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A Story of People Seeing Jesus in You

Below is an awesome story of freedom for which I give praise to

God and thanks to each of you for helping me help Evan!

I've heard since I was a child from well-meaning Sun-
day school teachers and pastors, that because I'm a
Christan, people will notce a diference in me and will
want to know more. I always lived a "good Christan
life", but those encounters didn't really ever happen like
they said they would. That is, not untl I began to understand the
complete Gospel and allow it to transform my life.

Now, people actually do want to know more. Just last week, my
own mother told me she wanted to learn what I've been learning.
Her reason? She'd notced a diference in me and wanted to know
what was causing it. She's been a Christan for my entre life. I
could list a dozen or more situatons like this from the past 6
months that are just as out of the ordinary to me. But, it is no long-
er unusual.

Sharing my faith used to be so dauntng. I never felt equipped, nev-
er felt confdent, and never felt like I'd have answers. Even when I
lived as a missionary in Nicaragua, I spent my tme doing practcal
work, not sharing my faith. This has now been turned on its head
because I understand the complete Gospel.

I feel able to talk to anyone, now. Especially the lost, the hurtng,
the broken, and even the unbelieving. Those were the people and
situatons that used to intmidate me the most. I now have a genu-
ine love for them and see the possibilites for freedom and trans-
formaton in their life. I know the power of the Gospel and want
them to experience it.

Amazingly, the people I encounter don't feel threatened by me.
They want to share their struggles and ask for my perspectve. I
have so many opportunites to speak the truth in love.

The greatest part of all of this is I know it isn't me. It's just me al-
lowing Jesus to live through me. I love getng to let Him.

Mark and the GLI ministry have played a critcal role in this trans-
formaton in my life, and I'm thankful to God for how He has used
them to impact my life and the lives of others.

Evan Dixon

Thanks to each of you for your friendship,
prayer and gifs. Your friendship encour-
ages me. Your prayers are used by God to
empower me. Your fnances enable me to
be available to Gods calling on my life.

Warmly in Christ,
Mark and Ellen Maulding
Family Maters

Ben graduated from The Citadel with a degree
in business! Thank you for praying! He is try-
ing to break into the oil and gas industry in
the Southwestern USA. He asks you to pray
that God would cause his preparaton and the
right opportunity to intersect soon.

Andrew made an A on his thesis to earn his
Masters in Linguistcs from the University of
Puerto Rico! Thank you for praying! He is cur-
rently considering joining the staf of Youth
with a Mission. He asks that you would pray
for Gods clear guidance.

Bekah had a great junior year at the Univer-
sity of South Carolina! Thank you for praying
for God to provide for our support so she
could atend! She asks you to pray for her to
have a great senior year. (Bekah and her
roommate, Irena, are all smiles.)

Christopher will be headed into his senior year
at North Greenville University this fall to earn
his degree in Intercultural Studies. He asks
you to pray for him to hear Gods voice clearly
regarding his future. (Christopher dressed up
to surprise Ellen for her 50th birthday party!)

Ellen loves adventure, so she went on
the Appalachian Trail with Andrew and
Christopher to spend three challenging
and fun-flled days with her brother
Mitch and his daughter Raleigh.

Money Maters

Since you have been praying for our monthly support, here is an
update. We have a great opportunity to depend on Jesus to pro-
vide for us as weve lost more monthly support than ever but be-
lieve He is going to provide the rest! We thank God for our new
supporters, for those who have increased their monthly support
amount and for those who have given special donatons.
The Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should
receive their living by the gospel. 1 Corinthians 9:14

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The Mauldings With Grace Life Internatonal The Mauldings With Grace Life Internatonal The Mauldings With Grace Life Internatonal
Freedom! Joy! Healing! Spiritual Growth! Freedom! Joy! Healing! Spiritual Growth! Freedom! Joy! Healing! Spiritual Growth!