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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

(A Government of India Enterprise)
Office of the Principal General Manager
Patna Telecom District
(Technical Bid)
TENDER NO ENG-D-!"#$%#-%%$#% D&TED %'-#%-%%
Note : The entire tender document after being filled up to be submitted (first 13
pages in technical bid envelope ith enclosures ! last " pages in financial
bid envelope)# No part of this document should be retained b$ the the
%ost of Tender documents & 's# 11"()*
Name ! Address of Tenderer ****************************************
+a$ment particulars & A%G*,-).emand .raft#
/oo0 No11111111111'# No111111111##
.ate 111111111111##
2ignature of issuing 3fficer
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
(A Government of India Enterprise)

Office of the Principa GeneraManager Teecom Di!trict
Tender No.ENG D-540/ 10-11/01 Dated 12-01-2011
The +rincipal General 4anager Telecom .istrict +atna on behalf of %4.5/2N6 invites
sealed tender for repairing of ITI)78%6)96 TE6E).A%).E6TA)A4'A:A)E9I%34 etc ma0e
24+2 +oer +lant from the original manufacturer or their authori;ed dealers or e<perienced
firms for the or0 of repairing of 24+2 +oer +lant5 4odules of 1== Amp5(= Amp ! "( Amp
including replacement of fault$ parts all ma0e#
.etails of or0 T$pe )>t$(Nos) Estimated %ost Earnest
%ost of tender
'epairing of
24+2 +oer
+lant5 4odules
of 1== Amp5(=
Amp ! "( Amp
@"- 3? 11? 's#135335@A=)B 's333(=)B 's# 11"()*including
The bidder must have e<perience in repairing of +oer +lant5 4odule to the tune of 's#
3#== 6ac0s in last three $ears in .3T)/2N6# E<perience certificate must be signed not belo the
ran0 of DAG of .3T)/2N6
Tender paper ma$ be had b$ eligible contractor from the 2.E(+6G) 3)o the +rincipal
General4anager Telecom .istrict5 +atna on an$ or0ing da$ from 1-*=1*"=11 to =@*="*"=11
beteen 11:== hrs and 1(:== hrs on pa$ment of 'upees 11"(#== ('upees 3ne Thausand 3ne
hundred Tent$ 8ive onl$ non refundable) in the form of A%G*,- receipt issued b$
2r#A#3(%ash)5 3)o +G4T.5 +atna or cross .). dran in favour of 2r Account 3fficer(%ash)
/2N65 +atna pa$able at +atna#
Tender document ma$ also be donloaded from +++
,ihar,snlcoin The cost of tender document must be submitted in the form of cross .. in
favour of 2r# Account 3fficer(%ash) /2N65 +atna pa$able at +atna in a separate envelope at the
time of dropping the tender5 obtained b$ donloading#
If at an$ stage5 it is detected that the tenderer has submitted the tender document b$
modif$ing an$ clause or part of it5 it ill be straighta$ reEected# The firm ill be blac0 listed for
future or0 too#
Tenderer ill submit one Fa< )+C% tape sealed envelope superscriber ith the name of
or0# The envelope should contain e<perience certificate valid upto date of publication of the
.ul$ filled in tender paper5 enclosed in a a< )+C% tape sealed envelop as said above
ma$ be dropped in seaed tender bo< in chamber of AG4(+6G)5 3)o the +rincipal General
4anager Telecom .istrict5 +atna b$ 1?:== hrs#of 1=*="*"=11 /2N6 ill not be responsible for
an$ postal or courier dela$# The tender shall be opened on 1=*="*"=11 at 1(:== hrs# in presence
of tenderer or their representative ho ish to be present there#
The +rincipal General 4anager Telecom .istrict5 +atna reserves the right to accept or
reEect an$ or all tender)tenders holl$ or partiall$ ithout assigning an$ reason# 8urther +rincipal
General4anager Telecom .istrict5 +atna reserves the right to aard the or0 to more than one
tenderers on the loest approved rate#

O/o PGMTD, Patna
%op$ to :
1. Notice Board, O/o PGMT, B!N", Patna
#. P$O(PGM)
3. Office %op& . AGM (PLG)
O/o PGMTD, Patna
1. The tenderer should submit the tender in sealed envelope. The envelope should
ontain the !ollo"in# doument.
$i% Earnest mone& in shape o! D/D in !avour o! 'r.()$*ash%+ ,'N- )/o
.G/TD+ .atna pa&able at .atna in ori#inal.
$ii% (n E0periene *erti!iate !rom an )!!ier not belo" the ran1 o! Group
2(G/D&.G/ statin# that the tenderer has satis!atoril& ompleted "or1 o!
repairin# o! .o"er .lant to the tune o! 3s. 3+00+000/4 in past three &ears in
$iii% Tender doument alon# "ith dul& !illed 56orm !or 7uotin# 3ate.
$iv% Deed/Delaration re#ardin# proprietorship/partnership/-td. *ompan& as the
ase ma& be. $(ttested op&%
$v% Delaration !orms $(% 8 $,% $dul& !illed in%.
$vi% (ttested photoop& o! valid inome ta0 learane erti!iate $(ttested b& a
Ga9etted o!!ier%.
$vii% .hotoop& dul& attested b& a Ga9etted o!!ier o! E.6 re#istration/ E.6
re#istration applied !or paper must be attahed "ith tender douments.
$viii% .hotoop& dul& attested b& a Ga9etted o!!ier o! servie Ta0 3e#istration
erti!iate .
The envelope must be "a0 sealed/.:* tape and supersribed "ith 5Tender
!or 3epairin# o! .o"er .lant /odules.; The tender must "rite their name and
address on the envelope.
2. The last date !or submission o! tender shall be 10-02-2011 till 14<00 hrs.
3. The envelope ontainin# tender should be addressed to the (G/$.-G% )/o the
.G/TD+ .atna.
4. Tender "ill be summaril& re=eted i!
$i% The& are reeived a!ter due date and time.
$ii% E/D is not attahed.
$iii% Envelope ontainin# tender doument is not sealed "ith "a0 and
personal seal.
$iv% (ll the pa#es o! tender doument is not si#ned and !illed up.
$v% *orretion made are not initiated.
5. 6inanial ,id o! onl& those tenderers "ould be onsidered !or rate evaluation
"ho have >uali!ied as per list o! douments mentioned in 'l.No. 1 above.
?. *orretion in the tender douments+ i! an& should be initialled. Eah pa#e should
also be si#ned b& the tenderer.
7. Preparaton/S!"#$$on o% "&.
,id o! tender should be submitted in three envelopes plaed inside a main over
These envelopes should ontain the !ollo"in#.
En'e(ope Mar)e& on t*e +o'er Content$ o% En'e(ope
Fr$t ,& Se+!rt- . +o$t o% ,&
&o+!#ent( % &o/n (oa&e& %ro#
Contann0 DD o% ,& $e+!rt- an& +o$t o% ,&
&o+!#ent a$ per NIT.
Se+on& Te+*n+a( ,& Te+*n+a( ,& &o+!#ent$ (Fr$t 12 pa0e$ )
+ontann0 &o+!#ent$ re3!re& a$ per +(a!$e4 1
o% 5n$tr!+ton %or t*e ten&erer$6.
T*r& Fnan+a( ,& Fnan+a( ,& &o+!#ent$ (La$t t/o pa0e$) Rate$
&!(- 3!ote& "- t*e ten&erer n t*e pre$+r"e&
)n all this envelopes the name o! the !irm and "hether 5,id seurit&; )3 5 Tehnial
,id; )3 56inanial ,id; must be learl& mentioned and should be properl& sealed $"ith
sealin# "a0/.a1in# .:* tape%.
These envelopes are to be plaed inside and outer envelope and
properl& sealed $"ith sealin# "a0/.a1in# .:* tape% super sribed as 5 Tender o!!er !or
repairin# o! '/.' .o"er .lant in .atna ''(; a#ainst Tender No.- ENG-D-540/ 10-
11/01 dated 12-01-2011
The tenders "hih are not submitted in above mentioned manner
shall be summaril& re=eted
i% The bids should be submitted dul& sealed and addressed to AG4(+6G)
3)o the +G4T.+ .atna in person on or be!ore 14.00 hrs o! due date in the sealed tender
bo0 in the o!!ie hamber o! (G/$.-G%
ii% (n& bid reeived a!ter the dead line !or submission o! bids shall not be aepted.
@. ,& openn0
,'N- shall open the ,id seurit& 8 Tehnial bid over ontainin# douments
detailed as per lause $A% in the presene o! bidders or their authori9ed representative
"ho "ish to be present at the time o! openin# o! bids on due date. (uthorisation letter to
this e!!et shall be submitted b& the bidder be!ore the& are allo"ed to partiipate in bid
openin#. (!ter srutin& o! the Tehnial ,id !or its satis!ator& spei!iation+ the ,'N-
"ill shortlist those "ho are eli#ible and the date o! openin# o! 6inanial ,id "ill be
intimated later on. The !inanial bid "ill be opened onl& in those ases "ho !ul!ill the
eli#ibilit& onditions and !urnish all douments as #iven in Tehnial ,id.
B. E'a(!aton
B.1 ,'N- shall evaluate the bids to determine "hether the& are omplete+ "hether
an& omputational errors have been made "hether douments have been properl& si#ned
and "hether bids are #enerall& in order.
B.2 C! there is a disrepan& bet"een "ords and !i#ures+ the amount in "ords shall
prevail. .rior to detailed evaluation+ ,'N- "ill determine the substantial
responsiveness o! eah bid to the bid doument. ( substantiall& responsive bid is
one+ "hih on!orms to all the terms and onditions o! bid douments "ithout
material deviation. ( bid determined as substantiall& non-responsive "ill be
re=eted b& ,'N-.
1. *ost o! tender paper is non re!undable.
2. Tender must be submitted in ori#inal !orm as in1 si#ned supplied b& the issuin#
authorit& o! ,'N-.
3. The tenderer si#nin# the tender $in ase o! !irms% should spei!& learl& "hether he is
si#nin# as $i% 'ole proprietor $ii% .artner $iii% Dnder a po"er o! attorne& or $iv%
Diretor+ /ana#er or 'eretar& et. as the ase ma& be opies o! douments
authori9in# the tenderer si#nin# the tender on behal! o! suh ompanies+ !irms or
persons should be attahed "ith the tender.
4. The tenderer must be available at his postal address !urnished in the tender. (n&
han#e in address must be ommuniated to the department "ell in time.
5. The reovered stores "ill have to be made over to ,'N-.
?. Cnomplete tender shall be summaril& re=eted.
A. The .G/TD+ .atna reserves the ri#ht to aept+ re=et+ pre!er an& tender or tenders
"ithout assi#nin# an& reason and ma& or ma& not aept the lo"est tender.
@. $a% .G/TD+ .atna !urther reserves the ri#ht to aept the tender in part and a"ard the
"or1 to more than one tenderers at the lo"est approved rate.
$b% .G/TD+ .atna !urther reserves the ri#ht to demarate area o! operation o! various
tenderers and a"ard the "or1 to various tenderers area "ise.
B. (n& over/e0ess pa&ment ta1en b& the ontrator shall be reovered/ad=usted !rom the
'D/E/D/.endin# bills.
10. 6inanial ,id o! onl& those tenderers "ould be onsidered !or rate evaluation "ho
have >uali!ied as per list o! douments mentioned in CN'T3D*TC)N 6)3 TEE
,CDDE3' on previous pa#e.
EMD . SD<-
12. Eah tender $Tehnial ,id% must be aompanied "ith an earnest mone& o! 3s.
33350)* $Thirt& three thousand three hundred !i!t& onl&% in !orm o! rossed ban1 dra!t
o! an& nationali9ed ban1 in !avour o! 'r.(ounts )!!ier $*ash%+ ,'N- )/o
.G/TD+ .atna pa&able at .atna in ori#inal.
13. The earnest mone& deposited b& the suess!ul tenderer shall be onverted into
seurit& deposit+ a!ter aeptane o! tender 8 'i#nin# o! a#reement.
Cn addition to above+ A.5F o! estimated ost shall be deposited b& the ontrator
in shape o! DD/,an1 #uarantee as '.D. The seurit& deposit shall be
re!unded/returned a!ter si0 months o! ompletion o! the last "or1 order. (ll these
amount shall be a #uarantee !or per!ormane o! ontrator. (n& amount an be
deduted !rom this amount !or bad per!ormane o! ontrator. C! a#reement "ill not
be made+ o!!er "ill be anelled. E/D/'eurit& deposit "ill be interest !ree.
14. C! an& tender is "ithdra"n be!ore the !inal aeptane o! the tender+ the earnest
mone& "ill be !or!eited.
15. Earnest mone& o! unsuess!ul tenders "ill be re!unded to them in due ourse o! time
on !inalisation o! tender.
1?. 'eurit& deposit o! suh ontrators "hih "ill remain unlaimed !or a period o!
three &ears a!ter their re!und beomes due shall lapse and no laim !or re!und shall be
entertained therea!ter.
1A. Cnome ta0 as ma& be determined b& the Govt. o! Cndia !rom time to time% on the
#ross amount o! eah bill passed shall be deduted at soure3. Cnome Ta0 (/* No.
should be !urnished b& the ontrator to the 'r.()$*ash% onerned.
1@. $a% The rate should be >uoted in !i#ures and "ords. Ct should be inlusive all ta0es. Cn
ase o! disrepan& in "ords and !i#ure "ord "ill prevail. The !orm !or >uotin# rates
is plaed "ith 6inanial ,id enlosed "ith this doument. No onditional o!!er "ill be
$b% The bidder "ill >uote the rate per set !or repairin# o! .o"er .lant /odule/*ontrol
.anel o! .o"er .lant inlusive o! spare parts and ta0es.
$% The ontrator "ill #ive a "arrant& !or B0 da&s !or an& de!ets in repairin# "or1s and
1B. 6or tehnial pre>uali!iation the tenderer must submit an e0periene erti!iate !rom
an o!!ier not belo" the ran1 o! 2(G statin# that the tenderer has satis!atoril&
ompleted "or1 o! repairin# o! .o"er .lant /odule to the tune o! 3s. 3+00+000/4 in
last three &ears in D)T/,'N-.
1B $a% Gor1 shall be arried out onl& a!ter the "or1 order is issued b& the onerned
"or1 orderin# authorit&.
$b% The ontrator shall be responsible !or an& !ault in the "or1 done.
20. C! the ontrator desires an& e0tension o! time !or ompletion o! "or1 on the #round
o! its havin# unavoidabl& hindered in its e0eution on an& other #round shall appl& to
the onerned "or1 order issuin# authorit& "ithin seven da&s o! suh hindrane on
aount o! "hih he desires suh e0tension. The a!oresaid onerned "or1 order
issuin# authorit& as in his opinion an authori9e suh e0tension on neessar& and
proper. The deision o! the "or1 order issuin# authorit& "ill be !inal in this matter.
21. The tenderer should have tehnial and !inanial apabilities to e0eute the "or1.
22. The rate approved shall be operative !or a period o! one &ear. Eo"ever the .G/TD+
.atna reserves the ri#ht to redue or e0tend the validit& o! the ontrat on mutual
onsent+ i! the irumstanes so demand+ !or a period o! ma0imum @ month.
23. C! the ontrator !ails to repair the .o"er .lant module and returns the !ault& sets to
onerned 'DEs "ithin A da&s a!ter reeivin# the !ault& sets or "ithin 10 da&s o!
issue o! "or1 order b& onerned o!!iers+ the .G/TD+ .atna reserves the ri#ht to #et
the stated =ob done !rom an& other soure or a#en& even on hi#her rate and the
di!!erene o! the e0penditure shall be reovered !rom the approved ontrator. Cn the
event o! ontrator !ailin# to e0eute the "or1 to the satis!ation o! the .G/TD+
.atna the said authorit& reserves the ri#ht to re=et or "ithhold pa&ment !or suh
>uantit& o! "or1 till suh time the de!ets are reti!ied to their satis!ation or
terminate the ontrat b& #ivin# one month notie to the ontrator.
24. The !ault& .o"er .lant module shall be #iven to the ontrator !or repairin# at
onerned e0han#e loations onl&.
25.$a% Eah repaired set shall be tested b& onerned 2T)/'DE/DE and i! it is not ).H. it
"ill be returned to the ontrator !or proper repairin#. *ontrator "ill have to repair
all .o"er .lant /odule #iven to him !or repairin#+ i! the .o"er .lant module is burnt
or .h&siall& dama#ed the ontrator "ill have the option not to repair the same
"ithout pa&in# an& penalt& as mentioned in this para#raph.
$b% No part pa&ment o! a "or1 order shall be allo"ed.
$% The ontrator "ill !urnish a speimen si#nature dul& attested b& a Ga9etted
o!!ier at the time o! a#reement "hih shall be 1ept reorded an& pa&ment "ill be
made onl& to the authori9ed si#nator&.
$d% (!ter ompletion o! hundred perent "or1s+ the ontrator "ill submit the bill to
the supervisin# o!!ier in tripliate. The supervisin# o!!ier a!ter neessar& erti!iate
"ill submit the bill to the "or1 order issuin# authorit& onerned.
2?. The tenderer shall #ive a "arrant& o! ?$si0% months on repaired modules !rom the
date o! repair.
2A. Estimated ost mentioned in the tender is merel& a rou#h estimate and #uideline.
2@. $a% (ll the disputes and di!!erenes arisin# out+ this a#reement $e0ept those+ the
deision "hereo! is other"ise herein provided !or% shall be re!erred to the sole
(rbitration o! the *G/T+ ,ihar *irle+ .atna or in ase+ his desi#nation is han#ed+
or his o!!ie is abolished+ to the sole arbitration o! the o!!ier+ "hom !or the time
bein# it is entrusted+ "hether or not+ in addition to other !untions "ith the prinipal
!untions o! */D Ne" Delhi+ b& "hatever desi#nation suh o!!ier ma& be alled
thereina!ter $hereina!ter re!erred to as the said o!!ier% and i! the */D Ne" Delhi or
the said o!!ier is unable or un"illin# to at as the 'ole (rbitrator+ then in suh an
event+ to the sole arbitration o! some other person appointed that the (rbitrator so
appointed is a Govt. 'ervant+ that he had to deal "ith the matters to "hih this
a#reements relates to+ or+ that in the ourse o! his duties as suh the Govt. servant has
e0pressed vie"s on all or an& o! the matters in dispute+ or in di!!erene or >uestion+
the a"ard o! the arbitrator so appointed+ shall be !inal and bindin# on then parties.
The provision o! the (rbitration (t 1B40+ or+ an& other statutor& modi!iation or +
enatment thereo! and o! the rules made there under !or the time in-!ore shall appl&
to suh arbitration.
$b% Dpon ever& and an& suh re!erene+ the assessment o! the osts o! inidental
e0penses in the proeedin#s !or a"ard shall be in the disretion o! the (rbitrator.
$% The "or1 under this ontrat shall+ i! reasonabl& possible+ ontinue durin# the
arbitration proeedin#s and no pa&ment due or+ pa&able to the Government shall be
"ithheld on aount o! suh proeedin# e0ept those relatin# to the dispute.
$d% The venue o! the (rbitration shall be a plae !rom "hih the aeptane notie is
issued or suh other plae+ as the (rbitrator at his entire disretion ma& determine.
The ontrator $'% are bound b& the terms and onditions.
$e% .rinipal Generalondition
Cn "itness thereo!+ the parties to these presents have herein set to
subsribe their respetive hands the da& and &ear herein above+ !irst "ritten+ si#ned+
sealed and delivered.
2B. $a% The ontrator shall ompl& "ith the provisions o! the pa&ment o! "a#es (t
1B3?+ "or1menIs ompensation (t 1B32. Cndustrial Dispute (t 1B4A and the
ontrator labour $3e#ulation and (bolition% (t+ 10A0 or the modi!iation thereo! or
an& other la" relatin# thereto and the rules made there under !rom time to time. Ee
shall also indemni!& the Department a#ainst an& pa&ments to be made !or due
observane o! the said la"s.
$b% The ontrator shall be responsible !or an& losses/dama#es et. that ma& have
ourred durin# e0eution o! "or1 and shall pa& ompensation to his/their "or1men
pa&able under "or1menIs *ompensation (t 1B23 $:CC% !or in=uries aused to the
"or1men. C! suh a ompensation is paid b& the Govt. as a .rinipal Emplo&er under
subsetion $i% o! setion is the same (t on behal! o! the ontrator it shall be
reovered b& the ontrator under setion $ii% ibid !rom seurit& deposit or an& other
dues pa&able b& the Govt. to the ontrator on an& aount.
$% No minor labour $belo" the a#e o! ei#hteen &ears% or a labour "ith a riminal
reord shall be emplo&ed on the "or1.
30. $a% The ontrator shall indemni!& and 1eep ,'N- harmless !rom and a#ainst all
ations+ suits+ proeedin#s+ osts+ dama#es+ har#es+ laims and demands "hatsoever+
either in la" or e>uit& and all osts and har#es and e0penses that the Govt./Deptt.
/a& sustain or inur arisin# !rom or out o! omission or ommission o! an& (t/(ts
o! the ontrator+ his a#ents+ emplo&ees+ assi#nee or sub-ontrators.
$b% *ontrator shall pa& all 3ates+ -evies+ 6ees+ 3ealities+ Cnsurane Ta0es and Duties
pa&able or arisin# !rom or out o! or b& virtue or in onnetions "ith and/or in respet
o! the "or1s or operation$s% or an& part thereo! to be per!ormed b& the ontrator and
the ontrator shall indemni!& and 1eep ,'N-. Earmless and indemni!ied a#ainst an&
laim or dama#es due to ne#li#ene or other"ise+ in ta1in# due preautionar&
measures b& the ontrator.
$d% The labourers "or1in# should be overed under Group Cnsurane 'heme.
)ther"ise the ontrator "ill be personall& responsible !or the ompensation to be
paid in ase o! aidents i! an&. The ontrator "ill also indemni!& ,'N- !or suh
pa&ment arisin# due to aidents and also !or the loss aused to an& other a#en&
"hile arr&in# out the above "or1.
31. $a% The ontrator should ommene the "or1 "ithin seven da&s o! the reeipt o!
"or1 order. C! the ontrator does not ommene and omplete the "or1 "ithin the
period #iven in the "or1 order+ a penalt& har#es o! 1F o! the billed amount !or ever&
"ee1 o! dela& sub=et to a ma0imum o! 10F "ill be har#ed !rom the bill o! the
ontrator or even !rom his seurit& deposit. Eo"ever at seond "ee1+ i! the o!!ier
C/* !eels that the "or1 is li1el& to be dela&ed !urther in order to sa!e#uard the interest
o! ,'N- the remainin# "or1 "ill be "ithdra"l !rom the ori#inal "or1 order and "ill
be o!!ered to other "illin# and approved ontrators.
$b% C! the "or1 is dela&ed be&ond the period #iven in the "or1 order due to ,'N-
reasons+ onerned DE "ill e0tend the period #ivin# due reasons.
32. C! at an& time+ durin# the ontinuane o! this ontrat+ the per!ormane in same or in
part+ b& either part&+ under obli#ation as per this ontrat is prevented o! dela&ed b&
reasons o! "ar or hostilit& o! publi enem&+ ivil ommotion sabota#e !ire+ !lood+
earth->ua1e+ e0plosion+ lo1-out or ats o! God/nature be&ond human ontrol
$hereina!ter re!erred to 5eventualit&; provided notie o! happenin# o! an& suh
eventualit& is #iven b& either part& to the other+ "ithin t"ent& one da& o! the date o!
ourrene thereo!+ neither part& shall+ b& reasons o! suh an eventualit&+ be entitled
to terminate this ontrat+ nor+ shall either part& have an& laim !or dama#es a#ainst
the other in respet o! suh non-per!ormane or dela& in per!ormane and deliveries
under this ontrat. The ontrat shall be resumed as soon as pratiable a!ter suh
eventualit& has ome to an end or eased to e0ist.
Cn ase o! dispute+ the deision o! the *hie! General /ana#er Teleom+ ,ihar
Teleom *irle+ .atna shall be !inal and onlusive+ provided !urther that i! the
per!ormane in "hole or part o! an& obli#ation under the ontrat is prevented or
dela&ed b& reason o! an& suh eventualit& !or a period proeedin# si0t& da&s+ either
partl&+ ma& in its option+ terminate the ontrat.
.rovided+ that i! the ontrat is terminated under this lause the ,'N- shall be at
libert& to ta1e over !rom the ontrator+ the ost o! loss to be !i0ed b& the *G/T+
,ihar *irle+ .atna+ "hih shall be !inal alon#"ith all us used+ un-dama#ed and
aeptable materials issued/brou#ht out omponents and/or other stores in ourse o!
e0eution o! this ontat+ "hih ma& be in the possession o! the ontrator at the time
o! suh termination or suh portion thereo! as ,'N- ma& deem !it e0ept suh
material as the ontrator ma& "ith the onurrane o! the ,'N- eret to retain.
32. (. The ontrat ma& also be terminated b& the .G/TD+ .atna at an& time b& #ivin#
a notie in "ritin# to the ontrator "ithout assi#nin# an& reason and his disretion so
to terminate shall be !inal.
,. (n& attempt to ne#otiate diretl& or indiretl& b& tenderers "ith the authorities so
this o!!ie or an& endeavour to seure interest !or atual or prospetive tenderer or to
in!luene b& an& means "ill dis>ualit& the tenderer and his >uotation "ill be
summaril& re=eted.
*. Cn the event o! the ontrator bein# ad=ud#ed insolvent+ the .G/TD+ .atna ma&+
b& notie in "ritin#+ terminate the ontrat and !or!eit the seurit& deposited suh
C. C! the ontrator re!uses to aept the "or1 order or re!uses to e0eute the
"or1.or dela& !or J ? da&s ,'N- reserves the ri#ht to #et the "or1 done throu#h an&
other a#en& $or even at departmental level% even "ith hi#her rate and the ost so
inurred "ill be deduted !rom ontratorIs bill or his seurit& deposit as the ase ma&
CC Cn ase o! dela& in e0eution o! "or1 be&ond be&ond 24 hours a!ter reeivin# the
"or1 order+-D har#es o! 5 F per da& o! "or1 order "ill be har#ed sub=et to
ma0imum 25 F
CCC Cn ase o! breah in ontrat or an& terms and ondition+ ,'N- "ill be at libert& ta1e
an& or all o! the !ollo"in# ations a!ter #ivin# 15 da&s notie to the ontrator and
a!ter e0aminin# the repl& o! the ontrator $i! an&%.
$a% The (#reement ma& be anelled.
$b% The "or1 order ma& be anelled.
$% The ourse mentioned at lause 33 $C% ma& be adopted.
$d% The 'D/E/D ma& be !or!eited.
34. . R0*t to 'ar- 3!ant!# o% /or)
,'N- reserves the ri#ht at the time o! a"ard o! ontrat to inrease or derease upto
25F o! the total >uantum o! "or1 "ithout an& han#e in the rates and other terms and
35. (n a#reement in !orm (nne0ure-CC dul& si#ned b& booth the ,'N- and the ontrator
"ill be e0euted. Cn ase the ontrator !ails to omplete the "or1 "ithin the period
#iven in the "or1 order or the "or1 is unsatis!ator& or does not arr& out the "or1+
,'N- reserves the ri#ht to terminate the ontrat "ithout an& notie and the
ontrator is not liable to be paid an& ompensation !or the loss arisin# out o! suh
termination and suh termination "ill be in addition to the ontrat "or1s "hih have
not been ompleted "ithin the time shedule or inomplete and abandoned "or1s "ill
be #iven to an& other approved and "illin# ontrator.
3?. Pero& o% Contra+t

Dnder normal irumstanes the ontrat shall be valid !or a period o! one &ear !rom
date o! issue o! "or1 order. Eo"ever ontrat ma& be e0tended !or !urther period
upto one &ear i! a#reed b& the *ontrator and ,'N- on the same rate+ terms and
Te(e.No.(% an-) ???????????????
The .rinipal General/ana#er Teleom Distrit
,'N-+ .atna.
'ub <- Tender !or 3epair o! .o"er .lant as per spei!iation.
3e! ENG. D-540/ Tender/3epairin# o! .o"er .lant/10-11/01 Dated 12-01-11
Cn response to &our notie invitin# tender !or the above "or1+ C /Ge hereb&
enlose /&/)ur o!!er.
C/Ge hereb& delare that C/Ge have #one throu#h the terms and onditions
stipulated in the tender notie detailed in the tender doument and a#ree to abide b& the
same in the event o! aeptane o! /&/)ur o!!er.
The 9ero0 attested opies o! neessar& douments as mentioned in the enlose
$Delaration !orm ,% are enlosed and ori#inal douments shall be sho"n "hen as1ed !or
the same.
:o!r$ %at*%!((-,
Date 8 'eal (uthorit& KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Note @4 T*e ten&er re+e'e& /t*o!t a"o'e &e+(araton $*a(( "e reAe+te&.
The .rinipal General/ana#er Teleom Distrit
,'N-+ .atna
Ge hereb& state and submit the !ollo"in#s<-
$e% *apait& in "hih Tender is si#ned <-
$!% 6ull address o! the tenderer
$#% EN*-)'D3E' <-
$i% E/D !or 3sLLL $DD No. L.LL.. dtd. LLLLLL..%
$ii% :alid inome Ta0 learane erti!iate.
$iii% E0periene *erti!iate.
$iv% E.6 3e#istration doument.
$v% 'ervie ta0 re#istration erti!iate.
:o!r$ %at*%!((-,
Date 8 'eal (uthorit& KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
AnneB!re 4 II
This a#reement $!or e0eution o! "or1s o! tender !or repairin# o! .o"er .lant+
/odules% e0euted at .atna the LLLLLLLL da& o! LLLLLLL month t"o
thousand ten bet"een (sst.General /ana#er$.l#%+ )/o .G/TD+ .atna on behal! o!
,'N- $hereina!ter alled ,'N- and //s. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
LLLLLLLL $thereina!tr alled 5*ontrator; "hih shall mean and inlude+ unless
repu#nant to the onte0t+ his heirs+ e0eutors+ administrators+ le#al and personal
representative% "itness as !ollo"s <
Ghereas ,'N- re>uired the po"er plant+ modules repairin# "or1-in .atna ''(
and "hereas the ontrator has a#reed to e0eute the item o! "or1 as per tender rate
!inali9ed $shedule o! rate attahede (nne0ure-C% and "hereas the ontrator has
deposited seurit& deposit o! 3s. LLL../4 $3upees LLLLLLLLLLLLL. %
onl& b& onversion o! E/D plus (ddl. 'D o! 3s. LLL../4 $3upees LLLLLL.. %
)nl& b& submittin# DD No. LLLLLLLLLLL.. dtd. LLLLLLLLLL
!rom LLLLLLLL.. $Name o! ,an1% valid !or a period o! 'i0 months !rom date o!
si#nin# a#reement. Total sum o! 'D beomin# 3s. LLLLLLLL./4 $ LLLLL.
LLLLLLLL.% onl& a#ainst the estimated ost o! 3s. LLLLLL/4 $LLLL..
LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL% onl& o! this ontrat.
Ct is hereb& a#reed to abide b& the terms and onditions as enumerated in the
tender douments.
Cn the "itness "hereo! the a!orementioned parties to the ontrat have a!!i0ed
their si#natures.
For an& on ,e*a(% o% ,SNL
)/o The .G/TD+ .atna
Gitness 8 (ddress<
Fnan+a( ,&
$.a#e -1%
The (G/ $.-G%
)/o .G/TD+ ,'N-+ .atna.
Eavin# understood the term and onditions o! bid doument+ "e are
>uotin# our rates !or repairin# o! po"er plant in the enlosed 6inanial ,id+ as per NCT
No. ENG-D- 540/ Tender /3epairin# o! po"er plant/10-11/01 Dated 12-01-2011
Name <-
(ddress <-
Telephone//obile/6a0/E-mail 'i#nature
6or and behal! o! ...................................................................................
.roprietor/.artner//ana#er o! the .......................................................
Fnan+a( ,&
$.a#e -2%
Name o! "or1 Rate per #o&!(e n F0!re$ . 8or&$ n+(!&n0
In F0!re$ (R$.) In 8or&$ (R$.)
3epairin# o! '/.' .o"er .lant o! an- #a)e
inludin# spare parts
$1% % 100 ( '/.' .o"er .lant module O
$2% 50(+ '/.' .o"er .lant module O
$3% 25 ( '/.' .o"er .lant module O
S0nat!re o% Ten&erer
Date @ ???????????????????????
Na#e . A&&re$$ ???????????????????
A!t*ort- ?????????????KKKKK