rows
d) All

71)MTCS related to induction motor
a)The rotor of an induction motor consists of an iron core made of thin circular laminations of
steel that are keyed into a shaft and longitudinal slots are cut into the rotors circumference and
heavy copper or aluminium bars are embedded in them
b)AC is supplied to the stator field and when the rotor of an induction motor os subjected to the
revolving magnetic field produced by the stator winding a voltage induced in the longitudinal
c)This induced voltage causes current to flow through the bars and produce its own magnetic
field which combines with stator:s revolving field

72.MTCS related to synchronous motor
a)Forgotten this option
b)Due to stator reactance rotating field is produced
c)Synchronous motor can be used as a generator
d)All (Frnds we can use both induction and synchronous motor as generator)

73.In aircraft landing lights are actuated by
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a)Actuator limit switch or solenoid

74.To increase the gain of an amplifier

75.A 18V motor , is operated on 2.5A current , if that particular motor will operate on 24V supply
, then where will be the variable resistor set (means what is the variable resistance)
b)9 ohm
c)13 ohm
d) 19 ohm

76.MTCS related about LCD (Really that question was about construction of LCD question was
from Integrated Instrument System Page-15 read this)

77.MTCS about CRT displays
a)Options like rhe-theta
b)X-Y coordinate
c)Y X coordinate
d)All(Forgotten these options Read from Integrated Instrument system Book Page-286,287,288)

78.Also one more question from LCD from Integrated Instrument System Book)

79.Mesh ckt. can be solved by
a)Krichhof s current law
d) None(It can be solved by KVL and Maxwell current loop law ,Refer from BLT-I Chapter-2)

80.Identify the figure AIRFUSE Pallet page -112 fig-7.2)

81.Idenitfy the figure (Plug and socket,Pallet page 90, fig-5.14)

82.Idenitify the figure microswitch (pallet fig-6.7 ,page -103)

83.Idenitfy the figure regarding switch (toggle,rocker,micro,and rotary switch refer from Eismin
and pallet)

84.Defination of amplifier-Amplifier

85.DEfination of permittivity permitivitty

86.A sentence was there b tans was Energy conversion (All these 3 questions were twisted)

87.In conductor , force ,flow of current can be found by
a)Eddy current leakage law
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b)Lenz law
c)Left hand rule
d)Right hand rule (Frndz dont think abt riht hand n left hand rule ,bucz here not specified
generator n motor,n there is no such law like Eddy current leakage law, therefor ans. Will be
Lenz law)

88.MTCS about Quill Shaft Quill shaft is that it must effectively interrupt the transmission of the
driving torque in the event of that the generator armature seizes up

89.MTCS about carbon pile voltage regulator
a)Pile pressure increases ,pile resistance increases
b)Carbon pile has hard carbon and soft carbon texture and provide a junction
c)Initially carbon pile is set compressed

90.A sentence was there it was Q factor(Read BLT-I ,page 544 n 591)

91.A sentence was there ,it can be controlled by Battery master Switch (Pallet Page-27,fig-

92.In an inductor,Inductance Varies _ _ with Frequency a)Rise b)Fall c)Remains d)None(Really
directly proportional to the frequency ,but option was like these)

93.Vsm/root 2- cut-off frequency (not sure It was fully confused Question)

94.In Ckt Energy is Consumed by -Load In feb Session from Pallet -32 question n from Eismin 23
question,6-8 new electronics question was there) ALL THE BEST FRIENDS